Claudine Salonga
Portrayed By Claudine Barretto
Gender Female
Date of Birth July 4, 1989
Age 18
Zodiac Sign Cancer
Aliases 'Dine
Place of Birth San Nicholas, Philippines
Current Location New York City, NY, USA
Occupation Columbia University - Freshman and Company Agent
Known Relatives Mariano (father), Carmela (mother), Marilou (youngest sister), 6 older brothers (as to be named)
Significant Other Orion Granger
Known Abilities Terrakinesis
First Appearance Sandwiches and Mustard Gas

College coed meets sooper seekrit Company agent. Yeah..that's hawt. I know. But on a more serious note, Claudine is a freshman at Columbia University, majoring in biochemistry and studio art. She's an immigrant from the Philippines, and has the ability to literally rock people's world. She's also an intern for Primatech Research and is on full scholarship to cover for her position as an agent for the Company. But she's the sweeter, softer side of them..yeah.


In a small and humble province of San Nicolas in the Philippines, Claudine Constance Salonga was born to Mariano and Carmela Salonga eighteen years ago on a sunny July 4th. The sixth child of this farming family, Claudine grew up amongst three brothers and two sisters, and she in time learned to help out with the family farm. Fortunately for her, her family was well known in the province especially considering the fact that nine generations ago, one of her relatives founded the province, and thus she was treated well by the others, being the baby of the family. Now all knew in this province, that education was the only way out, and thus she worked very diligently and quite hard, learning to read at a young age, and being fluent in English, Tagalog (the main dialect of the Philippines), and Ilocano (the preferred dialect of the province).

Considering the educational system in the Philippines, (where there is no middle school), she progressed quite well in her studies, particularly favoring math and science, though she was quite enamored with the arts (particularly sculpture). Her family, seeing that she was quite proficient in these subjects decided that they would save up for her to be able to travel to the capitol city of Manila, where she could try to gain admittance into one of the top high schools in the country, Manila Science. Upon hearing this, she studied harder, often borrowing books from the local library and going to visit doctors in the area to have them try to teach her more. Considering her agricultural background, she naturally leaned towards the biological sciences, as she used the practical talents which she had which she tried to use to help make the family farm have more productive yields.

In the mean time, when she was not studying for the upcoming preparative exams, she worked more on her sculpting, seeming to have the gift to manipulate the clay in the area into definite shapes. This caught the interest of some of the local tourists in the area, who bought her sculptures and through this way, she was able to garner enough monetary support to be able to travel to Manila. The only thing in her way was the exam..

For several months, she studied all the time, not letting anything else distract her. Her family let her study and even offered to reduce some of her chores, but she refused, being able to work the farm as well as study at the same time. With the day of the exam, Claudine went off rather confident that she would do well, and thus for the next three hours, she tried to put what she had learned from school and on her own to good use.

She scored the best in the biological sciences portion of the exam, which due to her experience with farming gave her extra help when it came to the topics of breeding and population genetics. Chemistry is what she did the next best in, with math coming in at a close third. her verbal score wasn't exactly great, but it was good enough to get her admittance into Manila Science. Her family was very proud and the entire province had a celebration on Claudine's acceptance. Not very many in the province had actually made it out to the more cosmopolitan world, and she had a good time with her friends and the other people in the province. She eventually set out on a jeepney headed to Manila.

To get to Manila however, they had to trek through the beautiful yet sometimes dangerous mountain ranges in Baguio City. On a rainy night, as the jeepney was traveling on, a landslide started to happen due to the washing of the water down its slippery slope. Claudine was still asleep for the most part in the jeepney, but the sounds of the screams of terror from the other passengers woke her up to the sight of several tons of wet earth heading down their way which would've led to a seemingly inevitable doom.

However as fate would have it, this would not be her end as with a massive headache of her burgeoning mutant gifts occuring, she willed the oncoming landslide to take another course, her arms stretched towards the landslide, and the others on the jeepney proclaimed her as an incarnation of Anianihan, the Philippine goddess of healing and the earth. Exhausted by the experience, Claudine fainted from the experience, and when she woke up, she found herself in the local hospital in Manila.

When she woke up, she found her family surrounding her, as well as those she had saved in the jeepney proclaiming that God had given her a gift which she should use for the betterment of humanity. Not knowing what or how she had caused the landslide to move away, she herself also thought it was a miracle from God that they survived. However, one of the local American doctors there seemed to think otherwise, that she was one of the evolved, and a seemingly powerful one at that, though he had kept it to himself (at least so they had thought).


Years had past, and Claudine did quite well at Manila Science. She was at the top of her class and was quite popular with the others, having also acquired the position of Student President as well as officerships in the Art Club and other such things. In the past years, she had grown in her gifts, subconsciously using her powers to manipulating the clay to make incredibly beautiful and sophisticated sculptures.

These sculptures were quite the rage with her classmates who wanted some as well, and so, asides from studying for most of the day, she worked at her potter's wheel, doing what she could. They even suggested that she should become an artist instead of a scientist, but she dreamt of going to the University of the Philippines - Diliman (the top University in the Philippines) to pursue her degree. Considering she sent many of her sculptures back home to San Nicolas where she thought they would end up in relative obscurity and thus have nothing more than her local people admiring them, a Columbia university professor who had come to San Nicolas (to study crop-insect relationships in the farming community) had come across her sculptures and were enamored by their sophistication. He went everywhere trying to find out who made these, and eventually it led him to the Salonga home where he asked Mariano who made the sculptures.

Mariano was quite proud and mentioned that his daughter, Claudine, made the sculptures, and realizing that he was a professor at a top American University, almost mentioned and bragged how his daughter went to Manila Science and was at the top of her class. The professor was also part of the admissions committee, and searching for a more well rounded class, wanted to meet the creator of the sculptures to perhaps recruit her at the university. When he eventually traveled to Manila, he went to Manila Science administrators and asked to speak with Claudine, who was conducting a student council meeting at the time. He requested to see her grades, and saw even more of her sculptures which were proudly displayed in various cases throughout the hallways. Impressed with her grades, he was intent on giving her an opportunity at Columbia, and thus he went and spoke with her immediately.

Shocked that she was actually noticed by someone outside the Philippines, Claudine graciously accepted his offer and he worked with her for several months (as she was set to graduate), so that she could apply and get into Columbia. Graduation came and she gave her speech and everyone was excited that she got into an ivy league university in the States. She had accomplished what so many had hoped for, and thus many were proud of her.


However, Claudine was sad that she was leaving her home country and in all honesty, did not want to leave. She was a simple girl who lived a simple life in a farming community, but her parents told her that it was time for a change, and that this was a sign for her to go onto better things. Having heard her parents' advice, she left and headed to New York where she is now a student at Columbia, majoring in biochemistry so that she can hope to achieve the life that her parents want her to have. She has continued to make her sculptures in the area, which are selling quite nicely, sending home money that she can. Due to her talent and grades, the university was able to offer her a full scholarship, thanks to Primatech and so she is now a freshman, and who knows what will await her.

Abilities - Terrakinesis

Terrakinesis/Geokinesis: Claudine's power is that to manipulate earth (rocks, soil, clay, etc) in any manner that she chooses. She is still quite untrained in this ability, and therefore, these stunts that she has performed only come as a matter of reflexive and subconscious nature. The following sections are the stunts she has performed sometime in her life..


  • July 1990 - Claudine is born
  • September 2003 - Discovers her powers by moving and stopping a landslide in her native Philippines. The locals declare her an avatar of a goddess. The Company becomes aware of her potential..uh oh!
  • January 2006 - Gets recruited to go to Columbia University on a full scholarship sponsored by Primatech.
  • August 2006 - Moves to New York City to begin her studies as a biochemistry freshman. Marcus, a grad student also on a Primatech Scholarship, is assigned to be her mentor. School begins and classes start. Huzzah!



  • "No cake for you!"
  • "Would you like a cookie?"



  • Her cover with the Company is an intern at Primatech Research and Development. Now she's doing science-y stuff.
  • After the incident with Hiro's escape, she's now more than willing to get her hands dirty to bring in people.
  • She has a 'birthmark' of the Symbol on her back, just around her left shoulder.
  • Her favorite food is: Chocopie by Orion Confectionaries. Coincidence? Perhaps.
  • For some unknown reason, the use of her powers causes her to dehydrate. She needs lots of water when using her powers for an extended period of time.
  • She's based off of the Marvel Characters: Magma and Petra.
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