2007-04-23: Company Tails


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Summary: Drake calls Peter to mention his Company Tails.

Date It Happened: April 23rd, 2007

Company Tails

On the Phone

The phone begins to ring, flashing Drake's caller ID.

Peter answers the phone, "Hey, what's going on?"

On the other end, Drake's voice comes out quiet. "Pete. Um.. I.. think I'm in trouble. Your mom told me to call you."

Peter seems concerned almost immediately, "What's going on? What do you mean you're in trouble?"

Drake lets out a deep breath. "I've been followed the last few days by an asian girl named Claudine. I recently found out she's working with someone named Jenny, and they've been trying to track me down, and recruit me. I.. 'think' they work for the Company. About a month or so ago, this guy who can freeze things by touching them tried to get me to join up as well. Yesterday at the subway, I saw Claudine again, and this time I got tailed by a girl named Mallory who claims she goes to my school. She said she knows Claudine by coincidence, but I quit believing in those awhile ago. I don't know.. it's just… this Claudine lady, she knows I'm Omega." He breathes, for a moment. "Elle told me a few months ago that she would make sure that they'd forget about me, but if anything, they've taken a greater interest. I just don't know what to do."

Peter sounds as if he's frowning from the way he talks, "I know this Claudine. She does work with the Company. I don't know of Jenny, though. I'll do what I can, I've got… something in the works with them. But— I'll need to talk to Elle. I haven't seen her all day, but she might be doing some research at the library, or something…" Still, he sounds worried, unsure. "Wait— Mallory? Blonde girl? About sixteen?"

A soft hiss whispers past Drake's lips as he mentions Claudine being involved in the Company. ".. Dammit." He grits his teeth. "I think my best friend Brad just asked her out to home coming or something, or was planning it. She's been cozying up to him the past few weeks and he can't stop talkin' about her. Um.. Mallory is about.. sixteen. She told me she was a Junior. Cute, perky girl, real bouncy."

"She's definitely part of the Company. Practically said so to me, but Mallory… there was a girl fitting that description who was placed in my room for a while at the Company." Peter sounds a bit worried, unsure how to explain, but he's trying. "Was only for a week or two. She wasn't drugged, either. I didn't think she was an Agent because she was so terrified— could be she was mind wiped and somehow they left Claudine so they could have someone to keep an eye on her. She seemed like a nice innocent kid…"'

Drake lets out a breath. "I don't know, all I know is that she was hanging out with her, and said they met at some party or something. I can't remember. Then she started flirting with me, was telling me she was gonna show up at soccer practice to watch me play. Pretty much acted like a star struck fan girl. It was weird, but.. I played it off I suppose. Brad told me on the phone he doesn't have a girl named Mallory in his class." He pauses. "I'm gonna lay low for a bit I guess. Kinda glad I'm working for your mom now. I won't be out in public much. I should go, thanks so much for the help."

Peter still sounds as if he's frowning over the phone, giving a small sigh. "Listen, Drake— be careful, okay? There's a lot going on and you need to be around for it, not locked up or mind wiped, okay? Skip the dance if you have to. If they're trying to get invited there, it's best if you don't go. Take Claire out somewhere else… She's had enough bad Homecomings… Be safe. I'll talk to you later."

Going silent for a moment, Drake says, "No problem, Pete. I guess I can take her out to a movie instead. I'll keep my head down, promise. Take care of yourself." After hanging up, he sends a quick 'love you' text to Claire, then hops into the cab Angela summoned for him, to get his ride home.

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