2010-06-10: Comeuppance



Date: June 10, 2010


Every dalliance has its price.


Central Park

The air's just a bit gusty in the late afternoon, just verging on cooling down for the evening as it nears sunset. Ophelia has decided on a jog. She wears her yoga pants and a tanktop, and has been jogging for some time when she stops in the park for a water break and to people-watch. Her gaze shifts about the area, keenly searching to see if there's anything worth keeping an eye on. A 'convenient' breeze shifts her way to cool her off.

A jog is just what was on another young woman's mind. KeLyssa, however, is dressed in jogging shorts as opposed to pants. She needs to keep in good shape. Especially if she's going to go into work later this evening. The icy cool blonde rounds a corner and nearly crashes into Ophelia as she does so, just barely twirling herself around the other girl. She blinks. "Oh my god! I'm sooo sorry!" She says, before evening recognizing the girl. "I totally didn't see you…Ophelia, right? Oh my god! HI!"

"Oh, no, that's okay, I didn't even see you either. It's my fault too, sorry!" Ophelia apologizes as well, before she smiles warmly at the other girl. "Oh, hi! KeLyssa, right?" She questions, searching her memory banks and hoping it was the right name. She'd feel guilty if it wasn't!

KeLyssa nods energetically. "YEAH! Ya got it right. M'name's KeLyssa! With a capital L!" She's probably in brighter spirits now than she was the last time Ophelia saw her. "How're you doin'?" She says happily, tilting her head. "Weren't ya…weren't you working for that congressman? Are you still workin' for him? Or are you onto bigger an' brighter things?"

Meanwhile, off at a distance, a number of people are waiting in line for a food truck near the edge of the park. About halfway toward the front, Stefano is on the phone, nodding to Belinda in a typical just-a-second gesture. "—Mike, got your message, what's up? —Crap, he wasn't supposed to come by until what, two, three o'clock? Listen, here's what you do, apologize for me and take him out to lunch, my treat… just keep him busy for an hour, I'll be back before then."

Belinda finishes the last drag off of a cigarette before she flicks it out and tosses it onto the ground near the closest trashcan. She rolls her eyes at the phonecall and listens. When he finishes, she points her baby blues at him and asks. "Who're you making wait?" She looks around, wondering if she should just step out of the line since she may end up grabbing lunch by herself.

"Oh, I'm sorta doing my own thing now. Circumstances changed, so I'm looking around for new opportunities. Enjoying some time off, but.. I'll find something new, soon. Maybe go back and do s'more schooling or something." Ophelia comments, glancing over at KeLyssa. "How about you? What're you up to these days?" She gestures over at the food cart. "Grabbed food yet? I was working some calories off, but.. the food here's always good."

KeLyssa nods a little bit. "Oh sure! I hear ya! Sometimes things jus' don' work out like ya 'spected 'em to, an' tha's just the way they are, right?" She giggles softly. "School's good an' all. Jus' don't over do it. I'm sure you'll get somethin' figured out." She says with a smile. "Oh, I'm just workin' right now at a couple…clubs. Nothin' too fancy." Happily she nods. "I'm starved. Gotta eat, else we'd have nothin' ta burn during these runs, right?"

Stefano hangs up the phone and shakes his head, motioning for Belinda to stay put. "Oh, a customer, or he oughtta be by the end of the day. Just gotta give him a comfort level, you know how it is." Stepping forward, he fishes out a money clip and points out a couple of things on the menu, pleasantly unaware of the double-barreled doom approaching him from behind.

Belinda shrugs. "Alright. I just don't want you to lose a potential client. I know how busy you are and what this means to you." She says as she glances around her. She spies the Wonder Twins(TM) but just takes them as yet another pair of joggers here on this sunny afternoon in Central Park.

Ophelia nods. "I'm gonna try and take it easy. I pushed myself hard last time, so I'm taking the chance to enjoy things as they come." She smiles, glancing over to the food cart. "Mm.. just smelling all that is making me hungry. Maybe I'll get—" She's only mildly distracted by another set of people, this one in more recent memory. Getting lunch? Almost looks like a date. She shifts a little, perhaps feeling slightly awkward, almost unsure how to react.

KeLyssa listens intently to the other girl, nodding along. "Sure. I know how that goes. I worked fer Senator Petrelli. That wasn't no walk in the park neither." She sighs and shrugs. "An' after that it was really ruff an' tumble fer a while. But all's well that ends…that ends, right?" She giggles softly, following Ophelia's gaze to the food cart. "Maybe you'll get…?" She start, trying to get the other to complete her sentence, but doesn't bother. She sees a man. A familiar man. A man who belongs, as well, to Lyssa's more recent memory. And he's with someone. It certainly seems date like. However, while she feels a bit awkward, much like Ophelia, she hides the awkwardness by plastering a giant smile on her face. "I dunno what I wanna get." She says loudly. "M'so hungry I could eat all the horses in the state o' New York!"

Slipping an arm around Belinda's shoulders, Stefano shakes his head. "Hey, I always got time for you, don't I? This guy screws the deal over this, he's not the type we wanna do business with, anyway."

It's partly a defense mechanism, to make sure she's paying attention to the reassurance in his voice and not the expression on his face. He thinks he knows who just spoke up behind him, and if he's right— Well. He does have a plan for such emergencies.

Belinda smiles and leans her head onto Stefano's shoulder. Well, that's sweet of you, but still. We've got lots of ass to kiss and we can't afford to lose breathing room, since you're just starting out." She shrugs. "i just hope he doesn't max out your expense account." She says with a wink as she reaches up for the food when it's offered. A gold band with a large diamond on her ring finger.

Not to be outdone, Ophelia is also pretty loud. "Well, I dunno that they serve /horses/, but I'm sure they've probably got a mean chilli dog. I'm thinking something along those lines, what about you?" She smiles cheerfully, though there's sort of an eagle eye on the situation. Ooh. And there's the kicker. A ring. "Oh, hell." She mutters.

"Chili dogs? Oh, hun, I ain't had a good one of 'em in a good long while. I might just have ta get me one of 'em, stat!" KeLyssa says happily, keeping just as keen of an eye on the 'happy' couple ahead of them. She smiles ever still and gives a wink to Ophelia. With a lean in and whisper, she says quietly to the other girl, "I deal with guys all the time in clubs I work at. Now, it seem ya know this guy as well. Let me break the ice here, won'tcha hun?"

KeLyssa grins slyly and winks to Ophelia once more before maneuvering around to the other side of Stefano and flashing him one of her sweetest smiles. "Well, howdy there partner." She says to him in her most southern of accents. "Now, I hate ta be an imposition somethin' awful, as it seems ya'll are on a lil date here in the park, but you look mighty familiar ta me." She pauses, furrowing her brow. "Weren't ya 'round 'bout the club I work at the other night, not too long ago?" There's a pause as she looks him over. "Yeah, you were at the club in Brooklyn." She says happily. Glancing side-long at Belinda, she extends her hand. "M'name's Lyssa."

Not missing a beat, Stefano turns and snaps his fingers. "Right— FlashDancers, right? About two weeks ago, we were doing a pick-up next door— Bell, you remember those guys were riding our ass about the customs paperwork?" He gestures vaguely: Bell, Lyssa; Lyssa, Bell. "Said we had to come haul it outta there that night or they'd send it back, put us a whole month behind."

This story has the benefit of actually being… well, no, everything after 'pick-up next door' wasn't true at all. But he did tell Belinda about both the switcheroo and the cover story, so it's exactly the lie she'd be expecting.

Belinda smiles and nods, shaking the offered hand. "Belinda. A pleasure." She even giggles slightly.. "And when you're married, it's not considered a 'date' anymore. It's more like syncing up." She nods to Stefano with a raised brow, not exactly fond of speaking about 'business' with others.

Ophelia actually admires KeLyssa's guts. Noting the way she charged into the situation, Phi smiles a bit to herself. "Oh? Small world. I believe I met Stefano over at the Brawler's Headquarters. Saw him go a couple rounds in the ring. He's quite a.. fighter, as I recall." She offers a polite nod to Belinda, then looks for Stefano's reaction.

KeLyssa giggles softly. "Oh, yes. Ya came in fer a drink or two afterwords." She smiles softly at Belinda. "Ya've got quite the husband here. He's such a kindly man as I've ever known. Ya know, I just got off m'shift…" there's a little pause as she smile widely, "I'm a dancer there, ya see, an', well…I'd just finished off m'shift an' he noticed that I was gonna be walkin' home all alone, an' he offered ta walk me back home ta m'place! Ain't that jus' the sweetest thing? Makes me jus' wanna…eat 'im up!" She says, giving him a kiss on the cheek, which leave a faint pink mark from her lipstick. A second later, she gasps. "Oh…mygod!" And yes, she did say those two words so fast that they sounded like one word. "I'm soooooo!" She says to both Stefano and Belinda, but mostly Belinda. "It was just so kind of 'im an'…an'…well, I didn' think twice! Forgive me?" She asks, giving the other woman puppy dog eyes.

Looking to Ophelia, KeLyssa smiles widely. "Oh, good! Ya'll know each other! Here an' I thought I was gonna have ta make introductions!" She tilts her head slightly at Stefano, before look from him to Belinda and Ophelia. "Now, I didn't know ya'll did fightin'. That's excitin'!" She says, eyes falling once again on Stefano.

And here he was half-expecting Lyss to go on and tell a much more detailed story than that. The airhead routine comes as a surprise, but Stefano just rolls with it. "Yeah, well, you know how it is, up around there. Gal could get hurt." Taking a step back and rubbing a hand near the lipstick - carefully, to avoid just smearing it around - he glances toward Ophelia, offering a single nod. Bell might have heard something about Emilio needing to work off some aggression, but he doesn't bother repeating that story. Might sound a little too defensive.

Belinda can't help but smile at the syrupy sweetness that is KeLyssa. She raises a brow at Stefano.. "Wow, walked her home and everything.. Such the gentleman." She says, looking around. She tilts her head and looks to ophelia. "And if you don't mind me asking, Miss…" Not exactly like she cares if Phi minds or not… "But what exactly is a young woman your age doing at a boxing gym? It's not exactly a safe neighborhood." Something's rotten in the state of Denmark, but Belinda will just have to figure it out later.. Like when she's got Stefano alone. She won't make a scene out in public.

"I'm actually a regular there. One of my best friends was actually assisting in running it." Ophelia smiles cheerfully. "I've been practicing there a little more often now that I've finished working for Senator Dawson. I'm a regular, though. I grew up in a rough neighborhood, so I know just how to take care of myself." She looks right back at Stefano. "Although, you're pretty good yourself. I'm sure you'd enjoy a match sometime, hmm? Nice to see where our abilities compare, though it seems like you've had.. quite a few more matches than I have. You've got quite the strategy." And the winning smile's still there.

KeLyssa quickly loops her arm through Stefano's, smiling widely. "Oh, yes ma'am! Quite…the gentleman! Couldn't've asked fer a nicer patron. 'Specially at the kinda club that it is." She sighs softly. "Ya've got yerself quite the man here, ma'am. Quite…the…man." She tilts smile widely, an idea sparking in her mind, giving Ophelia a glance and a wink. "Ya know what? As a thank ya ta this kindly gentleman here, as I can never quite thank him enough, even if he thinks I have already, why don't ya'll come over ta m'place fer supper. On Sunday. You kin come on o'er too, Ophelia." She says smiling, at the other girl. "We can all have a nice, good, visit. All proper like." A sly grin has crossed her face, though she tries to cover the slyness with sweetness.

What is it with Southern girls and cooking, anyway? If she's being serious, and not just trying to dig him a deeper hole - Stefano could see it going either way - then there's liable to be fried chicken and gravy and collard greens. What the hell are collard greens, anyway? Give him a nice lasagna any day. "I don't know, are we busy Sunday?" he asks, looking to Belinda to make the call. May as well, his fate's kind of in her hands at this point anyway, even if his elbow is in KeLyssa's.

Belinda nods at Ophelia's explanation and watches the interaction between her and Stefano. Belinda might not have any form of 'supahpowah' but she can tell body language. Her eyes go wide at KeLyssa's invitation. "Well, we'll have to see if our schedule is clear for the evening." tick "I'm sure Stefano will be in touch with you to let you know one way or the other." She hands Stefano his food. "Well, it was nice meeting you ladies, but the lunch hour is running out quickly and we both need to get back to work. Have a nice day." She takes Stefano's hand in hers with a vice-like grip and walks off in the opposite direction, face turning more and more red the further they get.

"Oh, Sunday sounds fantastic, Lyss." Ophelia comments, looking eagerly towards Belinda and Stefano. Soon enough, though, it seems like those two are done with their lunch break. Oh dear. She smiles cheerfully. "I'm sure we'll be in touch!" She calls, cheerful as ever before she glances back over to KeLyssa. "Well, that was certainly interesting."

A few minutes later...

Belinda is furious. She finds a secluded spot where a couple trees meet. To anyone passing by, they're just your typical couple having a semi-private heated conversation. "I don't know what stunt that was, but I don't appreciate it." She says, as she pulls out another cigarette and lights it. "I don't quite get what you're trying to prove."

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