2007-06-05: Collar And Chain


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Summary: After dying, Peter makes his way back to see his girlfriend and give her a present, and she puts on the Princess Leia Slavegirl outfit for him. One thing leads to another…

Date It Happened: June 05, 2007

Collar and Chain

Elle and Jane's Apartment

Freshly showered to get rid of all signs of— what happened, Peter's dressed up nicely again, though in different clothes than before, and with his hair stylized. No where near as long as it'd been when the Company took him in, it's just starting to curl under on his forehead, gaining enough length that he could run fingers through it should he choose too. Or should someone else. No sign that he's carrying anything, he knocks on the door to Jane and Elle's apartment and waits. He looks pretty good for someone who just recently woke up from a coma. And even better for someone who died a few hours ago.

Elle is inside, after having had a mostly quiet day. There are a couple things occupying her mind, but nothing terribly major. As a matter of fact, she's just sitting there on the couch when she hears the knock at the door. The blonde stands, heads that way, and then unlocks and opens the door. A smile crosses her face. "Hey, Peter."

"Hey," Peter leans inside to reach up and touch her face, then draw her in for a brief kiss. Shorter and almost chaste in comparison to some of their longer ones. When his hand drops away, and he nudges her nose once before pulling back to give a hint of a smile, "Can I come in for a while?"
Elle returns the kiss, quite happily, and then nods. "Of course! Come on in, I was just watching TV." She turns and heads inside, walking to the sofa, picking up the remote and clicking off the television.

"Thanks," Peter says as he steps inside, making sure the door is closed and locked behind him before he follows her over to the couch. "Sorry I didn't stop in earlier." He could go into the whole explaination, but instead he chooses to skip it. "Never got to properly thank you. For putting up with me while I was in the coma. And we didn't get to talk in private very long, either. Were you— was everything okay with you? Know you said you were involved in something— didn't want me involved, but…"

Elle laughs. "Putting up with you? Peter, it's not a putting up with. Besides, I pretty much guarantee, you're easy to deal with in a coma." Her tone is teasing, as she pats the couch next to herself. "Just one issue, which I'm still looking into. I -think- someone is surveilling me, but I haven't been able to find anything conclusive yet."

"Still worried you, though," Peter says, not wanting to imagine how much so— but yeah, it's better than some of the situations he'd been in recently. "Still— there's…" He has one of his hands behind his back, and for a few moments there's nothing at all going on with that as he listens to her problem. "Watching you? Do you have any idea why they might be doing that? Besides the obvious?"

Elle frowns. "No, I'm honestly not sure. I just…noticed myself acting uncharacteristically. Telling someone things I usually wouldn't. So I'm thinking that someone with some kind of ability to influence people is shadowing me. But I'm not sure who or why." The hand-behind-the-back is more notable now. "What's that?" she nods at his hand.

"Influence people how?" Peter suddenly asks, so distracted that when she calls him on his hand he actually ends up dropping what he'd just spent the last few minutes calling to his hand. There's a soft bang on the floor, and he gives a soft curse, "Damnit," before turning around and picking it up. It's a flat box, not very big, but whatever was inside got dislodged and bounced around. "I— got you a present. It's— I hope it's not broken now." He holds it forward. On the inside, if opened, is a dark blue beaded necklace, not too long, but not too short. And luckily not broken.

Elle looks over, blinking. She takes the box, and opens it, and beams brightly. "Oh, it's beautiful!" And she loves blue. She takes it and puts it on, distracted by shiny before finally remembering there's a question on the table. "Well, Jane and Ali and myself were all talking, and all of a sudden, I just started spouting off about the Company, and what I really do, and all the things that I'm -supposed- to be keeping quiet about. Didn't even notice anything odd about it for the first while."

"I know you like blue," Peter says, glancing towards the ring. The necklace doesn't look cheap, at the very least, though it could have been a lot more expensive too. Something middle line. Not too much. But he's listening to the story. "Ali?" He highly doubts that person would be Alyssa. Unless Elle made up with her while he was asleep. "That's weird… so a… influence ability that makes people more open to talking?" While it's weird, there's also relief. "I've heard of worse things, but I guess that's pretty dangerous for you."

Elle replies "Alyssa McAlister. Ali for short. She's a DJ, and a friend of Jane's and mine. And more like an influence ability, period. I think they were trying to get me to out the Company to the media. The Company's seen mind-influencers before; one used to be an Agent. It could be an ability like that."

Another Alyssa and one that Elle doesn't dislike. Cause he's pretty sure Aly didn't become a DJ or change her last name over night. Peter nods, slowly, though any hint of a smile has disappeared as he tries to think. "Sounds like you have more experience dealing with this kind of thing than I do. If you think of any way I can help… you'll let me know, I hope." He reaches up to idly touch the necklace that she's put on, before he adds, "It suits you."

Elle smiles. "Thank you. It's gorgeous." She leans over and hugs him. "And I'd be glad too. I've been watching and haven't seen -anyone-. If you want to play private eye and check up to make sure no one's following me, that's great."

"Could follow you around invisible if you think that'd help— and if you wouldn't feel insulted by it." An invisible tag might bother some women, but Peter hopes she knows he wouldn't follow her anywhere he shouldn't be going.

Not to a Company Agent who is much more practical on some things than the average person. "If you have the time. I don't want to monopolize you. I haven't had anything else weird lately, so they -might- have just been there that one time. I'm just…" Paranoid. "…concerned."

"If you're concerned, so am I," Peter says, letting his hand drop to her arm to give her a squeeze. "Can't promise I can be around all the time, but— don't think I have any work until Cass is out of the hospital. So I can follow you around a couple days— make sure it was a one time incident."

Elle nods. "Oh! That's right! I stopped in to see Cass the other day, promised her I'd ask you to take a look in on her, see if you might be able to get her out of there any quicker."

"She— I actually stopped in to see her before I checked out," Peter says, scratching at his hair for an instant. "I think she was delerious because of the meds, but— tried to heal her again. Don't think the ability I have works that way. Don't know enough about it. I've healed you more than anyone, and… remember those bruises you got. When I fixed the damage to your knee but not your ribs? I tried to heal your ribs later. And I couldn't."

Elle nods. "That's true. Well, still. I told her I'd mention it. So I've mentioned it." A smile. "I think she and I are on speaking terms now."

"I'll stop in an see her again. Maybe she'll be more coherent this time," Peter says, smiling tugging on the corner of his mouth as she smiles at him. Especially since… They're on speaking terms. "That's great." Would've been difficult to work for someone his girlfriend couldn't speak to.

The blonde smiles. "Can I get you something to drink or anything? I just realized, I hadn't even offered!" Brainslip. "And I've barely seen you…well, conscious…in weeks!"

There's a laugh. In some ways, Peter's not really thirsty. His insides were turned to mush not long ago. But— "Yeah. I'd like something to drink. Juice or tea, whichever you got." He knows the direction of the kitchen, so he follows, touching her arm, "And I was only unconsious for a week."

She heads out kitchenwards, hooking a small stepstool with one foot, pulling it over, then going up to a cabinet to get a glass. It gets filled with apple juice a moment later, and she turns back to offer it to Peter. "Seemed like longer."

"Seemed shorter to me," Peter admits, accepting the glass and taking a drink, glad that the taste isn't messed up by what happened to him. He'd been worried. That's half the reason the kiss had been short earlier. Thinking of all the things he missed, he suddenly has a question, "Do you want to know why you'd bought a Princess Leia slave girl outfit?"

Elle chuckles. "Cause it was in my notebook?" she asks, curiously. "Though, admittedly, I'm not sure WHY it was in my notebook. And yes, when you sleep through it, it seems shorter."

"Our second date," Peter explains, reaching forward to touch her arm again, even though he continues to hold on to the glass with his other hand. "Took you to an arcade, where we had those pictures taken. Like the one at Coney Island. We made a bet. The loser would wear whatever the winner wanted and dance for them. I won. And… I picked a Princess Leia slave girl costume."

Elle blinks. "Oh!" she says, sounding a little surprised. "Well, I still have the costume." It's said just a little bit flirtatiously. "If you wanted to see it, that is."

"It's why I was a little disappointed," Peter admits, the hand lingering on her arm, sliding down towards her hand. "That I was asleep the first time you wore it. Pretty much given up hope of ever seeing it when…" He trails off, eyes following his hand before he reaches down all the way to grip hers. "Yeah— I think I'd like to see it."

Elle smiles quite brightly at that, and she squeezes his hand a moment. "Give me five minutes to get it on." Not that there's a lot to get on. But, wig and all. She turns and hurries off to her room.

A squeeze of her hand in return before Peter lets her scurry off to her room to get changed. He downs the rest of the apple juice in the five minutes, rinses the glass out for easier washing, and then waits in the hallway, with his cellphone in hand. Not as good as the video camera he'd had for Coney Island, but just it records short videos too.

It takes a little over five minutes, but then she comes out. Her hair is done up under a brown wig, and she has a replica of the classic gold bikini + loincloth from the movie. Plus a faint blush, but just a little one. "How's it look?" she asks.

Based on the inhale that he makes when she first steps through— Peter definitely approves. The Trinity outfit she showed up wearing had caused him to stare, yes, but this hits a very personal cord that makes him forget he's holding a phone and intended to take a picture. "You look— really good," he finally says, giving his head a shake before he snaps two pictures and closes the phone, sticking it in his coat pocket as he steps closet to the door she stepped out of.

Elle smiles. She starts over his way, intentionally putting some extra wiggle to her walk that makes the loincloth swish about. "So…do I hand you this end?" She teases, swinging the short chain that attaches to the collar.

There's definite attention to the way she moves as Peter steps forward again to hold out his hand as if to accept the short chain she's swinging. He doesn't actually reach to take it, though, just holds his hand out for it. "As long as you promise not to strangle me with it."

Elle grins. "Nah…you're way cuter than Jabba the Hutt." She has to get in pretty close to actually hand him that thing, since there's only about a foot of chain. She sits on the couch next to him, and does, indeed, put it in his hand.

In a rather bold move, Peter reaches out with his unoccupied hand and pulls her into his lap, keeping the chain held. "Hope so." The hand holding the chain moves around her back to keep her close, while his other hand touches the strands of the wig at her forehead, than brushes fingers down her face. "You're cuter than Leia, too."

Elle actually makes a noise somewhere between a squeak and a yelp of surprise as she ends up getting tugged into Peter's lap. She drapes her arms about his neck, beaming at the compliment. "Can't say I'm going to complain there. So, you wanted me done up as a sexy slavegirl, huh?" She leans in and gives him a kiss.

The kiss gets returned, and when Peter pulls back he nudges his nose against her own, lingering there for a moment as he responds, "Not quite— more a childhood facination— first crush kind of thing. And kind of a joke. Elena— she gave me a nickname of Skywalker. And you saw the guy at the party with R2D2." By this time, he's seen the pictures, it would seem. "Reminded me of it. Around the time when I had to choose a costume. Think you'd mentioned a maid outfit. Actually /had/ maids growing up. They aren't that sexy to me."

One thing leads to another…

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