Lawrence Church
Lawrence Church
Portrayed By Bruce Campbell
Gender Male
Date of Birth April 1st
Age 46
Zodiac Sign Aries
Aliases Church, Mr. Church; Heat; Combustion Man, Demolition Man, Rocket Man, etc.; John Smith(No, Really)
Place of Birth Tonopah, NV, USA
Current Location Astoria, Queens; New York City, NY, USA
Occupation Company Agent
Known Relatives Russell Smith(biological brother), Charlotte Smith(biological daughter), Dylan Smith(biological grandson)
Significant Other :D
Known Abilities Induced Thermochemical Reaction
First Appearance Don't Give Him Donuts
Phone Number 283-2666 (BOOM)

Lawrence Church is a born and bred Company Man, and loyal to the cause it presents. He has a traditional Trickster personality in the sense of being resourceful, clever, and charismatic. When not actually doing The Company's work, he is still technically doing their work, though in a far more literal sense of the word—he can often be found doing mundane errands, observations, and sometimes courier work. He is also an agent assigned to help keep the eyes on the next generation.


Lawrence Church woke up one day to find himself strapped to a table inside of a large metal cell; he had no recollection of himself before that blinding moment of opening his eyes to the hanging fluorescent lights. That was the day that The Company took him in, and he was around twenty-three years old. Given a new name and a new identity, they essentially built Lawrence from the ground up. After this initial period, Lawrence realized the reason why he had woken up where he did; he was empowered, and The Company meant to harness that for use in its multitude of activities. Lawrence was made to go on the trails of harder-to-pin Evolved because of his explosive determination to do the duties he was apparently destined for, and in all practicality, his ability to deal some heavy-handed blows.

He was first partnered with an older Company agent, who the Company intended to use in order to keep Lawrence's brashness under control. In an unfortunate way, the man assigned to Lawrence was not able to keep up with his energy levels, nor his uncanny way of weaseling out from under the poor fellow's nose. He preferred to work alone, but his employers and caregivers thought otherwise; it was now they decided to partner him with a sharp female agent, who was not only strict, but managed a few instances before to keep the man on an extremely short leash. Perhaps it was his feelings towards women in general that made him listen far better to her; sometimes it seemed to be a respect seeded in him before he had been extracted from his past life. While on that short leash, Lawrence grew to fill the expectations and outline of a good agent himself. During the latter years of his twenties, Church was able to establish himself within The Company as a loyal and hard-working man, even if his trickster nature could snag here and there along the way. He was never unquestioning of the people he worked for, and always had a great many interests in the inner workings of The Company. It was this interest that found him getting more and more involved with the nitty-gritty details of his born-again job. When Lawrence found the means of checking into his own information files a decade after his extraction, it came as a mild shock that he refused to go near it. In Lawrence's mind, whatever life he had lived was over, and he had no reason to disrupt his way of life all over again. He was Lawrence Church, a Company Man. He had duties to perform in this life and the one he once had was long gone.

Now in his early thirties, it appeared as if the only direction that he could go was up, and up he did go. Desk jobs were too little for him to deal with, and so Lawrence excelled in the duty of a field agent. During a particularly risky outing in the American Midwest, his partner of eight years was killed in action; a bullet to the neck from the gun of a rogue Evolved able to flee only because he had already set fire to the house. In the aftermath, Lawrence would not allow himself to be partnered up at all or for very long, and he became more of a reserve agent for the next few years, often sent in as back-up or as a temporary replacement for some of their other agents when they were incapacitated. When Church turned thirty-six, he started to take more temporary partners and tended to stick to cityscapes; it was not until two more years later that he found himself able to commit to another full-time partner.

This time, he was paired with a young man who had been nearly freshly recruited; to Lawrence, it was like both looking in a mirror and suddenly being a babysitter for two straight years. Refusal to actually work with the man resulted in a few heated conflicts, but it was only after saving his life in the late run did Lawrence get an iota of respect. It came far too late for Church, unfortunately, and he went back to his ways as a portable and temporary field agent in no time at all. Most recently, he had been approached by The Company to possibly take a new partner and position himself in The Big Apple; while he is going to be working on finding those both willing and able to work alongside him, the more permanent relocation to New York City was welcomed.

Powers and Stunts

Church is a real exploding man, but not radioactive. In some cases, however, just as dangerous. (Nothing turns a woman on more than when something goes Boom.)

Social Circle


  • Church is a fan of Elvis, Crooners, Musicals, Classical Music, and Scores. Don't forget the Man in Black. Won't say he likes pop divas; it is a secret love.
  • Speaks Spanish and Japanese fluently out of both necessity and being well-rounded. French and Russian at a casual level. Tried learning some others, but only two seemed to stick where he could use them effectively. Any others he tried to learn are primarily smatterings of language, or simply tourist-speak that may sound like it is from a guidebook.
  • He is at the point in his life where he needs reading glasses now and then, though mostly when he is tired or groggy.
  • Wikipedia addict. This goes along with being a trivia addict. He seems to have a lot of semi-useless information.
  • Clothing is deceptive! Lawrence is in great shape compared to a regular man of his age. Not that he can really throw a good punch where it might be most useful.
  • He will eat all your food. All of it. Even the leftovers that have been in the back of the fridge since god-knows-when. Lawrence is a hungry man at mealtimes, semi-attributed to his Evolved ability; his energy burn is through the ceiling compared to someone normal.
  • Take him out of a professional setting and put him in a more casual one, and sometimes he can turn into quite a Casanova. Regardless of if someone falls for his charms, it's sometimes fun to see.
  • Company Car is a black, 2007 Dodge Charger SRT-8. His personal ride is a 1970s version of the same car.
  • Bears the isotope tracker mark at the base of his neck, though it is long-healed over and one may need to search for it.
  • Somewhere in the recesses of Lawrence's brain, John Smith technically still exists, like an old partition within a hard drive- no longer accessed, yet present. In the long term, there are sometimes names, dates, places and other things that Church reacts subconsciously to. Church knows about him now, though still is not familiar with the details of the first man he was.
  • Was a guidance counselor and faculty member of Brubaker Secondary School.
  • Fun with one-liners!
  • "I will return very shortly too- I'm going to save Peter from stepping on my skirt."

Elvis Presley - Burning Love
Nelly - Here Comes the Boom
Grace Jones - Demolition Man
Tennessee Ernie Ford - Sixteen Tons
Spiderbait - Ghost Riders in the Sky
Britney Spears - Womanizer
Elton John - Rocket Man
Alter Bridge - Watch Over You
Toby Keith - As Good As I Once Was
Tim McGraw - Real Good Man
The Seatbelts - Tank!
Shaggy - Mr. Bombastic
Johnny Cash - God's Gonna Cut You Down
The Smashing Pumpkins - The Beginning is the End is the Beginning
Aerosmith - Fly Away From Here
Guns N' Roses - Sweet Child O'Mine
Flogging Molly - If I Ever Leave This World Alive
Becca - I'm Alive

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