2007-03-02: Common Interest


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Summary: Who needs sleep? Claire's Two Dads have a conversation.

Date It Happened: March 2nd, 2007

Log Title: Common Interest

The Petrelli Mansion

Noah is sitting next to Claire's bed, leaning back in the most comfortable chair he could find. He does nothing so melodramatic as hold her hand the entire time, but he is staying by her side. The room is dark, lights from outside and creeping in from the parlty open door making twin points of light on his glasses.

So just when Nathan thought it was safe to sleep… tada. He's gotten redressed into daytime clothes, having given up on the concept of his home not being invaded, and now he gently pushes open the door to the guest room that Claire is in. By now, he's back to his normal self, no trace of visible injury left. Once the door is opened enough, he steps in, but stops when he sees Noah, hand pausing its journey towards the light switch. "Bennet," is his greeting.

Noah holds a finger up to his lips, with a glance towards Claire. He stands up slowly and crosses silently over towards Nathan. He's nodding slightly with a faint smile as he looks over the senior Petrelli. "So that's why she came here," Noah says.

Nathan dons a rueful smile. "I guess so," he says. "She has great timing, too. I don't think there was even an hour between the time you guys took off and she turned up." He says this as if to clarify - perhaps he's had a word or two with Angela. He looks towards where Claire is lying. "She asleep or unconscious?" he asks, concern evident in his voice, which is lowered now that the former option occurs to him.

"She'll be okay," Noah says with confidence, and another look in Claire's direction. "She's tough." In more ways than just the obvious. Noah looks Nathan over again, and the results of her donation are still incredible. "Your mother thinks she should stay here," Noah says, voice carefully neutral.

"And I agree," Nathan says lightly, canting his head to the side as he considers Noah. "Not for long, but it's probably the best option she has right now. She was gonna go back to them, otherwise."

"She was worried for her family," Noah counters, though calmly and quietly. "They're safe now," Noah says, but offers no explanation. "These people are serious. They will kill to get what they want," Noah warns. "They will test her, see how much she can take, how much she can heal, how often can she die and come back," Noah says, voice threatening to get louder, but still an urgent whisper. "And after seeing what she did tonight? They'll want her more than ever."

Nathan seems unsettled by Noah's description of the Company, and he restlessly tilts his head towards the door, an offer to talk more out in the hallway. "We don't want her in that position just as much as you don't," he says. "As long as she remains here, we'll see to it she's protected."

Noah follows Nathan's glance and nods, stepping outside. He leaves the door open just a crack, so he can hear and see into the room. "If she stays," Noah says, voice suggesting that he might be considering the notion, "You have to count on two things. They will find her, and they will come after her with agents who are…'special'."

Nathan folds his arms once they're out, listening to Noah and watching him carefully. "Special like Claire, like Hiro," he says, with an understanding nod. "And what's gonna make them not come after Claire? Unless you expect her to live her life running from them, to which I suggest I put you both on a plane to somewhere further away than California."

"I'm going to make them stop," Noah says, leaning closer as he says it. "I'll go to war with them if I have to." Whatever it takes.

Nathan squints at Noah, perhaps trying to gauge out any crazy, but then he surprises himself with a nod. "Fine. Seems like you and Hiro Nakamura are on the same wavelength. You used to work with them, didn't you." Abrupt change of subject, perhaps, and Nathan looks at Noah with sharp curiousity. "You were going to take me there, back in Vegas."

"I think I'm starting to figure out why someone let you get away," Noah says with a small, rueful smile. "They're the ones who gave me Claire, with instructions to turn her over to them if she showed any 'special' qualities." Noah looks through the small opening, to the shadowed form lying in bed. "I didn't listen."

"So, you care for her. So, you're willing to overthrow this thing for her," Nathan sums up, somehow both dismissive and respectful simultaneously. "Listen… I'm not gonna promise you that I can be of much help. I can fly, you know, that comes up short to bending time and space or being able to live through what Claire can. But I can help you where I can. Especially if they have Peter."

"Money goes a long way," Noah says. He looks thoughtful at the mention of Peter. He had played the hero for Claire once before. And the power… "I know someone who can tell us where he is. We'll need to get some protection here as well."

Nathan gives a twisted little smile at the mention of money, but nods his agreement. "Protection won't be a problem," he says. "We can see to that, if you can convince Claire to stay, Ma seems to have a difficult time with that. And you're talking about that little girl, right? She can really find anyone?"

Noah doesn't seem pleased that Nathan knows about Molly. That girl already borders on Too Dangerous to Live. "As far as we know," he says, not sounding happy. "What happened up there?" Noah asks suddenly. "With you and Peter."

Nathan gets a slightly haunted look at that question, as if surprised, brow furrowing. "Well, you saw," he says, but decides not to leave it there after all. "He couldn't control too many powers at once, and it was taking all his effort not to go nuclear while I was with him. He made me let go but I still caught the heat of it. Next thing I know, I'm in hospital. How I landed, unconscious, where someone could get me help in time, is anyone's guess. Last thing I expected to happen."

Noah glances in the room once to make sure Claire is still okay and still out. He nods at Nathan and puts his hands in his pockets, drawing his own conclusions from the story. "Have you spoken with her?"

"Yeah, briefly," Nathan says with a nod, glancing also to the door, though from this angle he can't really see much of anything. "Judging from it, I'm sure she was thrilled to see you." It's more an observation rather than anything to compliment the man in front of him, as he goes on to say, "She was worried about her family. Seems like she thinks she's in this on her own."

"She's not," Noah says, not looking at her this time. He can't stop thinking that he's looking at Claire's father. It puts a chill in his demeanor. "We need to increase security around here, if she's going to stay."

"I'll make some calls," Nathan assures. "At least, I will when I know someone's awake enough to pick up." He lifts his chin to indicate Noah. "What about you? Are you staying with her?"

"For tonight at least," Noah says. He doesn't plan on sleeping either. "Let me make a few calls," Noah offers. He smiles now. "Anyone can break into this place right now." He knows a few lads from back in the day. "Once Claire's safe, we find your brother.

Nathan perhaps bristles a little at that, for just a moment, but then, both objectives are of importance for him, so he simply smiles at Noah. "Go right ahead," he says. "I think it'll be in both of our interest to ensure Peter is no longer with the Company. You've seen what he can do."

"Do you know that's where he is?" Noah asks, head turning slightly. That is a troubling thought. "Is that confirmed?"

Caught. Nathan shifts his weight from foot to foot. "It's a theory," he says, a little defensive.

Noah looks relieved, somewhat. It would be a bad place for Peter to be. He nods. "We'll find out where he is, first thing tomorrow." Doctor Suresh would not take kindly to the thought of waking up Molly in the middle of the night.

"First thing," Nathan agrees. Despite looking exactly like three hours of sleep, max, it's as if a weight's been taken off his shoulders. He then tilts his head towards Claire's room. "There's a phone and working line in there if you need it to make those calls," he says, and glances towards the door. "I'm going to go check on how Hiro's doing."

Noah nods and heads back towards the room in silent agreement. He pauses and turns. "Petrelli," Noah calls quietly, if Nathan has already turned away. Mr. Bennet sticks out his hand, without saying anything

Nathan stops, looking back at Noah. At the offered hand, his mouth turns up in the corner, but he steps back to take it in a kind of solidarity and a brisk shake. A deal struck? Something like that.

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