2007-06-05: Command Performance


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Summary: Lyndsay visits Jane for a guitar lesson, Pete comes bearing gifts, and the two experience a command performance.

Date It Happened: June 5th, 2007

Command Performance

Forrest-Bishop Apartment, Greenwich Village, Manhattan, NYC

Two days after meeting Lyndsay at Famous Vito's the guitarist is at home, mulling over the information connected to Alyssa McAlister's criminal case, preparing to conduct inquiries into the events by contacting people mentioned by her as being involved. There is, it seems, an Evolved component to the situation, and she needs to discover as much as is possible. Elle is one of those people, and will be asked, but she's missed her roommate this morning. Her phone is in hand, Jane's about to call Nathan Petrelli and begin her work.

And this is about the point where Lyndsay happens to follow up. She dials up the number that Jane gave her. Brrrrring. Brrrrrring.

The phone is lifted to her ear and answered. "Forrest here," Jane states, using her other hand to stick something into a briefcase. Then a sip is taken from her coffee cup.

Lyndsay speaks into the voice. "Hey, Jane? It's Lyndsay. I figured I'd call and follow up." Because while it's been a little bit, she's pretty sure her last suggestion has "teaching her" on Jane's high priority list.

"I've been expecting your call, Lyndsay," Jane replies. "Where do you want to meet?" And she has been expecting it, since the semi-goth declined to give her any contact information at all.

Lyndsay smiles. "How about your place? I figure you have all your stuff there."

"I'm in apartment 108, at that High Rise building in Greenwich Village," Jane answers. "When will you be here?"

Lyndsay considers. "I can probably be there in about a half hour. That work for you?"

"Excellent, Lyndsay," Jane replies, and begins to put her legal materials away. She'll get back to them later, there's time before Alyssa has to face trial, in any case, and this pushy semi-goth will be looking for her if she tries to say she isn't first in line. The last thing she'd need is to be at Petrelli headquarters and have someone come in for guitar lessons while she's talking about tampered hoses, an injured kid, and a very ill-advised party. "See you then!"

Lyndsay drives down to the right neighborhood in her newly acquired car, and when she reaches the building, steps out. She starts up to the apartment, and once she reaches the appropriate door (thank goodness for first floor apartments), she knocks.

By the time Lyndsay's arrived, Jane is in her standard street clothing. Tank top, (this one features Anne and Nancy Wilson), dark shorts, and athletic shoes. The briefcase is put away, and she's got a guitar across her body. Another is placed before the couch for the student to use. The door opens, she smiles and stands aside. "Hey. Come on in.

Lyndsay is in black (big shock). Black jeans, black tank-top, black boots. She moves in and takes a look about the apartment. "Hey. Nice place. How's it going?"

"Not badly," the guitarist replies with a grin. "You?" She closes the door behind her student and locks it, then turns for the kitchen. "Something to drink, Lyndsay?" Jane herself is after a glass of Pepsi.

Lyndsay nods. "Sure, you have a beer?" she asks, looking over the musician as she goes.

"Are you twenty-one?" Jane asks, looking the student over in attempt to place her age in response to the request for beer.

Lyndsay grins. "Sure I am. Wouldn't ask otherwise, right?" She reaches out and picks up the other guitar, looking it over curiously.

The other guitar, of course, is in the main room, and Jane's in the kitchen. "Yes," she snickers, "because no one underage ever asks for alcohol." She, however, believes the student is twenty-one, since she opens the refrigerator and pulls out a bottle, then turns to offer it and finds Lyndsay's moved on. Seconds later, in the main room, she hands it over.

Lyndsay takes it, and takes a drink of the beer, before looking back to Jane. "Besides, we're inside anyway. Not like anybody would know either way. We're not on Candid Police State Video."

"But the law is the law. If people under twenty-one want to drink," Jane replies, "let them bug the crap out of elected officials to change it. If they won't do that, they deserve to be denied. Why break laws when you can work to change them? Voting rights come at eighteen. If all of them got it together, I'd bet they could make enough noise that the politicians would fear they really could get fired over the issue." She glances at the guitar Lyndsay's holding and seems ready to start.

Lyndsay snickers. "Yeah, as if anyone bothers to listen to teenagers. Besides, in this whole right wing, "Oh Won't Somebody Think Of The Children" fascist country? Yeah." She looks back. "Okay. So how do we do this?"

"That's just it," she replies. "They'll never expect millions of them acting at once on the same page, and won't know how to handle it. They'd fall over with their legs in the air." From there, the lesson begins. Jane places a finger on the first string, closest to the top, and names the note it represents. While doing this, she watches Lyndsay to see how she holds the instrument, whether it's right or left handed.

Lyndsay seems to be right-handed, and she gets the guitar into position. She's actually reasonably attentive for the lesson, mostly because she actually wants to learn this. Cause playing guitar is cool.

"Strum that string a few times," Jane instructs, doing the same herself and naming the note it makes again. "Remember how it sounds, that's what you listen for when you tune a guitar." She waits for this to be done and the student to seem ready for moving forward.

Lyndsay seems to be doing all right with it. She gets it tuned, and strums the string as indicated. "So how long have you been playing?"

"Since I was a kid, really," Jane replies. "My parents wanted me to be a well-rounded girl, and it worked. Started with piano, then fell in love with guitar when I was about fourteen. Since then Guitar and I have been steady lovers. I had to take a bit of a break and put him on the back burner for college, but I'd visit occasionally, and came back when it was over. Guitar always knew I'd be back, he's in my blood." A grin is flashed at her own use of metaphor, and she moves to the second string. That note is named and played, the same process repeated for the other four strings too. Name, demonstrate, listen for Lyndsay to copy.

Lyndsay grins, as she plays. She's new to it, but she has quick fingers and at least a little bit of talent. "This is pretty cool." she says. "And you must make serious bank, checking out this place."

There's two reasons to visit on this day. One might be to see his girlfriend, due to the dressed up state that he's in, black dress jacket, white shirt, black slacks and dress shoes. The other— might have to do with the item he's carrying with him. From the shape of the tissue wrapped item, it's obviously a bottle of some sort. Peter knocks on the door with his free hand, and waits for an answer. Too early to be drinking doesn't mean it's too early to be gift giving.

"I'm not worries about money," she replies quietly. When she's covered all six strings, she moves on to the concept of chords. Jane's fingers settle on the neck of her instrument, holding two strings down there, as her other hands strums across those same strings at the body. Normally she would, having demonstrated, wait for her student to copy it, but the knock comes. "Excuse me a moment," she replies, and makes her way to answer the door. It's opened, after she sees who's there.
Lyndsay grins. "Like I said, serious bank." The younger woman lowers the guitar to look over and see who's at the door. A little bit annoyed, perhaps.

"Morning, Jane," Peter says, holding the wrapped bottle forward. "It's a thank you present, for visiting me in the hospital," he explains with a lopsided and flawed smile, before he asks, "Hope I'm not interupting. Elle's not here, is she?" It's very possible she's not. He hadn't spotted her car, but that hadn't been his /only/ reason for visiting anyway.

"She's out," Jane answers, smiling. She attempts to hug the man, being happy to see him ambulatory as opposed to comafied in a hospital bed. "Welcome back to the awake and walking, Pete," Jane replies, taking a moment to glance behind her and hear if the student is practicing what's already been shown. "Come in, come in." Because, hey, no clue yet whatsoever the other woman present has something Mr. Petrelli could absorb.

Lyndsay looks back at the two there, and considers. She stands up, to get a better look at Peter, and she grins a bit. "Boyfriend?" she guesses, looking to Jane with some amusement.

Unaware that there may be anything he can absorb either, Peter allows, and even returns the hug, careful to keep a hold on the wine bottle in hand. "It's a 1990 Merlot. Noticed you like wine, so I figured you'd get use out of it," he explains, before stepping inside to see a— young woman he doesn't know. Boyfriend? "Her roomate's boyfriend," he corrects, still with the lopsided smile. "Peter Petrelli." To introduce himself.

She closes the door behind him, and walks back toward the main room. A chuckle escapes, although inwardly Jane has a flash of terror at the idea of being thought his girlfriend. The last time anyone believed Pete was connected that way to someone other than Elle, it was Very, Very Bad. "He's… what he said. Roommate's guy." And her mind returns to the bottle he brought. "Merlot. Wow. Thanks, Pete. You… didn't have to do this, you know."

Lyndsay chuckles a moment. "Didn't know you had a roommate." She tells Jane. She puts down the guitar, quirking her full lips into a smile as she waves. "Lyndsay." she hasn't yet given a last name, after all.

And the next time anyone gets confused in that way will also be very, very bad. But the future is the future… Peter shakes his head, "It's nothing. Long as you know how grateful I am." So many people stuck by him while he was unconsious. "Nice to meet you, Lyndsay. This a guitar session?" he asks, looking towards the guitar the other woman is holding.

Bottle in hand, and heading toward the kitchen to put it away, Jane asks the man "Are you thirsty, Pete? And yes, it's a lesson. Got room for another, if you want to join in and learn a little. Lyndsay's a good student, she's picking it up nicely." Once the bottle is stowed, she steps back out to rejoin them.

The younger gothling nods. "It's a lesson. Jane's teaching me how to play guitar. She's a good teacher. Has to be to afford all this stuff. So what do you do that you can afford uber-expensive wine?"

"If it's not a problem, I can join," Peter says, nodding towards Jane, as he moves into the living room. "Some water would be fine, thanks," he adds, before smiling lopsidedly at the young goth girl's question, "Helps to know where to buy it," he explains with a small smile, not planning to explain that, in his mind, it wasn't that expensive. His family knows suppliers, after all. Even a fifteen year old wine isn't that expensive if one knows where to buy it. "I work at a bookstore in East Village right now, but I'm also a registered nurse— though not working as one at the moment."

Back into the kitchen Jane goes, to get that water for Pete, along the way thinking a bit. Lyndsay certainly is curious about money, and where people get it. Her radar is thus coming on. Moments later she's back, handing the glass to him. It's toward a guitar she goes, picking out one for the male guest to learn with as she resumes the lesson.

Lyndsay smiles back. "Nah, it's good…" she says, and motions for Pete to sit. Somewhere near her, of course. "Come on, you can listen to me make a fool out of myself."

Settling down near the other woman, Peter accepts the drink first, and then the practice guitar second. Now that he has one at home, might as well learn his way around it. "I bet I'll make a fool out of myself too," he says, giving another hint of that lopsided smirk.

First, Jane watches Pete to see how he holds the instrument, she hadn't thought before on whether he's right or left-handed, and that's a very important thing with guitars. "I think you may surprise yourself," she answers with a chuckle. "Confidence matters in this, like so may other things."

Lyndsay smiles as she looks back at Peter. "Nah…Jane's an awesome teacher." she looks back to Jane, willing to flatter her. And then, just because it will be fun, she adds, to Jane. "Stop being so modest." Which could have some pretty broad…and pretty fun…consequences.

Righthanded seems to be the way he's going, though no one could claim he's holding the guitar perfectly. Peter nods, understanding what she means by confidence, but— he glances towards Lyndsay for a moment, before he does respond, "It also takes practice and skill both." If confidence was all anyone needed, he wouldn't be in half the messes he's in.

Something odd comes briefly over her features, but quickly vanishes. Jane nods at something Peter said. Practice and skill. "But first, to get the practice and skill, you have to believe you can build them. If you don't believe, you'll set yourself up to fail." Her demeanor, meanwhile, is shifting. "I'm an awesome guitarist and singer, teaching's easy." She demonstrates how to hold a guitar, one hand at the neck and another at the body, as she begins to show Pete the strings and name them one by one, waiting for him to copy the sound before moving to the next, as she did with Lyndsay.

Lyndsay grins, and does it again herself. It will be interesting to see how the musician behaves when she's "not so modest". That could have wide implications, from actions to dress styles. But that's what's so FUN about her power. "See, told you." she looks to Peter.

An eyebrow raises when his girlfriend's roommate takes the comment to heart. Peter doesn't assume anything's off with it, though, because it /is/ true. "Yeah, you did say that," he agrees with the goth girl, before he busies himself paying attention to the strings getting named, and the sound copying. One sound at a time… Definitely not playing any clubs anytime soon.

After she's gone through all six strings and demonstrated them, Jane suggests "Practice those, until you get a feel for it and can do it with quickness." Then, being not modest, she proceeds to demonstrate a quickness they probably can't match. She doesn't go for quarter notes, or eighth notes, not even sixteenth notes. No, her fingers start to attempt thirty-secondth notes, and play scales with her left hand going down the entire neck from fret to fret.

The goth looks back and just -looks- at Jane. "You do realize we don't have a hope in HELL of actually matching that, right, Steve Vai?"

What the— that's fast. Peter watches her hands move and does his best to go through the sounds to follow as quickly as he can— but he's so caught up in watching her, so impressed at the way /she/ does it, that he's not matching anywhere near that speed. Pretty good for a beginner, though. Maybe he had some experience with this before and hadn't said. "No hope right now," he does say outloud. Confidence is important, right?

"I don't expect you to match this right now," Jane replies with a laugh. "I'm not even asking you to try. Just go over what I already showed you and get familiar with doing it, being able to make your fingers dance across the strings and frets. This," she states as her fingers continue to fly at that same pace, "is where you can get with that skill, practice, and confidence. To be awesome, like me." Showing up students like this? Maybe not so much like her. But, if Lyndsay is distressed by the display, well, sometimes one should take care what one wishes for.

The other woman nods. She looks maybe just a -little- put out, but hey. Like Jane said, be careful what you wish for. Still, it's giving her bonding time with Peter. And he's cute. And she has NO IDEA what a bad idea that is. "That's okay. We can hang out together in our suckitude."

After a particularly bad attempt to keep up, Peter pulls his fingers back and shakes them off. It didn't go well. "Ow— yeah, sounds like the best plan. Better to take this slow anyway." His fingers aren't bleeding, thankfully, cause that healing would be more noticable than just the pain fading.

She doesn't stop or even slow down when they do, because she's busy being Not Modest. Jane's fingers move from playing those flying scales to chords. Her voice comes in, speaking again, as she begins to hit each possible chord with that same quickness, maybe they'll catch the positioning of her fingers as she does so, maybe not. In either case she doesn't seem at all concerned.

Lyndsay laughs a little, looking over. "I think my little student brain's gone too far. I'm gonna call it a day, Janey." she offers to Jane, standing, and smiles at Peter. "It was really nice meeting you, Peter."

"You don't have to leave," Peter says, looking at the young woman who's already standing and prepping to go while Jane plays quite well right in front of them. In a way it's not the best way to teach, though it shows form. "It was nice meeting you too… Sorry I interupted your lesson."

"See you next time, Lyndsay," Jane replies, without breaking stride for even a second. She glances over at Pete, and suggests "Stick around, yeah? I've got to go do some things soon, but I'll be back, and Elle may return by the evening. Make yourself comfortable, watch a movie or two." Enjoy all the awesome features of the apartment she made awesome when she moved into it.

Lyndsay smiles. "Aww, it's cool. I got other things I can do." She moves towards the door. "You guys be cool." And she heads out.

"I stop in and catch her tonight," Peter says, putting up the guitar and standing himself. "I have a few more thank you gifts to drop off today. But I'll definitely be back to see her." Staying in someone else's apartment by himself, no matter how awesome their stuff is, strikes him as rude. So he'll leave too.

"See you, Pete," Jane replies, as she sets her guitar down and stands, moving to see her guest out and then get into lawyer garb for dealing with Ali's case.

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