2007-02-26: Ciao


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Summary: The Madison Ave. Bistro is in the middle of the midday rush, when a sought out meeting between D.L. and Monica crosses paths with an unorthodox staring contest.

Date It Happened: February 26th, 2007


Madison Ave. Bistro

It's the start of the 'rush hour' that is to say, there are customers in the bistro, some with their families other one dates but they all have one thing in common. They are willing to shell out the Ka-Ching, so the waiters and waitresses hover around tables like bees around flowers to bring food out, refill drinks, share and suggest things off the menu. It's running well for the most part, with the Maitre D person greeting and showing those allowed in the place to their tables.

Surprisingly solo for a packed time, it seems like Hailien's date or family has either neglected to show up or didn't want to just show up; she has a ham and cheese panini sitting in front of her, half-eaten, and a strawberry milkshake that she's absentmindedly drinking from as she reades a small book. Every now and then, she does look up- see, she's alive.

Tires roll up against the street and that's all she wrote for the rental car. A car that's definitely belonging to one big buff black man. Good ol' D.L. Hawkins steps out of the vehicle and slams it closed. "Come on." his voice is tossed off towards the other side of the car, to a little kid that's hopping out of the vehicle: little Micah Sanders. "Dad, why can't I just go with you?" The little Micah doesn't seem to be too happy with his father right now, but it doesn't matter to the big black man. "Listen to me, Micah. I'm gonna' get your mother. But I can't do that unless I know you're safe." He looks behind him and at the restaurant. "Your cousin works here. You're gonna' stay with her while I handle things." Awwwww. Father and Son bonding moment.

Likewise alone and with a book, Hector has only recently been seated. In respectable-member-of-society mode in a three-piece grey suit and a crisp blue dress shirt beneath that, and quite sober, it doesn't take him very long to notice that someone else nearby is at a table by themselves. A meager attempt is made to open his book, and to become interested in the contents, but quickly enough, he's straightened and pushed in his chair. One, two, three steps and a dodge or two around harried waitstaff later, he draws out the chair caddy corner from Hailien and takes a seat, not creepy in the least. "Hello."

Stepping in from the cold, Mr. Hendrickson could possbily need to duck through the doorway, if he doesn't /just/ clear it. Regardless, he removes his outer grey overcoat and black hat, making use of any available coat-room. Otherwise, he simply folds it over his arm, and tucks the hat into the crook of his elbow. The tall man calmly waits his turn, and requests a table for one. As he is seated, he scans the resturant with that typical bored look on his face.

The Little assistant manager, aka Monica occasionally comes out of the kitchen or a back room, speaking to a waiter or waitress. Sighing when she has to pause to sort through some receipts and match the right ones with the right bills and give them back to scattered workers. Manager work. Starting to make her rounds to ask if people are comfortable or if then need anything with that bright smile and sweet southern accent.

The doors to the restaurant open up and Micah's pushed in first, before D.L. steps in himself. He's got Micah's duffle bag on his shoulder and is immediately looking around. He and Micah look like there about to check into a hotel, not particularly sit down to a meal. "Stay close, Micah." he says, reaching out to hold him by the shoulder. He's busy looking around to see if he can't see Monica somewhere. Anywhere. Such a crazy crowd going on at this moment.

Micah's cute; Hailien has to give it to Niki and D.L., they made a sweet kid, ahem. However, Hailien is so distracted by Mr. Hendrickson's entrance and his height that she drops her book, and fumbling, the girl noticeably(for the people just walking in, those seated near her and certain managers) phases through the table to grab said book. "Hello!" Hailien chirps to Hector. Must… recover.

"I happened to notice," Hector begins politely, only to stop there. His eyes fall from Hailien to the table, and his brows knit. Whatever he happened to notice to start with is forgotten fairly quickly while he attempts to process what he's more /recently/ registered. Mouth still open slightly, he merely eyes the table for a moment, still trying to shake it off when he finally lifts his attention to take in Mr. Hendrickson. Ah. Wonderful.

Mr. Hendrickson makes his way over to what-ever sort of table has been selected for him. The huge man notices Hailien's reaction, and offers what would be a friendly smile, if it were not for the fact that his 'teeth' were Stainless-Steel, and glint in the resturant's light! Oh dear. He /also/ makes note of Hector, remembering his suit, mostly, and makes a mental note before seating himself, picking up the menu and perusing it idly.

"Miss Dawson?" Monica stops when there are some staff asking to speak with her about the 'new arrivals' and her attention first goes to Mr. Hendrikson before she notices her Uncle and her eyes widen, bustle bustle she shoos people who are starting to move forward to suggest another restaurant to DL and Micah as she moves forward and sees Hailien's little slip out of the corner of her eye. Pause. Slooooow look back. Did that…no, that couldn't have happened! Oooookay, today is like the Twilight Zone! A waitress tentatively approaches Hendrickson's table. 'W-welcome to M-madison Bistro…can I start you o-off with something to don't eat me - I mean drink?'

"Monica!" That'd be D.L. brushing past a couple of people to get close to his niece. He tugs at Micah's shirt, though he's busy watching Hailien fall through tables and what not. "Dad?" D.L. ignores him, stepping up to meet Monica and gives her a small smile. "Heeeeyyy." And arms are opened up to wrap her in a Uncle-y hug. "How's Nana?"

Hailien blinks twice at Hendrikson, then he smiles. This is enough to terrorize poor Hailien, who drops a fifty-dollar bill, grabs her stuff, and flees past D.L., Micah, and Monica. EEEEEEEEEEK.

Hailien did phase through the door, at that!

Left with a fifty-dollar bill and food that is not his, Hector persists in looking muddled until that glint of metal teeth flashes in his direction, and Hailien flees the scene. Through the door. Through — the door. Through it. Having paled slightly, scruffy jaw clenched and hollowed, Hector turns his head just enough to seek out any sort of reaction from the rest of the patrons.

Mr. Hendrickson raises an eyebrow slowly at Hailien's display, and sits, staring a moment before glancing back up at the terrified waitress attempting to serve him. He watches her a moment, with his rather bland stare, before answering. "Yes, I'd like some water, please."

Monica opens her arms with that bright smile. "Unca DL? Oh my /lawd/ is that /Micah/?" She's quick to take that hug, opening her mouth to say something else before looking around DL and frown as Hailien flees. Through the door. "…" Blink. Blinkblink. Ookay. "C'mon in, have a seat…it'll be on me tonight…" Cuz lord knows SHE needs a seat. Waitress aka Mandy just continues to stare at Hendrickson. 'Right away…tee-sir!' And she flees to get the water.

D.L. doesn't really move. Instead, he's pulling Micah towards her and is already working on trying to get that duffle bag off his shoulder. "I can't stay. I need a favor." He doesn't want to even get comfortable. This is a pit stop to get to the finish line of saving his wife, after all. He leans in a little closer to her, whispering in her ear with some words, "Niki's in trouble." As for Micah, he's too busy paying attention to Hailien disappearing through the door. Literally. "Daaaaad…"

"Careful you don't rust," muttered dryly as he slowly goes about the process of regathering his wits, Hector sits stiffly back in his chair until it creaks behind him. One hand lifted to rub over his mouth, still pale, he focuses enough to take in the trio of Monica, D.L. and Micah without immediate comment. The last of them seems to have actually seen something, after all. Perhap's he's not /completely/ insane.

Mr. Hendrickson watches Mandy flee to go fulfill his order, before relaxing in his chair, and pulling out a small black book and a pen from within his jacket. He opens it, and writes a few things down before closing it up and placing it back inside his jacket. He glances back over to Hector, watching him a moment before going back to reading the menu.

Monica sobers up some, blinking and eyeing the duffel bag and then her uncle with a 'hold the hell up' expression on her face that gives way to a look of concern at the news and then a long-suffering sigh. "Alright…but you owe me a phone call to 'splain stuff after this all goes down…" She waves off concerned staff and exhales shakily, holding her head. Give her…a second to process all this.

D.L. hands the duffle bag over to Monica so that he can start getting on his way. He has to move if he's going to be taking care of his wife. Since, well, she's obviously in trouble. He drops down to be on level with Micah and reaches out to hold him by the shoulders. "Micah. I gotta' go now. I'm going to get your Mom." Micah finally turns to look at him, frowning. "Be careful, Dad." "I love you, son." There's a moment of sharing a hug moment and D.L. hugs him tightly, not really wanting to let go. "I love you, dad." After this moment, D.L.'s popping back up to turn back to his niece. "I'll call you. Thanks, Moni."

Hector persists in looking faintly ill. A few shades more ghastly grim than usual, even, he is slow to track after Mr. Hendrickson's study of him, glancing up from D.L. and Micah's hug to meet his gaze at the tail end of its existence. Then, appetite apparently forgotten, he grates back his chair and pushes to his feet.

Mr. Hendrickson continues to wait on his water, and sets down his menu, reaching into his jacket to produce a copy of the New York times, which he opens, and begins to glance over. Is there any interesting news today?

Mandy comes out of the kitchen, bustling along with the water and a 'brave' face as she sets it down. 'U-um…c-can I get you any appetizers?' Monica, on the other hand is accepting that duffel bag with a dazed expression on her face, watching the farewells. "Get? Wha…" She doesn't look happy, but resigned to this fate of not knowing, shrugging her shoulders. "Whateva, it's what family's for." She nods and then glances over towards Hector, offering that trademark smile on 'wait one minute sir, somebody who ain't crazy or walking through walls will be right with you!' or maybe it's just her trying to be nice.

D.L. doesn't really notice anyone else. He's got a slightly frantic look on his face, but it's only because he's trying to get himself back on the road. He's got business to take care of. And then he's got to save his wife. Thanks to Micah, though, he knows where to go. Gotta' love that kid and his techno powers. One last look at his son and he's leaving through the door. Only, he -opens- it.

Rather than return the smile, Hector manages to look quite blank while he pushes his chair back in underneath the table, and moves for the door. A half-smile is eventually forced in her direction when some form of long-suppressed memory of courtesy finds its way to the surface, but there's a hustle in his step by the time he hits the street. Far too late, of course, to ask Hailien herself what the hell.

Mr. Hendrickson hmmmms? and glances up from his paper at Mandy, before nodding slightly. He folds his paper, and sets it down. "What would you recommend?"

Mandy babbles through the days specials and what not as Monica looks to Micah again and sighs softly, reaching out to guide him by the shoulder towards the back-rooms.

Mr. Hendrickson listens to the frightened Mandy, and eventually places his order, settling in for a delicious meal.

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