2007-10-02: Cons and Conversation


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Summary: Persi sees Cam escape a theft, and almost cons him out of his prize.

Date It Happened: October 2nd, 2007

Cons and Conversation

Downtown, NYC - Greenwich Village

So, it was raining, and now it's not. It's great, right? As dubious as it is that NYC would have that nice after-rain smell that one can get elsewhere in the world, Persi's enthusiastic enough to be out to enjoy it — or at least to enjoy the fact that she can be out and around without getting all wet, icky, and possibly sick. She sits out front of a little one-story home that doesn't fit in too well with the scheme of New York, mostly in that it's small. It does, however, have a little stone wall around the yard, and where wall meets gate, there are decently-sized sitting-lion statues sitting in for gargoyles that're apparently out on vacation — Persi sits atop one of these, just idly watching the foot-traffick passing by while listening to her newfound iPod.

Cam seems to be freshly out and about as well, seeing as he's dry and pretty much everything else isn't. He comes running around the corner and down the street, pocketting what looks to be a Nintendo DS. On seeing the house with the wall around it, but not the one overlooking it yet, scrambles over the wall to hide behind as a larger kid, a teenager, comes around the corner and goes running by, obviously angry. Cam sits there behind the wall catching his breath a few moments, though a grin on his face.

Persi draws her legs up a bit to let the second kid run by, then takes a moment to pluck out each earbud and hang it over each ear respectively. Once that's done, she peers over at Cam, leaning toward him seemingly without concern for the risk of falling off the statue. After peeeeering at him for a second, she looks back out at the street while making a comment, "Y'know, those aren't even really that valuable. And that kid woulda beat the crap outta you if he'd caught you."

Cam jumps as he hears the voice, blinking and looking up towards the source. He blinks a couple times, and says, "How'd… um… yeah, I know. I normally don't get caught." He stands up then, peeking over the wall before looking back up to Persi. "And I get to play it 'fore I sell it," he adds.

Persi squints down at Cam for a second and crosses her legs absentmindedly, "Sell it? You? You're just a little brat, how in the hell do you expect to get a fair price? You'd be better off with a fence. Lemme sell it for ya — I'll getcha a better deal -and- get some money to keep for myself." Persi nods once or twice to this idea, still not really paying that much attention to the kid himself so much as the street.

Cam makes a face and sits back down, "Like I'd ever see ya again. I'm not stupid. I think I even done that one myself. Pay me first, and ya got a deal." He pulls it from his pocket, turning it on to check it works. "Aw, man, it's got Brain Age in it." He turns it back off again, frustrated.

Persi rolls her eyes at the kid and peers down at him again, "Unlike some of us, /I'm/ not a thief. I have better things to do than steal from little kids — I don't even play video games, for that matter. Anyway, I could beat you up and take it if I wanted, I'm just tryin' to be nice. But, I mean, if you don't want the help, l'il Timmy, that's cool."

Cam considers that, looking at his stolen DS a few moments, biting his lip. Then he stands up, climbing onto the wall and reaching up to hand the game device up to Persi. "Already done the fun part anyway."

Persi raises her eyebrows as she takes it and grins rather widely, "Seriously? Sweet. Thanks. Early birthday present." She goes to stuff the DS in her pocket, but, well, she doesn't really have much in the way of pockets, so she sets it on her lap, grumbling about her crappy pockets. That done, she looks down at the boy, "So, what's your name? Gully McGullible?"

Cam just watches Persi a moment, as if seeing if she's joking, then frowns and says, "Knew it! Now I know I can't trust ya again, though." He doesn't demand it back or get very upset, though. He swings his feet a little from the edge of the wall and answers, "Cam Mitchell."

Persi furrows her brow for a second and squints just slightly, "Hmmm…Cam…seems like there should be a joke there, but I think I'm missing it." With a shrug, Persi points the DS at the boy and wiggles it a little, "If you can gimme one reason you need the money, or at least tell me what you're gonna do with it, I'll give it back. Otherwise, I'm going shopping."

Cam looks up to Persi a moment, and then looks down at the ground, speaking a little softer now, "A new sweater, 'cause it's getting cold. And food, the rest would get me McDonald's for like a month."

Persi isn't a very perceptive person — in fact, it's her weak point. She frowns a bit at the boy and lets out a sigh, "C'mon now, that's the lamest response ever. Who are, you, little orphan Anthony? Go hang out at the soup kitchen, or else buy something more interesting." Being unreasonable, on the other hand, is her strong suit.

Cam's shoulders slump a little, but he grins up to Persi, "Well, that *usually* works. I'm gonna buy some comics. Well, the McDonalds part's true too, but just 'cause I like McDonalds."

Persi nods with satisfaction and sticks out the DS toward him to hand it back, "Alright, works for me. Not a big McDonalds fan, though. I'd sooner guy by Dairy Queen…or Taco Bell. At least Dairy Queen has ice cream stuff that isn't copycat crap…"

Cam grins and says, "Thanks." He takes the DS back and pockets it again, and then says, "For ice cream, I like the little stores better. But Dairy Queen's good sometimes, I like their blizzards."

Persi slouches her shoulders a little, all of a sudden, and lets out another sigh, "Goddamn, I relate to five-year-olds way too well." She points a finger at the obviously-not-five-years-old Cam and gives him the most intimidating eyeballing she can manage, and grumbles, "Don't tell anybody about this."

Cam frowns again at that and says, "Hey! I'm twelve and a half, not five." Still young enough to be including halfs, though, which probably doesn't convince of his maturity.

Persi snickers a little at the kid and hops down to the ground, sticking her hands in her pockets, "Well, it's past your bedtime anyway. Go home and get some sleep before I go find my cop friend and tell him what you're up to. I mean, c'mon, stealing? So immoral!" She hasn't quite walked off yet — instead, she peers over the fence at the kid for a moment.

Cam frowns a moment more, but then turns and hops down to the sidewalk outside the fence as well, and says, "Yeah, and bet there's hundreds of kids who look like me. And how do ya know I gave ya my real name? They won't do nothing."

Persi rubs her chin for a second and ponders that, "Good point. Guess I'll hafta tell the comic shops to watch out for ya. Or maybe just huntcha down myself." She shrugs once more and then wanders off, raising one hand to wave on her way, "Later, kid. Try not to steal from -me-, at least."

Cam grins again and says, again, in response to the last comment, "I'm not stupid." He gives a bit of a wave, and then looks around a moment before starting off in the other direction.

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