Colby Durden
Portrayed By Courtney Ford
Gender Female
Date of Birth April 21, 1989
Age 20
Zodiac Sign Taurus
Aliases CD
Place of Birth Phoenix, AZ, USA
Current Location Washington DC, USA
Occupation Communications Major at Georgetown University
Known Relatives Coral Durden (Mother), Maj. Gen. John 'Tyler' Durden, USMC (Father), SSgt. John Durden Jr., USMC (Brother), PO2 Wayne Durden, USN (Brother), Lt. Brian Durden, USAF (Brother)
Significant Other Cora Walker
Known Abilities Omnilinguistics
First Appearance Ready To Move

Colby Durden is a communications major entering Georgetown University, however she is Evolved with the skill of omnilinguistics, though she knows nothing of people with abilities.


Colby was born to John and Coral Durden. John was a Lieutenant in the Marines and Coral was a nurse at the local hospital. Colby was the youngest of four, the older three siblings were boys. Throughout her life, Colby had been made to believe that she wasn't necessary planned, since her father seemed to cazre more about the boys then her. No matter what Colby did, it was always foreshadowed by whatever her brothers were doing. Sports, grades, and later their own military careers. John was a strong and charismatic man, later earning the name of 'Tyler' by the men he led, a sign of their fierce loyalty to him. Colby constantly tried to garner any form of attention from her father, to no avail. Her mother would do her best to make up for it, but it wasn't the same. Coral would just explain it away as that was how the man was. There was no changing that.

Colby had a bit of her father's charm and charisma as well. She'd been fairly popular in school, and was decent with her grades. She enjoyed horseback riding, and her passion was dancing. Her talent seemed to flourish there, especially as she'd hit her teenage years. It looked like Colby was destined to be a dancer. That dream was shattered when she was in a riding accident. Her horse had been spooked by an animal and reared, losing it's footing and fell, landing on top of Colby. The fall, added to the weight of the horse landing on her had severed her spinal column, leaving her paralyzed from the waist down. Colby was under a deep depression for months, until her father angered her enough to snap out of it. At this time he'd been promoted to General, and had received an appointment to the Pentagon. She'd grown to be twice as determined as ever, to prove her father that she's worthy, and to prove to the world that she can overcome her disability.

Colby had gone back to school, making up any lost time due to the accident. While there, she'd noticed that she could pick up what other people were saying, even if it were in a foreign language. At first she was oturight angered, because most of what was spoken as she wheeled by was pity for the girl. Afterwards, she found that she could picks up any language, as long as she had a sample to learn from. After graduating high school, she decided to take a year 'off'.. not off, but she'd taken some prep classes at a local community college in French, Spanish, Latin, and basically anything in communications. Trying not to gather too much attention, she only did fairly well, making sure to keep her grade trend from high school. After that, she'd applied and was accepted to Georgetown University. She jumped at the chance to move away from her family and prove herself on her own.


Colby is witty and charming. She can be mistaken as icy and stand-offish at first, but that's just to combat what she instinctively feels is someone's pity towards her. Once she gets to be known, or know others, she's loyal and fun to be with. She's proud of her accomplishments and has high hopes for herself, even expecting to walk again some day. She attends physical therapy on a daily basis, attempting to stay in shape as best as possible. She knows of her ability, but she considers it something as a form of intuition in conjunction with empathy, as if she can understand a person's meaning when they speak something foreign, other then actually being able to translate it. Because being able to translate languages without intense training is just crazy, right?

Colby is nothing but determined. After being ignored by her father, and looked down at by her brothers, she's been hard-pressed to prove herself to them. When she had the accidnet, her determination doubled as she'd realized that she had to prove herself to the rest of the world now, instead of just her family. As an aisde, she's a closet geek. When in familiar surroundings she will quote movie lines, and often quotes C3-PO when it comes to describing her communication skills.


Omnilinguistics: Omnilinguism is the ability to instinctively learn any language. To be specific for Colby's case, it is only in human, or human-contrived languages. She can't understand computer code, or speak to animals. She learns these languages by either reading a passage, or listening to audio of the language being spoken. There is no limit to the learning capability, however Colby can only retain fluency in four languages at any given time. When she learns a new language, the oldest one learned is forgotten. If the language is needed once more, she will have to learn it again, as if she hadn't been fluent in it before. This works for both spoken and written languages.


I Am Fluent In…: Colby can translate any language as long as she has a 'sample' to learn from. If she needs to learn something she'll either find a book and read a page from it or use a cd of the speech and she'll be fluent. However she can only be fluent in four languages at one time. Whenever she learns a new language the one she'd learned the earliest will be forgotten until learned again. In time she hopes to be able to increase her 'capacity'.

Current Languages

Currently she is fluent in: French, Spanish, Japanese, and……. Klingon



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