2007-05-15: Choices


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Peter starts working at Enlightenment by restocking the shelves. He and Cass get into discussions about Elle, the Company, Mendez Paintings, and the mystery virus at Mt. Sinai.

May 15th, 2007:


Enlightenment Books

It's the middle of the afternoon. It'd been a long couple of days for Peter, for various reasons. And— he's never actually shown up for his job yet. The store hasn't opened, but that doesn't mean he hadn't been supposed to show up for restocking and other things. A little before what would have been opening time, he unlocked the door and stepped inside, and relocking the door (though not the deadbolts) and turning on a light and looking for stock information. There's boxes of books ready to go back on the shelves, and all he needs is notes on where they need to go— but he can't find them. And he doesn't want to turn the place upside down to get it. This is why he finds the box with Mythical Monsters and Creatures and starts with that one. He knows what shelves those go on. Sorting them into categories based on monster/creature types, he gets to work.

It's a little later that Cass shows up to the store, too. Over the past couple of days she's been getting boxes upon boxes of books that she's stacked up along the wall according to publisher so she can start inventory on them and then start shelving. It's a lot of work and she's been waiting till she's had some extra help before getting to the enormous task of actually putting everything back. Luckily, it looks like that day is today. As she approaches the store, she notices the lights on already, she smiles a bit. Keys already in hand, she unlocks the door, steps inside and relocks it again. Seeing Peter hard at work at the stocking, she smiles. "Hey there, Peter."

As they're sorted by publishers, finding the mythical creatures hasn't been an easy task. But he's stacked them up carefull, and gone through a few. And only opened one box so far so they're all by the same publishing house— if he messed things up for her sorting, he hasn't messed up too much. Peter's placing a book for unicorns into one pile, and is trying to figure out if the Chinese Kirin, Qilin should have it's own section or not. This is why he's grateful when Cass shows up. He'd do better with help. "Hey." Of course right now is when he realized he may have messed up her whole organization process. "Um— I haven't done too much yet. How you been the last couple of days? Haven't seen you much." Long couple of days. Got hired, got a set of keys, and otherwise… he's been pretty reclusive. Though she might understand why considering his girlfriend.

Tucked under her arm, Cass has a wrapped up square, flat looking object. Something that belongs in the store she went out to find. "I've been pretty good." Readjusting the painting, she glances over at the shelf that Peter's been organizing and grins. "It's okay. Mostly it's just grouped together in big sections. Telepathy, tarot, aliens, 2012, and so on. From there it's just straight alphabetical." After her pause, she goes to rest the wrapped up package against the wall. "I got my Mendez back." That's kind of tossed in there as if what it took to get it back would be quite normal. Which, it kind of was. Strangely enough. "How about you?"

"Right— I remember that from when I was in here. I bought a book on unicorns," Peter explains, which would be why he's chosen this specific section. Makes sense, huh? It's the one he remembers… Though he doesn't say who he bought the book for… Unicorns is an odd topic, and she might know already anyway. But what she says surprises him, and he glances back at the painting wrapped under her arm. "And you're okay?" That's pretty obvious, but he can't help but look her over once, putting down the books as he makes sure she's fully intact. "Didn't think she'd be giving that up to anyone— unless it was Niki who did? She put her heel through Elle's foot when she tried to get it back." He'd resolved not to bring up Elle first, but he couldn't help it. No response on how he is, though.

Nodding, Cass grabs a box cutter, opens up another box and starts sorting through it. In fact, she sort of just sits cross-legged and starts stacking books up according to section just by eyeing them. It's good that Peter didn't go rummaging around for a list of where things would go, because there isn't one. For a long time it was just Cass, so there was no need to list where everything should go. It was all in her head. And now that she actually has employees, well, it's been too busy to make one up. "Yeah, I'm fine. I went to talk to her husband - D.L. Try and see if I could find out what happened to Niki. But, Jessica was there, too. She just kind of glared at me and gave it back. I'm…not sure what to make of that." Because she's not. "You didn't answer me, though." Which is kind of an answer in itself.

Peter stays standing, using the selves as a sorting zone for the most part, but he's still staring at her quietly for some time. He doesn't seem to understand how the woman who eviscerated him, stuck her heel through Elle's foot, and did god knows what else… would just glare and give it back. "I've— had a confusing couple of days," he replies finally. "But I heard about the— you've checked the place out fully, right?" He suddenly asks, before glancing around a couple times as if what he's talking about would just jump out and start waving it's hands around in acknowledgement that it exists.

Frowning, Cass flips an empty box over and then collapses it. Takes up less space that way. Leaning that up against the wall, she sighs and spreads out her small piles of different books. She doesn't really understand the entire thing, either. Jessica is a confusing person, that is for sure. "I can understand that. Me too. I think we all have." The mention of the bugs makes her nod. "Yeah. Lach and I went around when we first found out and I've been checking sporadically ever since." Her frown becomes a little more animated at that. They /bugged/ her bookstore. It's such a violation. Punctuating her annoyance, the box cutter rips through the tape of another box.

There's a relieved sound as the place has been thoroughly checked, but Peter still casts a gaze around as if hoping to spot something they might have missed. Unfortunately, he's just not that good. "I checked my apartment a couple times too. Didn't find anything out of place." Which was a relief, to be sure. It hadn't been his idea of a safe apartment until he'd been sure everything was clean. He took his dog for a walk when he made phone calls of importance, even. "I'm sure you heard about what happened with… with Elle… and Elena." There's a consciously pause before each of the names, a reluctance to say them, and he's suddenly very interested in the books he's stacking.

"We checked my place and Lach's, too." Cass unloads more books, puts them in piles and then collapses the second box. It doesn't take very long. Then, she pulls herself into a standing position and picks up one of the stacks. "There wasn't anything. This is where they knew we were meeting. And it's easier to get into to bug than our apartments. It makes logistical sense. It's where I'd set it up if I were trying to get information illegally." The last comment is met with a silence for a little while. Just like Peter is interested in the books he's stacking, Cass is occupying the dead air with her own stacking process with her lips pursed just a bit. "Yeah. She came to my place after it happened. Checked her out and made her spend the night. She was too scared to go to the hospital."

If she glances over, Peter's lowered his head as she talks about Elena being too scared to go to a hospital. In fact, his head rests against the books he's stacking, and his shoulders shake a little. From the sounds he makes when he's breathing, he's trying to remain composed, keep everything together. "She was okay, right?" he asks, voice rather soft. He'd had more to talk about concerning the bugs, but unfortunately the topic of Elena, and what his girlfriend did to her kinda overridden everything else. "I mean— I know she's okay, everyone's said she was, and…" He trails off, finally raising his head and turning to get more books, an intense look in his eyes as he starts sorting out /not-mythical creature/ books. "Elle says she went and talked to her, apologized… they even exchanged presents yesterday." There's something soft in the way he says that, a distancing tone.

Unfortunately, or fortunately, who knows which may be better, Cass isn't looking directly at Peter. She's just kind of slowly putting books back where they belong. It doesn't take all that much concentration to know that Childers goes before Monoco. "I gave her some aspirin and some food, but she was badly shaken." Though she cares about Peter, she's not going to pull punches about this. This is something important. "Ah." She's not sure what to say to that. Elle going to see Elena. The two of the exchanging presents. "Elena's more forgiving, I guess." Though that's not quite true. It's just against her friends that Cass becomes unwilling to allow slights to pass.

"Yeah— I guess so," Peter says, a hint of a mild breaking in his voice when he says that. A slow breath later and he continues, more collected, quieter— and on a totally different topic. She's okay. That's the last real confirmation he needed. Medical opinion. "I think Jessica's the one who planted the bug. Apparently she's working with them, possibly outside of Niki's knowledge, I don't know exactly. But— I know that she works for them." And the woman did work there for a time too, even if there's no assurance that's who did it. "And Elle's going to tell her father that the list was destroyed— and if she tries to get it from anyone, I'll stop her." His voice is almost too serious for this particular conversation, as he ends up stacking books in a particular order.

It's the breaking of Peter's voice that causes Cass to finally turn around and shove the remainder of the books onto the shelf. She hates to see her friends in any kind of pain. Her face shows that she's concerned about him. "She's a strong girl, Peter. And it's not your fault for what happened to her." She remembers how much he blames himself for everything and just wants to make sure that part is clear. The topic of her store is what makes her face set into something a little more neutral. "If Jessica worked for the Company, that makes the most sense. She had access and motive. I'm…I'm really sorry, Peter. Just by knowing me and wanting to help, I gave them information about you and everyone. Who knows how long they were there." Sighing, she picks up the books that she careless shoved on the shelf and organizes them properly. "That's something, at least. I don't know who all was on there, but at least they don't have to worry about someone knocking on their door."

All she gets is a small nod, but from the way his shoulders are sat— he might not fully be listening to all that she has to say. Peter's not willing to shrug off what happened to her either, not if he can blame himself. "It's not your fault, Cass. They're the ones who did this— and for all you know it's because of me. The rescue attempt's what brought their attention to these groups more than anything else you've done. So I'm the one who should be apologizing. If I would have broke myself out even a few days before— and I could have— you wouldn't have been in this mess. They'd just be chasing after me." So he can blame himself for everything. "I'll do what I can to make things easier for everyone— keep them away from you all." Even if it means fighting his own girlfriend. Stacking another couple of books aside, he finishes this box. "There's someone I want you to meet soon, actually."

With a sigh, Cass slips the last book where it's supposed to go and then crosses the shelves so that she can be standing right by Peter. "You're not in this alone, Peter." This is something she feels like she needs to tell him. Firmly, but kindly. "You're acting like this is all your fault or you're the only one who has messed up or that you're the only one who can /do/ anything here." She lets out a small breath of frustration. "I know /they're/ the ones that did it and just thinking about it makes me angry. But even if you had made it out before the rescue attempt or even if there never /was/ a rescue attempt, I would still want to be a part of this. They're not just after you. They're after everyone who can do anything remotely like what you can do. I want to help, but I've /got/ to get you to see that things happen out of our control. And you have to /let/ them. You can't control Elle or Elena or anyone. You can't control them and you can't be responsible for /their/ actions. Only your own. You have to let them do what they do and decide from there if it's something you can stand behind or if it's something you have to fight." That said, she takes a breath and then tilts her head slightly. "Oh? Who?"

There's a long pause, and Peter stops sorting. Probably best, because he's started to mess up the order in a lot of ways. He's got a gryphon stacked in the same pile as a minotaur, and that definitely shouldn't be that way. Instead of denying, though, he just nods carefully, "My actions are the only ones I can take responsibility for." That's not exactly what she said, but he seems to have accepted it as the jyst of what she meant. "I want you to meet Heidi. She's Nathan's wife. She— recently found out about what we can do and she's really confused. Want her to be able to help, and she wants to help too. I figured it might be easiest for her to cope if she can— help in a way. And— you're one of the only person involved in this… that I know I can trust."

Peter's learning, so Cass isn't about to yell at him for messing up the order. This is how he learns, after all. Though she gets that he doesn't exactly repeat what she just said, it's something. So, she just nods. "Ah. It's…yeah, it can be alarming to find out. I nearly fainted." A weak smile breaks through her serious face. "I'd be only too happy to meet her. I'm not sure what all I can do to make it easier for her, but at least I can talk to her about it." And past that, they'll find something else for her. The weak smile turns into a little bit of a stunned one at Peter's last statement. "Th-thank you, Peter. I'm honored."

"I think she did too, actually. But she found out in a really stressful situation anyway," Peter admits, frowning at the books as he realizes what he's done and corrects the mistakes. There's a lot he needs to fix still, but at least he caught the glaring error. Now he'll just need to ask where the psychic books go, and what she wants to do with the books on ancient runes… But that can come later. "Wish I could trust more people. /Wanted/ to trust the Company— want to trust Elle, too…" But those signs of trust are harder to hold onto. Right now— there's so few people he knows he can go to. A small list. "I told Heidi what happened last year— showed her the paintings. The ones Hiro gave me. The series of twelve? I'm not sure what all she could do to help out— but she has a lot of free time some days— maybe she can help out when you get everything worked out. Just— want her to be involved. So it's less likely Nathan can send her away again."

"Mine wasn't all that stressful. Just…confusing." Cass shrugs and then smiles when she sees that Peter corrects his mistakes all on his own. Quick learner! "I'm a bit too trusting…" That she'll admit right off the bat. "But everything the Company does shows me just how untrustworthy the are." As for Elle, the frown returns. Talking about a friend's girlfriend who you are not fond of is always dangerous territory. "I…don't know what to say about Elle. I know you care about her…but she keeps hurting people." And that's never okay in Cass' book. "I've actually never seen those paintings. Just heard about them. I'd be glad to include Heidi. I mean, when you're saving the world you probably can use all the help you can get, right? The project needs more Petrellis anyway."

"Really? No one's shown you?" Peter asks, really surprised by this fact. He actually puts down all the books and turns to face her, trying to think of the envelope with the images back at his apartment. He's /sure/ it's not too heavy. It's just pictures, after all… But nothing appears in his hands, so maybe it is too big— or maybe he just doesn't feel like Jack right now. Either way… "She was hurt her entire life, Cass. You know what the Company is capable of. Imagine what they'd do to an eight year old kid with abilities. She's as much a victim as the people she attacks. It doesn't excuse what she's doing— which is why I'm glad she's apologizing for it— if she didn't— The Elle I fell in love with was mind-wiped after she decided to leave the Company. She didn't attack or hurt any of you. Ever. This one… she's capable of being the same person— she practically is— she's just… lost what made her get that far. And unfortunately I can't blame her if she doesn't decide to leave again."

"Not yet. Never really had the time." Cass doesn't seem too put out by it. She's got the general idea of what happens in them, so not actually seeing the real things are less important. Maybe they would help, but right now it's more about broad strokes anyway. "No, it doesn't." Sighing, she doesn't want to fight with Peter about Elle. He's obviously torn up about it enough. "But the Elle you fell in love with…she could hurt and attack people, too, right?" It comes with being a Company person. "I'm sorry I didn't know her before…but all I've seen and all there /is/ right now is that Elle." She sighs. "I don't trust her, like I wouldn't trust anyone who's part of the Company. And I'm not about to tell you that you shouldn't trust your girlfriend. But…there are going to be things I'm not comfortable telling you because of it. It's not that I don't trust /you/ with the information…it's that…I don't like the possibility of her finding out. And she's shown that she'll do anything to get what she wants."

"Everyone can hurt and attack people. It's whether they choose to or not that matters," Peter says softly, shaking his head, but there's definitely tension appearing from him now, even worse than before. But the look he gives the young woman in front of him actually comes off as— well— wounded. As if there's something terrible in what she said, whether she knows it or not. Finally, he looks away, shaking his eyes, eyes lowering, and he leaves the books he's stacked on the shelf to walk towards the back room area that's marked Employees Only. Now he's actually got a right to touch the door, and even open it. But he pauses at the door, actually leaning against it. Not too far from this spot, he got eviscerated. "Cass— If she tries to leave the Company again, they'll take her away again. They'll erase me. She can't leave. They've given her no option on that." It's quiet, but there's definitely pain in his voice as he speaks. "And I know I can't be with her as long as she's with the Company. Not and do what I need to do." It's a very difficult thing to admit at this point, but it comes off as truthful. He pauses for a moment, trying to grasp something that can change the topic— but when he fails he just lowers his forehead against the door. "She's been hurt by the person she loves the most in this world. And she loves me, too. And I know I'm going to have to hurt her. I just don't know how I can do it without being just as bad as them."

"And she /chose/." Cass hates that she's having to take this position with Peter. He's so obviously hurting. But she can't just back down and tell him that everything will be hunky dory with Elle if things keep going the way they do. When he goes for the Employee Door, she follows him, stopping short when he does. She's not about to let him walk away from the conversation. This is just as hard for her to do this to him. "I don't know what to tell you, Peter. It's…it's a really horrible position. You don't choose who you fall in love with. I'm really sorry." And she really /sounds/ like she is. It's not just lip service. "But you're not them. If you think she can change at that she /will/ change again and would want to leave, then…that's something different. We could hide her or something so the Company wouldn't find her. They can't wipe someone who isn't there. But if she /chooses/ to stay there…I don't know. That's the choice that /she/ made. And she's got to realize that you've got to act, too."

"You really don't understand," Peter says, shaking his head. "We can't hide her. She's the daughter of the leader of the Company. A man who already wants me dead. If you want any semblance of a normal life… then there's nothing you can do. If we tried to hide her… The gloves will be off. He'll have my head as a gold paper weight, and God knows what he'd do to the rest of you. The fear he has of hurting his daughter might be the only thing keeping him at bay." Then he shakes his head. "You're right. I have to act— and I understand if you don't want to talk to me until it's finished." With a determined look, he holds out his hand… and an envelope appears there. He sets it on the bookshelf closest to the door. "Those are Isaac's paintings." And with them left behind, he opens the door and disappears into the backroom, whe'll he'll lock himself in the bathroom for a while. Don't mind him. He's a world champion sulker.

It's true, Cass /doesn't/ understand. That information is definitely something she never knew before and the moment that he tells her, well, the whole situation kind of clicks into place for her. "Oh." She says. Well, the suck factor of this whole thing just went up quite remarkably. "I'm always going to want to talk to you, Peter. You're my friend. If you need anything…you know I'm here to help." Her voice sounds not exactly hurt, but also determined. She takes the pictures of the Mendez paintings and keeps a firm grip. She doesn't know if she should follow him, but by the way this is going, she probably should just give him his space for now. And so while she moves forward toward the back room, she stops, stands there for a moment. Suddenly, she whirls around and then goes back to stocking the shelves in a frustrated manner. And that's where she'll be whenever Peter decides that he's gathered himself up enough again to continue work.

When Peter returns, after what's many long minutes, he goes straight towards the boxes, opening them up and sorting things out. From the looks of things he washed his face off, and ran some moisture over his short hair. There's definitely still tension there, and a quiet determination. There are some other things to talk about, besides Elena and his crazy girlfriend. Then again, this actually has a lot to do with both of them. At least in a way. So maybe he doesn't. "Did Elena tell you about the stuff at Sinai? With the outbreak last month?"

While Peter has been in the bathroom, Cass has made quick work of the box that she had opened right before he fled. And as she's been doing so, she's been thinking, too. As soon as she hears the younger Petrelli stepping out from the back room, she turns around to study him. Concern is evident on her face. "You okay?" She can't help but ask. Then, she goes about answering his question. "Sort of. The quarantine? With a woman whose files were sealed? It definitely seemed weird." Picking up the envelope of pictures, she stops on the one of the vial breaking. "I mean, I don't know if it has anything to do with our problems, but it's something to think about. Do you know anything else about it?"

"Elena was specific in that… the doctor who went over the girl's files— he doesn't remember what was wrong with her except that it wasn't what they were saying," Peter says softly, pointedly emphasizing the 'remember' part. "It— sounds weird. And one of the paintings Isaac did before he died— shows a vial breaking. And Sylar had a virus that kept him from using his abilities, until it got cured… Anyway, it just sounds weird, I guess. Elena didn't tell me about it— haven't spoken to her since— since I found her at Elle's— but she sent me a— guess you could say a note."

As Peter explains what he knows, Cass' forehead creases in concentration. She's listening and trying to put things together. What Elena told her and what Peter just has. The connections. Frowning, she stares at the painting of that vial and then, blinks and her focus snaps up to Peter. "Wait. Can't remember? Like, Haitian can't remember?" Hefting the books in her arms up a bit more, she blinks. "And that girl, the one who started it. She's missing. Just upped and vanished. If…if the doctor that handled her can't remember what it was and she's /missing/….that sounds like something Company related. Especially if this has something to do with that virus that Sylar had. It dampened his abilities, made it so that he couldn't use them any more. Definitely sounds like something that the Company would want." She's talking faster and faster as this all comes to her. Then, the rest of what Peter said, the more emotional part, hits Cass and she stops on her epiphany babble. She frowns and reaches out to put a hand on his shoulder. "I think she's just trying to get a handle on the whole thing, Peter. I know she still cares about you."

The hand on his shoulder actually causes him to tense up again, but he doesn't pull away. Elena's a touchy topic, but she's been brought up again. To stall that, though, he talks about the potential virus. "I'm not sure if it was erased from his memory or not," Peter says, not knowing it it means Haitian-forgotten or what. But there's definitely something odd about it. "I'd been in the lockdown, like Elena, and— I asked Elle to look into it. Unoffically. She'll have to be careful, but— maybe if they have some files on it, she can get them." It feels bad, using his girlfriend to do this, but— she wanted to help. And at least the only one who'd be in trouble if she gets caught would be him. No one else needs to be included. He was /there/. And knew about Sylar too. There's another pause, then he nods finally, topic no longer avoided. "I know Elena's just trying to deal with it. I get that, really. There's just— Just wish I could've talked to her. What I don't understand is why she can talk to Elle… but not talk to me."

Though Cass feels Peter tense up when she puts her hand on his shoulder, she doesn't pull away, either. She's already made him uncomfortable about this and the only way she really knows how to comfort is through physical contact - through hugs or meaningful hands on shoulders. "Well. For a doctor to forget what he diagnosed his patient with is pretty unusual. Especially if it was something that shut down an entire hospital for quarantine." Genuinely looking surprised that Elle agreed to do something like this for them, she bites back any comments about if they can trust the information that they would be given by her. It doesn't take /much/ willpower. "And if she can't get them, we can figure something else out. Maybe if I go in and ask /real nice/ they'll listen." Sighing, she shrugs. "Talking to guys is different than talking to girls. I don't know why she won't talk to you right now, but I'm guessing it's a snowballing effect. Now she doesn't know how to start the conversation. Maybe you should just try and catch her around sometime."

Since she's already been surprised, Peter goes ahead and throws out one other one, "She's also going to get me the Haitian Pills. At least two doses worth. Didn't ask me why I needed them." There's another guilty sigh. "Just hope it doesn't get her into trouble. She's really wanting to fix things— even if she can't leave them. And maybe— there could be away to work it out so I don't have to leave her— but it'll depend on how this goes, I guess…" Another thing he feels bad for doing. Testing her. But— Elena. "I don't know. I tried calling her the first three days after and she didn't pick up. Maybe I'll try again in a couple days if I don't see her." From the sounds of things, he might be avoiding it by this point to. If he felt bad over what he's doing to his own girlfriend, he somehow feels more awkward about this, avoiding eye contact when he says it, in fact.

In fact, Cass is slightly less surprised about the Haitian Pills. Elena told her about them before. "That's good. I've been starting to look up chemical compounds. See if I can get a jump start on my research without the pills. But actually /having/ them would be a huge help. I hope that things /do/ work out. I hate seeing you upset, Peter." A short pause. "I'm opening up my lab next week," she announces. "I've got a space in the new Seville Hospital. The basement. I want you to see it sometime." A big week of openings. Her store again, the lab. Where will she get the time to do everything? And if things weren't already awkward for him, Cass can't help herself but try and give the man a hug. He looks like he really needs one, even if she may surprise him since he's not looking at her. It's not the best she can give, since she's still got books in her arms, but it's mostly just the gesture that she hope she can convey the meaning. "Don't be so passive. If you want to see her, see her. Girls like men who can take charge."

There's a nod from Peter about things working out. He hopes they do, really. And the hospital is a good thing to go into. "Sure— of course I'd love to see it. Especially if you're going to want to run any tests that might require a lab." Maybe like— take his blood before and after he uses an ability? Something like that. The Company took blood more than once, after all. But he'd been drugged the whole time, so the results were likely contaminated. But it's the hugging that catches him offguard, and the comment about 'what girls like'. Some color appears on his cheeks, and he quickly diverts his eyes. "Uh— Right, but I think it's— different when it's just a friend." There's something awkward about the way he's saying this, as if he's trying too hard /not/ to sound awkward and failing miserably. But she has arms full of books! Right, they're working, "I should get back to organizing…"

It's not really a long hug, but Cass tries to put all the comfort she can in it. When she pulls back, she gives Peter a nod and a small smile. "Yeah. I figured you might want to help out there, too. I can't run the whole thing by myself. But, it's a good place for us to keep training and where I can actually test things scientifically for you." Which is part of the whole reason that she's here helping him. In fact, Cass /was/ just talking like Elena was a friend. But the way that he colors and the way he tries to pass off the comment catches her attention. She does her best to hide it, but there was definitely something there that makes her pause. Hm. That is something she'll think about later. "Right." She thinks for a moment, but what she says has little to do with what she's actually working out in her head. "Remember, the mythical creatures are alphabetical by type and then by author."

"I am a nurse. And if you want to keep paying me— but have it off records for the place— you can always add my hours there to my hours here," Peter says, trying to offer some help, even if he's still a little red as he moves towards the mythical creatures. He's got a lot or work to do. "Guess the good thing about this whole thing is— At least I'll know where everything is when the store opens on my first day." Gotta look to the bright side of things, right.

"A nurse?" Cass' ears perk with that. "That's…perfect." Someone who knows something about medicine and abilities. "I would love to. You just got hired full time by 'Enlightenment Books'" here she uses her fingers to make quotation marks. "I'll think of a name for my clinic soon enough and then we'll make up flyers or something." How else will people know where to go for help? "I'm still trying to think of what all I want to accomplish with it. If I can just make any sort of breakthrough on how to stop that virus or how to help you control your absorption to be when /you/ want it to be I'll call it a success." Then, she laughs and nods. "It's a great crasher course for you. Plus, I got all new editions of everything. My store is shiny and new."

It's a surprise when Peter realizes that he hadn't told her that part. And his resume for the store— had been a little messy. "My liscence is a year old, but still valid. I worked in-home hospice care." So not a lab monkey, or a surgeon assistant, or even a hospital worker. Not as sterile and far more personal. But still with all the necessary skills. "Just haven't worked for six months now." The world was ending. Jobs came second. "Yeah— that's the goal. Get it under control. So I don't have to worry about breaking your shelves by accident," he says, remembering the time he shook up the store all by himself, while he starts to sort through the first set of Mythical creatures.

Well, as Cass was already sure that she was going to hire Peter no matter what his resume said. After all, he bled for the store, why would she have to actually look at his resume? It basically just went right into the filing cabinet for all that legal paperwork to be handled later. Now it looks like she'll have to drag it out again and give a look over it. "But you're no stranger to medical equipment and stuff. Or helping people who are panicked or hurt. That's really valuable since anyone who we try and help might be under those circumstances." Smiling, she nods. "I'd be glad of that. This poor store's already had more than it's share of bad luck these past few months." As Peter's going back to shelving, she will, too.

"More familiar with medical stuff than I am with this," Peter says with a nod, realizing that she didn't read his resume. There's so much more he could tell her. But she can learn for herself now. Working his way through the first books. They have a lot of work to do, and talking seems to have slowed them both down. From now on, he should stick to the important questions. Like where the Rune Books go.

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