2009-10-06: Clarifying Statements

Starring: Bryan and Sydney


Date: October 6, 2009


Sydney returns to the police station to clarify what happened during the attempted mugging..

"Clarifying Statements"

New York

Sydney has been on edge since the attempted mugging in Central Park last night. She'd managed to give her statement the night before and had told the officer on duty everything she 'knew' (while editing the details so Alexandra wouldn't get incriminated for the shaking ground and earth that came over top of the mugger—she'd blamed all of that on the vigilante Darkwing Duck that managed to appear and reappear at will.

The trauma of the event has Sydney completely on edge. She's dressed in blue jeans, a grey t-shirt, and sneakers—clothing that makes it easy-to-escape should the need to arise. Her hair is pulled back into a tight ponytail. With a sigh, she pads into one of the many interrogation rooms. She knows they'll have questions. She knows they'll call her crazy. She sits in one of the chairs and crosses her arms over her chest.

The door on the other side of the room opens and an officer steps through holding a notepad. He sighs as he enters the room, thinking to himself, "Ok, Bryan be gentle with the questions, you went through the same thing, and you know how that made you feel." He looks up from his notepad, and see's Sydney, the lady whom he met only a short time ago at the local bar, realizing the victim is her, a sudden feeling of concern crashes over him like the Crimson Tide crashing over the Kentucky wildcats last weekend. "Sydney??" he say's questioningly.

The woman straightens in her seat as the door opens. She still needs to work with these people, after all. And yesterday she'd melted down. Sydney looks up at the sound of her name and arches an eyebrow, "Bryan, right?" Her cheeks flush as the woman sighs. "Yes, it's me." She nods a little bit in a near-state of shock (still). She sighs.

Bryan pulls out the chair on the other end of the table, and takes a seat. Sighing deeply, knowing all to well what pain, he's about to put Sydney through, even if he is as gentle as possible, the simple fact of the matter is, it's going to hurt. Clearing his throat before beginning he says, "Well, Miss Falkland. If you can in your own words explain to me everything that happened to you concerning the incident. And please take your time, let me know if you need anything as well."

Rubbing her temples, Sydney continues to frown as she shifts in her seat. She'd told them this last night. She knows it sounds crazy, but it's what happened. She takes in a a deep breath as she leans forward slightly, "I was in Central Park. It'd been a hard day so I was taking a walk at dusk. The park really is beautiful at night. I ran into this woman sitting on a bench with the most. AWESOME. shoes I've seen in awhile." She pauses and then attempts to make eye contact with Bryan. "I kid you not, Bryan. They were beautiful. If I ever have children, I might not consider them as beautiful as these shoes." She is of course, exaggerating for effect. She's told this story before. She swallows and then continues, "So I had to tell her… I think stopping was my first mistake—" She frowns.

"—but we chatted a bit and then three men came from a bush area near us." She bites her bottom lip and then continues, "All three had guns and told us to give up our shoes, purses, and … something else I can't remember."

"It was so scary! I was almost paralyzed, but I managed to take off my shoes. And then… he showed up claiming to be Darkwing Duck, decked out in a purple mask and everything. There was more than one of them, I think. And they attacked the muggers." She sighs.

"When he came I got so brave, and ironically one of the muggers totally chickened out midway through the entire thing, but another one had a gun pointed at me. Darkwing kicked the gun out of his hand. That caused the gun to fire a bullet that was shot within feet of me." And then her gaze sweeps to the left momentarily, "Um. And then the last guy aimed his gun at the other lady and… well … I'm not sure if he caused the ground to move or if it was Darkwing, but it moved." And now she's done.

"I know they think I had a psychotic episode, but how else would witness statements line up?! We didn't just stage this." She stares Bryan in the eyes and states, "If you catch him, you can't charge him. He's a hero. He saved us. He's a hero.

Bryan nods slowly. "Listen Sydney…" reaching out with his right hand and placing on Sydney's, "I know we don't know each other or anything like that, but trust me when I tell you, I know what your going through. And I believe you." His blue eye's sparkle a bit as he speaks. Truth in every word.

The woman perks up and her lips curl into a slight smile, "You… you believe me?" Her smile broadens a bit as Sydney relaxes in her seat. "Th—thank you." And then she nods a bit, "I've already been informed I'm being benched for the week. No cases for a week." She shrugs, getting benched is actually for the best, especially considering the stress of getting shot at. "You really believe me, then?"

Bryan nods, "I do." Smiling that he managed to calm her down a bit. "And I have to say that I agree with the decision to give you a break for a while. Besides, with all the paper work I saw you with last time, you need some time to just recollect you know." Making it through quite possibly the worst day of his life, has given him a good edge with making traumatized victims feel good about their stories along with the inner hope that comes with knowing someone believes them.

"Thank you," Sydney says again for good measure. "I really appreciate it." She knows what this conversation could've looked like. That said, she stands to her feet. "I suppose I'll go home." And stay there for a week. She forces another smile and holds out her hand for Bryan to shake, "Thank you Bryan." And then she adds, tilting her head, before leaving the room, "You're one of the good ones." And she pads out the door.

Bryan smiles, shaking the young woman's hand. "I try, let me know if you need anything, while your off, it'll be no trouble."

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