2007-03-19: Coffee Talk


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Summary: A quick discussion between Stefanie and Sakura leads to a bit of revelation.

Date It Happened: March 19, 2007

Coffee Talk

Common Grounds - Midtown, NYC

Stefanie tries someplace different. It's not Starbucks. It's not Noodle Heaven. She makes her way into the coffee shop that's been under construction for quite some time and takes a look around before making her way to the counter. Once there, she orders a cup of the free trade coffee that the shop is advertising so proudly. Upon receipt, she makes her way to a table, undoing her raincoat and placing it on the opposing chair. She smooths out her skirt and takes a seat, just enjoying the day.

Sakura walks by the shop originally…she has no clue where she's going at this point, shes just searching, hoping to find someone hiring. She's given up on finding the martial arts schools she's looking for, and has just decided that she really wants to open her own. And to do so? Well, she needs money. The "HELP WANTED" poster in the window draws her attention, a little smile cracking the young Japanese girl's face as she pushes her way into the coffee shop and looks around.

Stefanie sips her coffee and looks as she hears the door open. She smirks as she takes a sip of coffee and says nothing, for now.

For the moment, Sakura remains somewhat…blissfully ignorant of the folks around her. She just kinda walks up to the counter, offering a little smile and speaking to the cashier about if they're still hiring and such. She's handed an application and a pen, walks back to a table and immediately starts to fill it out. Okay…so she's not the most observant girl in the world.

Stefanie smirks evilly. She crosses her legs and leans in at her table some more. She sips her coffee and watches. She doesn't interupt yet, since it's obvious the young woman is filling out an application, so she doesn't want to distract… Well, she does… just not from the application.

It doesn't take Sakura long…her only references are back in Japan, her only other job last a couple weeks…so she doesn't really have any history to fill out. It's just…how old are you, what's your name (which she notably CONTINUES to fill out backwards), and so on. She gets up about ten minutes after she sat down, smiling and returning the application to the cashier. She starts to leave when her eyes pass over Stefanie, the girl jumping just a bit, "Ah, konnichiwa."

Stefanie smiles and giggles quite a bit. "Hey there." She says, leaning back. "Still looking for work?" She asks, indicating the counter where the girl had handed the application.

Sakura nods a little bit, sighing, "I…can't find the school I'm looking for…" She offers a little bit of a shrug, "So I'm hoping to save and open my own."

Stefanie nods and shrugs. "Well, it'll be tough with a job like this, unfortunately." she offers a seat to the girl. "So what else have you been up to?"

Sakura smiles and takes the seat, shrugging a little, "It's a start…" She clciks her tongue a little, offering another tiny shrug, "Nothing, really…nothing out of the … ordinary at least…"

Stefanie giggles. "Out of the ordinary?" She smiles. "Do you typically expect things to be out of the ordinary?" She sips her coffee. "Can I get you something?"

There's a moment that the girl stops to think, "Kind of…" The offer draws a smile, though, "If you don't mind, just a hot chocolate."

Stefanie smiles and nods, getting up the place the order. It doesn't take long to order, and she brings it back, placing it on the table. She re-takes her seat. "Kind of? What do you mean by that?"

Sakura smiles and takes the cup, taking a sip, "Well…I guess it's just…different than back home…I'm not used to it."

Stefanie nods and makes a sympathetic face. "Still having a hard time adjusting?" She sighs and reaches over, placing her hand on Sakura's. "Did I ask what brought you out here in the first place?"

Sakura nods a little bit, looking a little sad for a moment. The contact to her hand draws a little blush from Sakura, "Here? Like…New York or like…*here*?"

Stefanie chuckles. "New York. What made you leave home?" She smiles at the blush, creating one of her own.

Sakura shrugs a little, "My dad got…put in charge of this … part of his company. It made us move."

Stefanie's eyes widen. "Oh! So you're here with family!" She smiles brightly. "I thought you'd come out here by yourself. I figured you were going to college or something. Well, that's good. I'm glad you're not out here all by yourself."

Sakura nods a little, "It's just…my dad works all the time…my mom's always at home…not exactly exciting." She offers a little, awkward smile, "But, I guess it's better than being alone."

Stefanie nods. "My fathers are busy too. They own the shop I work at." She shrugs. "I try to keep myself busy as much as possible."

Sakura smiles a little and nods, "I…like always doing things; I'd rather be moving than just sitting around all day…"

Stefanie nods. "Absolutely, and there's so much to do in the city." She smiles. "If you can't keep busy here, then there's big trouble." She sips her coffee. "So are you in school or are you looking to work full time now?"

Sakura shakes her head, "Full time…I missed…the deadline to apply for school." She offers a little shrug, unsure of if she's even going to apply next semester.

Stefanie nods and smiles. "It's alright if you don't go to school. I'm not judging." She squeezes the hand. "I don't even know if I'm going to college or not."

Sakura smiles a little, turning her hand over and offering a little squeeze to Stefanie's in return, "I'm…I don't know…I might not…"

Stefanie smiles and shrugs. "It's alright. Do you know what you want to do? Is it this thing with the school? Do you want to do that full-time?"

Sakura nods a little bit, "I'd like to get it…going full-time, when I can…but I still don't have the money, so…it's a long time from now."

Stefanie nods! "I know, but it's still something to look forward to. Are your parents behind you on this?"

Sakura shrugs, "My mom…never liked me being into martial arts…she was always afraid I would get hurt." There's a little pause, "My dad…never really said anything…" The girl suddenly gets a bit of a brighter look on her face, as though a light bulb had just clicked on.

Stefanie looks over at the girl. "Is everything ok?"

Sakura nods, "I'm just…wondering if maybe my dad could…help me out some…"

Stefanie smiles and nods. "Quite possibly. I wasn't goning to mention it, since I don't know how your family is, but..?" She shrugs.

Sakura giggles a little bit as, in almost typical fashion, Sakura's impulses take over and she nearly runs out of the shop…only to stop, turn around, peck Stefanie's lips just once, then turns around and heads out of the store, calling, "Arigatou!" Okay…excitable. And…well, who knows? She has the other girls number…and if the idea works out, Stefanie might have the most excited girl ever on the other end of her phone in a little while.

Stefanie blinks and blushes, clearing her throat.. "Ok then…" She says and goes to finish her coffee.

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