2007-11-17: Coherency Check


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Summary: Dr. Suresh worries about Niki's state of being when she wakes up after passing out post-treatment.

Date It Happened: November 17th, 2007

Coherency Check

Reed Street Laboratories

After Niki passed out, Mohinder left the woman where she passed out. A blanket was placed over her, and he's been keeping a watch on her. He took the liberty of hooking up a few monitors to her to assist in the process. The chart being kept on Niki has been updated with the time of her passing out, the events of said action and notations on her vitals.

It's a few hours longer than Niki intended on being in the lab, to say the least. She has responsibilities, but risks are risks. Without a fuss or commotion, her eyes open — barely — and she slowly starts to move gently on where she lays, at first just lifting an arm an inch and turning her head to the side. "Mmnh…"

Mohinder nearly drops his cup of tea when he hears Niki stirring. As it is, there's some spillage as the cup is set down before he rushes to her side. His gaze flickers from watching the woman to the monitors and back again. "Niki? Are you alright? You passed out."

There's a fuzzy lack of comprehension as Niki focuses on Mohinder, her eyes just sleepy slits until she starts to look around. At the tail end of her sweeping glance of the lab, she realizes she's hooked up to monitors — that prompt furrowing of her brow. "I'm…" The more time she spends awake after her impromptu bout of unconsciousness, the more refreshed she looks — like waking up from a much-needed nap. "I'm … I feel fine."

"Are you certain?" Mohinder's eyes narrow as he doublechecks the monitors. Everything looks as it should. No erratic fluctuations or abnormal readings. "You had a mild convulsion before lapsing into unconsciousness."

"I did?" Genuinely surprised, or at least not remembering the moments before she passed out, Niki looks quizzically at the scientist. "I'm fine. Really. A-OK," she reassures him to the best of her knowledge. See that sparkling smile? She looks healthy, and the monitors agree! "…How long was I down for?"

Mohinder starts unhooking the monitoring equipment from Niki. "Just a few hours. I think I should keep an eye on you a bit longer. I did not anticipate that you would pass out." He also took the liberty of running blood tests to see /why/ she passed out. Inconclusive as of yet.

A few hours…? Niki waits until Mohinder finishes removing the monitoring equipment from her; the moment she does, she swings her legs around and slides off onto the floor, her heels clicking succinctly on the cement. She seems spry, no bouts of sudden dizziness or anything of that nature, certainly. "I have to go pick up the kids from school."

"Wait!" Mohinder is a bit slow to stop Niki, surprised and taken aback by her quick movements. "Honestly.. how are you feeling.. look.. I'll drive you. I need to pick up Molly as it is.. I'll cancel the call I sent to have her and Micah picked up from school."

Niki's reassuring smile of 'I'm fine, really' hints that she's about to insist, again, that she's okay and turn down Mohinder's offer, but… "Sure, if you're that worried." After all, who knows what the side effects could be?

"I am.. and we're going to the same place afterall." Good excuse there Mohinder. He pulls his keys from his pocket and escorts Niki out to the car. "You said kids though. Car pool duty with Micah's friends?"

Sure to grab her sweater before leaving the lab, Niki pulls it on as she walks side-by-side with Mohinder on her way outside the building. "I'm looking after another boy. His parents aren't around. He goes to a different school than Micah. You know, he'd probably get along with Molly."

"That's very charitable of you and I'm sure Molly would like another friend." Not that Mohinder's concerned about Molly's popularity. She's an adorable, friendly and outgoing child and shouldn't have difficulty in making friends. "We still have to be careful about her safety, but we're trying to give her a shot at normalcy."

"She deserves it. She's a sweet kid." There it is again, that topic - normal. Niki, still the picture of health so far, stops when they reach the car - Mohinder's, that is, if he's to be her chaffeuer. "I feel silly being driven around."

"You shouldn't.. This is just a precaution. We'll pick the children up and I'll bring you back here to your car." Mohinder just wants to give the woman a little longer with this coherency thing to see if she's actually okay.

This time, the smile Niki gives Mohinder isn't reassuring — it's grateful. A thank you. With that, she opens the front passenger door to the cab and ducks inside.

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