2010-01-16: Collect 'em All



Date: January 16, 2010


"Are you pondering what I'm pondering?"

Well, I think so Brain, but what if we stick to the seat covers?

"Collect 'em All"

Alexandra's Apartment

Another uneventful week has come to pass, and still, Alexandra Lambert is sitting at home, working, late into the evening on a Saturday night. Of course, it's relaxing enough with her favorite music playing quietly, a nice tall glass of wine…and an open laptop. Oh, and a big stack of papers to go through and crunch all the rest of the numbers on. You know, just the exciting stuff. They're going to need her signature on them to make them official…and make her legally liable if they aren't exactly right.

The apartment is on one of the upper floors of a pretty pricey building. It has its own buzzer system and elevator, and even though it's the dead of winter, there's room on the garden with some gardens that are going to need to be fixed up in the spring. No easy access from the ground, save for the fire escape, and nothing easy from the roof unless one has some special tools. Of course, that would assume Alexandra knows anything is about to happen.

Decked out in a brown UPS shirt and a pair of lighter khaki pants, a female delivery lady presses on the buzzer and adjusts her brown baseball cap. She forces a distantly cool smile over her lips. "Ms. Lambert? I have a package here for a Ms. Lambert… can you please buzz me in so I can bring it up to you?"

Sitting on the couch in her apartment, Alex jumps a bit when the buzzer to her apartment is rung, but recovers quickly. "What? A package at…this hour?" she wonders to herself. After glancing at her computer screen and noting the time (late evening, well after dinner), she heads to the door to take a peek down at the main door. Thanks to a little black and white video screen she can look down…and spots UPS Jo. Things seem to be in order, so she buzzes the woman up. "Apartment 7D, thanks!" she says into the intercom, and drifts back toward her work.

With the warmest smile she can muster, Jo nods as she's buzzed into the building. Quickly she presses the button on the walkie-talkie at her waist. "I'm in." She takes her clipboard and places it in the crack before proceeding to the elevator for a quick ride up to the seventh floor. As the elevator door opens, she walks to apartment 7D and raps gently on the door. "UPS."

Only seconds after the clipboard is placed in the door it is quickly slipped out by one agent dressed all in black flack armor while another conveniently blocks the camera with a picture of the very space it's supposed to be looking at.

Taking the radio from her belt, Cody lifts it to her lips and lifts it to her lips. "Driver 4-7-8-Delta, this is home. Report when delivery is made, the clock is ticking. Over." Then she waves through another ten agents. Anyone they meet is quickly silenced by a dart and lumped into the stairwell. The seventh floor is a much longer climb than the fourth, but all the agents involved are in top form.

One more time, Alex gets up off the couch, and goes to her door. This time, instead of a little video screen and intercom, she looks through the peephole, which she has to get on tip toe to look through! Seeing that UPS uniform again, she unlocks the door…chain lock, two deadbolts, and the knob…then finally pulls the thing open. "Hello!" she says to the woman outside, looking to see what sort of package it is that she has.

With her distant smile, Jo holds out the one foot squared box for Alex to take. "Hello. Ms. Lambert? This is for you. Can you take it, please? I just need you to sign…" she reaches towards her belt and picks up an electronic signature pad, "…right here."

"Hmmm, I suppose. Who's this package from exactly?" Alex asks delivery girl Jo, as she takes the box momentarily, and sets it inside her apartment. Briefly, she glances at the label, but when Jo offers the signature pad, Alex nods and reaches out to take the electronic stylus and put her signature down on that device.

"I don't know ma'am, but if you call our head office during normal office hours, you can find out." Jo frowns a bit after saying this though, "BUT, if you do call, I'd appreciate it if you didn't tell them I delivered it so late in the day… I broke up with my boyfriend this morning and had a meltdown in the middle of the and I got behind on my deliveries…" She shrugs. "Anyways, I delivered the package before the day ended."

"Well, that's true…and I'm really very sorry to hear that!" Alex says to Jo with a smile, as she presses and signs her loopy, swirly signature (sans embellishments and all the other stuff on her business cards) on that little device. She seems pleasant enough to deal with, and totally unaware of who Jo really is. She hadn't been caught up on a lot of the goings-on, and George's merry little band didn't have anything bad to say about UPS deliveries after a certain hour!

A very soft blip sounds from the radio of one Cody Baker waiting in the stairwell. Raising one fist into the air, she points two fingers toward her eyes and then one to the door. Slowly, she reaches down to her radio and turns the volume way down. The door to the stairwell is opened and a tiny little dentist's mirror peeks through the crack, spotting everything down the hall.

"Thanks," Jo murmurs weakly. As she reaches back for the device. "I really appreciate it. It's been a rough few days." She sighs and smiles as warmly as she can muster. She takes a step back from the doorway after retrieving her device.

Once the UPS delivery woman has stepped away from the door, the agent in the stairwell counts five of her paces before giving a thumbs up behind her. One of the five agents immediately pushes a button that causes the package inside the apartment to explode with a very unnecessary amount of smoke. It is a special mixture of tear gas and ability suppressant that fills the apartment and billows out into the hallway after the driver.

Cody and her men all fit themselves with gas masks and rush out into the hallway, past the diver, one of them handing her a gas mask of her own.

When the thing explodes, Alex is caught off guard. The sound and flash drive her to stumble back against the open door, but then she bounces out into the hall. Already, she's hacking and wheezing, choking on the thick, heavy smoke that billows from that box lying there torn apart on her floor. The door to the hall is obviously the closest…and there's no way she wants to fight her way through the smoke which is filling her apartment to get out the window. Stumbling around in the cloudy hall, she can see the lighted sign noting a fire exit, and makes a beeline for it, even as she covers her mouth with a sleeve and tries her best to stay calm and breath slow.

Oh happy day! The mark is walking right toward Team Bravo. Once she's out of the door and headed toward the light of the exit sign, Cody grins under her mask and lifts two fingers to wave her own team forward to box the woman in. Now, in reality, they likely could have told her to freeze and that she was arrested, but who really wants to take the time. Besides, it's not like they have to read the terrorists their Miranda Rights. So when Alex runs right into the first black clad agent, five guns are pointed at her. "On the floor, Lambert, NOW!!" is the order that rages from the agent behind her. Just before two tranquilizer darts are shot through the air toward the back of her neck.

There's not a whole heck of a lot of time to react! Almost as soon as the first black-clad, solid body that she quite literally runs into tells her to get on the floor, and she tries to get a good look at whoever it is, and then the two stinging hits at the back of her neck. She turns to look at who shot, but…it's more like she starts to turn to look. Two tranq darts are probably enough to take down a full-grown horse, so why not use them to take down a tiny woman? Even before she spins around to face the shooter, she's going down in a heap in the middle of the floor in the hall.

And as the mark tumbles to the floor, Agent Scott removes her cap with a broad grin. She's done her job well today. She turns to face Cody, "I told you I could act pitiful." She smirks at her own words as she directs the SWAT team, "Get her to the van for transport. She's going to a brand new home." The words are said bitterly.

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