2007-10-02: Company Doctrine


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Summary: Alice checks in on Benji after all the !fun that was had the previous day. They discuss what happened, the rights and wrongs of Sasha being taken from Mariska, and other things.

Date It Happened: October 2nd, 2007

Log Title Company Doctrine

Greenwich - Winters' Apartment

With the cleanup work ahead of him, it took Noah a bit longer than Benjamin anticipated to come and get Sasha. Which turned out to be not a problem. After carrying the child, Benjamin wasn't in any shape to do anything but lay down himself. Turns out he broke a few of his stitches in the process. He changed his own bandages, but once Sasha was taken off his hands, he went straight to Kirby and had his stitches checked and resewn.. and got a telling off from the doctor. Now? He's back at home, laying on the couch and resting. The all hands on deck alert for Sylar doesn't apply, seeing as he was taken down. There are however, still level 5 prisoners on the loose.

Alice is herself a lot less tense as news of Sylar's capture has reached her through Company channels. And, once she's finished her work for the day, she heads back to Benjamin's place to check on him. There's no knock, just a key in the lock and she's let herself in, glancing inward. "You okay, Benj? Heard there was a ruckus."

Benjamin stops flipping channels and shuts off the tv, tossing the remote onto the coffee table as Alice lets herself in. He smiles at her from where he lays on the couch, "That's .. kinda putting it mildly." In pain, but it's now hazed from the nummy pills he was given, he shifts a little so that he makes room for Alice on the sofa. "Tore my stitches, that's all. Wound up having to carry a little girl away. I'm still not sure on the details of how everything started, but Mariska? The Russian lady? Her daughter can amplify abilities. Started with Mariska teleporting, I'm guessing, without control. Sasha, cute little girl, got upset, and things went .. It was a bad situation." Something he couldn't have imagined until now.

"That's unfortunate," Alice murmurs, leaning down to kiss Benjamin on the forehead. "She'll have to be medicated and isolated until she's not a threat to the people around her." She takes off the jacket she's wearing and sets it down on a chair as circles around and settles down onto the couch next to the narcokinetic. "The last thing we need is another random variable in a volatile situation. Could you imagine Sylar gaining her ability? We'd never stand a chance."

"I know.. she's only six. She doesn't even know what's going on around her." Benjamin says as he sits up enough for Alice to settle in, and he leans against her. "That.. thought crossed my mind as Damaris and I were taking her away. I took advantage of her, so that I could put everyone out. It was getting /bad/. I told Damaris the same, she didn't like me mentioning Sylar. I didn't like thinking it. She's just a little kid. She's been torn from her parents, she doesn't know what she can do, she doesn't understand. Bennet told me to do what I didn't want done to me. I got her out of there and away from her mother." It's not a complaint, just a realization that he's throwing out there. "I had to keep her asleep until Bennet could come get her. Everyone's ability went haywire."

"With all due respect? Rose isn't a danger to the people around her. That girl? Is." It seems it's black and white to Alice. All the same, she lays a hand on Benjamin's thigh and squeezes. "You're a good man, Benji. And a good father. And it's right of you to be worried for the girl. Her life is going to be difficult and dangerous. But she's still alive. And she'll be protected. That's about the best she can hope for now."

"No.. Rose isn't.. and if I ever needed a reason for the Company's actions.. Today was it." Benjamin's getting schooled fast on the ways of the Company. "She's a two-fer, like you called me when you found me." Carefully, he pushes himself a little further upright. "Who in their right mind wouldn't be worried about that girl? I just hope Mariska doesn't get into trouble. Based on earlier, there's a loss of control in power around Sasha. At least .. Mariska knows her daughter will be cared for. She alone may not be able to raise her own.. Dangit.. listen to me." he raises his hands to scrub against his face as he finds himself falling into the Company doctrine.

"Benji. It's a no win situation. If she tried to raise the kid by herself, she'd be placing untold thousands at risk. By taking her away, the kid doesn't get to be with her mom. It sucks, but you know the decision that has to be made. Anyone would make that decision." Alice looks more than a little concerned as she eyes Benjamin. "If I'd manifested as a kid? I'm sure I'd have been locked up too. As is, I was in isolation for a good long time. It's a part of the process. Learning control."

"I know.. I know." Been there, done that.. Benjamin lowers his hands from his face, sighing deeply, then wincing. "The thought occurred to me too. It was bad enough I manifested as an adult and a guy died because of it. It's a miracle that was the worst that had happened. I .. it was a rough day. I told a mother no when she demanded having her child back. I didn't have a choice, but that doesn't mean I can't have a conscience about it." Not that telling Mariska no is what made it rough. "Sorry.. I sound like I'm whining or complaining. It's just.. a year ago I never would have imagined any of this. In the space of not even a week, look what happens. It's a lot to take in. I have to learn to cope with it or get out." And getting out isn't an option.

"It's a problem when your conscience is telling you that a dangerous powered person belongs out on the streets instead of locked up. That she's a child and that her mother is an agent… is inconsequential," Alice says flatly. "And I understand that this is a rough thing to go through. It's an extremely tough call to make, given the givens." She squeezes Benji's thigh again and says, "When I first manifested, I killed someone." Pause. "I live with that every day and I wonder what would have happened if I'd been identified sooner. Would that person still be alive?… Add onto that, I worry constantly about being in control of this 'gift'" the airquotes are audible there, "I've been given for fear of hurting someone. This kid is lucky. She gets a chance at life without any guilt."

"No… that's not what I'm.." Benjamin shuts up with a noise of frustration before he continues, "Even if Bennet hadn't of told me to take her away, I would have. That bothers me on a fundamental level. But I know that goes out the window given her situation, her ability." Ben moves his hand to lay across Angie's. "I have to live with that too. You know this. Angie.. there were several evolved in that block radius who lost control of their powers yesterday. Because of Sasha. I'm lucky I'm not affected by my own power, and I used her as a boost to stop things from worsening.. I'm not going to argue that Sasha's lucky, because she is." It's that bleeding heart of his that hates seeing a child taken from their parent. But there's little choice in the matter.

"You did the right thing," Alice soothes, turning on the couch and reaching a hand to lay her fingertips against Benjamin's face. "And I know it's against your fatherly instincts." She leans in, til they're almost nose to nose. "I have an idea. To get your mind off of being distraught about being a big mean Company Agent."

"I know." There's a pause, then Ben asks, "You sure you want to try and have kids?" As for doing the right thing? It isn't always easy. Benjamin smiles a little as Alice leans in and he presses his mouth to hers in a brief kiss. He raises his hand, brushing strands of hair back from the woman's face. "Oh? What's this idea of yours?"

Alice is all about the kissing. And then she's taking Benjamin's hand. And then she's standing and tugging her with him. "I was just thinking some really hard sex would help ease your mind. What do you think?"

Benjamin must be learning to relax. It could also be that it was a rough week, he's on pain killers.. okay so it's all of the above. But he does make a play at groaning and waffling on the suggestion. "I… dunno.. I might need some convincing."

"Oh, I wasn't asking as if you had a choice… just your opinion," the goth says with a smirk, tugging Benjamin insistently towards the bedroom. "C'mon. I'll totally let you get me pregnant this time. I swear." HA! He may be becoming resistant to her whacky wit, but maybe she can still hit him.

Oh.. Ouch. Snap. "I hope you're joking about that," Benjamin says weakly as he's tugged up and towards the bedroom. Because.. if that's to be a reality. They really need to talk. In depth. "Go easy on me, breathing's hard as it is right now," is said in a half teasing, half serious manner as he lets Alice take the lead.

"Getting old, old man," Alice says, flinging another barb at Benjamin. "Need me to dig up some little blue pills for little Benji?" Biting her lip, she tugs the man close and kisses him with plenty of tongue. When she pulls away again, she asks, "What if I weren't joking?" Hahaha. What.

Any protest Benjamin was going to make is cut off. (It's good Rose isn't in the apartment, this would be enough to break her brain permanently. Then just the mention of daddy's little helper.. augh!) When Alice pulls away, he says soberly, "If you weren't joking.. then we have some things to talk about. Are we just going to cancel each other out? Have a normal child? What.. sorry.. I'm killing the mood with what if's.." He bumps his forehead gently against Alice's and closes his eyes.

"I don't know. Let's find out," is Alice's response, tugging Benjamin along and shutting the door behind them. Impulsive? Yes. Fun? Oh yes. Possibly painful? Definitely.

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