2007-08-28: Chili Gives You Heartburn


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Summary: Holy crap, Church and Vasili get along.

Date It Happened: August 28th, 2007

Chili Gives you Heartburn

Gymnasium, Primatech Research, Hartsdale, NY

Several hours after his impromptu trip to Red Square, Vasili has sort-of recovered from his nausea. He's bounced back enough to find his way back into the gym, and has enough bluster to have badgered a fellow agent into paging Church to the Gym for a talk. It's an unorthodox place for a meeting, but it's the place in the facility in which the Russian is most comfortable. Since the page was made Vasili has been in the gym, running away like there's no tomorrow on a treadmill. Every so often his jaw gives a twinge when his ribs give uneasy creaks, but all in all he's recovering nicely.

Getting paged to the gym put a small frown on Church's otherwise smiling face(hey, he's not out of shape, he's a perfect stud), so he's both irked and curious when he turns up to find Vasili there. The older agent is dressed in his common slacks and shirt, with no tie and at least a button left undone on the collar. Not lazy, just not caring enough. Plus it's warm. "Oy, you, /chum/." Lawrence's voice rolls across the gym as he strides over the floor towards Vasili. Hi. What do you want.

Vasili pulls a towel off of the railing of his treadmill as he continues to jog, not slowing down the belt at all as he throws the innocent towel at Church. "The Russian girl. The one who had Ivanov's kid." A closer look at Vasya might reveal a rather unhealthy pallor. Either he's getting sick or has just /been/ sick. "She took me to /Moscow/."

Church is apparently not a chum yet, judging by how the gym towel gets thrown at him. Luckily for him, he catches it instead of getting hit in the face. That doesn't mean it doesn't get a second, angry look, however. "Misha's really here, then? And without suppressants?" Lawrence lets out the tiniest of snorts, preceding a laugh. "Or maybe they wore off. You're lucky she didn't leave you over there, in any case." He almost wishes she had. Mental sigh.

But Vasili is present and accounted for. No need to worry about him being left in Moscow, nope. "Yes, Misha's here." The Russian agent jabs at the treadmill's console, finally forcing it to jerk to a steady walking pace. "It wouldn't hurt for you to hop onto one of these while we chat, either." A pause. It's an uncomfortable pause. "I'm supposed to be taking care of her. Her father.. asked me to."

"Hey, just because you're some…dastardly skinny, inhuman ma-" Wait, what? This gets Lawrence's attention enough to make him circle around, glance to the doors, and hop on the next machine over. Alright, alright. So they don't look like they are up to anything. After wiggling his fingers at the console a bit, he presses them into a walk much like Vasili's. "You know her already? /And/ her family?" Church has gone from verbal boxer to curious George.

Eh. "'Know', not so much. They're a Russian line. Mobsters. Not people you want to fuck around with." Which means that they've somehow gotten to Vasili, and judging by the look on his face he's Not Pleased. "So. Other than upping the speed for you to work off some of your flab, what should we do?"

Church listens well enough, brown eyes narrowing slightly at the other man's face as it adopts that look. "I'm not fat, Babenkov. I'm middle-aged. Mobsters? I remember Felix talking about trying fruitlessly to bring you in over the years. Is that partly why?" He does, however, look like he is pondering upping the speed. Vasili -is- in good shape, and Church -has- been behind a desk for too many turns. Hmh.

"No. I was never with the mob. Vanya is just an incompetent idiot." It's said pretty idly. Vasili hasn't ever cared about the mob. "My father was, though. That's how they found me. Old man's too old." The Russian shoots Church a smirk, and then a toe-to-head look. "You might have a bit in common with him, come to think about it." And Vasili isn't in good shape. Vasili is in /fantastic/ shape. Unlike someone.

Church sees you there, checking him out. "So, what, you worried they're gonna come after you or something? And what, might I ask, would I have common with him? I'm not that old. That's the second time today someone has implied it." UNINTELLIGIBLE GRUMBLING. "And I'll have you know that the sugar mommas flock all over me." Ahem.

"I'm not implying anything. I'm /saying/ that you're old and fat, Church. Pick up the speed or you'll never catch up to me." Vasili grins toothily and taps at the console, his own treadmill picking up speed until he's jogging along again. "…Yeah, I'm worried they'll come after me. If Misha turns up dead or not at all, her father is going to consider it my responsibility."

Church frowns, practically punching the treadmill faster. "So you're saying that we should get her out of here as soon as possible, or what? Is she that much of a danger to keep? …If you hate looking at me so much, then help me fix it. I bet you can't." Hrrhrr.

Vasili snickers to himself as Church attempts to meet his challenge, though his expression sobers speedily once he remembers the flow of the conversation. "I just don't want anything to come back and bite me. — And if you really want to fix it, then join me for my daily workouts."

Through some stretch, are Lawrence and Vasili actually getting along? What. What is this nonsense? "So what do /you/ want to do? With her, anyway? I'm not entirely sure where you're aiming. As for workouts-" Lawrence clears his throat a little as he tries to keep himself from losing pace. Tripping wouldn't be great. "-I start a cover job Tuesday, but I'll see what I can do." He's apparently putting it into serious consideration.

Vasili just can't wait until Church starts tripping over himself. "I need to make sure she doesn't get hurt. At all. If you could help with that, I'd be-" Wait for it! "-grateful." It's going to snow tomorrow, too. In Florida. "And fuck your cover, fat man. You can't work it if you're keeling over from heart attack by cheeseburger."

Church nods just once. "Okay." The g-word is about all he needed anyway. He'll have to actually meet this woman sooner than later. "Point made, Vasili. I can explode here, anytime I want-" Lawrence is watching his feet now. "-but I'll have to rely on myself and my wiles at a high school."

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