2010-05-06: Cloudy With a Chance of Meerkats (The Amazon)



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Date: May 6, 2010


Day Two in The Amazon: Jo tries to relax by the pool with her favorite magazine but everything is going against her.

"Cloudy With a Chance of Meerkats"

Tropical Manaus Resort - Brazil

It's a sunny day in Manaus. Lounging by the pool in a ridiculously short pair of shorts and a black tankini swimsuit an ex-marine is relaxing before the real work begins. She's flipping through a magazine through her Aviator sunglasses. It's not a glamorous magazine like most women might read. It's about guns and is made to appeal to the average American redneck male. And Jo.

A man lounges in the chair next to hers and opens his mouth to speak only to be interrupted by a flatly stated, "Not interested" while she scans the pages of the magazine. He opens his mouth to object only to have Jo speak again, "Not interested." Despite the words the man just lays there and looks forward. Maybe he'll get lucky with some other poolside hottie.

Dee is not here yet. Her strange exotic mixed-bred mutant 'cat' is, though! It's not hard for the two-foot animal to make his way through slats in the fence to the poolside, where he sniffs around for bugs and trouble. A familiar scent catches his sniffer, though - someone who was on the plane with them to the resort. Someone he hasn't had the pleasure of bothering yet!

Yossarian makes a bee-line for Jo, hopping up onto the chair, scrambling over the magazine (while eating just a bit of page 46 - sorry) and then right into Jo's hair.

Cody packed light, and by light, she packed a handful of bathing suits, a couple of pairs of cargo shorts, one pair of cargo pants, and tank tops. Right now, she's dressed in one of the bikinis and taking full advantage of the pool. Again. The exercise is great for a couple of reasons, it keeps her fit and it keeps her mind off of everything happening back home.

"CANNONBALL!!" she shouts as she tucks and splashes into the pool. Lucky for ALL of the people at poolside, they get a refreshing splash of cool pool water! Sorry Jo, Cody owes you a new mag.

What does a panicked marine do when an animal enters her hair?

Shriek, apparently.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Jo leaps up from the chair while she's splashed by water causing her ridiculously tiny shorts to cling tightly to her body.

Meanwhile Mister I-wanna-get-laid-on-my-holiday leaps up in the commotion (also drenched from said cannonball) and is now staring at the wet bodied Jo Scott. Awesome.

"What is it?!" she virtually yells, entirely unsure of why or what Yossarian is other than he's in her hair. Yup, Jo, for the first time in ages, is officially tweaking out.

LITTLE TINY HAIR CRITTER has found Jo's ear and sticks his nose in it.


And then he sneezes. In said ear.

«OH YAY SHE'S DANCING AND MAKING NOISE! I CAN DANCE, TOO!» He (while still in Jo's hair) does the meerkat butt-dance oft-seen on popular animal planet shows, while chirping like frickin' Rikki-Tiki-Tavi.

"YOSSARIAN!" The voice comes from Dee, who has acquired a swimsuit! After all, it's a resort, they sell them here. Wrapped in a towel, she approaches the gate, but can't get it open until Yossarian cheerfully looks over Jo's forehead and into her eyes. «HAI!»

Swimming over to the edge of the pool, Cody is more than happy to just observe the action. She's got a cat that ate the canary look on her face as she watches Jo freak out at having an animal in her hair. "Relax Jo, don't scream it might bite and you could get rabies or something… Who knows what kind of hospitals they have here." The blonde's mirth dies a little as she talks but she forces it back. Again her thoughts turn to home and the happy glint in her eyes dulls just a little.

Taking her mind off things that she has no control over, Cody turns her attention to the guy that's trying to get laid as he watches the marine. Then she waves a little to get his attention. When he finally notices her and nods his head toward her, Cody makes a splashing motion in the pool, aiming a little wave in Jo's direction but not actually pushing the water hard enough to splash out of the pool. Then she nods quickly, as though indicating that Jo really loves getting wet.

Jo jumps at the ridiculously loud sneeze in her ear as she continues to jump around and try to get the critter out of her hair. "What is it?!" she insists again before she sees Yossarian's face which causes her to jump again until it registers. She's stops freaking out so much because well, he's kind of cute and he's a meerkat. In Brazil. This makes no sense, but then what in life does?

She reaches up at her hair to try to pluck Yossarian from her curly mess of brunette hair. "And who are you?" she asks the meerkat flatly like she expects him to answer. She doesn't.

The male vacationer nods at Cody before pulling off his own shirt and jumping into the pool. Once inside, sure enough he splashes the marine, eliciting another loud shriek, "Fucking bastard! I tell you I'm not interested so you get me drenched — "

Dee's quickening her pace over toward Jo in order to perform an extraction and rescue, but her steps slow when it doesn't seem Jo's going to destroy her poor little meerkat. "His name's Yossarian. 'e's a brat," Dee says. She reaches out to take him, but that's about the time Male Vacationer jumps into the pool and splashes. Since Dee is in proximity…

"Now me bloody towel's wet," she mutters.

Yossarian wiggles free of Jo's grasp. «I WILL DEFEND MY TERRITORY!!» he cries in Dee's head, before taking a flying leap at Male Vacationer.

«No biting!» Dee insists. That's just what she'd need!

Dee unwraps herself from the towel, lying it on a poolside chair. She's wearing a one-piece suit, which looks lame, considering the location, but she's got a really ugly scar right across her midsection, so she'll pass on the bikini. Almost immediately, she jumps into the pool after her errant insect-eater.

When the guy actually does what she told him to, Cody nearly falls off the side of the pool with laughter. "Sucker!!" she laughs, backstroking away from the action. Her long legs deliver swift and powerful kicks, splashing the idiot that actually listened to her.

The other two struggling with the sopping mess and the little meerkat who is leaping at the man in the pool. Poor little thing, she hopes that he knows how to swim, because it's eighteen feet to the bottom and she's pretty sure that's a few feet taller than the little mammal.

"Jo, you need to lighten up! Now that you're actually wet, put away the gun mag and come for a dip!"

The man in the pool screams blue murder as he's attacked by a meerkat. "ARRRGHHHH!" he yells as he tries to get the meerkat off of him. "AHHHHG!" He tries to pull the clingy animal off of him.

Jo frowns at Cody for a moment before shaking her head, undoing her shorts (which really are drenched anyways) and diving into the pool — but not for a swim. She's diving in to deliver beats to McCreepy for going after the animal. "Leave the poor defenceless creature alone!" she yells at him. Yup, this is turning into quite the scene.

It is a little-known fact that meerkats actually can swim.

While Yossarian tries to scratch, it ends up being impossible, since there are no claws with which to scratch anyone with. And since he's angrily chittering away, he's not using his teeth at all, and that's about when Dee is able to wrap her hands around him and drag him away, toward the centre of the pool.

«Quiet,» she instructs. Yossarian sighs.

All the while, Cody is chuckling away, this is shaping up to be quite the fun trip. "C'mon Yossarian! Let's take a dive off the high board!" She's not really expecting the little animal to understand her, not at all, but she does slip out of the pool. Her body drips with pool water as it rushes from her short hair, swim suit, and slides in large drops off her skin.

The sun is bright and almost dries her off during her long climb up the ladder to the high board. "GERONIMO!!" she yells, completely oblivious if anyone is underneath, they knew she was going up. It's their fault if they're too close to her splash radius.


The former agent lands in a very painful looking belly flop (second time this trip) and she slowly crawls toward the edge of the pool.

After delivering beats to the poor vacationer — even though Yossarian is well out of sight and safe with Dee, Jo turns her attention to Cody's 'dive'. "Eee," she cringes as Cody does a belly flop. Meanwhile Mister dying-to-get-laid has disappeared. He's got no game with this crowd, apparently.

Since she's already in the pool, Jo stays there and swims towards the edge after Cody. "That… was impressive…" her lips curve into a large smile. "So… the meerkat is with us then?" she wrinkles her nose as she tries to bring him back into focus, fighting that burning feeling from the chlorine in the pool water.

Yossarian is actually very interested in the high board, because it's a good look-out post. Unfortunately, Dee has forbid him to go. Ever! It's not like he never gets to have any fun, and besides, there are large birds of prey that would probably just love to take a small animal right off that easy perch.

She does offer the poor, beaten tourist a look of sympathy as he vacates. When she looks back, it's juuuuust in time to see Cody hit the water on her belly.

Pushing Yossarian up onto her shoulder, she winces and swims over to where Cody's suffering. "F'I 'ad 'alf your luck, mate, I don't think I'd be breathin' anymore. Tha's what, twice now? Maybe you should stick t'the kiddie pool."

Yossarian, back in such close proximity to Jo, reaches for her with his tiny little clawless paws. "Aye, 'e was on the plane," Dee says. "Gave 'im a little bit o' somethin' t'keep 'im calm, and he stayed outta sight."

Cody grins over at Dee, her front completely red from the ten foot flat drop to the water she just experienced. "Well, if I did that I'd never get better. So I'll just keep practicing as long as we're here." Which should only be a few more days anyway, so her body will be thanking her soon.

Inviting the little meerkat over, Cody gives it a ride on her head as she dog paddles around the pool. She's actually having a great time, a wonderful time, and she doesn't notice the storm clouds quickly rolling in. In the matter of minutes, there's a loud crack of thunder and the rain begins again.

"Quick quick! Let's get out!!" She cries as she swims toward the edge. Pulling herself out of the pool, she doesn't flinch when the little meerkat scrambles back to its best friend.

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