2007-12-22: Coffee, Friends and Chit-Chat


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Summary: Dani and KeLyssa run into each other, making small talk. Then the rush hits.

Guest Starring: Emily Leglise (NPC)

Date It Happened: December 22, 2007

Coffee, Friends and Chit-Chat


Dani steps out off the streets and into the shop, scanning over the area before he moves to the counter to place his order, waiting his turn.

KeLyssa is at a table near the counter drinking a latte and reading a book.

Dani steps up to the counter and places his drink order, turning at the counter to face the room as he waits for his drink, moving to the pickup area.

KeLyssa gives a good long sip of her drink before she looks up at the rest of the room. Reading can get tiring, even to the most avid of readers, and such is the case of KeLyssa. Her eyes are a bit sore now from all the reading that she's done today.

Dani picks up his drink and makes his way to an empty table, holding the cup with both hands as he walks, sitting down at the table and takes a sip from the cup.

KeLyssa glances over to Dani, who sits near her now. She gives him a little smile.

Dani glances up at KeLyssa and returns the smile, taking another drink. He winces as he burns his tongue and sets the cup down. "Damnit. They need to put a warning on this thing."

KeLyssa giggles a little. "I…I think they do, sir. On that li'l cup holder they put 'round it." She points to it, indicating what she's talking about. Her voice holds an obvious southern accent.

Dani pauses as he looks to KeLyssa. "Oh. Well, I guess I should pay more attention to it then." He says with a shrug as he looks at the warning. He looks back to her. "That never happened."

KeLyssa smiles coyly at Dani. "Ain't nothin' wrong with not payin' attention. God knows I sometimes forget to pay more attention. Happens to the best of us, it does." She nods. She giggles again. "Never saw a thing."

Dani smirks and nods. "That is true." He looks at her, then to her book and then to the empty seat at his table. "You wanna join me? No use in burning my tongue alone."

At the question, KeLyssa look at her book too and then back to Dani. After a moment she nods, collecting up her book and her drink and moving herself to the seat across from Dani. "M'name is KeLyssa." She says as an introduction.

Dani smiles and extends a hand. "Nice to meet you. I'm Dani." He says for a moment then looks at her. "You work at The Secret Lair, don't you?"

KeLyssa extends her hand in kind and shakes Dani's. "Pleasure to meet ya, Dani." She says sincerely. "Yes, that's right. I just started workin' there not too long ago."

Dani nods his head and smirks. "Thought so. I heard Kory mention your name and, I must say, is a unique name."

KeLyssa smiles shyly at that. "Yeah, it ain't all too common, not especially the more north ya go in the U.S. There're a few people 'round the south who got the same name though, I think. Least I heard of some. But it's sure one ya ain't gunna forget quickly, is it?"

Dani nods and chuckles. "That's true. I sure didn't forget it and I wasn't the one who was in the conversation when your name was mentioned."

KeLyssa nods a bit, taking a sip of her latte. "Mmhmm. Can't complain 'bout my mom and dad givin' me the name for that reason, can I?"

Dani shakes his head. "Nope. That's for sure. I've got a common name. At least it was until I changed up the spelling."

KeLyssa tilts her head, looking at Dani curiously. "Ya mean ya don't spell it D-A-N-N-Y?"

Dani shakes his head. "Nope. D-A-N-I. Simply and different."

KeLyssa smiles a little at that. "That is different. Wouldn't've thought of spellin' it that way m'self. Creative that is." She adds a firm nod to accentuate the point.

Dani smiles and nods. "Thank you." He says, taking a drink from his cup, making sure not to burn his tongue again. "At least your name was instantly unique."

KeLyssa chuckles. "There ain't nothin' special about havin' an instantly unique name. It's just something to make make go 'huh' every now and again, really."

Dani smirks. "Huh?" He says with a chuckle. "Well, I like your name. Must be the only KeLyssa in the city."

KeLyssa grins a little. "Thank ya, that's kind of ya to say." She offers him up a sincere smile. "I might just be the only KeLyssa, ya could be right there. Can't be many 'round, can there?"

Dani smiles and shakes his head. "I don't think there is. So. When you're not out at work and not watching guys burn their tongue, what do you do?"

KeLyssa holds up her book, the title of which reads 'Genetics of the Modern Age'. "I read. Or play fiddle and classical violin. Don't do much else, I'm afraid to say. I've only been here not even a full month yet. Almost though. So I don't really got any friends."

Dani nods as he looks over the title of the book. "Heavy reading there." He says and then raises an eyebrow. "Wow. Fiddle and classical violin? Nice. I can't play anything." He smiles and looks at her. "So, you're in this big city all by your lonesome and no friends?"

KeLyssa shakes her head a little. "It ain't bad. I enjoy readin', so I picked it up. It keeps my time occupied when I ain't workin' and watchin' guys burn there tongues." She grins. "Yep, I've been playin' the violin for a while now. I really enjoy it." She shrugs. "Yeah, I'm here by my lonesome. My family and friends are all down in Louisiana."

Dani nods and smirks. "Well, I know how you feel. My whole family was killed in Chicago and it's just me here." He says with a half smile, looking down. After a second, he shakes his head and looks back up at her. "But if ya want, I'll be your friend."

KeLyssa is very taken aback. "You're family was KILLED? That's simply horrible! I'm so sorry…" She goes quiet, looking down. "I can't imagine what it would be like to loose my family…" she mutters. She looks up at Dani, bright eyed, "Sure, I'd like to be your friend."

Dani shrugs slightly. "It sucks. For a while. They were murdered. No idea who did it. Case is still open." He says before he smiles, but I know they're looking over me and are proud of what I've done with my life and with my career." He says as he looks at her. "Cool. I can give you the friends discount at the shop."

KeLyssa smiles a little. "Yeah, that's right. They're watchin' over ya, and they always will as long as ya live." She confirms. "The shop? What's the shop?"

Dani smiles and nods. "I know they are." He says before he takes another drink. "My tattoo shop. I just took over as owner and manager of Slinging Ink."

KeLyssa tilts her head ever so slightly. "Tattoos? I don't know. Tattoos ain't exactly my thing. I don't got no problem with tattoos or nothin', I just can't imagine myself gettin' one."

Dani smirks and nods. "It's cool. I do piercings too. Any hole, $20."

KeLyssa nods a little bit, thinking it over. "I've been thinkin' of gettin' my ears pierced to be honest. What do you think?" She asks, brushing he hair behind her ears.

Dani nods his head. "Easy. Do you just want the normal one or a cartilage piercing?" He asks as he looks over her ears.

KeLyssa smiles a little. "Oh, I was just thinkin' of a normal one. Nothin' too fancy or anythin', but a nice little one."

Dani smiles and nods. "Sure. I can do that." He says with a smile. "Just let me know when you'd want to do it and I will get you set up."

KeLyssa nods. "Sounds great. Thank ya." She smiles. "So, how long ya had the place?"

Dani smirks. "It's been there since '79, but I've owned it since yesterday."

KeLyssa grins widely. "So you're a new business owner! Why, congratulations! How does it feel to be the big boss?"

Dani smiles and laughs softly. "Yup. New business man. Thank you. Thank you. I'm excited and nervous at the same time. I just hope I can live up to how Mark was. I just don't plan to change much, but it sucks since I'm the only employee so far." He says with a chuckle.

KeLyssa giggles. "Well, I'm sure you'll do just fine. At least, even though your the only employee so far, you get to choose your hours and everything, right?"

Dani nods. "Yeah, but I've decided to keep the current hours so that we don't change too much with the change of command, so to speak." He says with a chuckle, taking a drink from his coffee.

KeLyssa nods ever so slightly. "Makes sense, I suppose. Wouldn't want disgruntled customers now, would ya?" She smiles. "How'd ya get into the business?

Dani smiles and nods. "Exactly. Customers are our blood." He says with a smile. "I've actually been into art my whole life. I got my tattoo apprenticeship from Mark when I was 17. Became a full fledged artist a year later and have been doing it ever since."

KeLyssa smiles. "Well, That's a good way to get into it." She shrugs. "I wish I knew what I wanted to do. But there's still plenty of time for that, I suppose."

Dani nods his head. "Yeah. I'm sure you'll figure it out and if not, you always got the music to fall back on." He says as he sits back in his seat and takes a drink from his coffee.

KeLyssa smiles at Danie. "I don't think I'm good enough to do music professionally. It's a good thought, though." She grins.

Dani smiles and chuckles. "Well, you can always play in the park for donations." He says with a smirk. "Or, I can let you play in the shop."

Dani sits at a table with KeLyssa, enjoying a cup of coffee and friendly chit-chat.

KeLyssa smiles at Dani. "Well, we'll see. For now, I think working in the Secret Lair is good enough for me, to be honest with ya." She says with a little smile.

Dani nods his head. "Yeah. I like the place. Only been there once, but Kory is working on finding some movies for me."

Leah makes her way in with her hands tucked down in the pockets of her peacoat, worn over a trendy skirt and leggings against the cold. A stylish laptop bag is over her shoulder as she makes her way up to the front to order flashing a smile to barista as she rattles off a fancy chai tea drink.

KeLyssa smiles at Dani. "Yeah, she's a nice one, that Kory. Very helpful an all." She says, lightly. "What movies were ya lookin' for?"

Randall is in mid-conversation with Kory, speaking of, as the two of them slip inside the coffee shop. "—lot of medical dramas, people hopping on the ER bandwagon kind of like they did with CSI, but that one is top of the pile if you ask me. Even the guest stars are standout."

"Really?" Kory asks. "I never watch those pseudo-realistic dramas. If I want reality, I just go outside. But if you think it's that good, maybe I'll pick up a DVD." She pauses to rub her gloved hands together. Cold outside, and fortunately the line isn't long. She doesn't do Starbucks often, so the barista doesn't know her order off the top of his head. "Venti chai latte, no foam, one pump caramel, one pump simple syrup, soy milk, please. Ooh, and a gingerbread scone, please." She turns around to ask Randall, "What're you having?"

Dani smiles to KeLyssa and smirks. "Some rare ones. The He-Man and She-Ra Christmas Special and The Garbage Pail Kids Movie." He says with a chuckle.

Wandering in on her own, Aileen's got her own laptop bag in hand, surprisingly not wearing the usual doctor's coat. Making her way over to the line, she shifts the laptop bag, looking at a file-folder in her hand.

KeLyssa listens and nods. "The Heman and She-Ra Christmas Special? The Garbage Pail Kids? Well, I'd imagine that those are quite hard to find. Good thing you went to Kory then." She says with a wide smile. "I went there to find some hard to find comics myself. That's how I first found out about it."

It is chilly in New York City this evening, and two foreigners, newly arrived in America, have just climbed out of a taxi. They are lost. The pair of women are Emily — who is dressed in a black dress, with a black hairband in her short blonde hair, and tights and buckled shoes on her legs and feet — and Elisabetha (look at desc, cause I'm not regurgitating the whole thing in-pose). Emily is speaking in Italian, to Elisabetha, "«Miss Eli, I am sorry but I do not know where we are supposed to go next. I was not given the name of our hotel, unfortunately, so we will have to wait here until we are called by Mister Garbaldi with further instructions.»"

Elisabetha is busy looking down with her weird wine-red eyes, possibly listening to Emily, but on the other hand, possibly not. She doesn't respond, except to say in English, "It is cold." Emily nods, and agrees, "Yes, it is. Ah, we should keep speaking English, yes? We are here in America now. Hmm… Let us go inside this… 'Starbucks'. I believe we can keep warm there until your Teacher calls." Elisabetha remains silent, and allows her personal servant to lead her to the doors by her left arm — also her only arm.

They pause when Randall and Kory enter ahead of them, but then enter while the door remains open. Once inside, Emily brightens as she looks around. "This is a cafe! What luck! Would you like anything to drink, Miss Eli?" Elisabetha says in monotone, "No." Emily pauses, then leads the older blonde over to a booth, helping her be seated, and then saying, "I will return shortly. I am just going to get some hot cocoa." She waits for an acknowledgement from her mistress, but upon not receiving one, just turns and gets in line behind Aileen.

Elisabetha, meanwhile looks up from staring at the table and glances around disinterestedly at all the other people in the shop. Are those red eyes contacts? Or is she albino or something? She's definitely pale enough… Either way, unless someone talks to her or otherwise obtains her attention, she loses interest and looks across the table at the other side of the booth.

Dani nods and smiles. "I am a big fan of the cult classics." He says with a smirk. "I'm not one for the newer flicks that are out. Kory was pushing The Matrix on us."

Randall listens in on Kory's order, making a sour face as soy milk is brought up. "Gah, I didn't know anyone actually went for that one. Um, lemme get the Kenyan, milk and sugar, and some biscotti." He's distracted as he hands over some bills, glancing back at the quiet Aileen, followed by the not-so-quiet Miss Eli and company.

KeLyssa grins. "I ain't into some of the cult classics myself," she responds to Dani, "but there're some that are good I suppose. I was never big on the comics and the like, to be honest. That has always been my brother's thing. He LOVES comics of all kind. Especially the Fantastic Four with the Human Torch and all."

Leah exchanges money for the drink with a flirty smile for the man handing it to her. Randall and Kory get a grin and she interrupts their conversation. "Fake documentaries are best when you could never believe that they ever would happen." Leah states in a rather ditzy tone.

Damascus enters from outside, quietly undoing a light scarf from around his neck as he steps into the line. He sniffs from the cold, slips off his gloves and carefully nests them in his jacket pockets, adjusts his sunglasses, and looks around. It's a bit busy in here … a little busier than usual. This is something to which he responds to with but a tic of his brow. He waits in line, noting a few things … interesting things, people, which he as yet does nothing in response to.

"I try to drink it in the winter," Kory admits. "So much rich food, I back down on the fattier stuff. Plus, it's good with the protein." The other reason isn't for mentioning in polite company. She nuzzles Randall affectionately, almost unconsciously, then settles over to wait until the barista calls by names to indicate their orders are ready. She turns, spotting KeLyssa and Dani, and offers them a silent, cheery wave.

"A white-chocolate mocha, please." Aileen orders her beverage, her gaze shifting around a little before settling on the table she intends on absconding with as soon as she gets her drink. She exchanges her money, waiting as quietly as ever, though occasionally studying her file folder again. "Lots of people in here today." It's not really said to anyone in particular, but merely an observation.

Dani chuckles and nods. "Yeah, the only reason I read comic books was for the artwork." He says with a chuckle, spotting Kory and returns the way. "Speak of the devil."

Emily hums to herself and rocks back and forth on her feet as she stands with her hands folded together in front of her. When she notes Randall glancing back at her, she smiles and nods her head to him. Regardless of if she is further prompted for interaction or not, she says in hurried English, "It certainly is cold here. I thought America was warmer. California, Florida, Texas, Arizona, uhh…" She tries to remember some other parts of America known for being warm. "…and Mexico, and places like that." She pauses when Aileen speaks, and says, "Oh, is this not a normal amount? Hmm…" She then realizes it is her turn. She steps forward and asks the barrista, "Do you serve hot cocoa?" When she receives an affirmative, she'll order one, and then pay with a few bills selected from a huge wad of cash she withdraws from a pocket. It even has a money clip on it. She returns the money to her pocket and waits for her hot chocolate to be ready.

KeLyssa grins a little. "Some've the artwork is pretty good, I suppose. Wouldn't know too well. But I'm learnin' well enough. Some are certainly better than others, that is for sure." She nods. Spotting Kory waving, she brightens up some more and waves. "Miss Kory! We were just talkin' 'bout ya!" She calls over to her now boss.

Randall nods to Kory, resting a hand lightly on her arm, waving to Dani and KeLyssa with the other. "And I was just hearing about you the other day," he chimes in, mainly looking to KeLyssa. "Heard I need to thank you for letting her actually catch her breath once in a while?"

"Hey, you guys," Kory says cheerfully to Dani and KeLyssa. "I've actually found the He-Man and She-Ra one. My boss in Philadelphia knows someone who VCR'd it when it came on really early in the morning there. She's sending it three day, so I should have it by Christmas Eve." She grins in response to KeLyssa, and nods sincerely with Randall's words. She actually has time to spend with the curly-topped man on her arm now thanks to KeLyssa.

Leah takes her coffee and heads over towards one of the few empty tables, a small one right by KeLyssa and Randi. She settles into it, pulling her laptop out to set it on the table and turn it on, watching the people while it powers up. She peels off a pair of thin gloves looking over towards KeLyssa and the interesting accent.

Aileen waits for her drink, glancing back at Emily as she speaks. "Not always so packed, though the cold weather tends to drive people in for drinks.. and there's something about Christmas that makes people drink more coffee." She glances out the window for a moment. "New York is warm when it comes to the summer, though you've chosen a horrible time to visit if you're merely visiting." She murmurs, English accent still coming through despite her years of living in the states. "Where are you here from?"

The busy state of the place is actually a bit undesirable. Damascus is used to quiet evenings here, with the occasional crowds of the winter-nipped, but this … this is unusual. He shakes his head to himself, face twisting a bit; not going to get any reading done here this eve. As he gets to the counter to place his order, he's recognized by the woman serving the register. "Let me guess … vente chai latte." Damascus simply nods, pays, and thinly smiles. In contrast to the rest of the transactions preceding it's a bit cold and automated. He too steps aside to wait for his drink to be prepared, his attentions now shifting. He notices KeLyssa but also notices she's occupied, so he doesn't offer anything. Not even a greeting. The disinterested woman at the table yonder is next for focus … that woman with the strangely red eyes. She's the largest oddity present, and he ponders her quietly.

Dani looks up at Kory and smiles. "Awesome. I'll swing by early on Christmas Eve to pick it up. Are you guys open then?" He asks, slightly tilting his head to the side and takes a drink from the coffee in his hand.

KeLyssa smiles a little bit at Randall. "Mmhmmm, I suppose ya got me to thank for lettin' the boss lady take a break." She says in he very stereotypical southern accent. "But ya also got her to thank for hirin' me. If she hadn't hired me, she might not be breathin' at all!" She says, giggling a little at her joke. "It's good to have the work, though, it is. Been a big help." She smiles. Looking between Dani and Kory in reference to the video, she says, "Well, I wasn't sure if we'd be open on Christmas eve myself, but I don't mind bein' 'round the store at all. You're more than welcome to have the full day off, Miss Kory. I think can stick around the store in the evenin' on Christmas Eve to give the video to Dani. Don't got anythin' else to do on Christmas eve."

Emily responds to Aileen, "Oh, I see. Yes, the stresses of the holiday and all. I suppose the caffeine helps steady their nerves. And I suppose it was silly to expect it would be warm all over during this season. My mistress and I are here from Italy." She smiles and adds, "I am not sure how long we will be here. We sometimes spend months in one place, and other times it is just weeks, or even days. I think we will be here for awhile yet, at least."

Elisabetha herself, back at her booth, notes Damascus looking at her, and looks back at him. She just stares. And stares some more. Eventually she inclines her head and says dully, "Hello." It's almost too quiet to hear over everyone else talking, but at least she actually said something! And… That's it. She's still looking at the man with the sunglasses, so maybe she hasn't lost interest yet.

"Yep. We'll be open Christmas Eve regular hours, and Christmas for a half day," Kory tells Dani. "I kind of throw a little Orphans party. For college kids in town who couldn't go home, or folks who just don't have anyone to spend the holiday with. It's fun, and less lonely, y'know?" She blushes faintly at the exchange between her employee and her paramour. "Oh, thank you," she says to the barista. She takes the cups and bags. "Mind if we join you?" she asks her two acquaintances.

Dani smirks as he looks to KeLyssa. "Or you can swing by my place." He says with a smile. "I'm going to have the shop closed on Christmas Eve." He looks to Kory. "If you don't mind, I'd love to help out with your guys' party." He says before he nods, motioning to the empty chairs. "Please, join us."

Leah starts to open files even as she listens to those around her. Leah is /not/ shy and she adds in, "Well, anything with the Hulk must be an instant classic." There's that rather ditzy tone again, even though her hair is brown. She frowns as she looks down at her screen, and then cuts out a chunk of whatever text is there.

Randall inclines his head to KeLyssa. "Good to hear it's working out for you— I've been jumping around a lot from one thing to another, myself." While the others get settled, he looks back toward Emily and Aileen. Was she talking to him earlier? It ended up going toward Aileen at the end, but— "Yeah, most of those states are a lot further south. Well, at least part of California is— it's a lot wider than most states from north to south."

"Wonderful! New York is a great place to visit over the holidays, though you'll have to be careful of the crowds. They can be a bit frustrating at times, and are particularly bad this time of year. I tend to do most of my shopping online just for that reason." Aileen states, retrieving her drink. She glances back over to Randall. "California… always meant to visit there. Work tends to keep me too busy, though."

Damascus receives his latte from the counter but never looks away from Elisabetha. Yhea … they're both just staring, huh. Though he didn't hear her over the din, he most certainly saw her speak. Lip-reading, it looked like a hello. In fact, he's pretty certain it was. He detaches from his location and slips across the cafe towards the woman, his movements very smooth, very measured. He stops at a reasonably non-obtrusive distance. "Hi." He responds in kind. He looks to see if the booth has an empty space, and if that's a go, looks to the woman in a manner indicative of asking permission to sit. There's not a whole lot of empty tables now anyways.

Kory settles at the table, gets comfortable and doctors her odd chai beverage with cinnamon and vanilla before swirling it around and having a sip. "Sure, Dani. The more the merrier, literally. And I could use the help. We always get a healthy turn out."

KeLyssa smiles at Dani. "Well, looks like ya come by the store after all. No doubt I'll be there." She says merrily. "I can't wait for the party. I'm sure it's going to be lots and lots and lots of fun!" She nods to make her point. She smiles at Randall. "Yep, seems to be workin' out for me so far. I like the store, and Kory's a good boss."

Dani glances at Leah and snickers. "Bruce Banner just needs anger management. For me, it's Gambit for the win." He says with a chuckle before he looks to Kory. "Sweet. Just tell me when to be there and I'll be there." He looks to KeLyssa and nods. "Looks like I do get to see you after all." He says with a wink.

Emily nods to Aileen, and accepts her hot cocoa, starting to turn and head back to the booth. She pauses when Randall responds to her, and smiles. "Oh, I see. I must admit geography is not my strong point… Perhaps I can convince Mister Garbaldi to take us to California when our business here is done! Though I was amazed at all the light-displays and decorations I saw on the way here…" Towards Aileen she says, "I am not sure if we will be doing very much gift-shopping. I will certainly buy something for Miss Elisabetha--" she gestures without looking at the booth where she left her mistress. "—But Mister Garbaldi often has us busy learning new things. He is a…" She ponders how to word it. "…Private tutor."

Elisabetha watches Damascus approach, and reaches her hand up to brush her bangs out of her eyes. When he seems to be indicating he would like to join her, she waits, perhaps deliberating, and then slowly nods and gestures to the other side of the booth. "I am new here," is all she says.

Leah giggles at Dani's statement. "True. After all, green is a much better color in clothes than it is in skin. And the card thing is neat." She takes a sip of her chai. Kory gets a grin. "At that comic shop?" Yep. She's totally butting into the conversation, but she does have a quite cheerful smile on her face to do it with.

Aileen can't really hide her raised eyebrows at the phrase. She follows the general direction Emily is heading in, as she sees an open table that way. "A private tutor? … Dare I ask for what?" She looks back to the empty table nearby, moving to put her bag on the table before she settles comfortably.

Oh, how cute, a possible romance brewing. Kory doesn't comment on that, though. "Early," Kory tells Dani. "Like eight in the morning early if you're not opening presents. There's a lot of comics to cover up to keep them safe from the food, and a lot of food to tote in." She nods politely at the woman Randall seems to have gotten into a conversation with.

Randall nods vaguely to Emily. "Yeah, it's worth seeing some time. I moved away from there myself, but that was for personal reasons, there's nothing wrong with the place in general." With an apologetic look, he waves and moves to catch up with Kory and the others, looking around for places to sit down. "Wait, is this eight a.m. Christmas Eve or eight a.m. Christmas day? Or both?"

Dani nods to Leah. "Yup. Gambit is my hero." He says with a chuckle before he looks to Kory. "No problem. I'll be waiting before the doors open." He says with a chuckle. He looks to Randall and then to Kory. "That's a good question."

KeLyssa smiles at Dani. "Well, seems we'll be spending that day together, hmm? All day at the shop. It'll be fun!" She grins. She finishes he latte and looks around at all the people.

Kory blinks. "Eight in the morning early. On Christmas." Kory says, enunciating as if concerned the guys have suddenly gone deaf. "And you just have to knock if you want in. I'll be there well before that." Randall would probably remember she said she tends to be an early riser. "I'll make sure there's breakfast too, of course." She has another sip of chai, and a bite of gingerbread which she chews and swallows before adding, "I mean, if you guys want to sleep in and show up whenever, that's fine with me, too. Honest."

Damascus doesn't seem even remotely fazed by the wait. He seems very patient. His small smile is maintained as he takes a seat on the other side of the booth. His observation of her appearance is made less obvious, being that he's wearing sunglasses. Most people may've first noticed Elisabetha's missing arm … while that factored into his notice, it was her eyes that most piqued him. He sets his latte on the table and puts his hands around it, for warmth. "I haven't been around here long either," He says. "But this is a place I enjoy spending my quiet time. It's usually quite nice." He puts a little emphasis on 'quiet', but no sign of anything but neutrality's on his face. He notices that she doesn't have anything … no beverage, no streudel, nothing. He looks at his own latte for an extended moment, then to her. "Would you like me to get you something?" Interestingly, the statement sort of lacks the proper intonation. It's stated more than asked.

Dani looks to KeLyssa. "Yes. The entire day." He says with a grin. "I think it will be a good time." He says before he looks to Kory. "Alright. I'll knock. I'll even bring coffee for everyone."

KeLyssa smiles at Kory. "Well, I'll probably be there a li'l bit earlier than eight that mornin'. If I'm excited for somethin' I just get giddy like a school girl and have a hard time sleeping!" She nods.

Randall rubs his eyes as he settles in next to Kory, reaching for a napkin first and his coffee second. "Old pet peeve of mine," he admits, "I always go for nine o'clock starts whenever I can manage. Something about eight— I got forced into a couple classes started that early, two to one odds I'd end up sleeping through them. Hour later? No problem."

Leah turns her attention back to her computer for a moment. She types away, her nails clicking on the keys for a moment before she blinks and turns her gaze back towards the conversation happening close to her. "You need your beauty sleep?" She questions, rather randomly.

Emily nods in response to Randall, and would say something further, but he seems to have moved on to be with people he actually knows. She pauses at Aileen's question, and answers evasively, "Oh, all sorts of things. About people, and places… How to make use of the talents she was born with." Feeling that she has to explain further, she tries to cover up anything that might arouse suspicions, by continuing to talk. "Miss Eli has a condition. She does not have the connection to other people that most have. So she is being taught about the pain and hardship that others suffer… And how to eliminate that suffering." She smiles nervously, and fiddles with her cocoa, sipping at it. It has, by this time, become a bit cold.

Elisabetha doesn't break eye contact with the man across from her. Though her eyes were half-lidded when she came in here, they are now wide open, showing she is alert and aware. She doesn't answer his first few statements, and instead waits until he asks his statement-question. She nods slowly, saying with a bit of lack of intonation of her own, "If you wish." She does not indicate what specifically she might want.

Emily arrives just then, as Aileen is seating herself nearby, and blinks as she finds the booth has a new person in it! "Oh, hello." She then slides into the other side of the booth, sitting next to Elisabetha, and resting one hand in the other woman's lap. "I suppose I took so long that Miss Elisabetha invited you over to have someone to talk to?" she asks leadingly. Making sure that Damascus is actually here by invitation, rather than bugging her mistress. She glances towards Aileen, too, just to make sure she has someone nearby to back her up incase this man turns out to be trouble. She has heard New York City is full of hoodlums after all!

"Well, nine's fine if you wanna sleep in," Kory assures Randall, bright-eyed. "Wouldn't want you keeling over into the figgy pudding." She chuckles. "Sorry. I always tend to forget most people can't get by on as little sleep as I do." She glances at KeLyssa. "Yes. I will probably be an annoying morning person to you on at least one occasion. You'll get used to it, I hope," she says quietly, looking at the lid of her chai cup.

"Ahh." Aileen doesn't seem to find that strange in the slightest. She's quite familiar with that sort of thing. Neurology and all. "Well, it's good then that she's got someone to help her with that. A lot of people find that sort of thing difficult." Still, she doesn't want to bug the group at the table, just glancing back to her own drink as well as her laptop bag.

KeLyssa stands up from her seat slowly. "Now, I hate to be a party pooper an' all and all ya'll wonderful company, but I must be gettin' home. Gotta be rested up for work tomorrow. Don't want the boss lady here catching me stealin' some zees in the back at work tomorrow." She says jokingly.

Dani smiles and nods, offering a wave to KeLyssa. "I'll see you later. Give me a call about that piercing sometime." He says, raising his cup to the woman.

Damascus takes the reply as a positive response. The lack of intonation in kind doesn't bother him at all. He hangs for a half-second too long before nodding acknowledgement. He's just starting to shift so as to stand, when Emily arrives. Damascus doesn't lose his shifted posture, but he nods acknowledgement to the new woman. The way Emily asks the question … Damascus reads into -that-, and tilts his head very slightly. "She greeted me and I returned it," He says simply. "I was unaware she had other company with her." He looks back at Elisabetha — or rather, turns his head towards her. You can't really see where he's looking. "If I'm intruding…"

Kory grins at KeLyssa, lifting her hand to wave. "I wouldn't give you a hard time about it. Tito and Lee might, though," she tells the other woman. "But better you are well rested. Being a woman in a room full of geek boys is not as easy as it looks." Most of this is said to the other's back as she heads out. Kory glances at Dani, suddenly getting the gleam in her eye that indicates an idea. "You do tattooing, too, don't you? Do you do your own work? The art, I mean."

Dani watches KeLyssa leave, tilting his head slightly as she leaves before he looks to Kory. "Yeah. Piercings, Tattoos. I can draw it or modify an existing picture. Whatever you need." He says with a smile and a quick glance back to the door before sipping his coffee.

Emily blinks and says, "Oh, is… Is that all?" She seems a bit embarassed now as she looks to Elisabetha for confirmation. The red-eyed blonde doesn't even look at Emily, though she does nod her head. "Oh, um, then my apologies. I was just making sure that Miss Eli was safe. She sometimes appears… Vulnerable, to men, and I often have to ward them off. I am sincerely sorry for making assumptions about you and your intentions." She bows her head briefly.

Elisabetha says, "You know my name now." She tilts her head, perhaps indicating she would like to know Damascus's. Instead, however, she asks out of the blue, "Do you know of anyone who is suffering?" Emily blinks and turns to Elisabetha swiftly, whispering something in her ear. Elisabetha blinks slowly. Then she says, "Nevermind."

Aileen's gaze shifts back to Emily and Elisabetha as she pulls her laptop out. "Well, that's exactly the sort of thing I deal with in my line of work. I'm a neurologist, so I run across things that are similar to that quite frequently."

"It's perfectly all right." Damascus isn't just being polite about the misunderstanding. He's quite honestly unfazed by it. "It's well-known statistically that many males would take advantage of certain … presented situations." A mild shrug. "I can give you my assurance I am not one of them." He's still had his face oriented towards Elisabetha, and nods subtly as she speaks. "Yes. Miss Eli," He repeats, for surety. He gleans the social cue for his own-name-offered-in-return … but too quickly the red-eyed woman makes her strange statement.

There's a pause. Imperceptibly, he squints. He watches the interaction between the two women, then hears the dismissal of the query … but it was a bit odd. And further fascinating. Talking with Miss Eli was not a normal, robotic social experience. He was intrigued. "To answer something like that one must have a clear definition of suffering," He responds tonelessly despite.

Dani looks to Kory and smirks. "What did you have in mind?" He asks, sitting back in his seat as he takes a drink from his coffee.

"A massive Captain Spock across her back?" Leah suggests rather randomly, looking up from her computer again to flash a quick joking smile over to Kory.

"I'm still mulling it over," Kory tells Dani, after another bite of scone. "Delirium, maybe. But only because Dream's a guy. Though I guess he doesn't have to be, if he can appear however he wants…" she trails off, as if this idea had only just occurred to her. She startles at Leah's suggestion. "Um…I am not sure I like Star Trek quite that much," she admits with a blink. "But don't let word get around. The guys at the store would act like I'd shot them."

Randall glances over at Leah, having started to get a feel for her side of the conversation by now. "No kidding. A slightly classier grade of Trekkie might appreciate a Klingon logo as a tramp stamp, though." Oh boy, he may regret saying that in a minute, depending.

Dani smirks to Kory and nods. "Well, when you have some time, come by the shop and we'll figure it out." He says as he looks to Leah. "And Kirk was the Captain. Spock was the Science Officer." Uh-oh. His inner geek is showing.

Emily blinks as Aileen suddenly addresses her again. She thought that she had exitted the conversation for some reason! Or maybe she just got distracted for a moment. Either way, after nodding and smiling to Damascus, she responds to Aileen, "Yes, I… Yes. Well, you are a doctor then?" She tries to change the subject subtly from Elisabetha to Aileen. The less digging there is into Eli's 'condition' the better for everyone.

Elisabetha meanwhile, says, "Elisabetha Belmont would be my full name." She does not indicate this is what she prefers to be called, and continues on after a moment to say, "Suffering is… Over-stimulation. Often prolonged, but also momentary." Her eyes are starting to droop again, returning to half-lidded. It gives her a bit of a tired expression, but her voice doesn't change from its monotone. "Any deviation from a state of numbness… The tiredness that comes with experience… Emotion and sensation could be considered suffering." That's the most she has said all night!

"You better not say that in the shop," Kory gasps at Randall. "There are a few Klingon beauty contest winners who have that tat, and would probably take issue with it being called a 'tramp stamp'." She says the phrase like she's never heard it before. Probably because geeks generally don't use terms like that; social divides also cause vocabularian divides. To Dani, she nods. "I don't know why the Endless never occurred to me before. After the New Year when it slows down, I will. I still have to figure out where I'd want it."

"Yes.. I'm Dr. Aileen Kincade." Aileen offers, glancing back to Elisabetha for a moment before letting her gaze return to Emily. "I'm sure you've got everything under control with her condition, though, but if you ever need anything, feel free to contact me. I work at Mt. Sinai.. it's one of the top hospitals here in the city."

"I don't think that I would want to have a Klingon beauty contest winner coming after me. They can be some pretty buff chicks." Leah says, with that ditzy air still to her voice. She doesn't really look the type to know anything about Klingons, if one were going by stereotypes. "I won't tell the geek boys, though."

Though Damascus is giving Elisabetha the majority of his attention, he's still paying attention to others in the immediate vicinity … whether he wants to or not. He jerks subtly in reaction to /Aileen's/ words. Briefly he arrows his head her way, thins his lips … then looks back at Elisabetha. He inhales deeply; equilibrium is forced. He nods subtly at her offered full name. "That is a nice name. I'm Damascus." He offers quietly, then listening to her explanation. He's quiet for a few moments, brows furrowing vaguely. "That's … a broad definition." No tone; he doesn't disapprove of or disagree with it. Silence again, before his head tilts in a slight, measured way. "…would not then everyone be suffering?"

Dani nods his head to Kory. "Okay. No prob. Just give me a call and we'll set up a time or something." He says before he finishes off the last of his coffee. "Well, I gotta get back to the shop. I'll see you all later and I'll see you guys at the Lair on Christmas Eve." He says as he stands. "Later guys. Have a good night."

Kory chuckles at Leah. "Well, you could always sic the werewolves on them if we were in your 'verse," she tells the woman, acquaintance recall finally catching up with the conversation. "Then again, maybe they'd take it as a compliment. Klingon sex is supposed to be sort of …intense." A faint blush crosses her face at having mentioned that in mixed company. "Oh. Okay, Dani. If I hear about the Garbage Pail kids, I'll give you a call. G'night." She waves after the artist.

Randall blinks, looking over at Leah and then at Kory again. "Oh, man. Klingons versus werewolves? How has that /not/ been done— or has it?" There are an awful lot of comic titles out there, after all. "And as long as they have the tattoo somewhere else, they should be all right." One hand dips down to tap lightly at the small of Kory's back, indicating which spot they should be avoiding.

Dani smiles and nods. "Thanks Kory." He says as he gives a final wave before heading back out onto the winter New York streets.

Leah grins over to Randall. "I could whip you up some really cheesey Werewolves vs. Klingon's story, if you wish. Though I'm sure it's out there /somewhere/." She says before Kory gets a rather bubbly smile. "Life would be so much more fun if we lived in the world inside my head."

Kory blushes even redder at the touch of Randall's hand; her lashes flutter briefly and it's a second or two before she adds anything to the conversation. "No, I'm pretty sure Star Trek hasn't had a supernatural crossover, even outcanon. Last one I saw was Star Trek vs. Alien…or was it vs. Predator…fanfic, though. That you could probably find on the Pit of Voles." A long drink of her chai follows that.

Emily smiles warmly, appreciating the offer from Aileen, whether it's needed or not. "Thank you. I will remember your name, and come see you if we need help." She might have been about to say something else, but there is a bee-beep bee-beep ring of a cellphone and Emily swiftly withdraws it from her pocket, as she gulps down the rest of her cold cocoa. Placing the glass down, she opens the phone, and hits the talk button, and says in Italian, "«Good evening, Mister Garbaldi.»" She is quiet for a few moments, except for affirmative noises occasionally.

Elisabetha was starting to lower her gaze to the table surface, but when Damascus speaks, she lifts her head again, and opens her eyes wide once more. "Yes…" she says softly. Then she… Smiles. It's a sort-of-creepy sort-of-cute smile. Like a beauty queen smiling at you while she approaches with a bloody butcher knife. "…Yes, I suppose they are. I end suffering. Are you suffering—?" she starts to ask with the first signs of eagerness or interest she has shown since entering Starbucks, but then…

Emily interrupts, as she closes her phone and says, "Miss Eli, I have the name of our hotel. Your Teacher is waiting for us." Elisabetha turns her head towards Emily, losing her smile, and then sinks back into her half-lidded tired-looking expression. Emily slides out of the booth and apologizes to Aileen and Damascus. "I am sorry, but we have to go now. It has been a pleasure talking to you both. Sir," she says to the man in the other side of the booth, since she never got his name. "Since Miss Eli seems to enjoy talking to you, if you wish to visit us, we will be staying at <insert hotel name and room number here>." She then reaches out to help Elisabetha out of the booth. She reacts numbly and quietly, allowing herself to be moved like a ragdoll.

A nod is given from Aileen at the comments, offering a pleasant smile to the two as they are about to head off. She looks to her laptop, opening it up quietly as she pulls out a few papers from her laptop bag before sipping at her mocha.

Damascus continues to regard the red-eyed woman. He's gone completely silent. That smile is … very strange, yes. But it elicits no real reaction. He just takes a belated sip of his latte. "You can't end suffering…" He starts to reply, but Emily provdies an interruption, and Damascus looks at her instead. He nods acknowledgement of the hotel and room number. "All right. Thank you." He watches Elisabetha be moved. "Would you like me to visit?" He asks her quietly.

Elisabetha lifts her head for a moment, and then drops it again. A sort-of nod in response to Damascus. After that, she is lifted to her feet, and stumbles her way along next to Emily, heading out of the cafe. Emily waves to Aileen and Damascus, with a smile, and then they are gone, out into the cold night, to catch a cab to their hotel.

Leah grins over to Kory. "Oh, I'm sure that someone has put out some horribly written crossovers somewhere on the internet. My agent would probably be very annoyed with me if I put well written versions. Horribly tacky well written versions." She sighs dramatically then gives Randall a smile. "I'm Leah. I don't think we've met." It's friendly, and for Leah, it's not even on the flirty side. After all, he's definately linked to Kory at the moment.

Damascus waves, once, to Elisabetha as she and Emily head out into the night. He then just sits back in the booth, utterly silent and staring at his latte. He glances in Aileen's direction.

Randall blinks once. "Horribly tacky well-written? C'mon, that's half the market right there— and the good half, at that." Belatedly, he notices how Kory is reacting, drawing his hand up into sight again and offering it to Leah for a moment. "Randall. Hi." After that, he leans over and murmurs something in Kory's ear, glancing toward the exit.

Kory tilts her head toward Randall, tucking all but a strand of hair behind her ear as she does. "Oooh," she can be heard to answer him, "I like the sound of that." She rises without hesitation, and carries their empty cups and snack wrappers to the trash. "Leah, you take care. Stop by the Lair on Christmas if you want. We'll be having a little party."

Leah takes Randall's hand with her perfectly manicured one giving him a smile. "Nice to meet you." She looks over to Kory. "Oh, I'm sure my parents will reel me in for the day, but thank you for the invite. I'll stop by if I get the chance."

Randall shakes hands briefly before rising to his feet. "I'm sure I'll see you there if you do make it," he offers, looking around to make sure he isn't leaving his cell phone behind or anything before he follows after Kory toward the exit.

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