2007-12-07: Comical Interactions


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Summary: It seems everybody is at the Secret Lair.

Date It Happened: December 7th, 2007

Comical Interactions

East Village, NYC - The Secret Lair

The Secret lair is all — you should pardon the expression — decked out for the holidays. There's a pretty green garland going all the way around the upper moulding of the store, with icicles hanging from it. At intervals are homemade but lovingly done Christmas ornaments of Storm, Iceman, Captain Cold, Unlimited Storm, The Weather Wizard, Killer Frost, and Jack Frost hanging at intervals, as if to explain the icicles hanging below the garland. The cardboard standup displays are all wearing Santa hats. And there's some very unusual techno-big-band Christmas music playing, but not loud enough to intrude on the shopping or reading.

Kory herself is behind the counter, cheerfully tucking away back issues into their little mylar sleeves and backboards. Careful with the tape.

"So yeah, apparently I've got this thing for places that sound super secret because there's this comic shop… 'The Secret Lair'… it's seriously one of the coolest stores I've ever been in." Tyson offers as reasoning for taking Ophelia down. They were out anyway… but was that the real reason for his going? Or was there some other, /hidden/, agenda? Cue the suspenseful music as Tyson enters the store, holding the door open for his travel buddy, noting the decorations and finding them… fitting, and making him, oddly colder just by entering…

Glancing around a bit, Ophelia steps inside, a grin appearing on her face at Christmas decorations. Christmas tends to be one of the few holidays she likes… not because of 'spending time with family' as most people do around the holidays, but rather for being able to surprise friends with gifts they didn't expect. Eagerly looking around, the girl glances back to Tyson for a moment. "I can't believe I've never been in here. This place is pretty cool."

"Hi, and thanks," Kory says, smiling in greeting and raising a hand. "Feel free to have a look around. If you don't see what you want, let me know. If we don't have it, I probably know where to find it or order it for you."

Oh, this place is good. The dog, lying under the chairs, has a branch on his head, just like The Grinch's dog Max. He doesn't seem to mind.

"Thanks!" Tyson calls out towards the apparent shopkeep, waving at her as the pair made their way even further within. Turning back to Ophelia, he jokes, "It surprises me, too; but then again, you said you were well-acquainted with the outdoors, so I won't hold it against you." He winks, making his way towards the comics in particular. "I mean, dang. I'm only slightly into this stuff and every time I come in here, my head is about to explode."

Still, able to see the woman behind the counter, Tyson calls out to her, "How do you stand not buying up everything with your paychecks? Because, I'm ready to clean you out!" He laughs, so she knows he's joking, but there's some definitely some seriousness to it.

Ophelia can't help but grin at the sight of the dog. Oh, the holidays! She echoes Tyson's thanks, following him towards the comics as she browses with some curiosity. "There's always been a few that I've kind of wanted to check out.."

"I get to read it all when the store isn't busy," Kory answers Tyson with the air of being asked that question a lot. She doesn't sound tired of having to answer it; rather she sound amused. To Ophelia, she adds, "We've got books, and DVDs, too. There's a couple comfy sofas over there if you want to try before you buy."

"Awesome…" Tyson whispers to himself at he reaches the stacks and starts to search for a good read, and it seems he's looking for something specific. After some time of looking, though, he finds himself needing some help. "Excuse me, but, do you know where the '9th Wonders' are?" He asks out loud, looking over at Phi with an excited expression, "I don't know what it is, but I read a little bit of one and… I guess it got to me…" He shrugs, realizing he really doesn't have much reason to want one so bad.

"Sounds like a nice job." Ophelia replies. "Much better than serving coffee. Coffee gets tiring after a while." Her gaze shifts to some of the comics, though she catches Tyson's excited glance. "Guess you really like that one, huh?" She flips through a few covers to see them, then she turns towards the Christmas decorations, carefully observing the hand-made ornaments a lot more closely than she did the comics.

"You walked past them," Kory points out. "They're up front. They got really popular after poor Mr. Mendez's death. The back issues are in the boxes, alphabetical, of course." She chuckles at Ophelia's remark. "Some days it is, yes," she agrees. "Some days it's a little …tiresome." She smiles, as if sharing a joke with herself. "Plus, this is not my only job."

"Oh, snap." Tyson mutters, hearing the location of his desired purchases, and making his way back towards the entrance where he was told they were, past the counter where he passes the cashier, flashing her a smile, "Thanks."

Upon reaching the collection of '9th Wonders', an apparent wonder in themselves, Tyson finds himself simply eying them for a moment before doing anything. Of course, he doesn't start at the end, and instead goes for the box of backdated issues which he handles as if something so precious.

Ophelia's gaze goes back to Kory for a moment. "Yeah.. I guess that's a drag.. but it's still nice to have at least one fun job, right?" Her eyes flicker to the ornaments again. "Did you make these? I'm rather curious about the characters…"

"Oh, all my jobs are fun," Kory says, smiling widely. "Why do a job if you don't enjoy it, right?" And she nods. "Uh-huh. Made them one year after a conversation with the owner, Nima. Basically they're just drawings on oaktag glazed with Elmer's glue. Simple as simple can be." She nods to Ophelia, though, an indication she can ask what she likes.

Reading through the issues is all Tyson seems concerned with at the moment as he flips from scene to scene out of curiosity, but in all that he scanned, he couldn't help but think, "I have got to buy these…" With that he was turned back towards the Ophelia and the store worker and starting to make his way to where they were, and not with a huge box of comics, either, just a handful from across the timeline, because the prior option was too awkward.

"Not to interrupt, but, I really want to buy these." Tyson states with a certain bluntness that seemed like it would tear down walls if she said otherwise. "As good as X-Men, but… I don't know… Just so good, and you're free to take a read 'em," then he looks at her seriously, "If you want to… that is…" Nerd…

"Because you need the money?" Ophelia offers with a little laugh. As Tyson interrupted, however, she blinks for a moment as she glances over at Tyson. "Might be interesting.." She adds, her gaze going back to the characters on the ornaments. "Cute idea.. and.. really, great choice on the characters, I think."

"Okay, that's fine. Anything else I can get you? Clearly you don't want giftwrap." Kory waits to be sure Tyson's got all he would like. "Well, yes, I guess, but if you're gonna get paid, and you can find the work you like, so much the better." She blushes faintly at the praise. "Thank you; figured it'd only be appropriate to have all the cold generating characters hanging around for Christmas."

"No giftwrap, but thanks." Tyson chuckles, looking around the store and noting the varied characters. "Yeah, I noticed that; very /cool/?" He offers, trying to be punny. Towards Ophelia, now, he nods, "At any rate, it'll be a nice escape until I find a new job. I'm thinking of taking a break from the whole Brawling scene for a while."

Blinking for a moment, Ophelia looks quizzically back over to Tyson. "Why would you want to do that?" For a moment, she actually seems nervous before she looks back over to Kory. "Do you know of any Storm-centric X-Men issues I could get?" She asks, suddenly.

"Oh, certainly," Kory answers at once, and rattles off a sequence of issue numbers. "Now some of those are Byrne, back before he started slacking off and his art started to look the same except for the costumes. Some are Cockrum's which is a lot silver-age but still very pretty. Jim Lee's also done some nice work, but it's mostly hair and boobs. The story suffers because they let him have some say in the plotting. That's all main universe. The Unlimited Storm is something else, and I can't really get into those well enough to tell you which issues are good." Kory regards Ophelia for a long moment, though, thoughtfully.

"Because…" Tyson begins, about to answer Ophelia's question, but regards Kory for a moments, before going on anyway, "I think I get what why my dad, why any parent wouldn't want their child willingly getting into fights where people are trying to kill you, even if the intent isn't there." He shrugs a little, made awkward by his outburst; still, though, he can't help but smirk at Ophelia's question and the way Kory answers so swiftly. "I didn't even know there was such a big Storm following… she /is/ cool, but when did you get on the Storm-train, Phi?" He's obviously poking fun at her, literally too in the arm.

Ophelia nods at Kory. "I see.. which ones are best in terms of storyline, though? I'm really hoping for a good storyline more so than the art, which sounds kind of strange when you think about asking for story over art in /comics/…" Maybe she's distracting herself from Tyson's conversation. She does have to answer him either way. "Well, some people don't have a choice for that. /Life/ kills you." She rubs her arms a little. "I just like to have something to read when I'm, y'know, wandering about and trying to figure out where the hell I'm going to sleep." Ooh, is that kind of an angry tone?

"Story — I can recommend a few good stories. Tell me what you have in mind?" Kory asks. "Happy story, sad story? Her miniseries are usually pretty good. And the Lifedeaths that happened in the 80s. all in the back issue boxes."

Leah makes her way into the store, pulling leather gloves off as soon as she's in the door. These are stashed into her pockets as she pauses to look around the store. Leah doesn't look quite like the normal patron, most likely. She's fashionably dressed with her hair and makeup carefully done. She strays towards the bulliten board of flyers gazing over them.

Tyson is looking at Ophelia, saddened, but not showing much of it. "I get your point, but…" He flounders, gaining his footing a moment later, "I'm just saying… there are better ways to make a buck than potentially getting beat up and I'll be the first to say that even if you dodge like a pro or take hits like one… is it really worth it if there are other options? Because if your-!" His tone was getting agitated, but he calms himself around Kory. "Because if you're that worried about finding a place, I can help you out with that by letting you stay at the Headquarters… Dick is off on his own crap, so you know I can do it. I'm practically running the whole thing. Isn't that better?"

Then hearing the door open, Tyson turns to see who was coming in…. He didn't know her, and subsequently silenced himself, looking at the '9th Wonder's to be purchased and then back at Kory, breaking his silence just once, "Do you mind if I go make use of that couch area you mentioned?"

"Not a problem," Kory assures Tyson, with a slightly worried look as he and Ophelia seem to have some tension between them. Fortunately she doesn't get to dwell on it because the door opens again. "Happy Holidays!" she chirps happily at Leah. "Getcha anything?" She pauses to type something quickly into her laptop, as if committing something before she forgets.

Leah turns to give Kory a bright, cheerful smile. "Happy Holidays! No, I don't think I need anything. I just wanted to see what this place is like. I mean, I've walked past it quite a bit, but I've never been inside." Sometimes when listening to her talk, it might sound like her hair should be a few shades lighter.

Ophelia watches Tyson, lip drawn between her teeth, ripping at the skin there. She doesn't say a word to him, drawing in a long, slow breath before looking back to Kory. "Sorry about that." She murmurs, rubbing the back of her neck. "Maybe something a little sad." She lets her gaze fall to Leah for a moment, but instead she looks away, back towards the ornaments.

"Uh…no prob," Kory repeats. "Lifedeath is sad, yeah. And the origin story's in a reprint of X-Men Classic. You probably wouldn't want to spend as much as the original would cost this close to Christmas."

"Sounds good then. I'll take those, if you've got them." Ophelia murmurs, tucking a strand of hair behind an ear. Her eyes flicker to the homemade ornament of Storm. "Do you.. think I could convince you to part with that one? I'd pay you for it. Don't have enough artistic talent to make my own, even if it is simple."

"Oh, they belong to the owner," Kory says, apologetically, "But it would probably take me no time at all to make you your own if you want one." She hops the counter with a nimble motion and heads straight for the longboxes to pull out the issues that Ophelia wants.

Plopping down on the couch, Tyson does his best to put whatever happened or was happening at the counter out of his mind. For now, he wanted to get into some heroes. Any random starting point would do, and he ends up picking the earliest one in tow. The opening panel was a man staring down another who had a gun in hand. There isn't any dialogue, but the unnarmed man is thinking: "… Even cornered… unnarmed… and presumed out…." The man's eyes flare black and red, and in the next panel… the man with the gun is the only one left… Yet even in that circumstance, the thoughts continue, "… I've still got the upperhand…"

"Whoa…" Tyson whispers to himself.

Leah drifts away from the board and off towards a display of recently released comics. She picks up one, flipping through it gently before she sets it back down to squat down and take a look at another. She's intent on it, for the moment at least.

"Right." Ophelia murmurs, looking slightly disappointed. "I would imagine so. Wouldn't really have anywhere to hang it anyways." She watches Kory retrieve the issues, reaching for her wallet to get out some money.

"No, seriously," Kory says to Ophelia. "I could have one for you by this time tomorrow if you want one. It's no trouble. I just never met anyone who liked one enough to want one." She flushes slightly.

In the next scene, Tyson assumes it's unrelated, another man, quite official looking, flashes back to kissing his wife and daugther goodbye. "Dad promises to be home soon, of course… Boom, on a dangerous mission." He narrates, shaking his head. "Just like real life, there…" With a sigh, Tyson turns the page a couple times, trying to leave that storyline behind, still not trying to deal with Ophelia at the moment, assuming it would pass eventually.

In the mood to do some shopping today, Edward heads to the East Village. As he pulls his scarf around his neck he begins to make his way from store to store until he comes to the Lair.

As he looks up at the sign he hmmms and makes his way in soon behind mother and son. His blonde hair falling in his face as the cold hair flows in behind him. He quickly closes the door behind him.

Leah moves from the comic books, over to look through a rack of t-shirts, giggling at the text on some of them, even if she isn't dressed like someone who would wear a t-shirt around. Ophelia and Kory's conversation gets a quick glance before she's back to her preoccupation.

"Hi! Happy Holidays, and welcome!" Kory calls to Edward as she approaches the register to give Ophelia what she's asking for. "Gotta love christmas shopping season," she says, sheepishly, and calls to Leah. "Looking for anything special?"

From what KeLyssa had heard, this was one of the best stores for comics. And since she /knows/ her brother just loves some comics, especially the rare hard to find ones, she decided to come here to find one or two to send back home to him.

"Oh, wow, hi, Happy Holidays," Kory greets KeLyssa. She's got a sigh of relief as Tito comes in, looking a little sleepy. "Hey, Kor," he greets her. "Wow. Quite a crowd for a Sunday. I guess since we're so close to the big day." Apparently he works here. "Everybody got what they need?" He is carrying a coffee box from a nearby pastry shop, but when he pops the spigot open, the smell of cinnamony hot chocolate fills the store. "Everybody got what they need?"

A soft smile escapes his lips as he nods to Kory. He begins to remove from gloves and puts them into his pockets. Edward begins to look through the various items.

Leah pulls a t-shirt off the rack still giggling. "I like this shirt. Isn't it so cute?" It's a black t-shirt with the words 'I bit the werewolf back' written in writing that looks like it could be blood. Really cute, sure.

"That is cute," Kory agrees. She apparently has seen stranger in her time, or scarier. She just agrees with the customer. "Not wanting that gift-wrapped, are ya?" Apparently people are shopping for themselves this evening. She isn't complaining.

KeLyssa smiles at Kory and starts looking around. "Fantastic Four…Fantastic Four…the Human Torch…" She mutters to herself once she thinks she's found the section that she thinks the comic would be in. "Must be around here somewhere…just got to…find it." She starts shuffling through the various comics to see if she can find the one she came here to find.

"I'd really like one if you'd make me one. Wouldn't mind coming back for it tomorrow.." Ophelia offers over the money for the comics. Her gaze shifts about the room to study the newcomers, then looks back to Kory. "Thanks again for helping me find these."

Tyson obviously didn't catch anything from previous panels, but where he stops, he gleans that it is still on Father with a mission, only… the Father was lying in a pool of blood and another man… reaches into the dead man's jacket pocket and pulls out a wallet. He opens it, examines the picture on the driver's license with a devious grin in place, and then… let's several folds of family pictures. This man then says to himself, "Hmhmm… Think I'm going to have to pay someone a visit…"

Tyson expected as such from a comicbook storyline, but… something catches his attention… something… about the dead father's driver license. Now, there was no way he could have connected any resemblance from a comic book picture, but… "The name…" Was Santos Hunter… didn't sound familiar…

Tito, ever helpful, calls out to KeLyssa - "Current issues are against the back wall. The Unlimited line is at the far end, and back issues are in the long boxes. 9th Wonders are up front by the window." He offers Kory a hot chocolate in a paper cup, which she accepts gratefully. "Sure, no problem at all. I'd be happy to." She is sincere in her response to Ophelia. "And thanks." She takes the money, and registers it, then bags the comics for Ophelia. "Here you go."

Leah grins over to Kory. "Oh, not for this. This one would be for me. I might find something else that's, like, for someone else. I like werewolves though." She states, draping the shirt over one peacoat covered arm to continue looking.

KeLyssa looks up to where the voice comes from and smiles at Tito. Calling back over to him, with a very southern accent, "Do ya happen to have any of the original Marvel comics of the Fantastic Four? Only the person I'm gettin' 'em for would just love 'em so much." She smiles shyly. "Would they be in those boxes ya mentioned if ya have 'em or would they be somewhere else 'round the store?"

As he presses his lips into a fine line, Edward begins to walk towards the cashier. He tucks a loose strand behind his ear and waits for a pause in the small groups conversation before asking, "Excuse me. Do you have any new issues on Jean Grey,Scarlet Witch or X-Man? Or maybe any other heroes who are Telekinetic?"

Tito sets the cups down and scrawls a COMPLIMENTARY COCOA - HAPPY HOLIDAYS! sign to set atop the coffee box. "Here, let me come show ya," he says, and comes around the counter to assist KeLyssa a bit more directly.

"Well, nothing wrong with werewolves," Kory shrugs, completely at ease with the conversation. Edward asks his question. "I'm afraid Jean Grey's dead again this month, but you want telekinesis? Um, lemme think. Marvel Boy had a recent miniseries. Scarlet Witch is a probability manipulator, rather than a teke, though. And Invisible Woman can pull off the next best thing to telekinesis…"

Taking the bag, Ophelia glances back to Tyson on the couch for a moment. The lip returns to it's worried place between her teeth before she grips her bag a little, silently moving towards the door.

Leah gives Kory a quick grin. "I write about them, so I tend to think about them more than non-overly obsessed people." Leah moves over to look at some of the anime dvds. IT's really quite the place to look around.

KeLyssa smiles at Tito. "Thank ya sir, it's much appreciated. Never really been in a store like this all that much, to be honest with ya. Don't read many comics. But I wanna surprise my brother some." She shrugs. "Ya know…I like these superhero and villain ornaments that ya've put around the store…that make 'em look like they have ice powers. They…well, do ya have any comics of any superpowered people like 'em? As I say, I ain't read much superhero comics, so I don't really know much about 'em."

Tyson sighs, sitting up from reading the comic. Reading it did nothing for his sense of self and in the end, only helped him towards moving on and out. Then there were the stirring voices, one he thought he recognized, after all, after a while in the city, you notice southern twangs of that sort.

Standing up, Tyson returns to the front counter, having cooled off a little, but still unsettled. He sees the familiar figure of KeLyssa disappearing in the stacks, a new guu and girl, with Ophelia closer to the door than he remembered her being. There's no doubt in his mind, that they aren't going to be exactly peachy, if they leave together… "So, Phi, you got your Storm-stuff?"

Twice in one day people asking about the ornaments. And their powers. Kory shakes her head, amused, and grins back at Leah. "Cool. Anything published? Maybe we can have you in for a signing sometime if you have."

"Tito," Tito corrects KeLyssa. "I'll get your Fantastic Fours, and I think Iceman had a miniseries. But maybe you'd like Fire and Ice better. Like Thelma and Louise, except with fire and ice powers. Killer Frost has powers too, but she's not one of the good guys…" he rambles half to her, half to himself, as he begins deftly searching the longboxes.

"I've got them alright," Ophelia murmurs, moving to push the door open. "You coming or not?" She questions. If he's not getting up, she's not waiting. She almost seems half tempted to go regardless.

As he nods slowly, he begins to walk towards the Fantastic Four area. Edward begins to fiddle through the various issues. His lips purse as he pulls out an issue and begins to fiddle through it. Edward begins to chuckle to himself…

KeLyssa nods a little. "O' course si…" she catches herself. "O' course, Mister Tito." She smiles a little coyly at him. "Fire an' Ice? Ain't never heard of 'em. Though, that's not surprisin', as I say." She grins. "I'll take your word for it. I suppose I'll have to get myself a Fire an' Ice comic too. Do ya suggest I start from the beginnin', or is startin' from anywhere fine?" She asks with a hint of curiosity.

"Fire and Ice are part of the Justice League," Tito explains. "The DVDs may have their pictures. They had a little miniseries, which is short. Maybe six issues with a beginning, a middle and an end. But nothing ongoing."

"Let me just get these things…" Tyson answers at the girl's bluntness, turning to Kory with a disoriented expression. "Yeah, so these five." He says, splaying the 9th Wonders on the counter. "Though, I've got a question. Do you ever get nuts in here saying all this 9th Wonder stuff is happening..?- Because… it's sad even the bad in things in comic books are happening to real people. Art imitating life, huh? Well, I think we're only too lucky if anybody has got superpowers like that…" He shrugs, casting a look at Ophelia as she, slowly leaves, the store and Tyson it seems.

KeLyssa smiles at Tito. "I think I'd be interested in readin' 'em then. I mean, I'd start with the first episode to see if I wanna read the rest've the five an' all. But any help in that would be much appreciated, Mister Tito."

"I haven't," Kory says, bewildered, to Tyson. But Tito nods at Tyson's question as he hands KeLyssa the books she requested. "Start here, ma'am," he tells her, then adds to Tyson. "A couple people were in here within the past couple weeks saying the stuff in the comics is coming true. But only that one. 9th Wonders."

Kory raises a brow at Tito describing such, blinks, and looks at the books dubiously herself. "Really. Must've been while I was on break for Thanksgiving."

Leah gives Kory a quick grin. "I love booksignings. It's always lots of fun to talk about something I'm so invested in, you know?" Leah opens her purse to pass over a card to Kory. "My second book just came out a couple months ago called Silverstream. The first is Moonlight. They're not top ten or anything, but they're selling copies."

KeLyssa nods a little. "Thank ya kindly, Mister Tito. Muchly appreciated." She looks at the comics she has in hands, shifting through them now.

"Okay. I'll be in touch with you sometime this week, and we can work something out for when your next book is released, if that works for you," Kory tells her.

"No problem," Tito tells KeLyssa. "It has to be some kind of publicity stunt, right, the stuff coming true? Maybe they're trying to make a 9th Wonders movie or TV show and they're trying to drum up info by making people talk about it."

"That is an odd form of telekinesis." Edward whispers to himself. He places the issue back and moves the the X-Men section.

KeLyssa starts slowly towards the counter, reading the beginning of Fire and Ice. Her eyes gaze over the first page and already she loves it. She looks up, finally at the counter and looks around. "So…what this 'bout things happenin' that're in a comic book?"

Ophelia rubs her arms a little, gripping her bag tighter as she watches Tyson at the register. "I'll be outside." She states before moving, stepping outside entirely.

"I hope…" Tyson begins, but stops for a reason he can't point a finger on. Actually, well.. he all ready knew why, but it was that exact reason that left him perplexed. It was then he sees KeLyssa coming up to the front again; he looks back at Ophelia for a moment, then back at the girl he only met a short time ago. "Oh hey, K-Lyssa." He greets now that he has some time, not anxious to get out into that storm.

Leah nods to Kory. "I'll have the next one in to the editor soon. Definately before the new year, right now they're planning on releasing it this next summer, though you know if that'll like change." She looks over to Tito. "Or maybe the writer is just like, really psychic. Or a crackhead."

It's the small gifts that she still hasn't picked up. She's already got the big ones. God know, Jamie is one lucky little brat, but he's all Alicia has left. So, now that he's out with friends, she has a chance to go pick up a few little things for him. She knows he collects comics and toys related to them, so she heads to the first comic shop she's heard about by her son. Tucking her hair behind her ears, she opens the door, snickering at some of the decorations. She's watched some of the movies and recognizes at least one. She doesn't notice anyone in particular about, though she knows at least one person here.

KeLyssa looks over to Tyson. "Oh, hello…Tyson, wasn' it? How're you?" She says with a very small smile. She places the comics on the counter. "I think I'll be buying these comics." She says, showing the comics that Tito gave to her. "Can't wait to get started on 'em."

"A psychic crackhead," Tito repeats, and then laughs. "Anything is possible, I guess. And this is the time of year magical things happen if you believe all the TV shows."

Kory plucks a copy of 9th Wonders off the fancy display rack, and frowns at it. "Isaac Mendez," she reads out loud, and frowns thoughtfully.

Tito takes his turn at the register to ring KeLyssa up. The bell rings, announcing another customer, and he and Kory chorus together. "Happy holidays, and welcome!"

Edward 's eyes turn to look towards Tito. He cocks an eyebrow and puts his issue back into the slot. Edward begins to walk towards the DvDs.

KeLyssa pulls out her wallet to pull out the cash. She hands some bills to Tito and smiles. "Oh, b'fore I forget to ask an' all…this store wouldn't be lookin' for people to work in it, would it? I mean, I know I say I don't know much 'bout comic books an' the like, but I'm a quick learner. I'm sure I'd get it all in no time."

Tito shakes his head at KeLyssa as he finishes ringing her up and gives her her change and her receipt. "I don't think we are, but you'd have to ask the manager, Kory," he tells her. "That's her over there by the 9th Wonders. " He glances at Edward. "You finding everything okay?" Clearly Tito and Kory have some kind of rhythm where they switch off with each other. "How 'bout you, ma'am?" This to Alicia. "Need me to help you find something?"

"Isaac Mendez, huh… well… too bad he's dead, otherwise we could call him up and ask what his deal was. I mean? Where do you get things like this? It's compelling, but it kind of kills you to read. It's almost-… too /real/." But Tyson sighs that thought off and looks back at Lyssa, "Yeah, you've got it." He, however, doesn't keep that conversation up seeing as she was talking about getting a job and all that.

Shaking her head, Alicia smiles to Tito. "Not yet. Just trying to figure out things that my son might like. He recommended the place." She says with a chuckles. She moves over to the action figures, and picks one of them up, trying to remember his favorites. The author shakes her head, knowing that's not one of them.

Leah glances over to Alicia. She may not know the woman /that/ well, but it is a familiar face. She steps over to greet Alicia with a bubbly smile. "Hi! How are you doing today?" There's a t-shirt tossed over one arm, Leah's find so far.

"I know somebody who knew him," Kory says, to Tyson. "I haven't seen him in this month, but he usually comes in near the end of the month. I'll have to ask him." She puts the issue she was glancing through back, and returns to the register to spell Tito, so he can go back amongst the shoppers. "But it's like Tito says. It has to be some kind of crazy marketing thing." Though she doesn't seem entirely convinced of her own words.

His pale blue eyes look on Tito, Edward blinks and says, "just looking…I am curious for Christmas ideas. I have a friend who likes anything related to telekinesis."

KeLyssa smiles and nods at Tito. "Thank ya, Mister Tito. I'll be sure to ask 'er then." She turns and faces the direction of Kory, he just so happens to be talking to Tyson. She walks over to them and smiles at Tyson and then at Kory. "I'm sorry to interrupt your discussion an' all, but I was wonderin' if I could ask ya somethin' quickly, ma'am." She says to Kory.

"Telekinesis, huh?" Tito muses, scratching his chin. "Lemme see what I can come up with." He comes from the counter to head for the long boxes again.

"Oh, sure, hon, what can I do for you?" Kory asks, pulling her gaze with an effort away from the 9th Wonders display.

Being spoken to, Alicia looks up, blinking. "Oh, hi! Oh, not bad. Just trying to find some gifts for Jamie." She says tucking another loose strand behind her ear. So… Two authors walk into a comic shop… She places the figure back where it was and adjusts her purse. "I didn't know you came around here." It's all said pleasantly. "He's still getting used to not having his dad around." She adds, softly. She doesn't bother mentioning she's doing the same thing.

Tyson nods at Kory's account and tries to remain without depression for the time being, "Well, if you do get on to speaking to him, ask him-…" He was going to say 'if Isaac offed himself because he knew what he was making', but… "Ask him, if he thought Isaac was trying to inspire people to do something with his stories. I've often read people write for a purpose, but I guess sometimes stories just come from a void…"

All that in his head, he catches the non-working guy's constant questions about telekinesis and the like. "Telekinesis, huh? Well, if you want some stuff on that, you should take a look at a book called 'Activating Evolution'. Granted it's a bit on the iffy side, but it all kind of makes sense, if you can understand it."

"I wouldn't call it iffy," Kory disagrees. "It's just a little big-brained for the sort of reading you do while commuting on the F train." She turns her polite attention back to KeLyssa.

Leah nods over to Alicia. "That's got to totally and completely suck for the both of you." She states before she shakes her head. "This is my first time here. I thought I'd check it out. There's a great bookstore not far from here that I use sometimes for research material on fantastic stuff called Enlightenment Books. Cool place."

KeLyssa smiles kindly at Kory. "Well, I was askin' Mister Tito if ya'll were hirin' some, but he said it would be best to be talkin' with ya, so here I am. I was wonderin' if ya'll are hirin'. I ain't got too much experience with comic books and the like, but I'm a quick learner and I'm sure not to disappoint ya any."

"He isn't the most intelligent guy in the world. I think he just wants it for the pictures and to burn his brain cells." Edward chuckles tucking a few loose strands of hair behind his ear.

Alicia turns slightly to the side as she hears mention of a certain book. "I've read that. I liked it." She says with a shrug, just adding in to the other part of the conversation. Glancing back to Leah, "Yeah. But we go on. Books to sell and a son to take care of." She says with a quick nod. "Hmm. Bookstore?" Alicia asks. "I could use some new books. I may have to go there sometime."

Tito comes up with an old copy of Bizarre Adventures, which has Jean's origin in it, and the issue of X-Men in which Jean and Emma Frost are fighting psionically. Plus a handful of issues of Unlimited X-Men. "Lots of Jean in these."

Kory blinks at KeLyssa. "Oh, gee. It's a teense busy, but tell you what. If you can swing by one afternoon next week, I'll see if we can at least start you part-time. Will that work?"

Lee comes breezing in, his warm outdated coat swirling in the frigid winter air from outside. He's talking on his cellphone. "Hang on, can't hear you over the arguments of who would win in a fight between Darth Vader and Akira." he says. "Yep, I'm home, talk to you later." Hey, isn't that the guy from that issue of Ninth Wonder, the one that looks like the guy from that giant ape movie? He grins at Kory as he passes her aisle. "Place is jumping." he says, warmly.

Leah nods over to Alicia. "They don't have much in the way of novels, though. Mostly books on the paranormal. Crystals and stuff." Leah turns to give the room a quick sweep with her gaze.
KeLyssa smiles a little at Kory. "Oh, I understand, ma'am. It's a busy time, with Christmas so near and all. But that would be much appreciated, ma'am. Part-time certainly works for me. The big thing is to get some sort of income, eh?" She smiles.

"I see your point, Miss. Then again, /that's/ crossing territories. You can't go around comparing comic books to scientific one-… not that we've been doing that, with real life, but still…" Tyson shrugs, "At any rate, thank God for comic books that give rise to great conversations like, who would you rather be, The Hulk or… or… Pokemon…'"

A wide smile comes across his face as Edward nods quickly, "These will be perfect." He holds his hand out to take them from Tito.

"I'll read anything. I always need something for when I'm not writing." Alicia says with a chuckle. "You would think, since I write for a living, I wouldn't WANT to read anymore." She shrugs. Hearing Tyson's thing about the great conversations, she rolls her eyes. "Thank goodness Jamie is out of that stage." Suddenly, she spots them and remembers, "Oh yeah! Those are the ones he likes."

"Kory," Kory tells Tyson. She spares Lee a frantic but friendly wave, then nods at KeLyssa. "Excellent. We'll sit down and work out the details on…let's say Wednesday." Some of the regular geeks groan at the sight of Lee.

"Great. Let me ring those up for you." Tito walks back to the register.

Leah looks over to Tyson and shakes her head. "I don't know. I mean, I wouldn't want to be /green/, but well a Pokeball would be too cramped of a living space. Ick." She states before bites her lip. "Maybe I'll just get like some t-shirt or something for my big brother. Someday he might even grow up too much to want to wear Spidey everyday."

KeLyssa smiles, nodding. "That sounds great, ma'am. I'll be sure to be 'round then." She says merrily.

Edward follows Tito a gleam in his eye from the excitement…the excitement of giving a gift or maybe they are really for him. Nevertheless, Edward follows taking out his Visa.

Kory smiles at Kelyssa, and then runs over to the counter to get a card so she can give it to the other window. "Call first. Tito can interview you if I end up running late. A second job, y'know, and you know how traffic is at this hour."

Tito rings Edward up and gives him his total and his receipt to sign shortly thereafter.

Looking up at Lee's entrance, Alicia gives a bit of a smirk. She recognizes him as one of the teachers where her son goes. She's heard bad things. But then, some of the PTA are idiots, so she doesn't know what to think about him yet. She'll withhold judgment for now. She picks up a collector's set of the Fantastic Four. She blinks as she realizes their powers. She coughs gently to herself.

Edward signs, and takes the bag from Tito and says with a bounce in his step, "Thanks bro." Edward begins to walk towards the exit. He begins to slide his fingerless gloves back on his hands.

KeLyssa nods a little bit at Kory. "Yes, ma'am. Will do. I'll try an' call when I'm gettin' near so that ya'll know." She grins. "I think I can figure how it is." She smiles.

GAME: Ophelia has rolled HEART OF COLD and got a result of AVERAGE.
Lee sneers at the groans, "Eyes down, nerds, those eight-sided dice aren't going to roll themselves." Surely this gives an excellent first impression to Alicia. He breezes through, heading behind the counter to grab a cup of coffee from the pot. "Huh, it didn't look that dark out there a minute ago…" he remarks to nobody in particular.

Kory blinks, and pours two cups of hot chocolate, one for Tyson, and one for Ophelia. "She's standing out in that waiting for you. This'll warm you both. And maybe she'll calm down."

"Leto Jones, do NOT harass my paying customers!" And it's actually cocoa in the coffee box on the counter.

GAME: Edward has rolled FORCE FIELDS and got a result of GREAT.
As he opens the door, and steps outside into the hail. Edward begins to swear. He places a hand to his eyes, and grumbles. As he turns to walk in front of the store window down the street, the hail is not touching him as he runs with an unusual grace. Most people would fall down from the slick surface. Edward is fine as the hail bounces off his "invisible" umbrella above him.

Lee says, "Ugh. I'm never forgiving Nima for telling you my real name." although he remains in high spirits, by his expression. "Hey, this cocoa is good."

Ready to go, Tyson heads over to Tito and the counter to pay for his things, only to be stopped by Kory with cocoa in tow, "Um, thanks…" He accepts, after putting down the comics that is, one of them, just happening to open up to page where a certain pair are standing outside of a store with steaming mugs of something in their hands, large white chunks falling around, but ceasing to fall some distance past them in another frame. All this while one gentleman walks off, protected from such precipitation.

Tyson subsequently head outside, wanting to reconcile with Ophelia, but really lost on how to do as such.

"Oh great. Hail." Alicia sighs softly. "That's gonna hurt." But at least she can prevent it from really doing serious damage to herself. Holding the figure-set, she begins to move towards the register. "Hopefully they have a box I can keep these safe in." She says, turning back to the hail outside. Not good.

"She didn't tell me," Kory snipes back, annoyed with him. It must've been one of the times she was over for dinner in their youth, and one of their mega-geeky parents let it slip. "And yes, it is. Don't drink it all. It's for customers, ya freeloader." She's only teasing, despite being annoyed with him. She blinks as she reaches to bag his purchase, and smiles quizzically at the panel she sees first. "You guys try to stay dry and warm!"

"We've got a good plastic bag that'll keep 'em okay," Tito says. "But don't feel like you have to run right out in that. It never does that for long." He smiles to comfort Alicia.

Lee says, leaning jauntily on the counter, "I have an umbrella upstairs if any of you want to borrow it. Just promise to return it… see, Kory, I can bring customers back, if they really are determined to rot their brains. Seriously, wow, that's coming down hard, does anyone want the umbrella?"

Now that it's slowed down a bit, Kory goes over to the 9th Wonders display rack — placed prominently since so many people have been asking about it lately — and opens the issue Tyson was most recently looking at. Her eyes widen.

Leah ponders a few other things before she shakes her head and heads over towards the cash register with just the t-shirt she'd chosen for herself. So much for Christmas shopping. "Ooh. Hot chocolate. That sounds like a good reason to wait out crappy weather inside."

"Oh good." Alicia says with a grin. She places the figure-set, one of the really nice ones of the Fantastic Four, up at the register and prepares to pull out her credit card for when someone has a moment. Of course, if anyone reads modern fantasy, they may recognize the name with the face. Leah and she are both in the same field. Maybe not. "I'm still not used to this weather. Florida didn't have this."

Tito is happy to do the ringing up of Leah, as the boss seems to have gotten absorbed by something a customer got her into. "Sure. Those hailstones /hurt/," he says, as if from experience. He's ready to take on Alicia's purchase soon as Leah's done at the register and with the cocoa. "Oh, well, welcome to New York, where it has to be 24 inches of snow on the ground before anybody gets to stay home."

Lee says, "Staying inside, the best umbrella." He doesn't recognize Alicia, as she is neither dead nor French, the qualifications of his favorite authors. He glances at Kory's expression, then laughs almost to himself.

KeLyssa makes herself comfy in a corner and starts reading one of the comics she was given.

Flit-flit-flitter. Kory gasps audibly, the comic having slipped from her grip. She nimbly catches it before it hits the ground, though, and then stares again at the page. She carefully sets the comic back in the display, and goes to sit behind the counter, looking just a teense spooked. And angry.

Leah pays with her debit card and then she's off to pour herself a cup of hot chocolate. She glances over to Kory with curiousity as she sips at it before she asks. "Someone step on your grave?"

"Guess you could call it that, yeah," Kory says to Leah. "Probably just tired. It's been a long day and it's still not over." She glances to Tito. "Do we have Messenger on a pull list?"

"I'll look," Tito says, smartly, and begins checking the files for her.

As she pays for her purchase, Alicia glances over to Leah. She doesn't know the other woman, so says nothing. Looking over to Lee, she just keeps an eye open for a moment. "Looks like it's at least a little quieter now." She chuckles, though it's still busy. "So thankful I don't have to work in a retailish situation."

Lee nods to Kory, "It's going well so far, keep it up." he says encouragingly, even encompassing Tito in that. He doesn't even comment on the comic book, though he gives the display a somewhat jaundiced look, like it's not his favorite title.

"It's fun, even when it gets crazy busy," Kory tells Alicia, the momentary cloud in her expression clearing. "Everybody getting what they enjoy, reading, having fun."

Leah finishes off her hot chocolate rather quickly. Then she's glancing towards the door. "It sounds like it's let up outside. I'd better get to the subway before the weather, like, changes its mind." Leah decides, giving a general way on her way out.

"Thanks for stopping by," Kory tells Leah. "Don't forget to call so we can arrange that signing!"

"Oh, I'm sure. But I enjoy my job too much." Alicia chuckles. "I think I'm going to have to head back, myself. Jamie might be home soon. He was at a friend's, but who knows how long he'll stay. I just gotta make sure to get this wrapped before he sees it." She pats the bag gently and stretches before she begins to head towards the door.

"Thanks for shopping here, we really appreciate it," Kory says sincerely. "Get home safe."

Lee doesn't make fun of people on their way out, he just gives them a farewell nod.

"Oh you'll probably see my son more than me." Alicia chuckles, but does head out the door and back into the evening.

Kory begins to tidy up now that the majority of the rush seems to have slowed down. The store always needs tidying after people have come in and shopped. But she hums to herself, still mostly too happy to remain in whatever drew that darkness into her mood.

Lee says, "So, uh, you saw the bit with the guy that looks like me in there? And…the kid that looks like Cam…" to Kory, sort of faux-casually.

"Mm-hmm," Kory says, icy tone indicating that while a customer remains in the shop she's not going to get into it with him. "Can't wait to talk to Messenger next week." Tito has, in fact found his number.

Lee says ,"Yeah. I know. Pretty embarassing. Who is this Messenger guy?"

"Biggest 9th Wonders fan in New York," Kory says, straightening the ornaments, and taking Chewie's dish to refill it with water. "Scuttlebutt among the geekarati is that he has one of Isaac's sketchbooks. Which means maybe he knows a bit more about the behind the scenes with the comic."

Lee nods a little. "Step upstairs around closing, I'll buy you a drink?" he suggests.

"Yeah. I wanna talk to you anyway," Kory says thoughtfully, now going to water Panthro.

Lee says, "Works for me. See ya around." He shoots one more warning glance at the D&D nerd table as if daring them to say something about him. They do not. He does not.

Lee leaves via an unmarked door in the back of the shop.

"I'm gonna take Lee up on that drink, Tito," she tells the man at the register. "I've got the phone on me. Text me if you need me." With that, she gives the guys at the game table a warning they'll be closing soon. She pets the dog with the branch on his head, then heads up the stairs.

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