Clarence James Mayberry
Portrayed By Patrick Stewart
Gender Male
Date of Birth April 13th, 1959
Age 50
Zodiac Sign Aries
Aliases None
Place of Birth Bristol, England
Current Location New York City, NY and Washington, D.C. USA
Occupation Works for Congressman George Dawson
Known Relatives Templa Mayberry (mother), Jonathan Mayberry (father)
Significant Other None
Known Abilities None
First Appearance Hunting the Hunters

Clarence is a man from Britain who has is an ex-carny and ex-diplomat who is now working in American politics.


On April 13th, 1959 in Bristol, England, Clarence James Mayberry was born to two very loving parents, Jonathan and Templa Mayberry. His parents had two very different jobs, leading to Clarence having a unique upbringing. Jonathan worked for as a clown at the local fairgrounds and Templa was in turf management for a multinational golf course corporation.

He led an interesting life growing up, spending much time at the fairgrounds. He learned to juggle, to eat fire, and to operate rides. What a fun life it was! However, there was the other side of things. His mother would often go on long business trips all over the world. While he occasionally got to go with her, Clarence would soon get bored as he watched his mother pour over tons and tons of paperwork. He wanted to run about all this marvelous cities! Not sit in a hotel room or office building watching boring old men and women in boring old suits and dresses talk about how the grass was greener in the rival golf course.

Clarence swore that when he grew up, he would never do anything boring, especially stuff that had to do with wearing a suit and dealing with lots of paperwork. And for him, that meant working at the fairgrounds for the rest of his days. What should he decide to do at the fairgrounds? Repair the rides. While many jobs at the fairgrounds had the potential to be enjoyable, repairing and maintaining the rides held the most promise in his mind. He would get to ride the rides, make sure they were working properly, and if they broke…well, he got to fix them. And then he got to ride them again to make sure they were still working properly. It was the funnest thing ever!

As he grew older, the strapping young lad that was Clarence would pass all his courses in school with flying colours. To him, learning in school was quite the opposite from paperwork. You could learn things and use paper, but that didn’t make it paperwork. Upon graduating from secondary school, he went to a vocational school to become a certified mechanic. He learned how to work, manage, build, and repair a multitude of machines, from the park rides, which he was already proficient at, to cars and trucks. He was having the time of his life.

And then he met her. The woman he was sure was going to be the love of his life. Margret Gary. She worked at the fairgrounds selling tickets. It was love at first sight for him. With some wooing and persistence, and perhaps a bit of charm, they went on their first date. And on their first date they went to none other than the same fairgrounds that they both worked at. Some may say that’s cheesy, but at the same time they had lots of fun. After spending a good amount of time on the rides and eating cotton candy, Clarence took Margret to a nearby upscale restaurant. It was great! That night ended up being one of the best that Clarence had ever had. They laughed, joked, talked about everything and nothing. As the weeks went on they became nearly inseparable, spending time with each other whenever possible.

One evening, a few months later, Clarence had to stay late to do repairs on one of the rollercoasters and Margret decided to stay behind to keep him company. On a test run, something went awry. The safety bar disengaged and while Clarence was able to keep a firm grip on it for the last little bit of the journey, Margret was not. It was lucky that she was not thrown far, but the fall left her greatly injured and she had to stay in the hospital for a few months to recover to the point where she was able to get back out into the world once more. Clarence blamed himself for this unfortunate occurrence. His love for Margret never wavered. It seemed, however, that she was of different feelings. The couple slowly drifted apart. As the months passed, Clarence’s broken heart had not begun to mend. He could hardly stand to be around the fairgrounds any more. While it was a place of childhood joy, it had now turned into a place of adult sorrow. He quite his job at the fairgrounds, moving his career from a mechanic of rides to a vehicle mechanic.

He found no love in this job, however. The spark that he once had was now gone. While working full time at this job, he pursued other more academic avenues, something as a child he had promised himself he would never do. He took courses from the University of Bristol. He started off majoring in Political Science. He found an interest in this, deciding that he’d attempt to pursue a career somewhere in government. This, however, lead into a greater interest in foreign policy and foreign affairs. After years at the University of Bristol, he finally had a master’s degree in International Affairs. With this degree, he quickly joined the diplomatic corps. His first assignment took him to the United Arab Emirates. Not the most prestigious of places to go, in his mind, but it was a start to a career nonetheless. His job took him to many other countries over the years, including South Africa, The Ivory Coast, Ghana, Germany, and China to name but a few. The Diplomatic Corps would eventually lead to being sent to the United States.

During what he would consider a routine diplomatic party at a venue in Washington, Clarence met a one Michael Dawson of the U.S. Air force. They got to talking and found they had some similar interests. They remained in contact, meeting up whenever they were in the same town for some coffee or tea. Before too long, they became friends. Perhaps not the best of friends do to their jobs keeping them busy, but friends none-the-less.

Clarence quickly found himself enthralled with America. He didn’t want to leave. Before too long, he had filed to become a landed immigrant and eventually a full-fledged American citizen, leaving the life of British diplomacy behind him. Clarence got himself into the American political system, working for small time politicians, mostly behind the scenes, writing speeches or doing research should the need arise. This worked fine for him, he didn’t need to be well known. As long as he had work, he was happy. However, when July of 2009 rolled around, he found himself out of work, the most recent politician he was working for found himself having to cut resources to save money, and that meant cutting some people who worked for him, including Clarence.

Luckily, for Clarence, he’d had the sense to keep a savings account, adding to it every month in case something just like this happened. He had enough to live for quite some months to come, should the need arise. He took this as an opportunity to just relax. He went traveling for the rest of the summer, finally coming back in September to find some work once more. As the weeks rolled on, however, no work came. No congressmen or senators or people in government were hiring. They all had cutbacks, they said. Of course, that never helped him. One day, when he was visiting his friend Michael, he mentioned how hard it was to find work these days. At least how hard it was for him. Unbeknownst to Clarence at the time, but Michael mind was working in overdrive. Later that fall, near the end of November, Clarence had a call from Michael telling him that he’d had a talk with his son, George, a congressman for New York. Michael went on to say that he’d gotten Clarence a job with George, working as a part of his staff. The only downside, as was told to him, was that the job took place both in New York and in Washington D.C., so he would most likely have to commute. Clarence accepted the job without much hesitation. He was certain that he was up for the task, whatever it may be.


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