2009-11-30: Connect the Dots



Date: November 30th, 2009


IN A SHOCKING TWIST As usual, Tracy and Gene don't see eye to eye. This time, the point of contention is — again — Ivory.

"Connect the Dots"

Capitol Hill

Washington, D.C.

In Washington, it's late morning. While Tracy has rather extreme reservations about being where she is at the moment — a desk in a modern-styled office that, though rarely used, is hers — there is a lot of work to catch up on, and even if Ivory is convinced his career (and hers) is completely and utterly doomed, she can't just back down that easily, but it's also not easy to focus on bills and Senate meetings at a time like this.

To say she's distracted is an understatement. Leaning her head in her hands with a tired, frustrated sigh, she glances along the desk where her cell phone sits. She reaches out for the BlackBerry, somewhat reluctantly finds a number — KENSINGTON, GENE, right above KENSINGTON, JOHN — and even more reluctantly sits up to fish a different phone out of her nearby purse. A prepaid one minus her name that's tenuously less likely to be tapped. "This should be fun," she mumbles under her breath before dialing.

New York, NY

"o/~ We wish you a Merry Christmas, we wish you a Christmas, we wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year! o/~"

It's Christmas Time in New York, and the young genius is currently trying to enjoy it as best he can while on the lam. It's hard, but Gene is odd enough to try just the same, still residing in the apartment building outside of the city proper. Singing Christmas tunes as he works on putting together some instructional files for Tiago, the young genius blinks as he gets a call on his phone. "Prepay…" Gene states as he puts down the laptop, merely sighing as he figures the number is from a fugitive of one sort of another. "Hey, this is the man of the hour, who's got all the power. Make your point quick or the conversation will sour!"

The female voice waiting to greet Gene is prompt, if a surprised "uh…" is considered to be a greeting. The caller sounds a bit on the tired and indifferent side as she moves right along past Gene's quirky hello. "Hi Gene, it's Tracy." Calling somewhat belatedly, but the point is, she's calling. "Iiii'm… back in Washington. I told you I'd call so…"

That kills the Christmas cheer quick. "…I haven't heard from my friend. Don't tell me you didn't get yourself tested," the young man replies, running a hand through his hair. While he figured something like this would happen, he still finds himself lightly frustrated anyway. "I take it if you're in Washington, so is Ivory."

"We didn't have time. We had to leave, get back to Washington." An aide walks past the door with particularly loud steps and Tracy instinctively tenses, her head whipping up to stare at the closed door. Realizing her paranoia (warranted though it is), she props her forehead against her hand again as speaks to Gene. "Ivory has his own resources. He says he'll take care of it."

"Right. No time. Considering he was drinking himself into oblivion, last I checked, he had all the time in the world. Of course… Wait, you told him about the testing? When we don't even know where the source is?" Gene refrains from saying that he figures Ivory IS the one, knowing that it will likely get Tracy in an uproar. After all, Bert went ballistic when he questioned Ivory being the greatest thing ever. His head taps against the wall. "I ask ONE thing, Tracy. One thing. We both agreed on it and suddenly, that means zilch."

"Well he got cleaned up and came to his senses," Tracy is quick to retort in a tone that could be considered severe. In the office, she sits up straighter, holds the phone a little straighter. "Of course I told him, he needs to know," she says as though it should be obvious, logical, plain; to her, it is. "I assure you, I planned to go to Cass, but Ivory has no reason to trust her — or you. Before you ask, I'll tell you: no, I didn't give away her name."

"I wasn't asking Ivory to get tested, now was I? I say that there is someone in the government program that might be doing it and then you TELL people in the program? Am I the only one that sees the problem with this?" Gene points out, his voice a little firm. He tries to dull the edge in his voice, but it's clear it isn't working. "I've been helping you from the moment I frickin' met you, Tracy. Why? Because I thought it was the right thing to do. When have I ever lied to you? When have I ever gave you advice that wasn't at least trying to help you?"

"That's far from the point. I'm well aware of your intentions." Even though Gene's intentions are good, Tracy can't keep the edge out of her own voice either. Unlike Gene, she doesn't even try at this particular juncture. "…You're severely underestimating Ivory. He isn't just some government person in a program, he deserves to know what's going on."

"Underestimating Ivory?" Gene takes in a deeeep breath. He looks toward his pocket, pulling out the baby Jesus statue from it. He holds it in his hand, feeling the cool painted porcelain between his fingers. When he speaks, there isn't a rage in his voice, but rather a straight forward bluntless. Like a cool headed boss dealing out bad news with pink slips, Gene loads a bombshell that he knows won't go over well.

"That's it, no more holding back because at this point, we've gotten into the Ivory vs. Gene anyway, which is stupid but predictable. Ask him about his female friends. See if there is a pattern. Tell me that he doesn't have an angle, find ONE woman that hates him after working with him for more than a week. Then you can tell me what a wonderful person Ivory is… But at this point, I already know that you will for the reason I just went over. And that the testing will likely never happen, because he'd just rather keep control of the situation. Because if you're willing to breaking the ONE thing we agreed on just because he said so, that shows you aren't trusting me at all…. Now this is the part where you tell me Ivory walks on water and I'm evil for even thinking these things."

To Tracy's credit, at least she doesn't snap immediately, at least. She takes a second — then a few more — to try to analyze everything Gene has just told her. "Of course I don't think you're evil," she says matter-of-factly. "I think you're incredibly misguided." There is a difference. Tracy gives pause as she shakes her head, thoughtful but dismissive; annoyed. "I see with you're going with this. But— control the situation? No. It doesn't make any sense."
The Geek God pauses, clearly not expecting the answer. It was much better than he thought it would be. "Why does it not make sense? Why couldn't it be a possibility? Because 'Ivory is nice' doesn't count, just in case that was in question."

"You don't know him like I do," Tracy replies — defiantly, sure, but logically. Straightforward. Her temper is kept in a safe range, though it may be to Gene's benefit that this is a phone call and not a face-to-face meeting, all the same. "He's— " Biting down, she's reluctant to go on when the topic keeps verging into personal territory. The edge softens in her voice ever-so-slightly. "…He's… been there. For me. I'd like to believe he cares about me. He certainly wouldn't try to … control me. Whatever person you have in your mind that you've named Ivory, it's… not him. You can believe me or not."

"He's been there for a lot of people. You know about Roberta Sachs… You think it ends there? Maybe I don't have a peg on him, but that's why I needed the tests. Science is about having an hypothesis and seeing if it works. Looking for common threads," Gene states, rubbing his head in frustration. Some days he wishes he chose the Godfather as a role model instead of Batman. "I know he means a lot to you, I'm not questioning that. I'm just saying there are a lot of dots that we need to be connecting and I don't think Ivory really cares about the truth as much as you or I would be."

"I can't stop you from believing whatever it is you want." And by the sound of it, Tracy doesn't much care to. Gene can connect his own dots. "I appreciate your concern and all, but I'm just fine without it now. I just called to tell you I wouldn't be going to get tested by Cass."

"I see… Well, if you have anything else you need to talk about, I'll be here. Until next time." Waiting for Tracy's response, Gene will then hang up. That said, the Geek God looks down to the plastic prophet. "I know why you didn't get married, Jesus. Mo' women, mo' problems." Tucking the little guy back into his pocket, Gene begins to hum I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus as he continues his work.

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