2007-09-14: Coffeehouse Rules


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Summary: One would think that giving tarot cards to a psychic would be a good thing, but NO. Kitty causes a commotion in a Common Grounds cafe by having a powers-induced seizure.

Date It Happened: September 14th, 2007

Coffeehouse Rules

Common Grounds, New York

Ian does not work here. Thank God. Being a barista is hard work, for little pay, even with tips. Ian has ensconced himself at one of the tables, his messenger bag at his feet. He's got a colorful array of cards laid out in a pattern before him - Tarot cards, to be exact - and is looking the spread over with a thoughtful eye.

After a long day with her mother at her company office. Kitty walks in Common Grounds and surveys the area, dressed in a black tank top and denim shorts along with her infamous fingerless gloves. Kitty spots Ian and makes a beeline towards him. "Hey you, what ya doing?" she grins and takes a seat next to the guy. Her hair falls to the side as she looks at what is on the table. "Tarot cards? Hmm trying to be psychic?" she teases and winks.

Sharon doesn't often stop for coffee herself, but given this is New York, it's not that hard to find something else to drink at any shop like this. Something like a bottle of water. Sharon comes into the shop and just gets herself a bottle of water. She's wearing a light blue t-shirt, a pair of shorts, and a brown messenger bag. Once she gets her water, she moves over to one of the tables to take a seat, the one next to Ian by chance, and pulls a thick book out titled 'A Discussion on Protein Biosynthesis". Real fascinating reading, that. She does notice the cards that the man has laid out, however. It's hard to miss them.

"Nah. I'm no psychic. You don't need to be to use Tarot cards," Ian says, with assurance, looking up from the spread. "It's more like a method of reflection and meditation. Nothing magic about it, right?" He laughs a little, and leans back in his seat, waving for Kitty to join him, if she chooses.

Sharon pulls a small little notebook out of her bag as well and flips it to a page, writing the number 17 down in a list of numbers that run down the page, along with the date and time. Though she does look up and over at Ian when he says the bit about the cards being used as a form of meditation. "Pardon, but I couldn't help but overhear. Tarot cards as a form of meditation?" Sharon is sitting at a table with a book on protein and a notebook out, while Kitty and Ian are at the next table over, talking. Ian has some tarot cards out at the moment.

"I'd say I'd have to believe it to see it, Miss Cleo," Ian says, affably. He's at a table, cup of something sticky set out at his elbow, brightly colored tarot cards spread out before him. He's in his usual black fatigues and t-shirt. Sharon's question gets an earnest nod. "Yeah. Sort of like a Rorshach test. The patterns you see can sort of give you a glance at where you're at, mentally."

The door opens, the door closes.

When it is closed all the way, a young man is now in the coffee shop. He would have gone to Starbucks as he often did, but avoiding his usual process is what the teen's been doing. Dressed in a pair of slightly worn jeans and a t-shirt that says 'If Video Games had any effect on modern society, we'd all be in darkly lit rooms with neon lights eating capsules to electronic music'. While he might be going through a lot, Gene is followed by his usual companion, the famed droid R2-D2, who pushes its way in through the door. Quietly, the man moves into line. He tries to push down his bedhead hair with little success, though he doesn't care about the slight bags under his eyes. He's not looking to impress anyone here, just get himself some coffee.

Kitty gives Sharon a small smile and she puts her hand one of the tarot cards, as she does this Kitty gives a small gasps and her eyes close.

She gets an image of Ian standing on a street corner at night. The whole scene is lit with the red and blue lights of police cars. Ian's there, obviously terrified, standing in the middle of a ring of cops - his hands and forearms are crackling with electricity.

Her eyes flutter as she is experiencing the vision and her mouth opens and closes. Her head tilts to the side and hair falls into her face.

Embarrassment happens in threes. She thought it was over. She thought it was finished. After Lachlan's talk, and Mehtloafio's appearance on her date friday night, Elena thought it was done. It was safe to venture out into the urban wilderness of New York City again.

But no.

Instead, God, Fate, Destiny, whatever, decides it would be absolutely hilarious for her to walk past a struggling dog walker in the commons, trying to rein in some of the biggest dog breeds in existence, after she purchased a fully-loaded New York hotdog from a nearby stand. The Powers also thought it'd be even funnier if the main leash broke, and if the giant dogs were also very hungry.

Which results in a stampede of large furry animals chasing the poor teenager across the commons, who DID have the foresight of tossing the hotdog away in hopes of getting away unscathed. But no. Because now she's a moving target. Hungry, barking dogs are like T-Rexes. If you move, YOU DIE.

The hapless dog walker chases after. "Sorry! Oh my god I'm so sorry!" he cries. "Um…um….LIE DOWN! PRETEND YOU'RE DEAD!"

"IF I LIE DOWN NOW I -AM- DEAD!" Elena hollers back. She makes a beeline for the coffeehouse. BUILDINGS. WITH DOORS. She's SAFE! The door of the cafe closes with a slam, and she's running in….only for R2-D2 to be there, right in her path. She's bowled over by the droid, crashing somewhere on the floor, and papers drifting slowly back down onto her head.

The guy taking Gene's order at the counter pauses, and peers over the barista counter at the new customer.

"….sorry, kid, but you're gonna have to get in line with the rest of 'em."


"Never heard of that. I've done more of the traditional meditation myself; never heard of it being done with cards," Sharon says to Ian. And then Kitty does her thing and the woman looks over at her. "Pardon me, miss? Are you alright there?" the older woman questions, some confusion evident in her voice. There's enough concern for the girl that the entire commotion with R2-D2 and Elena is ignored. Though R2-D2 is completely weird to encounter here, she'll figure out soon enough.

Man, it all goes to hell at once. Kitty's having a seizure - Ian knows those signs all too well. The cards go fluttering off to the floor as the black-haired boy goes lunging around his rickety little table to try and keep Kitty from collapsing. And then Elena comes in like the Hound of the Baskervilles is in hot pursuit. "Shit. Shitshitshit. Call 911, please," he says to Sharon, pleadingly.

Indeed Kitty does start to shake, this particular vision is having a much harder effect on her than most of her others. But before long she returns back to normal. Her eyes snap open and they fix on Ian as if she is seeing him for the first time, which in a sense she is because she is seeing him as someone that is special like her. Her face breaks out into a small smile, "You my friend, have a gift" she says breathlessly.

The young geek turns as Kitty falls down, but then suddenly finds that Elena has come in and fallen over his droid. While Gene had a flash of concern, he seems to restrain himself as he sees there isn't a pool of blood forming. Despite the tired sigh he gives, Gene glances over Elena's prone form, offering a hand to help her up as he kneels down somewhat. "Are you alright?" He would be concerned about Kitty, but well, there are likely other people to help her as well. If the bystander effect takes hold over the masses, well, Gene can get himself involved after that.

R2-D2 just gives a few whistles and whines after being hit, perhaps a reaction to being hit so hard to the touch sensors.

"…Gene…" Elena groans, but she flashes him a sheepish smile. "Bruised but unhurt. Sorry…is R2 okay?" She can't really tell, because she's not all that great with the advanced technology Gene wields at his disposal. She takes his hand, and is pulled up. She notices the commotion though, but Ian's back is to her so she doesn't know it's Ian. She recognizes Kitty though, and she sees that there's another woman she doesn't recognized helping them. She doesn't know it's a seizure, because Kitty's awake. She starts picking up her papers and stuffs them in her book bag. "How's your day?" she asks Gene, though she's still paying close attention to what's going on in the other side of the room. In case they need someone to call 9-1-1. But it seems okay now. Right?

Sharon pulls out her phone, but Kitty stops having her shakes quickly enough that she doesn't immediately dial. "She's come out of it. You don't generally need to get a hospital involved if it's less than five minutes and they're uninjured from a seizure. You don't have a history of them, do you?" Sharon says, directing the last question to Kitty. "You should sit down though," the woman tells Kitty, offering her the water bottle that she was just starting to drink from.

Whats Eric doing as all hell breaks loose? He's sitting quietly and calmly in the corner of the room there. iPod plugged in and earbuds in as he attempts to drown out whatever else is happening. His face is in a book of some kind, and his attention firmly on the music and the words in front of himself. He has a frown of concentration on his face before he slowly looks up.

…and into the face of madness.

Or at least all hell breaking loose.

He just blinks as he notices the entrance of everyone. Gene at the counter, Kitty having a seizure, Ian throwing cards around. Elena crashing into the R2 and the charging dogs flattening themselves on the door.


He sighs slightly before he stands up and shakes his head slightly. Strolling over he just shakes his head. "…you know, if you wanted to make an entrance you could have just used the Jaden method and come through a window." He says towards her with a half smile on his face.

As Gene seems to have dealt with helping her up Eric turns his eyes back towards Kitty and Ian with a concerned look on his face. "…is…she alright? You alright Kitty?" He asks before a sideglance towards Elena, then back to Kitty and Ian. Much easier to look that way.

Ian is just staring at Kitty, aghast. "I….what the fuck are you talking about?" he demands, dark eyes gone huge and round, face pale. How'd he end up that pale, period, if he's from California. Sharon gets a nod, though really the question wasn't to him, by any stretch of the imagination.

"Artoo's fine, are you, boy?" There are a couple of whistles from the large tin can, but considering it's almost a hundred pounds heavy and made from steel… There is a reason why it didn't even budge as Elena went over it.

The young inventor appears ready to say something to Elena, though the interjection of another friend allows him to cleverly evade an honest answer. "I dunno, Eric, maybe you and Elena should check on her and make sure. She might be hurt. I'll get you guys some coffee while you check." And with that, Gene just moves ahead of the line and orders three coffees.

She whirls around, and looks up. Eric's looming over her, considering he's much taller than her. Elena falters a bit seeing him - but she does give him a small smile. "Hi," she tells him softly. But when he mentions Jaden and her window, the momentary feeling of awkwardness is gone, replaced by a huffy look. "I'm not that crazy. Besides, I'm not all that keen about causing property damage, you know," she tells him. Sliding her hands in her pockets, she joins the rest in staring/rubbernecking at the Kitty situation on the other side of the room. She doesn't know it's Ian yet. "I don't know. I think she's okay," she says. She doesn't know what happened, other that someone seems to have fainted. "What are you doing here?" she questions Eric, and reaches up to smooth down Gene's hair in an unconscious, but affectionate manner.

She glances over at Eric, but she's not moving from where she is. Gene's going to get them coffee, but now that the inventor was there, she wanted to talk to him and see how he was - without being too pushy or nosy. She hasn't figured out how to do that yet. But when R2 whistles, she reaches out to pet R2 lightly. "Sorry about that, R2," she apologizes to the droid. Because droids have feelings too.

A much dimmed smile and dark eyes greet Elena's hello, and by the time she is huffing he's already turning away. He shrugs slightly at her question, eyes still on Kitty and her table. "…just trying to get some peace and quiet, fat chance of that around here." He says with a smirk that threatens to twist up one side of his mouth. "And you /are/ that crazy." He adds after a moment.

A grin though as he looks back towards Gene. "Of course noticing R2 here I was about to get up and say hello…but…you preempted that…so Hey Gene…and thanks for the coffee." He smiles towards the other young man before turning his attention back to Kitty, Sharron and Ian. "…she'll be alright then?" He asks then towards Sharron.

Hey. She seems quite sure of it. He'll trust her. Why not!

"She should be fine, but lets get her out of this crowd, give her a chance to catch her breath". Sharon looks to the manager on the floor, who offers to let Kitty sit in their back room to recover. "Lets get her over there then," she says to Ian.

Ian finally notices Elena, and gives her a wave, but his attention is still on Kitty. "Yeah," he says, offering a shoulder to help her.

Despite the beeps and bloops from his machine, Gene frowns faintly as he looks to it, just letting Elena mess with his hair. It has a bit of grease in it, the result of missing a day's shower. "He doesn't have an AI, he's just a robot," Gene replies uncharacteristically as he pulls out his wallet. Putting down the funds for the barista to take, the older teen glances back toward Eric. "It's no prob, the least I could do." He doesn't say anything on Ian and Sharon's commentary, just trying to listen on as best he can during the pauses in conversation between Eric and Elena.

When she sees Ian, Elena looks surprised. "Oh, hey…Ian." His back had been turned so she didn't know it was him until he actually showed his face to the rest of the gang. But when Sharon and her lab partner move Kitty to the back room at the coffeehouse owner's request, she couldn't help but frown. "….I guess the manager's going to call the emergency number…" she murmurs under her breath. When Eric calls her crazy, she grins at him, but she doesn't say much else. The uncharacteristic comment causes her to frown somewhat though, eyes flicking to Gene concernedly. But when the coffees arrive, she plucks a couple of cups out, handing one to Gene, and handing one to Eric. She takes the last one for herself, and takes a sip of it, unadorned. She belongs to the strong-and-black affiliation of coffee drinkers everywhere.

Ian fades back to help with Kitty. The tarot cards remain scattered on the floor. At least he took care of his bill.

Sharon will go on back with Ian briefly, and when it's clear that Ian is staying with Kitty, comes on out herself. "Well. Never a dull moment," the woman says to nobody particular. "She'll be alright; just a bit shaken up," the woman says, moving to find herself a seat, after getting herself another bottled water. Yes, she buys water in a coffee shop.

Eric takes the coffee mug without a word before he just shakes his head. "…well…its better to be safe than sorry I guess," He murmurs as they take her towards the back room. Taking a sip he blinks for a moment before glaring at the mug for a second. Damn. Black. Bad. Ah well, he'll live through it all. A slight frown crosses his face before he just shakes his head. "…if you need anything Ian just yell out." He replies before smiling towards Sharon and nodding in greeting. "…no, around here you really /do/ never have a dull moment."

Offering a soft "Thank you" as Elena hands him the coffee, Gene takes a sip. It's clear he doesn't enjoy it, but he's trying to down it just the same. "Glad she's alright… Hopefully it was just a little fatigue or something," Gene offers to Sharon, though soon his attention shifts toward the Tarot cards. Being a Good Christian Boy, the 'pagan practices' never really had much interest for him. Still, he does bend at the knees to study them, even picking up a card.

"If these are Ian's, we should pick 'em up. Could be Kitty's though," Elena says simply, though her eyes wander back to the back room where Ian stays with the other girl. With a shrug, she sets her coffee down on the table, and crouches down on the ground to start packing up the tarot cards. She lets Gene pick one up - and much like him, given she's Catholic, she doesn't put much stock in Tarot cards either. Despite hanging out with an occult bookstore owner and all. She shuffles them absently and puts them in a neat stack. "I'll bring this back to the back room before leaving." She peers at the card Gene's got.

"They're the boy's, Ian's. He was going over them when both Kitty and I arrived," Sharon tells Elena. She'll help with card gathering, though she doesn't take much interest in the cards themselves. She never learned much about tarot herself, so it just isn't all that interesting to her. It's about then that R2 is noticed. "And…is that an R2-D2, or am I really just dreaming all this?" Because an R2 in a coffee shop is just plain strange.

Without a word Eric crouches down to help with the few more very scattered cards. He picks up one, two, three. The third he turns over to see just what he can see. The Devil card stares back at him and he just shakes his head. He doesn't /quite/ have the knowledge of the meanings of all the cards. However this one can't be all that good.

"…we'll get them all picked up soon enough. Should be easy," He finally says with a smile towards the other three people there as a smile comes to his lips. "Then we can get on with the coffee and whatever else."

Slowly, the young man gets back up, the Tarot card hanging at his side. Fighting just flicking the card into the pile, Gene places in neatly with the rest of the cards. The Hanged Man is placed either face up or face down, according more to how the other cards are set up than intentional fate meddling. He doesn't seem interested at all in the card. It's Tarot, he figures it's supposed to be creepy.

"Yes, it's Artoo… I built him myself. Took a few years to make, a lot of work, yada yada, he's really neato. I think I accidentally made the papers because of him or something," Gene offers. His affect is rather flat, not even blushing when mentioning the first party he went to thrown by the legendary Jaden Cain.

"Thanks." Elena takes the cards from Eric, Gene, and Sharon. "I should give these to Ian." Her eyes wander over to Gene, and sneaks a look towards Eric. Finally, she straightens up, and taps the cards on the edge to align them, and then turns to head to the back room where Kitty and Ian are so she could return the cards to her lab partner. She doesn't stay long though, she leaves the couple alone as she ventures out, and takes her coffee. A small smile is directed to Gene and Eric, nodding to Sharon, who she doesn't know. She'd say something more, if it wasn't for her jPhone ringing. She picks it up and checks the ID…and furrows her brows a little bit. Who the what? The ring tone is generic - she didn't assign the caller one. "Excuse me," she tells the collective, and heads out the door to take it outside, still looking a little puzzled.

"Okay. Well, that's enough excitement for one day, I think. I think I should make my way on back for class," Sharon tells the group. She'll gather up her own things and head out herself. Fainting girls, Star Wars robots…youth these days! And she's not even thirty!

Handing the cards over easily enough Eric stands and dusts off his slacks before glancing towards Gene. "…he's a talented one," He confides towards Sharon before he laughs. "…yes, he made the papers along with the rest of us at that damn party." He mutters, his face slowly brightening at the memories. He would have said something towards Elena…but her phone rings then. A pause then as he glances at her walking away.

The smile fades.

He heaves out a sigh before his hands return to his pockets. He shakes himself out of his own thoughts as he looks once again towards Gene, once again smiling just as well as normal. "Whats your plans for the rest of today?" He asks of the younger man.

Elena goes and Gene just watches her go soon after Sharon dismisses herself due to 'overwhelming oddness'. Not caring can be a perk in times like these. "Drink some coffee, stare at a wall for a few hours," Gene announces with a rather apathetic shrug. "Thought about visiting my grandfather, but I figure I'd wait until I figured out if should talk to him about stuff." There is a short beat before Gene glances Eric. "What about yourself?"

She still looks bewildered when she walks back in, Elena shaking her head a little bit and closing the door of the cafe behind her. Seeing that it's largely empty now save for her friends, she tucks the jPhone in her back pocket and moves towards both Gene and Eric both. "Well, now that the excitement's over, you guys wanna head out?" she asks casually, taking up her coffee cup and taking a small sip. "It's been a while since we all actually hung out together."

Eric laughs a bit, shakes his head. "Come on Gene, why don't we stare at something better than a wall. I don't care if its a museum or a movie, but why don't we go do something eh?" He asks with a grin towards the uber-nerd. A pause though before he blinks in mild surprise. "…your grandfather?" Gene doesn't usually talk about his family that much, but Eric isn't one to pry about them. "…and I didn't have any plans."

The beginning smile falters mildly as Elena returns, but he shakes his head and turns his gaze on her. The smile does indeed reappear slowly. He seems somewhat hesitant, but then he just shrugs. "…right then, I'm not doing anything so sure. Where too?"

"I guess we can do something…" Gene states, glancing from Elena and Eric. He seems wary, like an herbivore in Africa going down to a watering hole. "But we aren't going to a strip club or anything like that." He suddenly peers around the counter, expecting to find Jaden. He's not there. That made him look… really really stupid. Deciding to change the topic, he glances back toward Eric after coughing into his fist to hide his brief bout of blushing. "Yeah, my grandfather. Sure your dad told you about him a bit."

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