2009-11-18: Closet Vader



Date: November 18th, 2009


Bert and Eric return to the apartment to see how Gene has dealt with the earlier incident in the park.

"Closet Vader"

New York City, NY — Seekrit Apartment — Geek Squad Base, Beta

Eric and Bert tried to help with the other two ladies. This is good, this is what Gene wanted. However, Gene was dealing with… unique issues and required some time alone. The following is a fruit of that.

As whoever comes near to the apartment door, they will hear the loud voices from a movie. "And what of Padme? Is she alright?"

"In your anger, Lord Vader, you killed her."

"No, that isn't true, I saw her alive!"

Then… Sounds that do NOT appear from a movie begin to be heard. Glass can be heard exploding and the sound of metal being warped.

Bert is the first back to the apartment. She skids a bit in her slippers and trips a little in her skirts. Nnngh.. Great costume, but not for running in. Bert throws back the hood, her hand then outstretched to open the door. The voices have her bringing the heel of her free hand to her forehead. Oh gawd. Hand on the knob, she prepares to turn it..

Cue the explosion.

Bert shrieks and flings herself away from the door and against the wall. An arm is brought up to cover her face, just in case. It's all a little belated because if the door was about to be blown out, she would have no time to protect herself. There's a bit of a delayed reaction before she calls out to Gene, throws caution to the wind and opens the apartment door.

Darth Gene is likely the first thing that Bert sees, lurching about awkwardly as if this was the first time he's ever walked in his entire life. On the kitchen countertop, various items appears to some small explosives on them, causing them to explode as he walks by them. The blender top, various glasses, pretty much anything that is glass that Gene could get his hands on. As he walks by toward the fridge and the toaster, both of them begin to seemingly crumble from in the inside out, a few various liquids leaking out from the fridge as Gene walks forward. His audio response is only one word, but it is an expected one.


Groaning at this sight, Bert enters the apartment, shutting the door behind her. "Y'know, of all the scenes to reenact from Star Wars.. why do you have to pick the ever so disappointing ones of the prequels?" Which were okay, they were just not what they should have been. But that's a discussion for another time.

Skirts swishing, Bert approaches Darth Gene, mainly to stop him from lurching about. "Stop boy, woaaah, let's get you out of this suit and you can tell me what in the name of Jar Jar Binks it is that you're doing."

"What?" Gene inquires as he turns to face the fellow Star Wars lover. In a voice that is both Darth and pitiful, Gene lowers his head. "Because this is the only scene that I get the excuse of doing that." He points toward the fridge and toaster, which are now very very crunched. "Fine…I can get it off myself. You might want to turn around for a second." He takes a hand to the chest piece of the suit, flipping the top to reveal a handle. In one fierce rip, most of the suit comes off… Only the glove that was held the hand, his boots, his cape, and his helmet are left on. Oh, and some Super Mario boxers that show Mario + Super Musheroom = Super Mario with the words over it 'Bigger is Better'.

It is likely best not to ask WHY Gene made his Vader suit like that, but hopefully the answer would be something like 'in case need needed to change swiftly' or the like. Regardless if Bert is looking or not (perhaps the darkness of the room and the tinted helmet making it hard to know), Gene goes toward the pile of his clothing to take off the boots and glove and put on some jeans… Which takes a little time because he doesn't take off the helmet yet.

"I.. that's.." Bert sounds exasperated for a few moments, and doesn't turn away in time to avert her eyes. It's a test of her nerd level that she doesn't collapse into giggles about the boxers. "Uh.. look.. I know you're having a tough time, we all are, maybe not to the extent you are.." Looking away from Gene, she turns her attention to the mess that's been left. "But, do I want to know why destruction was necessary?" She's seen tantrums before. Thrown game controllers, kicked consoles, torched discs and cartridges.. it happens in play testing, cons, marathons and LAN parties. Still! Thinking it might be safe, she looks back towards Gene, her expression concerned.

"No, you really don't, Bert." Gene admits as he finally speaks with his own voice. "One of my friends is in danger in a similar way you were… And apparently did some…" Gene makes a circle handmotion before putting his pointer finger through it. He soon goes back to finding pants. The talk he has is not very Gene like. Upfront, direct…. yet not organized in the least.

"…With her while they were high off a woman who, if the dots are adding up, seems to make her own stuff and sent it through a hoodie. Then when I try and help the woman…" There is a brief pause as Gene zips up the fly to his pants, but continues to sit on the ground, not feeling empowered to do much else. "I just wanted to make sure a killer didn't bodysnatch some people and turned a new leaf? Why did she end up free while /I/ got imprisoned? Federal prison almost made me crazy."

Bert blanches and looks a bit ill, thinking about some other woman being used and practically raped the same way. "I wonder if he's just some perv who likes to get his jollies that way.. or does he even realize that we aren't ourselves." She looks away and to the mess, finding it suddenly incredibly interesting to stare at. "So that's what all the hoodie business was about with that girl in the park. We tried to chase her down but.. she was faster. She admitted to getting the dog high. I wasn't sure how she did it." So many different abilities out there.

Giving a quiet sigh, Bert looks to Gene, "I'm sorry you're going through all of this. You don't deserve it. You're too nice, this isn't for you." The same goes for so many others caught up in the mess.

"It IS for me… I wanted to be a hero," the young man replies, fire returning into his voice. "Bruce Wayne never deserved his parents to die, Bruce Banner never deserved his experiements to turn him into a raging Hulk… They just happened. It was the choices that they made that made them heroes and helped to save the world. It's just… hard. But enough on that."

Gene stands up, moving toward Bert, placing a hand on her shoulder. There is some hesitation that comes with it. After all, they are talking about unwanted advances. Bringing up bad memories the last thing the young man wants to do. "Maybe Wynn does… maybe he doesn't. I'll find out either way. Until then, we'll just have to do the best we can to keep this from getting out of hand…" If the hand on the shoulder isn't turned away, he places the a second on Bert's other shoulder as he tries to look into her eyes to make a Hero's Promise. "But I won't rest until things are made right again, okay?"

"I get it," Bert says with a half-smile about all the hero analogies. "And Buffy never asked for her lot in life, she just made the best of it, and made her choices." See, she can roll with it too. "Still, you're such a nice and sweet guy. Then there's all these innocent people getting rounded up.." It's the same old conversation over again. Rehashing what's obvious.

Not shying away from Gene's hand, Bert twists her hands in front of her. He's a friend, someone she feels safe around. He doesn't make her feel jumpy as she did when she returned to work. "I know you won't.. and I'll help you along the way, any possible way I can."

"Exactly. There is always going to be injustice… I just feel like a wiener when I can't take it like the other guys can. When Sydney was asking for help and I had to tell her I had to wait until I could figure out the next step…" Gene gives a weak smile. "But things will get better. We're too awesome a team to fail," he replies, letting his hands slide to the side of Bert's shoulders before letting go completely.

"If you want to help, I might need to figure out the information on Marilyn de ….Whatever her name is. Unless she's Evolved too, she would be the best person to go after. All the information that Ivory would have, but without the mind stuff." Gene looks over to the fridge which is no bleeding milk and orange juice. "And making sure we get a new fridge and toaster would be nice too."

"It's just who you are. You're much better being left to your own devices. I think however, we're all out of our usual element," Bert says with a half-smile, looking up at Gene. "I wish there was some way we could maybe question the Senator, but we don't know how safe he is to approach." Because Bert's still not sure if Ivory's the one behind the weird behavior, or someone close to him. "We are too awesome, aren't we?," it's said with a smile, almost like an afterthought too.

"Marilyn de.. that doesn't sound familiar." Bert frowns a bit, racking her brain for that name. "Look.. I know you don't want me going back to D.C., but I do have some people that I got a little buddy with. I don't know how much I can trust some of them, but.. maybe I could see if they'll wake up and share information."

"From what I can get, he's second to the President… Even if we COULD get him, it would be better to get third or fourth in the running. If I need to confront Ivory, I have my own plans, but I'd prefer to keep that as option of last resort. As tempting as it might be to bump it up from time to time," the young man states with a sigh. "If you could contact those people and stay close to area, that would be best. I mean, if you really need to, maybe Eric could go with you… or Elena. Going alone is just so dangerous. After all, if you starting thinking how you did before and with all you know about us now. It's bad enough I couldn't tell Sydney when or how I was saving her because I wasn't sure she'd just tell the Alpha Protocol people."

A brow arches as Bert looks to Gene. "Second to the President, isn't that normally the Vice President?" She gives a shake of her head, "I was going to just place a few calls. I.. I'm not comfortable going back to D.C." Truth be told, going back kinda terrifies her. "That's a reason why I don't want to go back, even with a buddy. If I go crazy again, it'll endanger you guys. Obviously, I don't want that to happen. I wish I had been more in the loop on Alpha Protocol. I could be more of help with the names, faces, and who does what." Not that her contributions thus far have been zilch.

Speak of the devil and he shall appear!

Or at least a good substitute.

Or maybe its just that guy who is staying here with the group for the moment. Eric strolling in through the door. LOOK. HE USED THE DOOR GENE! DIDN'T SHADOWPORT THIS TIME! He's being a good boy. He's thinking though, his head down and his hands in his pockets before he hrmms for a moment and glances up in some surprise between the geek and the geekette. "…Ah sorry didn't know you two where talking…" He says as he looks between the pair of them.

Gene shrugs, clearly not an expert on this kinda thing. "I looked at the C.O.C. and it said President, Wynn, and that woman. It must be because the VeePee is working on other stuff. Like foreign affairs and the like." Gene seats himself on the kitchen countertop, dangling his feet off the side as he continues speaking. "If you were you more in the loop, there is no telling if we would have even had a chance to save you or what they would have done when you left. I can make untraceable lines for you if you really need them… Just let me know if there is anything I can do to help."

"Point taken, and yeah, an untraceable line would be excellent. The person I'd like to call is in Alpha Protocol. He's very approachable, not exactly a friend, but nice enough." Bert moves to lean against the counter. Still in her Leia costume, her head whips to the door when it opens. She breathes a sigh of relief when it's Eric that walks in. "Hey, yeah. Did you have any luck with that woman?"

The young genius looks over toward the door, mirroring Bert's look and calming herself as she does. Unlike Bert, Gene is dressed in normal clothes, though at this time it's just a pair of jeans. The fridge and the toaster are well, toast, but at the pair seem to be calm for the time being. "Just let me know when you need my help and I'll make the magic happen," Gene admits before he leans back onto the counter, waiting for Eric's report.

"Not a bit of luck, maybe she'll contact me later," Eric replies promptly towards Bert before he sighs and shakes his head. "So not how movie night was supposed to go." He adds with a shake of his head before he sighs. "I'm thinking she'll come around, I gave the the home address instead of the business so she won't look quite as suspicious as to barge in while I'm in the middle of a board meeting." A slight shrug before his eyes slide sloooooowly towards the toaster…and then the fridge…

"Most impressive."

Then a shake of his head before he grins slightly. "I was meaning to get new appliances anyway."

"Damn, she seemed to be in a right mess. Gene was letting me on the hoodie business, cause I was completely lost about that. I hope she calms down and contacts you," Bert says, tucking her hands into the sleeves of her robes. "You should have seen him, he was doing the whole Vader bit from Episode 3." She turns to grin a bit up at Gene and nudges him with her elbow.

"Your home, not here, right? I think if I run into her, I'll have to taser her… You know there is a chance she is going to try and rat us out," Gene states, clearly not as optimistic on the 'drug' woman as everyone else. As for the Darth Gene bit, he just coughs as he uses his hand to brush off a few glass shards to the floor.

"My apartment," Eric confirms before he shakes his head. "I won't let her know about here…and yes, she can rat us out. If she does I've made arrangements, I'm the only one in danger really. If they come after me then I'm set up to vanish into the woodwork." At least that's his plan. "If she starts to threaten us though then tase away my friend." A pause as he glances at the glasses and he shakes his head. "I'm half sorry I missed that." A pause then before he sighs. "…look Gene, I really am sorry I didn't tell you everything."

"That's always a risk with anyone.. possibly ratting us out." Bert looks to Gene, not about to talk him down from tasering. If it must be done, so be it. "She seemed a little hyper sensitive and flighty." She reaches over to lightly swat at Gene's hand. "Stop that. You'll get glass splinters and those are a total pain." She then moves to root around for some paper towels to help safely remove glass shards.

"Right," Gene states, his only thoughts currently on the 'Cassie' as he rubs his swatted hand. As Sydney is brought up again, Gene just shrugs. "It's fine, Eric… Well, it's not fine, but I understand. If I was in your spot, I'd feel the same way. Besides, it seemed like she wanted you to promise not to tell me. Obviously, I have no way what the heck I'm supposed to make of it, so I'll… I'll… I dunno what I'll end up doing, but I promise it's nothing you have to worry about, Eric. I'm not going to let some accident get in the way of over five years of friendship." Gene pushes off the counter, moving to pat Eric on the arm as he passes by. He gets his sleeping bag and slings it over his shoulder. "I need some sleep… If I need to do some stuff in the morning, just leave me a to-do list under the 'bedroom." He usually doesn't sleep in the closet, just curling up near his laptop, but tonight seems to be different.

"Time for me to get some z's, but I'll see you both tomorrow, alright?" Gene gives the peace sign before he closes the door and gives a few thumping noises, likely preparing his 'den' for the night.

"I'll see what I can do about explaining things to her," Eric promises the King of Geeks before he shakes his head slightly. A tired smile before he reaches out and claps Gene easily on the shoulder. "Alright man. I think I'll be up for a bit longer. Then I'm gonna go visit dad for a little bit." A nod towards her. "Get some sleep man, the world will wait till the morning. Unless Jaden comes up with something crazy in the meantime then I don't think there is anything else." A glance towards Bert then before he nods. "Yeah, but I think all that comes from the fact that she was scared out of her mind by something.'

Bert frowns after Gene. It's not a frown of disapproval, but one of worry. She looks about ready to say something, but stops herself. Instead, she sets aside the paper towels and drops what glass she's picked up in the wastebin. "Well, I better take this off if I'm going to clean." She then unzips the back of the dress and hoists it over her head. Don't faint or nosebleed boys, she's wearing a dancer's leotard beneath it. "In all that hyper sensitivity, I did sense she was whacked about something." Her words are a bit muffled as she works the dress over her head and off. "Ha. Jaden. I miss working around him. Even if he kept trying to hit on me. Kinda made work distracting."

"Jaden hasn't changed at all. Just so you know," Eric says with a smile. "Well he has, but likely not in that. He must have been interesting at least to work for." He does watch as she pulls that dress off, just for a moment at least before glancing away again. Don't stare. Don't stare. Don't stare. "…yeah really whacked out. I hope she comes in soon, though how much you think I should bother telling her?" He asks easily towards her.

"I'd be disappointed if Jaden had changed," Bert says, sounding a bit cheerier as she puts the costume up, hanging it away neatly. Comfortable in the leotard, she yanks on a t-shirt that reads, 'Talk Nerdy To Me'. "I don't know… probably as little as possible. That'd be my guess and suggestion. No telling what she'll do since we don't know her.. Hey, I'll get this all cleaned up, you go on and do what you needed to do." Bert's a little happy at having some physical labor to do. In that it helps when she's agitated and a bit worked up.

"Alright," Eric nods as he looks towards Bert for a moment before he smiles towards her. "Take care of Gene while I'm gone." He adds before he turns to go, his hands sliding back into his pockets…

…and yes. He's still wearing the Kenobi robe. He doesn't seem to realize it either.

Ah well!

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