2007-02-23: Connecting And Sharing


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Jane and Clint connect and share on more than one level for the first time after the raid on Primatech.

Date It Happened: February 23rd, 2007

Connecting and Sharing

An empty apartment somewhere in Greenwich Village

Taking her phone out once she's at a place where someone can come and go unobserved, Jane dials a set of numbers on it, and seconds later, she hopes, Clint Evans will receive her call. "Please be on, please be on," she murmurs while waiting.

Somewhere else in the city, a cell phone rings with Trapt's 'Headstrong', and Clint answers his phone, sitting in a subway station, aparently waiting for a train. As one might guess. He figures if the company tracks people with powers, they probably have some way to track power usage, so he tries his best to not use his powers all the time any more. He answers his phone, 'lo?"

"Clint," Jane starts, "so good to hear your voice." She sounds happy to hear it, and concerned at the same time. "You're well?" The sound of her feet crossing a room might reach him, with it an slight echo which coudl mean she's in an empty place.

"I'm fine." He replies, "Just staying low for the time being. My stuff's in storage under a false name. If they hit my apartment they'll find it empty. Not even any of my memorabilia is in there, now." A little chuckle, "Where are you? And where's Hiro and those paintings? They're the key in all this.."

"Glad to hear it," she replies with relief. "I'm in Greenwich Village, standing in an empty apartment I might rent soon, I'm here all alone, and I've missed you, twenty-one." Jane states pointedly. "I don't know where Hiro is, or the paintings. I've not seen him since that night, but I did make contact with Rianna."

Clint hmms a bit as he listens to the words on his phone, "Once you get set up there, let me know." He says, "I'll get in touch with Hiro." Clint idly checks under his shirt to make sure the revolver he aquired is still there. It's weight is somewhat comforting considering the craziness that's been going on lately, "I need to see what we should do next."

"I was hoping to see you face to face," Jane offers, her voice subdued. "I learned a few things about one of those paintings. It's pretty bad. Could you come here? And tell Hiro how to reach me, if you would."

Clint thinks, "Sure." He says, "Give me the address.." He says, "I'll be there in a minute."

She speaks the address into the phone, and steps back to leave the room's center clear. "Thanks."

Sure enough, a moment later, the phone disconnects, and Clint appears in the middle of the room. Unfortunately he misjudged the height, so he's up about three feet off the ground. And he drops onto his ass with a grunt, "Ooof. Damn." He stands up and shakes it off, "Well, I made it, at least."

On his arrival, he finds himself in an empty apartment. The walls around the room are a version of white, the floor is carpeted in pale blue. She's there standing next to a wall, waiting. Her attire is unusual, for her; a charcoal grey business suit, skirt, complementary two inch pumps, and her hair is pinned up professionally. Two steps, three, moving quickly when he lands, she closes the distance and reaches to help him stand. Once he's upright she seeks to wrap around him and lean onto his shoulder. "Hey," she whispers. "You're still real."

Clint chuckles a little bit, "Yeah. Last time I checked." He says, "You look nice." He says, "Doing something lawish?" He knows that's not even a real word, but still, "I've got Hiro's phone number in my cell phone. So get your's out." He pulls up Hiro's number on his.

"Thanks," Jane replies, stepping back to open her phone and record Hiro's number in it. Fingers press the digits in, and his name. "I went to meet Rianna, and to find a home instead of living in hotels," she explains, blushing a bit, as she looks down at herself briefly. "Sometimes it's good to look like a lawyer."

Clint hehs, "Yeah." He says, "Well, I suppose I do have some nice clothes if I need them.." He says, "But I mean, I prefer to wear some inconspicuous stuff right now. Try to blend in.." He hmms a bit, "So yeah, Jane.." He pats her on the back a bit, "You been staying safe? Rhianna help at all?"

"I have, and yes," she answers quietly. A nervous expression settles onto her face, and a breath is taken. "I described some of the paintings to her. The one that got the most reaction was the same one Hiro reacted to, the woman with the cut on her forehead. When I mentioned the name Sylar, she got concerned. According to Rianna, his name is Gabriel Gray, and he's a serial killer. A serial killer who murders people like us to take our talents. She said she needed to contact someone named Bennet and warn him to keep protecting his daughter."

Clint hrms softly, "I don't know a Bennet.." He says, as he thinks for a moment, "But I bet Hiro does. I still need to get to meet with this Rhianna person myself. I want to talk to her." He hmms, "Should set up a meeting with her and me next time you talk to her.."

Nodding, Jane pulls out her phone again and, opening it, pulls up the numbers she stored for Rianna in there. The first she indicates with her finger, stating "This is the normal office number, standard hours." And her finger moves to the second. "This one she told me would be answered twenty-four seven. If you call it, say Dr. Forrest referred you and ask for Ms. Rockford-Johannsen. That should give her heads up." She waits, holding it up and providing an opportunity to record the info in his.

Clint types up the numbers into his phone, getting all the info down, "Alright." He says, "I'll give her a call in a little bit." He smiles a little bit, "You know, you don't have to stick around the city."

"I like New York," Jane replies quietly, "I chose to come here and explore being a musician. Still am, though I might sometime see about trying to get a job at ASCAP or BMI for steady income if I need it." A pause is taken, as her thoughts return to Hiro and matters at hand. "I do hope he or you are staying close to her, so if she decides to start tossing fire she can be quickly dropped in the Hudson."

Clint nods a bit, "I will, once I run into Hiro again. I'm sure he's been keeping an eye out on her…But he believes her to be an innocent victim. I'm not so sure.." He says, "From the way the guy in the Company was talking about her, and the painting he had.."

Her head tilts to one side, listening. "She definitely looks like the woman who tossed fire at people. Primatech's activities aren't pure, but that doesn't automatically mean some of the people they take in don't need to be locked up. It wasn't even a case of her just looking to even a score with them, no, she seized a hostage who didn't appear to have any connection to that bunch." Her eyes close, her head shakes, a slow tear runs down one cheek. "I'm having to reexamine what I always thought about right and wrong with all this, Clint. Some people are just flat dangerous, and can't be held in prisons. This Sylar… He uses telekinesis to open skulls, and he's got a bunch of powers. Someone simply needs to kill him and make sure he's dead, really dead, and even though I know with him it's kill or be killed, it still feels like recommending murder."

Clint shakes his head a bit, "There are people who are too dangerous to be kept alive.." He says, "I hate to say that, but it's true. This Sylar guy sounds like one of them." He mumbles a little bit to himself, "As long as he doesn't have the Hatian's powers, though, I'll be able to get away if he shows up.."

"It is fairly simple. He'll kill, until someone kills him." Even though it disquiets her to say so Jane knows the truth of it, indeed the very subject of Sylar makes her fingers tremble from fear. She reopens her eyes, focusing on his face. "It's like we have to live our lives carefully not giving in to terror. Not being reckless, but also not shying away from what we have to do. Speaking of that, you met a Primatech man and saw another painting?"

Clint nods, "Yes. It was a dark haired girl, holding a ball of flames in her hand, in a darkened, yet burning hallway." He says, "I think it might be Kellie.." He says, "But it's from behind, so it's hard to tell.."

"Who was the Primatech man, and what does he look like?" Jane asks. "I'd like to have some idea who he is if I come across him."

Clint coughs a bit, "His name was Rainer Madson, and he's aparently somebody very important in the company." He says, as he hmms a bit to himself, "Jane, if you see this guy, uh…Well, I mean, he had short black hair and a suit. Nothing all that special. But if you see him, run. He's dangerous. I don't even know if he has a power, he just seems…Well, I was holding a gun to him and he was still acting like he was in control."

She nods slowly. "Wouldn't you?" Jane asks. "Out on the field, even if your opponent was sacking you ten times, would you always try to act confident, like you could pull things together no matter how bad it got?"

Clint nods a little bit, "You bring up an excelent point." He says, "But I was just making sure you were aware. Also, he's obviously been around powered people for a while. He wasn't the least bit phased when I teleported him into his office."

"Not surprising, for an associate of that operation," Jane muses. "Their experience has to be so much deeper than ours, by the nature of what they do." Her voice trails off, and she steps closer to lean on and hug him tightly, to bask in the closeness. "I missed you being around, 21. Why couldn't I have met you when we had time to do things like date, instead of worrying about firetossers, serial killers, and prophetic paintings?" She chuckles ruefully. "But I suppose we can never complain about not having excitement in our lives."

Clint can't help but laugh at that, "No kidding." He says, "But still, I'd rather know about all this stuff going on, instead of happily living my life, completely oblivious, assuming that everything is normal and happy.."

"If it gets too stressful," Jane remarks in a light chuckle, "I can always go out into the woods somewhere and just scream my head off until it goes away, see how many tree branches I can make crack and fall with it." Her head leans on the upper part of his chest, she drifts into what for her is comfortable silence and enjoys the contact. The eyes close, a small smile forms.

Clint grins, "Yeah, exactly." He says, even though he's not sure if she's being serious or not. So he doesn't really say anything else, "I still want you to be careful.."

"As I want you to be, Clint," Jane responds solemnly. "The world is dangerous, Primatech agents could, probably are, after you, and there's Sylar too. So I'm careful. I check faces when I'm out, always looking for anyone following, watching. We should check in at least once a day, make sure each other are in good shape, and if we don't, start looking. If you call, and I'm alone, I'll say I'm alone. If I'm not alone, I'll say something other than those exact words as a signal to stay away. I don't want to know where you are, nobody can get info I don't have out of me, not even a telepath."

Clint nods a bit, "Right." He says, "You're absolutely right. If I don't tell you where I am, nobody can know except me." He chuckles a bit, "That's good thinking on your part. Oh, and if you need help, just send me a text message with 911 and, if you can, your location.."

"I will," she answers softly, looking up to meet his eyes. Jane stretches a bit onto her toes, lifting up and coming closer with her head tilting in attempt to kiss the man, moving slowly to let him react and meet her partway.

Clint leans in in response to the kiss, letting her kiss him. He's glad she's taking the lead on this one. He took the lead on the last one. He smiles a bit to her after the kiss, "I'm glad you're here for me, Jane. This would be harder to do alone.."

There aren't any words in reply as contact occurs and the kiss begins, she gentle at first, then seeking to deepen it with arms going around his shoulders. Her eyes close. It's tenderness she attempts to convey, the newness of developing sentiment, and her trust.

Clint eventually breaks the kiss, and smiles at Jane once he's done, "Jane." He says, "I want…Well, I'm not sure how to explain it. Once this is all over and done with, maybe we can return to some kinda normalicy…Or something.."

She smiles softly as she pulls back, and a chuckle is emitted. "Of course, twenty-one. Don't think I'm going to forget you owe me that real date we talked about." A few steps are taken, Jane disengages from him slowly. "Even if we have to make our own definition of normal." There's playfulness in her eyes for a moment, a hint of mischief.

Clint gives a little grin, "I'll set you up on that date, don't you worry." He says, with a smile, "Once I figure out where we're gonna go and how to keep all the super powered freaks from crashing it."

"I've no doubt, Clint," Jane asserts. "But right now we both have things to do. So go be carefully bold, yeah?" From a few feet away she watches him, her expression light as she can make it be in such a moment. "Talk to you tomorrow, and every day after that."

Clint gives her a grin, "But of course." He says, "I will see you soon, Doctor." And then he's gone, just like that.

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