2007-07-28: Cobramail



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Summary: Laurel's doing a patrol as one of the President's Secret Service Agents and suddenly a piece of mail drops on her in an unorthodox fashion.

Dark Future Date: July 28, 2009


White House Grounds - DC

The Secret Service that protects the President of the United States has never had a less physical agent than they do right now. Laurel carries a side arm, wears the suits, and has some hints of self-defense training to go with it, but she's still not the bulky and scary men that wander around the building a majority of the time. Right now she's on a perimeter walk, by herself. There's someone in front of her and behind her at a distance, but paced an appropriate distance from each other. They're in contact over radios, though they could make some efforts otherwise.

Defense and perception of threats, not actual fighting, are her main functions.

Hair pulled back out of her face, she casts a careful eye around, using her keen observation skills gathered from years of photography and art, looking for any sign of one of the many radical factions that might threaten the man in charge and his home. Her hazel eyes look colder than they had years before.


There's no sign of anyone nearby. In fact, Daphne isn't here at all, but the blue-eyed zookeeper knew where to find Laurel. It's been awhile since the mission started; the messanger had a long way to go, a lot of people to go through, and limited intelligence with which to do it.

A month after it was sent, a cape cobra drops out of the tree, curling around Laurel's shoulders. Its hood is raised, dark eyes staring into hers. You want to talk about a cold stare - the cobra will win every time.


No sign of anyone nearby, and unfortunately, Laurel didn't see anything big enough to be counted as a threat when she walked near the tree at the edge of the yard. A tree she may request be torn down and destroyed. She lets out a shriek when something falls on her shoulders, the radio picking it up in a rather humiliating fashion. Why is she on the secret service again? For the shields she absolutely fails to get up when the cobra drops on her, even with it's hood up and cold stare in it's eyes.

In fact, it may be the worst possible thing she could do outside of flailing and attempting to swat at it when she falls back and sits heavily on her black suit-pants onto the lawn. And stares at the thing. And keeps shrieking, even if it becomes much more shrill by the moment. It will take some time for the two men to get to her. And neither of them speak to animals.


The cobra doesn't strike, though it certainly does its best to look threatening, and instinct would dictate that it bites Laurel's face off. However, cobras usually don't even climb trees; this one is acting oddly, and for really good reason.

It does hiss, performing a mock-strike that doesn't contact skin. While the girl is screaming, though, the animal looks down at a harness around its middle. It can't convey anything in words, but the communication is nevertheless clear. It's a small backpack, gently stitched right into the snake's scales so it didn't fall off. And breaking the thread holding the pack close will reveal a small plastic capsule inside. In the capsule is a piece of paper.


At the mock-strike, Laurel shrieks higher again, but when it doesn't contact, it starts to turn into a quiet squeal. There's people running in her direction. Even as she squeals, though, she spots the thing around the snakes body and— oh god. "Daphne— you bitch. You know I don't like snakes," she whines under her breath, before she starts to reach up, whimpering a great deal. It could have been worse. It could have been bugs. She can actually handle snakes as long as they're in a glass cage where they belong! But— still— no snakes please.

"Oh God, don't bite me…" Like it can understand her. She's cowering and whimpering and all the while definitely not the hard core secret service agent she should be after a year of training, but she's not made for this! She's still squeamish!

But at least she's making an attempt to get the backpack off.


Perhaps Daphne sent a snake on purpose. It would have been much more efficient and less of a scene to send a pigeon or something. However, for some reason, snakes are more covert. Or something. They can't be shot out of the sky, for one.

The cobra calmly allows her to open the backpack and withdraw the capsule.

The note is folded up in order to fit. It's been a long journey, and it's a little damaged by water, but it's still readable:


We need to talk. You know where I am. Bring pizza.


P.S.: Can you bring my minion home? He's traveled quite a way. I know you like snakes. He'll be good company.//


Damnit Daphne! This kind of note will get her killed. Or at least get her under suspect as a traitor of some kind. Laurel's got the mind to at least tuck it away in her pocket quickly after reading it and hide it before the men running towards her with guns drawn get there. A hand is raised towards them, "It's okay! I was just startled! It's just a snake!" Don't shoot it, though it's going to be hard to explain why not to shoot it.

She touches the radio at her collar, carefully avoiding the snake's body as much as possible. "Everything's okay— just startled by an animal." Even if her voice is still shaky and whimpered. The men look skeptical, and one looks as if he may continue forward. Glancing towards the snake, she whispers at it, "Can't you— hide in the tree again for a little while? I'll bring a bag for you to hide in or something, just…" Damnit Daphne. Putting her in this kind of position. "Shoo, before they shoot you."


This is why Daphne herself didn't come! Sure, the could probably track the snake back to a zoo /somewhere,/ but with no last name… Knowing the Evolved, though, they'd easily be able to find her.



Unfortunately for Laurel, the cobra does not speak human. As well, the only thing the snake's been instructed not to bite is Laurel, and so it sits around her neck, looking at her expectantly. And if a snake can look friendly, this 'minion' does its best.


WHINE. Laurel does her best to get standing and does the only thing she can really think to do, she reaches to pick it off of her with shaky hands and whimpers and tries to hold it against a nearby bush. Go. Flee. Bush is dark and safe! She'll come back later. But she can not finish her patrol with a snake around her neck! This motion, however, opens a hole in her jacket that probably looks just as cozy and dark as the bush. And warmer, because body heat is fun.

"It's okay— I never told you I liked snakes, did I?"

This guard is younger than her, actually, not bulky at all. But he has very good reasons for being on the secret service, just like she does. "…You screamed like a girl."

"I am a girl!" Grrr. Just because the kid is Evolved and on the secret service too doesn't mean he's older and wiser than her. But— okay, fine, she shrieked. BIG DEAL. Oh fine. So she won't drop it off in the bush. "I'm going to take it to the guard station in case it's a threat to the president." Which it is because it's a freaking cobra! But— she'll deal with this road somehow.

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