2010-04-11: Coffee Shop Encounter



Date: April 11, 2010


Two blondes meet (once again) in a coffee shop. It's not a joke.

"Coffee Shop Encounter"

Coffee Shop — NYC

It's been relaxing for Kitty to drink tea. Most of the time. Today is no different. Dressed in a long flowing dark red cotton skirt and a loose off white shirt, her booted feet clunk on the coffee shop floor. She takes a seat near the window and crosses her legs at the ankles. With a sigh she takes a sip and runs a hand through her hair. Things have been kind of crazy lately, too crazy.

Sydney hasn't left the house a lot lately, in fact, this is the first time she's walked into a coffee shop in ages. She makes her order, gets her Chai Tea Latte, and then moves towards the door — until she sees someone familiar by the window. Familiar, but different-looking. Beatrix-Kitty had been blonde, but this is still her. She lingers in the doorway for an instant, her boot cut blue jeans, and black blazer, making her look more professorly than she probably ought considering she's a fugitive of sorts. After a moment of indecision, she pads up to Kitty, "I don't know if you remember me…" She pauses and recalls what Kitty told the therapist to call her, "Beatrix, right?" She issues Kitty a weak smile.

"Hm? Oh! Hello." Kitty says softly and she smiles softly at Sydney, glancing at the seat in front of her. The therapist is welcome to sit down with her. "Kitty, actually. I was going by a different name.. for some reasons." She says and gives Syd a sheepish look.

"Sydney right?" Kitty hopes that she's right. Though it was so long ago that the two met briefly.

"Yeah, Sydney," she nods with a grin as she takes the seat. "Kitty, then," Syd's grin broadens. "I get it," she answers about the name thing as her eyebrows furrow slightly. Her voice lowers considerably, "You're Gene and Eric's friend, right?" Sipping at her tea she glances out the window, unsure of everything, really.

"It's safe to call you Kitty though?" she remembers the meeting very vaguely, but she does remember. She takes a slow sip of her tea. "You have a baby, right? Or… am I wrong?" When they'd met Kitty had spoken about taking a baby back to its father, and had left Sydney entirely too confused.

"Ah, you know about all the trouble that's been happening lately?" Kitty tilts her head and takes another sip of her tea. "Yes, it's safe to call me Kitty." She chuckles softly and runs a hand through her hair. "I'm done hiding, well.. kind of.." the young CEO smiles at Sydney and nods her head at her. "You seen Gene and Eric lately? The two heroes haven't been around lately.. maybe their off slaying the dragon. It needs to die soon."

"I'm aware," Sydney sighs softly as she sips at her tea. "I guess there comes a time when hiding is… almost pointless? I think I'm getting to that point myself — " she manages a wry smile as she leans back in her seat. "I haven't seen them for awhile — not since before Christmas." She frowns for a moment. "I've been living in Eric's apartment building and haven't come across him there." Beat. "But I bet you're right, they're probably off being heroic."

"And no, no baby. Just was babysitting. If you can call it that." Kitty snickers and takes another sip of her tea. "He was a curious thing. Matt's baby. We had a lot of fun." She looks at window, remembering her time at Old Lucy's.

"They are all heroic. They're always there. But not now.. not when we need them most." She sighs and takes another look at Sydney. "What do you do?" she just openly asks it.

Curiously, Sydney stares at Kitty a moment. The question is unusually bold. "Something to people's emotions," she says to her cup — which is resting on the table — rather than to Kitty. "I don't really understand it, but people feel what I feel when I'm not controlling it… or I feel what they feel… or, if I really concentrate, I can make them feel anything I want." Her eyebrows furrow at the last one.

"And you?" she smirks a little. "And as far as heroics are concerned, I'm sure they're working on it. They must be — some people are just born heroes, the rest of us — " she sighs.

"To make the enemy fear is a useful still." Kitty says softly to Sydney and she nods softly. "I.. I can see the past and the future through the touch of an object." She says and looks up at Sydney with her big brown eyes. "It makes me a little crazy. The crazy seer. A modern day Cassandra." She describes herself with a wave of her hand and a soft chuckle.

"That would be an amazing skill. Not crazy," Sydney smirks as she draws her cup to her lips. "All of this is crazy, really." Her smirk broadens in a grin. "I wish I could see the past and the future — it'd be easier to know if someone is lying or what the right course of action could be…" She rakes a hand through her blonde tresses with a wistful sigh. "I'm sure what you can do is incredibly useful and probably helped you dodge a scrape or two."

"It's helped a bit." Kitty agrees and finishes off her tea. "I love my ability, but it makes things hard. To know the difference.. between.." the young woman shakes her head and then she stands up. "I have to go.. have dinner with me sometime?" she asks and she slips Sydney a number. It's as if she already knew that she would meet Sydney here.

"Uh… okay?" Sydney's eyes narrow as she takes the phone number. "Is everything okay?" she glances around the coffee shop semi-suspiciously now. "I'll… be in touch, I guess." Her head tilts as she watches Kitty's movement — there's something strangely curious about it all. She smiles weakly.

"A friend of mine is coming to meet me for lunch. I need to call and let her know." Kitty says simply and then she's smiling over her shoulder at Sydney. "See ya soon." She says and then she's humming as she exits the coffee shop. Curious indeed.

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