2007-06-08: Constitution, Charter, And Rock Operas


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Summary: Jane has been busy. Her roommate is getting worried.

Date It Happened: June 8th, 2007

Constitution, Charter, And Rock Operas

Forrest-Bishop Apartment, Greenwich Village, Manhattan, NYC

It's been a few days now since she got the Command That Changed Everything, or at least seems to have. It's four in the afternoon, just a few hours before the Nathan Petrelli campaign event to be held in Central Park. And where is Jane Forrest? At home. And she's very scantily clad, again. Or still? Peach panties this time, and nothing else. In the main room, she's reading page after page of documents on the internet, studying constitutions around the world and at home, as well as the UN charter. Next to her, meanwhile, is a few notepads filled with musical scales. It looks like she's working on some totally mammoth composition. Maybe it fits with the studies she's undertaking in some odd way.

The blonde returns home…and groans. She's gotten to see way too much of Jane's lingerie collection the last couple days. Shoulders slump slightly, as she comes in and shuts the door behind herself. "Hey, Jane. How're you feeling?"

"Good," she replies. "You, Elle?" The brunette continues reading through the research task at hand, something she seems intent upon. Jane looks up at Elle as she enters the main room, screened off from the entry door and thus not visible in her state of not much dress from it. "I hope you had a really great day."

Elle comes in further, and she can't help but sigh a bit. "Not much. I'm having no luck tracking down this Lyndsay girl. Jane…" a pleading tone. "Wouldn't you feel more comfortable wearing…something? You never used to do this."

She doesn't get it, really she doesn't. But Jane stands up just the same and wanders slowly down the hall toward her room, there to pull out and don her Yankee pinstriped sleep shirt, the one with Jeter's number. Except she had his name replaced with the word Cain. Then she returns, smiling. Perhaps it's occurring to her now why Elle seems so bothered. Jealousy. Yes. She isn't as endowed, and doesn't want to be faced with such naked reminders of that.

True, Elle is both shorter and more petite than Jane. The blonde looks more relieved as Jane comes out in clothing. "There, doesn't that feel better?"

"Feels warm." Jane chuckles, adding "But we do have AC here, I can deal." No other comment is made about the subject, she accepts and understands the objection to her not wearing clothing. Not everyone, after all, can have an awesome rack like hers.

The blonde rolls her eyes. "It never felt warm to you before. You're not supposed to be a nudist." She walks up to her roommate, concerned look in her eyes. "I'm really worried about you."

"It did," Jane replies. "Maybe I was just too modest to say or do anything about it before I realized I didn't need to be that way anymore. Or maybe I just notice it more now, and think about it being too warm for clothes. I just… feel really confident in myself and I like my body. I don't have self-consciousness about it being seen anymore." She glances back down at the screen. "I'm starting a project here. Going to write a new constitution for the US and mail it to Congress, then send a new charter concept to the UN. Both are going to be rock operas too."

Elle blinks. "Jane…" She reaches out to try and take her friend's hand. "That's not normal thinking. And this is coming from -me-." Not the queen of normal thinking. "That's like, megalomania or something."

"It's, it's just that I think a lot, you know? I always have. The brain is always working. And I like staying busy. So now I've decided to write ideas that come to me down and see what might come of them. There's no need to be modest about things, after all. I don't expect many people will agree or even understand, but there's no reason not to make the suggestions." Jane doesn't retreat from the clasping hand, in fact she meets and welcomes it. "All the times I thought something was wrong in the world, in government activity, or not clear in the Constitution, and dismissed it as low priority or not likely, or that no one would listen and they'd call me nuts. Now it doesn't matter. They'll think what they will, there's no reason to not try. And the rock opera thing, well, if nothing else they'll make really cool concept albums."

The blonde nods. "I know, you're really smart. But this whole "no need to be modest"…I mean, you were always really laid back. Kind of mellow. This whole…in your face thing. This isn't you."

"I just don't have it in me to be modest anymore, Elle," Jane replies. "It just seems so false and forced." There isn't anything she can do about it. She acts as she does, it feels perfectly normal, and it starts to sting that others around her can't understand. Won't understand.

Elle looks a little upset. "But the reason you don't is someone messed with your head! If someone messed with my head, you'd be doing anything you could to try and fix it." Because, well, she did.

The problem here being she doesn't believe anyone messed with her mind. Jane doesn't remember a command that was given. "Why do you think someone messed with my head, Elle? I don't remember anything like that happening." That fact does make her stop and pause for a moment. People telling her things she doesn't remember? Been there before. But, there's no missing time involved. No blank spots in her memory. However, she does still have her compassion. Elle's expression has an effect, she reaches out to offer a quiet hug. "To make you happy, and have peace between us, I'll try to remember to wear clothes around the apartment when I come out of my room, okay?"

Elle just hugs. "It's not the clothes that bother me, Jane." she says, looking back at her roommate after a moment. "It's the knowledge that someone messed with you. And if I find out who, they're dead."

"I wish I could not upset you," Jane replies quietly. "I also don't think anyone messed with me. Can we just not talk about this? I mean, you'll keep looking, trying to find answers for what you think happened, and I'll try to keep how I see things now from being in your face?" The seed is planted, however, that tiny idea that she might be right, because she's been messed with before.

Elle nods. "I want you to be happy." She says. She looks up at Jane. "And I don't want things to be awkward around us. So, I won't bring it up again till I have answers, and don't act any different than you feel like acting for my sake, okay?" Earnest look.

"Okay," Jane replies with a nod. "It's possible, because I have been to that place before." There's a stretch of silence, broken when she adds "Thank you for caring enough to speak your mind and look for answers, even when we don't agree. It happens like that sometimes."

Elle smiles. "I'm your friend. I worry about you." Which honestly, surprises her some. "Which means if you're hot, get comfy." She won't bring it up again. Unless there's company.

Another quick hug is attempted, after which Jane's headed down the hall to her room.

Elle gives the hug, and blinks in surprise as Jane heads back to her room.

In there, Jane removes clothing, and resumes her research. Working on such things as proposing new constitutions and UN charters which also function as rock operas is good for chasing away thoughts she might have been tampered with again. Eventually she'll settle into bed and sleep.

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