2007-10-06: Comics and Mythology


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Summary: A random meetup in the park leads to discussions of mythology and philosophy.

Date It Happened: October 6th, 2007

Comics and Mythology

Uptown, NYC - Central Park

It's mid afternoon, the sky is slightly overcast, and apparently Adam can't get a break, newspaper folded over one arm, and a cardboard cylinder some ninty centimetres long tucked under the other he's speaking with a cop, in a tone that while polite implies such manners may be short lived. "Yes I'm here every day at this time, I like to read my paper in the park." The officer nods slightly. "Then you were his yesterday?" There's a deep breath as Adams' tone takes just an edge. "Yes, that's what I mean by everyday, although if we're being accurate I was sitting over there yesterday." He motions to the bench across from him. "And I've already told you I never saw anyone get their bag stolen. I was reading my paper."

Cam comes into view with a rather large dog, tossing a frisbee to it as he walks, and the dog running to catch it and bring it back. The boy grins each time, saying something along the lines of, "Good boy, Mouse." And he tosses it again. He glances around, and almost waves as he spots Adam, but when he sees the cop he holds back.

Aidan's off work for the day and has no auditions for the night. He has his mp3 player in his pocket. Only one earphone is in. He walks with a bit of a dance in his step as he approaches the bench where the officer seems to be annoying someone. He hasn't quite heard anything, as he has so much going on in the music in his head.

Kory is keeping a discreet distance behind Cam and Mouse. Far enough back that the kid doesn't feel stifled, but close enough to dash for the dog should he get a wild hair and decide a squirrel must need chasing right now. She's carrying a shopping bag on her elbow from the Museum of Natural History. She smiles serenely at the boy and the dog; it's a perfect picture.

Possibly sensing Adams' mood, or possibly because Adam seems to have decided that something going on in the distance is worth more attention the Officer looks at him. "Then I'm sorry to borther you, it's just that it was a friend of mine. I said I'd see what I could learn." Adam nods to the officer flashing a slight smile. "Of course officer, it's good to know you're putting in such effort for a friend." His tone's a little too polite, but the cop just heads off leaving Adam to pick up the case sitting under the bench and start towards Cam with a slight nod towards the boy. Taking a few seconds to gather his patience.

Cam watches after the cop for a few moments, until the dog's brought the frisbee back. Petting the dog again with a grin, the boy throws it again for the dog to chase. Then he looks up, waving quickly to the approaching Adam, "Hey."

As Aidan's eyes glance across, he sees the woman from the comic shop yesterday. He smiles, offering her a wave. The single headphone remains in but he offers a quick, "Heya!" and a wink. His hand moves up to scratch his nose as he moves towards her, just to see if she has any desire to talk or anything.

Mouse, massive, massive beast that he is, carries the frisbee back like a frisky puppy one fifth his size. He leans into Cam's petting happily, and drops the frisbee at his feet. When the boy tosses it again, he takes off at a gallop. No special jump-catch tricks, though. He waits for it to land before picking it up and starting back.

Kory tilts her head at Adam, but it's Aidan's greeting that gets her full attention. "Hey there, Aidan Dancer Man," she greets him in return, smiling. "Figure out what your kid brother wants, yet?" Might as well start there; it's where they left off.

Smiling to Cam Adam kneels down, placing the cylinder on the floor carefully at his side he opens the case, his eyes scanning the area for quickly before he continues. "I got you a book on Kensei and his adventures, but if I give it to you, I need you to promise that you'll keep it somewhere very safe, and not tell anyone about it." He offers a slight smile. "It's a very old book, there aren't many copies." He smiles as he takes out the old leather bound book, it's in good condition although the leather's very slightly worn in places. "Like I said we need to be careful in how we talk to each other." He looks at the dog with a smile. "Nice dog,a Berner Sennenhund unless I'm mistaken?" He seems genuinely interested. "What's his name?"

Cam is just starting to say as Adam kneels down, "I just went to the museum with Kory," indicating the following adult, "To see about Kensei. You were right, they talked more about…" He trails off, though, at the offer of the book, and his eyes widen a little. While he was talking excitedly a moment ago, now he says solemnly, serious in what he's promising, "I promise I'll take really good care of it, and I won't tell anybody." When the dog returns again he smiles and pets it once more, "This is Mouse. Kory gets paid to walk and exercise him and stuff, so 'cause I came with her after the museum, I get to play with him too. He's great." He picks up the frisbee to give it another toss.

"Kory, right?" Aidan says with a chuckle. "And it's just Aidan. Or Murphy. Not Dancer Man." He laughs, grinning. It's much more his element out here and away from the geekdom. "No, I haven't gotten around to calling. I'll probably do that this weekend." He says with a chuckle as he runs a hand through his hair. "I still don't have a clue, but I'm used to that now."

Mouse gives Adam a doggy smile as Cam speaks his name. He dances a little on his front paws until Cam gives the frisbee another throw.

"I give everybody nicknames," Kory tells Aidan, sheepishly. "It's a mnemonic. Books, and stuff I read in 'em? No problem. Names? Not as easily remembered, I fear." She clucks understandingly as he confesses about his brother. "Well, you could always walk into FAO Schwartz and see what the kids his age are nuts about. But you'd pay an arm and a leg for it."

Cam speaks of her to Adam, and she gives him a polite nod. "Hi. Howyadoin'?"

Nodding Adam smiles very slightly. "Yes, I owned two a long time ago." He studies the dog for several moments. "You can't go wrong getting a dog." He takes a slightly bleak expression. "I've never owned a dog that betrayed me, and never known one that did so without reason. Which is more than you can say for people my young friend."

Bowing slightly to Kory Adam smiles very slightly. "Good afternoon. I'm well enough. You?"

Cam looks back to the dog again and then up to Adam. He nods quickly again and says, "Yeah, dogs are always great. I've wanted one for a long time." He looks up to Kory and back to Adam as they greet.

Stending next to Kory, Aidan nods slightly. "I guess I can understand that." He smiles to Cam, "Heya." He offers with a wink. Adam gets a smile, even though he hasn't met the man. "So, what is it…" He asks, turning to Kory, "That attracts you so much to the things in the store anyway? Just wondering. I never got that like when I was younger, so…"

Kory beams. The man bowed, how elegant can you get? "I'm fine, thanks." She bobs her own head politely, and is about to say something else, when Aidan asks her a question. "I like the idea of keeping one's imagination alive. Of continuing to explore dreams and possibilities. Just because it's not real doesn't mean it isn't a good story, and can't inspire you from getting into it." She glances at Cam. "Am I on the right track?" she asks him, smiling as if she's pretty certain the boy will be on the same page.

Sharon needed some fresh air. She'd taken a few days and just laid low since her…encounter with Mister Brain Eater. Fortunately, she's live to tell the tale. Or not tell it, as is the case 99% of the time. The woman has decided she'd just take a casual walk in the park and turns along a path, her iPod playing some tune as she continues along. Then she spots Kory and gets a contemplative look on her face as she pauses in her walk.

There's a very brief flicker of amusement at the statement from Kory as Adam offers a nod to Aidan. His following statement is spoken quietly as though to himself. "Humanity is driven to create symbols of their potential, both for good or evil, the egyptians had Horus and Seth, the Greeks Alcaeus and Narcissus. The Norse Thor and Loki." He chuckles slightly. "I study these stories, and the people who tell them professionally, in centuries to come I'm sure there will be professors who specialize in the study of Superman, and other comic heroes. They need to give their hopes and fears something great and powerful to justify their hold."

Cam grins up to Kory and nods emphatically, "Yeah." He checks on Mouse's progress, and should the dog return he'll greet it with another petting and tossing the frisbee again. Then he's looking up to Adam, listening to his explanation. He asks, perhaps trying to make sure he understands, "So superheroes are kinda like those old stories, but our versions?"

"Of course, some people believe in those." Aidan shrugs, listening to Adam's mentioning as well. "I remember my brother's fervent belief that there are people out there with abilities. But he's probably outgrown that thought now." He says, watching Kory's face as he says it. After all, he knows that he can do something, but has no idea there's anyone else out there.

The dog does return, but he doesn't let go of the frisbee this time. He lies down with it between his paws, and looks up at Cam, panting. Apparently Mouse needs to take five.

Kory turns to have a long, appraising look at Adam, apparently having heard some part of what he said. "Oh. You're a mythologist," she says, eyes bright. "That's always been true, yeah. You can take inspiration from anywhere, really. But it's within each person what they do with it. Me, I figure aspiring to a greater good beats the alternative — causing more suffering. There's plenty of that already without my participation, thanks." She turns her gaze back to Aidan. "Why should he give it up? He's right." She points at Aidan himself. "You've got a special talent, haven't you?" She regards him expectantly.

Sharon walks towards Kory, and the group, giving Kory a nod. "Hi there, Kory. Out for a walk too?" she greets the woman, taking note of the dog that has now captured the frisbee, since frisbees do tend to fly away on dogs. Poor doggies, nobody ever thinks of them.

There's a casual glance at Cam. "Yes, that's very much it, 'superheroes' are modern mythology, they speak of great heroes fighting great evils, Superman looks down at us from his place in the heavens and saves us from threats both from outside and within, very common amongst the gods of ancient civilizations." He puts down the last of his things, the cylinder and paper being placed on top of his case, he then studies Aidan and Kory. "I'm a historian, but I focuse quite heavily on mythology."

Pondering for a long moment Adam continues in a thoughtful tone. "I've met many people who believe in myths to one degree or another, I find it hard to believe there wasn't at least some truth to them. Too many similarities arise in otherwise diverse cultures. As for the idea of 'superpowers'. Well if after all the belief in mythologies of old we were to find the first myth we /don't/ believe in were right, it'd be ironic to say the least."

Cam grins and pets the dog as it rests, then looks up and nods a little to Adam, biting his lip a moment as he thinks, then asks, "And the ones like Spider-man, the ones that are more human and mess up and stuff, they're kinda like the heroes like Jason and Hercules then too, huh?" At Kory's response to Aidan, he blinks, looking up quickly to them with curiosity.

"It confuses me, honestly. But I don't know what to believe. I've… seen things that defy what my mind believes. But I'll shut up about that. My family thought I was crazy, so, that's enough. It could have been anything." Aidan shrugs, clamming up. However, he is listening to the conversation with obvious interest.

"Believe what you believe until you learn enough to change your mind. Keep an open mind, as the saying goes." Kory shrugs. "I mean, what did people think of Van Gogh and DaVinci in their day? Plato? Socrates? They were all treated like heretics and crazies. But we learned some of the most important lessons in the world from them. Stuff they taught us is still taught in schools every day, even on the other side of the —" Kory stops, catching herself, as Sharon calls out to her. "Sharon! Omigod!" Easily distracted? Maybe. Kory drops whatever she was going to say and walks over with an extended hand to the other woman. "Good to see you again. Really good."

Adam says, "'There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.' Personally I never had much time for Shakespear, but that at least seems true." Adam looks at Aidan and offers an easy smile, one that's little more than a twist of the lips. "Once if you told them the world was round they would say you were crazy, it was not that long ago in the grand scheme of things that the idea of the atom would have been seen as sheer madness. To paraphrase; science is just magic we understand." He shifts slightly as he looks to Cam. "That's right. Although to understand the nature of Superman I would suggest you read some of the stories on the titans and their fall from power. They look at the plight of gods, rather than man."

Sharon reaches out to take Kory's hand. "Hey, you look like you've seen a ghost," Sharon says with a laugh to the woman. "You doing alright?" she asks Kory, giving a glance to the group that she just inadvertantly interupted. "Sorry about the interuption," she adds with an embarrassed smile to the rest of the group. "Just got done with a client and figured I'd take a walk".

Cam nods a little and grins as he says, "Ok, I will. Still, like the stories like Spider-man better." He glances up to the others again curiously as well, but doesn't make any comment on his own beliefs still. And, not knowing Sharon, he doesn't really do more than give a little wave.

"I suppose so." Aidan offers with a thoughtful nod. Though, his own mind is still running a mile a minute. Too many people that seem to either believe or want people to believe. It's odd. But then, so is he. He stretches his arms above his head. "Sorry about setting everything off on a tangent. Just… wondering." He says, sheepishly as he glances from face to face.

"No prob," Kory says, distractedly, to Aidan. Attention back to Sharon, she says, quickly. "Yeah, well, you know, last time I saw you, things were a bit hectic. My brother picked me up and took me home and I never did get to Balducci's like I planned."

Beginning to gather his things Adam seems to study Aidan for a moment. "If you're a man of religion have faith, that what you believe is right no matter what that belief may be." He raises a hand, his eyebrows arching slightly as he looks at Aidan, "If you're a man of science however keep an open mind in all things even religion. To turn away something that you can't prove wrong is to make science your religion." There's a chuckle. "And that would be a great sin."

There's a pause as Sharon thinks back to that night. "Yeah. It was a pretty busy night," she tells Kory, shaking her head a little at the memory. Cam gets a wave from the woman as well. "You been keeping busy? Haven't seen you for a few days," she comments to Kory.

Cam looks up to Adam and back to Aidan curiously. Now, he doesn't make any new comment, just petting Mouse still as he listens to the conversation, and doing his best to keep up.

"I'm neither. Not religious nor scientific. I'm artistic and that doesn't help at all." Aidan laughs as he stretches again. "Anyway, it was nice seeing you again." He says to Kory and Cam. "And nice somewhat meeting you." He offers to Adam. "Unfortunately, I have to go pick up some groceries before the roommates get home.

"Yeah. I hope not to have another night like that for a while," Kory says to Sharon in all sincerity. "I've been good. Busy, yeah. Working the Lair. And doing some other stuff. Getting settled in my apartment. Trying to find someplace to take classes. Talking to some of the folks we saw the other night, sorting stuff out. Y'know. Like that." She blinks at Adam, and raises a brow at Aidan. "You heard the man. If you didn't believe a little bit, you'd be some codemonkey in a cubicle with big, warm, fuzzy secret heart, instead of risking it at auditions." But he's leaving, so she adds, "Get home safe, okay?"

"Classes? What sort?" Sharon asks Kory. Nods are given to those who are departing. "I've been pretty swamped. A few new clients and work have kept me busy the last week or so," she tells Kory. She shifts on her feet a little bit as she talks with Kory. "How's the Lair?"

With a bow Adam smiles slightly. "It has been a pleasure, but I unfortunately need to be going. I'll hopefully see you all again soon." With that he's picked up the last of his things and he's on his way, his step light as he considers his next few weeks.

Cam watches Adam leave with a wave to him, and then looks back up to Kory and comments, "Think Mouse is too tired to keep playing." He grins as he says it.

Sharon gets a call on her cell phone and looks down at it. Darth Vader's theme is the ringtone, to be specific. "Sorry, need to take this," she tells Kory before the woman gets a chance to answer. She sighs and goes to answer it, moving away from the group. The words 'Hey boss' can be heard before she gets out of hearing range.

"Well, busy's good," Kory tells Sharon. "Long as you're safe. Me, I was thinking of —" and she has to cut off because Sharon got a call. Kory's so distracted now, she only just realized how late it's getting. "You read my mind, Cam — we better jet, huh? Get Mouse back to Mr. Dresden?" And get that old book tucked away someplace safe, too.

Cam nods quickly to that and smiles again, "Yeah." He moves to follow after Kory as well, glancing down at the book he was given now that there's not so many people around.

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