2007-07-22: Complex Compromising


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Mohinder visits Megan again and attempts to win her over with chai and information.

July 22nd, 2007:

Complex Compromising

Primatech Paper, Hartsdale NY - Cells

Following the little discussion with Dr. Aldric, Mohinder has gathered several things and is making his way down to Megan's cell. In hand are his general lecture materials. Photographs, identifying marks cropped from them. The files are tucked under his arm while he carries a thermos of tea and two cups. As he approaches
the cell, he looks through the window before pressing the intercom. "Miss Deatley? Would you mind a visitor?"

For once, Megan isn't on the bed. Instead, she's sitting with her back against the wall and using some of the markers she was left by Meryl to decorate her cast some more. Just the scribbled out profanity doesn't really do much to brighten it up. She's no artist, though, and it's kind of hard to tell what it is she's drawing there. It could be flowers. Or it's possible it's a strange animal with measles. "Yeh all keep askin' me tha' as if I had a choice in the matter. Fake courtesy's worse'n no courtesy."

"I thought that you might appreciate the company, and it is not fake courtesy. This visit is not exactly on a professional basis." Meaning Mohinder's on his own time. "If you wish me to go away, I can come back another time. I had some material that I thought you might like to see. To help you understand further." He shifts the items in hand to show the thick folder in hand. It's battered, well used and full of contents. "I also brought tea if you would like it."

"S'no' memory erasin' tea, is it?" Megan has become /extra/ suspicious of whatever it is that these people give her. Who knows what it may be. Looking up from her drawing - if it could be called that - she caps the marker. Her eyes first go to the folder in his hands. "Wha's it exactly you think I need to understand? And how's tha' supposed to help?"

"No. It's not. Plain chai with a little sugar to sweeten it," Mohinder says as he lets himself into the cell. The door closes behind him and he approaches Megan. He's careful to not get too close as the woman is clearly not trusting him and with good reason. He seats himself on the floor and sets the folder down. He pours two cups of chai and sets down one for Megan to take. He takes a drink of his to show that it's not poisoned. "I want to help you understand why you are here. I know that you don't trust us. You also do not believe that you have an ability." He taps a finger against the folder, "I am a geneticist and studying the evolution of abilities of humans is my life's work. I also lecture on the subject at universities. I used to teach genetics in India."

It's good that he doesn't get too close. Too long in a cell and Megan is starting to get the instincts of a caged animal. Get too close or try something and she'll bite. Or whatever it is that she might still be able to do. Frowning, she looks at the chai and then at the folder. So far, he's given very little for her to trust him with. She'll go with the folder first rather than the chai. "So, wha's inna folder?" All this long speechifying might work in a classroom setting, but this is nothing of the like. What Megan wants to know are the facts. And what it is he's angling at. Whether she believes he /actually/ wants to help is another story.

Mohinder takes another drink of his chai before setting the cup aside. The folder is picked up and opened, "My lecture notes, documenation and photos I use to try and convince people that this isn't exactly theoretical genetics anymore." There's a timelapse photo collage in chronological order of a person's arm in stages of healing process. "This happened in a matter of minutes. This person possesses the ability of tissue regeneration." Along with the photo is a documented case study. "My father was a respected geneticist until he began researching these phenomenon.. He was regarded as a joke afterwards. He moved to New York to pursue his studies on his own. I admit, I did not believe in his theories at first, and then I came here and met some of the most extraordinary people."

It seems that the lecturer can't help but lecture to his audience. It's made easier by the fact that Megan can't even go anywhere if she gets bored. It's not that she doesn't /believe/ in any of this. That's not her problem any more. Just seeing what she and her brother can do have shown her the truth to that. "S'wha's this got to do with me? None of those people are me. Bet they weren't kidnapped and tossed inna cell, either."

Mohinder can't help it. That's just how he is. "Not all of them Miss Deatley. A large number of those who work for us found themselves in the same situation as you are currently in. In fact.. I would like to request that you no longer have to stay in this cell, but a few conditions for security reasons will apply.. but I will get back to that in a few moments." He flips a few pages in the folder. Most of the contents are blacked out as one would see with government agencies and classified information. "I should start over," he says before covering that page. "You and your brother are not alone in your abilities. There are many people out there who can do extraordinary things. As with anyone, not all of them are good.." He returns to the document he previously covered, "This person.. is a pyrokinetic, and a highly dangerous individual. Unstable, psychotic. No different than your average mass murderer.. Only they can create and manipulate fire at will. Now.. Imagine this person loose on the streets, torching buildings. Do you think the authorities are capable of properly handling a criminal like this? No. That is where we come in."

"Ye'd let me go home?" For Megan, not in the cell equals going home. There is no in between for her. Not that she knows of at least. And Mohinder /was/ getting somewhere until he mentions Lachlan being evolved and like her. Oh no. That certainly will not do. The last time she talked to someone, they said he may be in danger of being killed or forced to forget who she was. Now, it's a threat of him being tossed in here like her. Immediately, she closes off. "Ye'e go' the wrong people, then. Mebbe yer righ' abou' me, but Lach's go' nothing to do with this. And if ye try and kill him, or forget whatever it is ye sick people want, I'll figure ou' a way to ge' ye back. Ye leave him out of this and ye can keep yer fancy tea and whatever it is ye'e got to offer me." Taking any of it would be like turning him in.

"Not.. just yet Miss Deatley.. That decision is not in my hands. You still do not have adequate control over your ability. You won't be held here forever, that much is certain." Mohinder reaches for his tea, taking a lengthy drink of it. He blinks and stares at Megan as she, well, goes off. "Miss Deatley, we have no intention of killing your brother. I don't even know what it is he can do. Obviously, it's nothing harmless or considered a threat. The only people killed are those under unfortunate and unavoidable circumstances. That process is quite similar to the criminal justice system. A dangerous murderer is locked away or executed. The same applies here.. only we have to operate outside of the traditional legal system. Most people would have a very difficult time grasping the concept of a superhero living next door. I encounter a large number of evolved humans who are scared of what it is they can do, they withdraw from public, they hide themselves away because they do not understand."

Finally standing up, Megan glares down at Mohinder. "Yeh, and wha' abou' the people who fight back from tryin' to be kidnapped and stuffed into cells? Those aren't murderers and if they become them, /yer/ the ones tha' made 'em tha' way!" If she hadn't have been completely surprised, she would have tried to put up a better fight. And she /knows/ Lachlan. He wouldn't let himself be taken without taking out a few of those Agents along with. And that would put him in the dangerous category. "He's /no'/ got one of yer abilities or wha'ever yer trying to call 'em. So ye /leave him alone/."

"Very well, I'll speak no more of your brother," Mohinder relents, as he's sure of just how touchy a subject this is. "Miss Deatley.. I would prefer to approach people on an individual basis and speak to them, rather than kidnapping. Unfortunately, that decision is not mine to make. There are however some evolved people I have been allowed to do that with. The kidnapping, it is a regretable necessity in some cases. Allow me to give another example.. A few months ago, there was a gentleman who had no idea he had an ability. He was walking around, making people fall asleep. He did not know he was doing this.. do you see where I am going? Someone like that, who is not aware they have an ability or causing things to happen are a danger to themselves and the community. Some people.. have to be subdued and educated on what they can do. I admit.. some attempts do backfire, and individuals push back. For the most part, our help is accepted and embraced."

"Bunch of bloody sheep," Megan mutters to the example of those who accept and embrace the help of kidnappers so easily. While Mohinder has agreed to not talk about Lachlan, that doesn't meant hat he's not going to /do/ something to Lachlan. Or his cronies will. Or whoever it is that pick people up and toss them into this place. "Yeh, well, I'd fire yer PR guy. He's doin' a crap job." If they even have a PR person for this place. She doubts it. Or if they do, that person is just as screwed up as the rest of this place. "I don't do anything dangerous. I faint. Tha's it. So ye can let me out now."

"Miss Deatley.. I don't know how else to convince you.. beyond letting people demonstrate their abilities in front of you.. or.." Mohinder finishes off his tea, then gathers his papers together before rising. "You faint when you use your ability. When this happens.. do you feel as if you are seeing things through another person's eyes? Seeing what they see? Feeling what they feel? I don't know how else to convince you beyond letting you show us your ability." He tucks his folder under his arm and gathers his empty mug and the thermos. "Right now, we have you on suppressants so that you cannot use your ability. I'd like to have that stopped. I am greatly interested in seeing what is you can do, and get you moved from this cell."

Never having touched her tea, it remains cooling on the floor. That's most likely where it will stay until either Mohinder or someone else comes in to take it away. Not having /tried/ to use her ability, she had no idea that she was put on suppressants. Of course, it would explain why she hasn't had any of her dreams lately. The vivid ones. Hm. A plan starts to form in her brain while she thinks over this proposition. And, well, finally, she give Mohinder a withering look. "Yeh. See wha' ye can do and /mebbe/ 'll agree ta let ye see wha' it is I can do."

Mohinder smiles, almost like a child offered a compromise for the toy he wants at Christmas. "Miss Deatley, I will see what I can do.. If I can manage to get you a nicer room, one that's not a cell, there will still be security. I hope that you can appreciate the fact that you don't trust us, we don't trust you. But I will look into having you moved so that you are in more comfortable surroundings with a little more freedom."

"Yer damn righ' I don' trust ye," Megan grumbles at Mohinder. "Ye've given me no bloody reason to." Kidnapping, broken bones, what's there to like about the Company. "Like I said, see wha' ye can do and ye'll see." She's not about to make any promises, but at least she now has /some/ sort of bargaining chip. As small as it may be.

Mohinder is happy to work with Megan. He's genuinely interested in her ability.. and earning a modicum of trust from her. The sooner that happens, the sooner they can work on the ability, and that means the sooner Megan can go home. And possibly never find out that he had a hand in altering her brother and his girlfriend's memories. "I will speak with you later Miss Deatley," he says, offering her a smile before leaving the cell.

There's no smile for Mohinder. Instead, Megan just watches him leave. "Yeh. I dunna doubt it." Because there's not much she can do to keep him from speaking to her. Even if she didn't want to. He /says/ that he'd leave, but how much can she trust a man who works for a place that does this to people? As soon as he's gone, she slides the still full cup of chai over to the door for whoever will pick it up. Then, she flops down on the bed to stare at the ceiling and figure out what exactly it is she needs to do to get out of here.

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