2007-07-31: Christmas In July


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Summary: X-mas in July! Life stories told, and cousin get in a disagreement.

Dark Future Date:July 31st, 2009

Christmas In July

Kitty's Orphanage

Kitty's Litter is up stairs in the playroom and Kitty is holding the baby, Patrick. He is two years old and just began to talk. Currently he is crying and Kitty is bouncing him and rubbing his back. The seer is wearing a dark purple dress with brown boots today. Her hair is in a long braid that reaches her waist. "Shh, it's ok Patrick. Don't worry" she comforts the baby as she walks back and forth.
Today Tiger is perched on a window sill facing outside as if he is monitoring for visitors.

Always one to make an announcement of her arrivals, Claudine makes a little earthquake, nothing scary that actually would frighten the children, but she wants all the kids to notice she's here for she comes bearing gifts! Outside the orphanage a fissure starts opening up and soon, boxes are slowly carried by a large hand of earth. The young Filipina is still underground doing her mojo, but crate after crate of supplies arrives. There's four of them in the end…

Stefanie decides to make another delivery, hopefully without the need for gunplay. She only brings one bag this time, making herself more stealthy… However, she fails her sneak roll, because as she nears the warehouse she begins to sing softly. Her dulcet voice ricochets off of the dark, empty buildings. "Don't you hear my call, though you're many years away. Don't you hear me calling you? Write your letters in the sande 'fore the day I take your hand in the land that our grandchildren knew…"

"Oh my" Kitty says and she moves closer to investigate the crates. Patrick has quieted down, he always does whenever Dine does her earthshaking. As Kitty bends down to check out the boxes she hears Stefanie's singing and then goes to open the door but not before says, "Come on out Santa Earthshaker" she smiles faintly and throws open the door, she motions for Stefanie with the arm that is not holding Patrick.

Dangit! She knew she should have gone for the red outfit, but it's too hot to wear such a thing right now and so she climbs out of the whole, grinning impishly the entire time. With but a wave of her hands, the hand of earth melds back with the ground once more and a platform raises from underneath the crates, moving along as she walks towards the orphanage.

"So, you'd be surprised to see what abandoned Toys R Us and Babies R Us has. It almost makes me want me to have kids.."

Stefanie smiles as she enters, nodding to Kitty as she goes to put the bag down. "Lady Madonna, children at your feet, wonder how you manage to make ends meeeEEET…" She giggles and places the bag down, the returns to the small group to socialize.

Brooks is again in the area, what are they timing deliveries to coincide with his shift because they know it is less likely to be reported? Knowing Kitty they likely are. He frowns as the slight earth shake, and heads over to the Orphanage to find out what is going on now. And maybe chew a strip off someone.

"Sh that talk, we already talked of that. No use bringing it back up and making you sad" She says and as some of the kids come down, she hands Patrick to Langston who goes to put him in his crib.
Nia, a young hydrokinetic smiles up at Claudine, "Look what I can do Dine!" The little girl displays her hand and water from outside zooms to her hand and becomes a perfect orb. Nia isn't the only one showing off. Banard, a human boy does a back flip for Claudine.
The other children start to shout and try to gain Dine's attention some even going over to Stefanie and asking to see her vines again. Until Mama Kit steps in. "Children! Hold on a second, what do you say to the nice women here?" all the children stop as they hear Kitty's voice, she doesn't speak harshly or threaten, she just asks a question. "Thank you" the children say in unison and then they go to looks into the boxes. Kitty lets them be a little chaotic for now. "Hey there Stefanie, and thanks for the food" she smiles at the young woman.

Oh! All the attention! Claudine giggles impishly as she seems to be getting back into complete maternal mode. Oh, how Orion would cringe at the sight as she reaches on over to ruffle Nia's hair playfully. "Oooh! That is impressive. When you get older I'll teach you some stuff. The earth can just be as fluid as water ya know.." she explains before poking the young girl on the nose lightly, beaming the entire time.

"And oooh! That was an impressive back flip. I was never good at back flips.." she pouts a little, grinning the entire time, and she continues to humor various little boys and girls until the crates are set down gently once more.

There's a sheen of sweat forming and beads condense on her brows as she sighs, slightly fatigued by the whole trip. She was doing some major delivery after all and bows at the children. "You are all quite welcome. I figured you guys would want some stuff..ya know..new clothes, toys, and..chocolates!" waggling her brows before hrmming for a few moments. "You wouldn’t happen to have a crowbar on hand would ya?" she asks Kitty, before smiling at Stefanie as well.

Stefanie giggles and smiles. "No problem." She says, looking around. To those asking for vines, she smiles, and in a corner of the warehouse, a small garden blooms out of the cement floor. A wide array of colors and textures, much like a painter's palette. "See? Powers aren't all about function and form." She says, smiling, then returning to the adults. "If you don't have a crowbar, I can call for a little help. *I get by with a little help from my friends….*" She sings as a single vine pops up from the ground and she has it look around, as if animated.

Brooks heads up to the front door, and knocks, pitching his voice low and with a deep southern accent, "Open up in there, we hav' sum noise complaints from in dar"

Kitty grins and goes to the kitchen and comes back with presto a crowbar! Why does Kitty have a crowbar, you /really/ don't want that story. "Go and sit down Earthshaker and you to Stef" she shoos them to sit down and tells the kids to go and that they can see what is in the crates after dinner. As she opens the first crate and gives Dine a thumbs up at what is inside. Brook's voice can be heard and a knock. Kitty shakes her head and a small grin crosses her face. She opens the door and places her hands on her hips, "Noise huh?" she teases him and lets him in. With a warning glance to Dine as if to say 'Do not hurt him. He comes in peace'.

No. There's no emnity between current and former Company agent. Claudine simply bows her head and wrinkles her nose as she lets out a soft chuckle of amusement. "It's not sinking the White House into the earth's mantle, but whatcha think?" she asks while motioning towards the crates. Surely she stole them, but hey, it's for the kids. And in this time..who really cares where supplies are taken from.

At the motion to sit, she nods and wrinkles her nose looking out towards the younger woman, remembering the incident with Anders all those years back. "Nice to see you've gained more control now." Of course, Stefanie wouldnt remember as that was wiped from her mind. sadness.

Brooks has a satchel slung over his shoulder this time as well, he slowly scans the room, "So do you girls just live here or something? Or am I just that lucky to run into two such lovely ladies twice in a row?" he says to Dine and Stef before walking over and giving Kitty a kiss on the cheek.

Stefanie's eyes go wide and a look of surprise goes to Claudine. "Do…. I know you?" She asks. A simple question, because it's not something entirely out of the realm of possibility. Between the Company's earlier mindwipe, and rather intrusive mental probes from the government, Stefanie's brain is a might damaged, and her memory is quite swiss cheesy… or string cheesy. You decide.

"No, I guess you dont. We've known about your powers for quite some time, so it's nice to see you've expanded.." CLaudine says matter of factly. What the hellis she talking about? She then snickers a little at Brooks and wrinkles her nose. "No. You just seem to catch me whenever I'm making a delivery. Perhaps you're stalking me, Marcus? Orion wouldnt be too happy about that, you know how he can get.." obviously teasing him.

Stefanie shudders a bit at that. She doesn't like the fact that someone has tabs on her. Perhaps that's what those marks on her shoulder've been about. "Um.. thanks.." She says somberly, trying to fight the urge to flee someplace dark and alone. She turns to Brooks. "You're hoping this is some kind of sorority house and that we're about to have a pillow fight…" She says matter of factly. She'd add a giggle to emphasize her joke, if she weren't so unseated and mentally unarmed at the moment.

Brooks waves his hands, wide and grins, "Well a man can dream, but I don't think my images of you would be quite G rated enough for the children" he winks at Stefanie then turns to Dine, "How is iron-skull doing?"

"He's good, being his hot sweaty metal self." Claudine says with a shrug of her shoulders as she is still waiting for Kitty and that darned crowbar. Never one for patience (as waiting tends to get one killed), she points her hands towards one of the boxes and two hands of earth rise forth from the ground mirroring her movements. She clenches her fist and swings it down and the earthhands mirror her movements opening the box as the sides just fall from the base. "There, just as effective as a crowbar, though a bit more tiring.." she admits ruefully.

Inside that first box are the toys. All sorts of toys. Video games, Playskool playsets for the younger children. Just as much as she could fit.

Stefanie blinks at Brooks' honesty and shrugs, then looks as Claudine unpacks. She sits quietly, not saying anything, trying to regain composure and a tighter grip on her sanity.

Returning the kiss on the cheek she leaves her cousin, Kitty goes to sit down in one of the chairs and watches as Claudine uses her power. "You are good now Earthshaker" Kitty looks oddly refreshed and she picks a big books up off the ground. It has every single vision that Kitty has ever had during and after the war. She runs her hand over it softly and then looks back up at the others.

Brooks looks concerned for a moment over at Stefanie, but decides to give her her space, "I brought a few christmas-in-july presents myself" he takes off the satchel, revealing a field medical kit, three boxes of bandaids, a couple bottles of aspirin and childrens vitamins, "Not alot I know, but I figured it might be helpful"

"Oh, sweet, toys." So comes the deadpan, none-too-enthusiastic voice of Persi as she wanders into the room — she's probably not terribly unwelcome here, as she voices on the pro-human side of things, but she tends to sneak in anyway, just for the fun of it, so who knows where she came from. Either way, she ducks down onto one knee for a second and snatches up a flourescent green pistol-style water gun, meanwhile looking up at Brooks, "Oh, hey, if it isn't Dr. B. Shouldn't you be lying on the floor flailing around and being crippled?"

"Bah! My Christmas-in-July is vastly superior.."

Claudine waggles her brows as she starts repeating the same movements to open boxes two and three, which have things like clothes, blankets, baby stuffs (diapers, wipes, etc), and just more toys. And chocolates! Oh the mounds of chocolates!

She aims to please the kids and she cries out, "Kidlets! There's CHOCOLATE!" Yes, she's spoiling them, and Kitty would probably get mad, but at this point she doesnt care. Seeing them happy is all she wants for now and soon enough she turns to the others, now that her being Santa is done.

She's breathing a little bit more huffy puffy now, over exerting herself in the end and she gets a little bit lightheaded, looking for a place to sit. Easing on down she lays backand stares up for a while just trying to regain her equilibrium. "phew..just gimme a moment..dizzy.."

Stefanie startles as another voice is heard from in the room.. The room that's beginning to get all swimmy. She stands, a bit nervous.. "Uh.. Take it easy. Have fun. I'ma gonna head off for now. Gotta keep an eye on things at the zoo.." She giggles somewhat nervously, and seemingly a bit unhinged. "*Strike up the band and play a song as we go waltzing by, and fake a smile as we all say Goodbye….."

Kitty accepts the supplies and puts them off to the side before settling back into her chair. She lolls her head and then gets up out of the chair as the children come running in. She gives out chocolate and some of the toys and after that, she looks at Persi. "Hello" she says and goes to sit back down. "What brings you here?" Having met Persi a few times as she brings supplies every so often. She waves to Stefanie and then motions for Persi to sit.

Brooks watches Stefanie go, frowning a little, but decides not to try tailing her, yet, turning instead to look at Persi, "Well morning Pigeon"

"Oh? New person. Hello new person.."

And that's Claudine, giving a weak little wave as she's slumping in the chair, just getting her bearings still from the whole overexertion she just did earlier.

Persi retrieves a bottle of water from someplace and starts working on carefully filling up the water-pistol, all the while responding without so much as looking at Kitty, "Oh, you know me. I just can't stay away from kids." Which is a pretty obvious lie, considering that she hates dealing with kids more than most any other task that could be put before her. She gives a little wave to serve for both Claudine and Brooks, actually taking a moment to look up at the unfamiliar girl — after a second of lingering on her (as creepy as it might be to just stare), she introduces herself, "Hey. Despite what Humey over here might say, the name's Persi."

Kitty gets up to throw a blanket over Claudine, seeing as the young earthshaker has fallen asleep. She smiles down at her and then turns back to Persi as Tiger goes to walk around Persi as if he is stalking prey. "Stop that Tiger!" Kitty scolds the cat and looks at him sternly.

Brooks looks over at Kitty, "Is there anything in particular you need? By the way apparently I'm humie Mchumanson to the Park Pigeon over there" He grins a little at that.

Persi eyes Claudine for a few moments more for some reason or another, then peers down at the cat that seems to be stalking her. For a second, she looks over her shoulder at the dangly rings in her hair, assuming that's what's drawn the cat's attention. Then, she twists around and squats down to seize that cat and cradle him against her chest as she stands back up. She holds him snugly, so that she doesn't get scratched up TOO badly if he freaks out, but not so firmly that he'd be terribly uncomfortable. Only as she rises does that comment, "Parker's actually a kinda nice name…odd…but nice."

"I do need something. For you to tell me what you are doing now? I haven't talked to you in ages" Kitty leans forward and rest her elbows on the book of visions. She raises an eyebrow.

Brooks shakes his head, "Nothing much, working to bring down the Petrellis mostly, to make the world safe for people again."

Kitty nods and lays her head on the back of a chair. She closes her eyes and seems to be thinking. A slow drumming has begun on her book. "I'm looking for Tamara" she says and continues to drum.

Brooks says, "Tamara's dead, they are all dead""
Brooks rises to his feet, his look going back to the stern cold eyed agent.

The seer glares at Marcus, "I /refuse/ to believe that" she states and looks off to the side. Her face has gone very dark.

Brooks says, "Believe what you want, wishes don't make the world any better, hope is a lie, hidden away from humanity for all time, all we have is the world before us, no cavalry of angels coming to our rescue, just you and me and Claudine, and a few others. Your doing a good thing, keeping these kids safe, I applaud you for it…now…I need to go see what I can do to make the world a better place.""

Persi idly cuddles the cat against her chest and glances back and forth between the two, eyebrows raised a little. She seems disinterested, for the most part, but Kitty's reaction makes her smirk a bit, "Y'know, I've always said that a happy life takes a healthy dose of self-delusion. Plus, when it turns out you aren't deluding yourself after all, it's great."

Not liking what Brooks said one bit, "Fuck you. Hope? I see the goddamn future and past ok! Who do you fucking think first knows of no hope" she hisses and Kitty goes to lean against the wall. She glares at her cousin.

Brooks says, "I know I'm sorry…if I'm lucky I can fix that too, I can make everything ok again…." he ruffles the hair of one of the kids and heads out the door, "Don't worry Kitten….I'll take care of it""

So Dine, even though she was out of it, still heard a good bit of the argument and she wrinkles her nose, chewing on her bottom lip a bit. She runs her fingers through her hair as she remains quiet all throughout the argument and swallows a bit nervously. When Brooks leaves, she sighs and shakes her head, "You are aware of what the new goals of the Company are,right?" she asks curiously, not sure if Kitty knows it or not.

Persi moves the cat up, over, and behind her head to hang him around her neck like a collar — though, he just scrabbles for a second and jumps back down to the floor. She smirks just a little at the cat, but introduces herself to Dine again, "By the way, in case you were too asleep to hear, the name's Persi. But don't lemme interrupt, I'd love to hear what the Compies are up to."

Kitty does not and her face shows a little confusion. "I do not and that's sad, coming from me" Kitty plops back down into a seat and puts her head in her hands. "What is it?"

"The Company is no longer a real threat. They've lost most of their evolved agents, yours truly being one of them, though from what I"ve seen, they lost a couple of their exceptional baseline agents as well.." the young Filipina says matter of factly as she crosses her legs to get a tad bit more comfortable. She peers on over to Persi, raising her brows and nods her head. "I'm Claudine, but you can just call me 'Dine. Everyone else does."

Persi leans against the nearest wall and folds her arms atop her head absently, her eyebrows creeping up shortly after Claudine's, "Well, that's nice. Reduces the fronts to be fought on by one, yeah?" That's about all she's got to add, considering that Persi's a bit out of her element in the orphanage and not exactly up-to-date on what, exactly, they're striving for at the moment — a point that promtps her to say just a wee bit, "Though, you're not exactly fighting folk here, are ya?"

"So? They are looking for new recruits? I don't get how Marcus is gonna fix anything" Kitty says and places her diary of visions on the ground next to her as Tiger leaps onto her lap. She strokes the cat and looks to Persi, "I'm the only one that fights here and I hope that never changes. I don't want these kids forced to grow up before they are supposed to"

"Keep up with the news, chica?" Claudine asks Persi as she continues lounging in the chair as she looks around for a newspaper. Upon finding one, the article about the terrorist who was caught after destroying things and freeing people in a raid, she tosses it to the young woman. "That's me. Though as you can see, I'm definitely not captured." she explains. That should answer her Punchy McFistInYourFace-ness. "Besides, I was a Company agent..they make sure we can all hold our own, even without our powers.." she says firmly and resolutely.

Her attention turns back to Kitty and shakes her head. "No, I don’t think they're looking for new recruits. I never told you why Orion and I left, did I?"

Persi raises her hands slightly and shows her palms for a second with a grin, "Hey, last I checked, I haven't got a doorstep to leave a paper on, and I'm not big enough of a fan of this whole fighting thing to really keep up with it. Honestly, I think both sides are annoying, I just side with the less-genetically-gifted side because they really didn't do anything to deserve it, y'know? But…then, I'm not exactly a warrior princess or anything."

Kitty shakes her head, "Nope never told me". She pets Tiger as he meows and closes his eyes, trying to nap.

"I was always a good little soldier girl. Mainly, I was there cause Orion remained, but..the killing..it started to get tiresome. They treated us as weapons, and me..a WMD.." Claudine explains, sighing a little as she stares up at the ceiling. "Honestly..I believed in their goals. This is exactly what the Company was trying to prevent.." she says, motioning to everything in general.

"Evil Evolved overlords trying to rule with an iron fist. But I'll start at the beginning I guess.." and with that, she takes a deep breath, sighing a little as she's about to go down memory lane.

Persi raises her eyebrows as she hears what sounds like the beginning of a Very Long Story (tm). So, she raises a finger and grins a little, "As much as I think soldier girls are great, if I'm gonna hear somebody's life story, I'd rather it be somebody I know and over some kinda romantic candlelight dinner or something." Judging from Persi's appearance and attitude, it's probably a pretty good bet she's never HAD a candlelight dinner with anybody, so this might just be an excuse to turn and head for the door, "I'll be back in a little, I think I heard a kid vomit or something." Flee! Flee the long story that she'd be obligated to care about!

Kitty knows none of the Kittens vomited but she lets the woman leave. "Let's hear it then Earthshaker" she leans back in the chair and it happens to be a rocking one. She rocks back and forth. With Tiger on her lap. This should be interesting.

"Kay. So it seems that Primatech knew about me since the very beginning. I had gotten a scholarship through their company to go to Columbia afterall. Which meant that certain other forces, which I'll talk about later, knew about me as well. Marcus was assigned my mentor. He didnt know anything, nor do I think he was aware of his powers. I dont even think Primatech knew either.."

Claudine explains as she starts gesticulating, letting her hands move every now and then.

"So..we skip fast forward a bit. I'm a probationary agent, just finished my first year of school, and Orion serves as my mentor now. We train, we go on dates..ya know, stuff like that. Then..my sister arrives.." What importance is there concerning her sister?
Never really /ever/ hearing Dine talk about her sister. Kitty's eyebrow raise and she nods,

"Go on. I knew there was something special about Marcus, he had to have some kind of gift. Because me and Tam do" she is still refusing to believe that Tamara is dead.

"My family..well…we're kinda..out there. We grew up in a farming family and knew the lands well. My own powers manifested when I was thirteen, and my sister was only sixteen when she came here. However, weird things happened whenever she'd get upset. Strong winds, sudden changes in wind direction, and then..even a tornado.." she waits to see if Kitty gets what she's talking about.
"So, she was the one" Kitty states, she never met Claudine's sister but she did have a vision about her once, after the war ended about the tornado. "Yeah that tornado was crazy. My ability manifested at 13 to" she states and lets Dine continue.

"No. It wasn’t her, though..indirectly it was her. At the time, everyone was concerned about a man named Gabriel Gray, otherwise known as Sylar. He was insane. He somehow had the ability to take other people's powers, but only if he killed them.." Her tone turns bitter at this point and she closes her eyes, taking a deep breath to try to find her center once more. "He intercepted the transport unit that was taking Marilou to one of the Company facilities for training.."

"I know how it unnerves you but I saw it. He took her ability. Yes I knew of Sylar" Kitty shudders a little as she thinks of when that particular vision hit her. "He was a /very/ bad man"

"Sylar wasn’t our only concern at the time. There was Project K-311E, Kellie as well. Another powerful elemental class evolved, she tended to cause havoc for us. She was our other target. However, things would soon change. Max, a madman who had almost killed me was brought into the fray. Then, Peter's current wife, Mara. Then..Sylar and Kellie themselves. They were to be weapons for the war against humankind.."

Claudine sighs once more as she closes her eyes and shakes her head, muttering a soft prayer under her breath. "So the war started. I was good little soldier girl, and I did a lot of things I regret, but..what could I do? Fortunately, Orion had more strength of character than I did and he brought us out. As Mohinder's research assistant, I had access to a few things. Marcus was a full agent by then, and well..we didnt exactly like what we saw.."

Kitty's eyes darken. "What did you see?" her head cocks to the side and she realizes that this is becoming more interesting than she thought.

"A cure. Or at least a plan for a cure. I highly recommend talking to Marcus about it." And that's where she ends her story, leaning back and tapping her fingers lightly on the seat.

Kitty nods and then shakes his head, "As much as it would be helpful to take away the evil people's powers? I can't let Marcus do that. He has no right, who are we to change someone's genetic makeup, that is playing God" Kitty won't stand for losing her visions, they help her protect the Kittens.

"It's hypocritical if you think about it. He's not exactly a baseline.." Claudine says matter of factly, sighing a bit as she rubs at her temples a bit. "But, I can understand why he does it. The world was not ready for us..and this is what happened because of it. The war. The current regime. Everything."
Kitty nods and sighs, "I need a nap. Do you want to bunk here for a while? I know you are still tired" she looks at her BFF with concern. She knows what happens when Claudine uses her powers too much.

"No, it's all right. I should get back. I have a few things I need to take care of. A few things I need toprepare for." She eases on up, not commenting on what exactly she needs to do, but she smiles warmly and starts to head out the door..

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