Claire Bennet
Claire Bennet
Portrayed By Hayden Panettiere
Gender Female
Date of Birth April 5, 1990
Age 20
Hair Blond
Eyes Green
Height 5'1"
Build Fit
Zodiac Sign Aries
Aliases Claire Butler (California), Sandra (Dark Future), Paige Williams (New York)
Place of Birth Kermit, TX
Current Location New York City, NY, USA
Known Relatives Noah Bennet (father), Sandra Bennet (mother), Lyle Bennet (brother), Meredith Gordon (biological mother), Nathan Petrelli (biological father), Peter Petrelli (uncle), Angela Petrelli (grandmother)
Significant Other Dating Wheeler because he is adorkable.
Known Abilities Regeneration
First Appearance Genesis


Claire puts the cheerleader in "save the cheerleader, save the world." While no longer a high school cheerleader, she is still trying to find her way in a new world where people, including herself, have superhuman abilities.



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  • "Nothing is inevitable. The future is not written in stone!"
  • "Who I am? So, what? I can crawl through a woodchipper and live to tell about it. That narrows my choices in life to freak or guinea pig. In most cases, both. What's wrong with wanting to be normal? You should try it."
  • "Maybe that's why I died in the future. Because I was waiting on Someone to come to the rescue and Someone never came." (Saviors)
  • "The Protocol? Is that what we're calling this governmental thing that's kidnapping people with powers? Why are these weird agencies always named vague abstract nouns that don't mean anything? Like… like the Initiative on Buffy." Broken Promise




Rapid-Cell Regeneration is the regeneration of damaged cells, resulting in healing serious injuries almost instantly, as well as keeping Claire immune to cell death caused by alcohol, illness, asphyxiation, drowning, or other such issues.

Major trauma will take a few seconds to recover from, but damaged or lost cells will heal and regenerate, to the point that even lost limbs will regrow. Obviously, the more minor the injury, the quicker the recovery, but even wounds that would be fatal for a normal human will be repaired within mere seconds.

Displaced parts of the body must be manually moved by Claire (or someone else) into the correct location, where they will then reknit and heal within seconds. For example, if her neck is broken, she will have to realign her vertebrae.


Foreign objects like bullets will be expelled by her body itself, but larger items need to be removed by Claire or someone else. If a foreign object is embedded or lodged in a certain spot in the back of her brain, Claire's power will be effectively turned off and she will not be able to regenerate until the object is removed.

Finally, her blood can heal others from severe trauma, some illnesses, neurological damage, and possibly even death (with staff approval only!) Unfortunately, it cannot heal cancer, as cancer is rapid cell growth of abnormal cells; her blood would likely heighten such cell growth, making the cancer actually worse.

Due to Adam's similar ability, it would seem that Claire will live a similarly long life, unless someone manages to take away her ability or keep her from regenerating permanently.

If Claire is negated from her power, she obviously is as susceptible as anyone else to any damage inflicted upon her body.

Claire's power also speeds the recovery from inebriation or cancels out its effects all together. This means that Claire is unable to become drunk. With drugs, something that acts immediately (like a tranquilizer) might work for a few moments, long enough to restrain her, but she would recover from the effects swiftly.

While her ability protects Claire from infections and other pathogens, negation of her ability will allow her to become sick — and because her body lacks the immunities a normal person's has, the illness or infection may be more serious for Claire. Of course, once her ability is returned, her body will be healed of any damage caused by the infection.

Stunts (just for fun!)

An injection of Claire's blood can heal others of trauma and some illnesses. Cancer and illnesses or disorders caused by the abnormal growth of tissue, unfortunately, cannot be healed through Claire's blood as it would in fact make the disorder worse. cocktail.jpg

And… Wizard, the Wonder Pup!

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