2007-02-23: Connections


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Summary: Hiro asks for Xander's help based on their connection. Also, Xander gets a Hiro Name.

Date It Happened: February 23rd, 2007

Connections or The Man Without Career

Xander's Office

Hiro Nakamura is about to take a stab in the dark.

Well, not literally. In fact, so not literally that he's secreted the Kensei Sword away in Japan, in the caring hands of Ando Masahasi, who promises not to take the sword out and pretend to be Tom Cruise. Hiro has also broken a couple of rules to get this far; you can't normally just walk in and talk to the DA, so he's done a little, you know. Sneaking. Either way, he's waiting outside Mr. Marx's office, sitting in a little chair, nearby, apparently minding his own business.

Technically, Xander is not the District Attorney. He's just a lawyer that works FOR the District attorney. The fact that he's only been in the United States for six months, and New Yorks specifically, kinda keeps him from being more than a Lawyer. But that's not a big problem, as since a lawyer can still do great good if he's on the right side of a legal situation.

Right now, Alexander Weston Marx, that being Xander's formal name, is making his way through the offices his eyes currently focused on the file in his hands. When he gets to his office, he steps up and walks right past the short, round, Japanese man, and for a moment doesn't think much about it, before stopping and taking a step backwards to have double take, and looks more directly at Hiro, before opening his office door and stepping right in, shutting it behind him. He sets the files down, and picks up his office phone and calls the secretary, "Miss Davis, do I have any appointments at this time…? No, no reason… I'll call if I need anything." Before hanging up again, and heading to the door, slowly as if half expecting the Japanese man to knock.

Hiro waves in a friendly but unassuming way at Xander as he walks past and into his office. And then the door shuts. Well, that didn't work out very well. Hiro stands up, takes a quick step to the door, and — *knock* *knock* *knock*

Assuming it opens, there's Hiro, sure enough, who tries to put on a big grin. "Hello!" he says, his English brutally accented. "Are you Alexander Weston Marx?" He struggles through the 'rx' sound at the end of the time and the 'ex' in 'Alexander.'

"My name is Hiro Nakamura. I need your help."

The Attorney does in fact open the door to Hiro. He's not entirely surprised that his name is known, though why a Japanese man would be asking for him, he doesn't know. The name Nakamura, though, does ring a bell, but he isn't sure where exactly he heard it from. He purses his lips for a moment, before he opens the door some more, and comments, "That's my name, yes… Come in, have a seat…" He then gestures to a chair, as he tells Hiro, "You could have arranged an appointment, Mr. Nakamura, I'm not that disconnected from the rest of the world." Before shutting the door, and then heading to his own chair and sitting down, looking to Hiro's eyes, and asking, "What can I do for you, Mr. Nakamura?"

"I am sorry! I am coming on short notice," Hiro says, and takes a seat. Okay, how to approach this. "I need your help. There are very bad people who are kidnapping innocent people. It is not legal, but they keep what they do secret. I need your help to put them behind bars," he says, aware, on some level, of how ridiculous it sounds. But he can't *kill* all of his enemies, now, can he? So he has to figure out if he can do something legally.

Well, it does sound a bit ridiculous, yes, but Xander at least lends the man an ear. There was nothing to lose in listening, since if Hiro was telling the truth, there might be something going on in this town. "I see. Well, we all know that kidnapping is a serious crime, and one that we could do with less of." There were other kidnappings that was fresh in his memory as well. "That is if you can give us probable cause to investigate. A little proof as well would be useful."

Hiro stops to think for a few seconds. There's what he can do, and what he can't do. "They call themselves Primatech Paper. It is their cover. They kidnap certain people because they want to experiment on their genes. They are very bad men. They…" Think, think, think. "They have an office at Kirby Plaza. If you investigate Primatech Paper, I am sure you will that they are not what they seem."

PrimaTech Paper. Well that's a name Xander believes he we will be able to remember. However, it is a paper company, and the lawyer wasn't about to accuse it on baseless informations. "Experiment on their genes? What do you mean by that, Mr. Nakamura?" The name was still bugging him. Where had he heard it before?

"I am afraid there is only one way I can prove it to you," Hiro says, and stands to bow, just slightly. "Mr. Weston, my father was a friend of yours. His name is Kaito Nakamura. He always spoke highly of your father. He said he was a trustworthy man, who used the law to protect innocent people. I did not know who else I could go to."

The fact that Hiro was absolutely butchering his last name and was using his middle name as the surname prompts the lawyer to say, "Please, call me Xander." At least it was easier than listening to the butchering. However, the name of Hiro's father -does- ring a mental bell now, as he sits up a little straighter now, "Kaito Nakamura? Head of Yamagato Industries? He's your father?"
Xander didn't actually know Kaito Nakamura except by his father's connection to the guy. Still, looking at Hiro, he wouldn't have thought they were related, but it was it was now slightly more awkward. "I'm sure my father would have been honored to know your father thought so highly of him…" His thoughts drift away for a moment, and during those seconds the lights in the office begin flickering as though there was a power surge. He bites his lip for a moment, pondering about how to approach this, before taking a breath and speaking, "Perhaps I could help you out, but I can't really guarantee anything…"

"Please. If there is anything the police can do!" Hiro says, trying to control the pleading tone in his voice. "These people work in secret. They have a whole building! Probably more than one. I do not want to think about where they get all their money. But what they are doing is very illegal, I am sure. I think they may have been behind the bomb," he adds, in a conspiratorial whisper. The nuclear device that went off above the city, that is.

"The bomb? You mean the explosion back in November." Xander's interest continues to remain piqued by the short Japanese man, and steeples his hands for a moment more, before saying, "So, the organization behind PirmaTech Paper is allegedly behind that explosion, and doing illegal genetics experiments…" Xander sounds -almost- skeptical. Almost. Which means he's not. "Tell me, Hiro, if I may call you that… Is there anyone of note working in this organization? Names to go with faces."

Hiro stops and tries to think about names. And while he's thinking of that, and coming up blank, something else occurs to him. "I do know any of their names. But… you must be very careful! These are very dangerous people. They will kill to keep their secrets." He sits back, abruptly, looking concerned. "<What have I done?>" he says, to himself, in Japanese. Is he just dragging people in the line of fire, here?

Well, that didn't get Xander anywhere. "Names, faces, pictures, anything, Hiro." This was getting annoying pretty fast. The only reason why he wasn't going to call security at all was because Hiro was related to Kaito Nakamura. "I have a number of cases I have to deal with already, I cannot go and chase after these people based on a hunch." The lights flicker more and more, the entire floor's lighting going haywire. And if Hiro's paying special attention, he would notice electrical sparks arching at the Lawyer's ear down to his neck and shoulder, as he turns his head and mutters, "Would I be surprised if the Haitian was there…" Mostly in an undertone, but audible if Hiro pays attention.

Hiro gives Xander a bizarre sort of look at the confusing sparks, but it's his words that give special notice. His eyes go a little wide. "The Haitian? You know the Haitian? He is one of their agents! He was the one who was holding the girl hostage," he says, becoming more and more aware of what's going on here. "Mr. Xander— Do you have an ability, too?" he asks, his voice dropping into an inexplicable whisper.

So the Haitian -is- connected to all that. Xander's mood immediately lightens up, at this revelation, now that there's a chance of them getting somewhere with all this. Though when Hiro questions him on whether he has an ability, Xander stiffens for just a moment, before simply -ignoring- the question, by asking his own, "The Haitian man is one of their agents? What else can you tell me about him? And what girl are you talking about that was taken hostage?"

"I do not know who she is. Her name is…" Hiro thinks hard about this. But maybe this man can help her. "Her name is Kellie. She has amnesia. I do not know the Haitian's name, but he works for them. He also has a special ability. I do not know what it is, but he can turn off other people's abilities."

This information is all good. Especially about the Haitian. If the guy can turn off powers, that would explain why he was unable to do anything to him at the Starbucks that time. He had only suspicion before, but this does help nail the that down. However, more concerning is the one other name that got mentioned in all of this, the name that gets Xander's expression turning very concerned. "Kellie? Fair complexion, dark hair, blue-grey eyes? Fire coming out of her hands?"

"She has an ability, but I do not know what it is. Someone else said it may be fire powers. But that sounds like her," Hiro says, nervously. He's trying very hard, perhaps, not to sell his friends out. Hoping he didn't make a mistake in coming here.

Xander bites his lip, and takes a moment to pull two cards out from his coat pocket, and tells Hiro, "Listen to me, Hiro… If this is the same Kellie we're talking about, then you -must- be careful around her. A girl named Kellie took my friend's daughter hostage this last week at Central Park. She was throwing balls of fire arround, one nearly hit -me-." He bites his lip for a moment, and says, "If anything happens, I want you to call me, or Detective Kaydence Damaris." Before handing the cards over. "Kellie may have amnesia or not, but I know what I saw at the park." He then takes a moment to breath, before raising a finger and pointing it upwards, letting a spark of electricity fly around his finger. "If I'm trusting you with this secret, then I ask you to trush me about Kellie. Be careful with her."

"Kellie was scared! She did not know what was happening. There were bad men coming to get her, and she did not have any friends or people to count on. She feels worse about what she may have done than anyone," he says, clearly upset by the allegations at hand. He does, however, watch the electricity sputter, and smiles ear to ear. "Lightning Lad," he whispers, reverently. "I will be careful. I promise. But a hero must protect the innocent. Kellie needs our help."

Xander listens to Hiro, wondering how much the man genuinely believes that Kellie is an innocent party, before telling him, "I'm not a Hero, my friend. I'm just a lawyer…. And don't call me Lightning Lad again, it's not amusing…" He's not amused in the least.
"Daredevil is a hero, and a lawyer," Hiro says. "I think I was supposed to come here and find you. You are destined to help me save the world!" he exclaims, a weight taken off of his shoulders. "Mr. Xander, you have to help me fight the Company and save everybody."

Xander stands himself up from his chair, and says, "Hiro, as much as I'd like to be of help, I simply cannot up and go save the world on a whim. I'll do what I can to take this organization down, but I'm going to take the law to them. There is such a thing as justice in the world, and I'll bring it to them my way…" He pauses for a moment, before saying, "I've got work I need to get back to. Feel free to teleport, or whatever it is you do, your way out."

Hiro is disappointed, but Xander is going to change things from inside the system. Right? So, instead, he nods. "Okay," he says, hesitantly. He has principles. The law! "Thank you," he finally says, and bows gratefully. "I will also do what I can. To uphold justice," he specifies, after a brief pause. And then he closes his eyes and just — disappears. Gone!"

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