2007-06-24: Consulting Assignment


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Date It Happened: June 24th, 2007

Log Title Consulting Assignment

Winters Apartment

Call made, voicemail left. Now to wait on a return call, or whatever is next to come. Which doesn't make for a fun scenario Benjamin finds for himself. Staying within his four walls, he has himself parked on the couch, trying to lose himself in the Discovery channel. So far? It's not working out so well. His mind keeps wandering, and there's an odd urge to hit things. Namely himself.

What comes is a knock on the door. Bob looks about as dry as the Discovery channel out there, dressed, as he is, entirely in shades of brown, with a little white at the shirt for variety. He looks like another accountant. Actually, given his humble beginnings, he IS another accountant. He's all about the common ground today, and if he chose his more squarish, more nerdy glasses today as a manipulation technique, its only out of love for his fellow man and idealism for the—well no. Actually he just likes messing with people's heads.

At the knock on the door, Benjamin starts, even throwing the remote control in the air. The knock timed just right with the TV, and it caught him off guard you see. Fumbling for the remote, he grabs it and shuts off the TV. "Coming," he calls out as he gets off the couch and makes that short walk to the door. The locks are heard coming undone and the door opens a polite distance as Ben looks at his visitor, "Yes, can I help you?"

"Bob Bishop," he says, holding out his hand. "I've come to personally welcome you into our employ and to bring the paperwork, as well as to engage in salary and benefit negotiations with you. I know its not the norm, but I'm just so excited about having you on board that I had to come over and talk with you personally."

Benjamin blinks as he reaches to shake the extended hand. What.. this guy in front of him looks like.. well.. someone like him. Was this done on purpose? The man is a little floored as he steps back, gesturing for Bob to come in. "O-kay.. Wait.. I actually get salary negotiations?" He's not sure what he was expecting, but this was not it.

"Well of course you do. Its a job. We can't expect you to go taking a job without salary negotiations." He shakes Benji's hands and then steps right in, then puts his briefcase down on the nearest flat surface. "Of course we're already offering three times your current salary-that will help soothe the pain of leaving the accounting firm won't it?"

Benjamin was in the process of seating himself on his couch, then nearly slides off the edge. "T.. three times??" He already made decent money in this city, enough to live comfortably, but.. ".. Wow.. Three times?" He has to understand that he heard this correctly of course. It's enough of a shock for him to forget to behave in a professional manner. "What.. exactly is it that I will be doing Mr. Bishop?"

Bob considers this for a moment. Then he smiles. "Well. Lots of things really. We're in the business of global safety. We take a firm position that it is our role in the world to protect people. So that's what you'll be doing, in whatever capacity you can."

Benjamin looks across at Bob, sitting forward and slumped over slightly as he thinks. "I'm just.. I'm an accountant.. Jordan.. She suggested I would be using my powers. I can barely use them now. I do well enough to keep from having accidents.."

"That's not really a concern," Bob says. "We have the top training facilities in the world. And if putting someone to sleep is the difference between a whole lot of people living and a whole lot of people dying, wouldn't you do it? In fact, I can think of one way you could be key to helping a lot of people right now, and it would keep us from having to do more unpleasant things. Like shoot or taser an Evolved who can't help that she was born with a destructive power."

"Or hit them upside the head," Benjamin says somewhat sourly as he raises a hand to rub at the back of his neck. "Water under the bridge, sorry, I really shouldn't harp on that. Over, done with, and I'm glad that I was shown what I can do and how to control it." He sighs a little then raises his hands to drag them through his hair. "Like I told Jordan.. and Dr. Eames.. I like helping. I want to help.. I just.. I have some disagreements with how things are done."

"Well that's going to be true anywhere you work, wouldn't you agree?" Bob says. "Listen, when you've seen as much as we've seen you might start to understand some of what /you've/ seen. I'm not saying everything goes smoothly because it doesn't. Nothing's all roses. We just try and make sure there's still some roses left."

"I.. suppose you have a point." Benjamin says at Bob's reasoning. Not that most companies are like the Company. "Alright.. So.. I do this.. what do I tell people? Nothing? They're going to know I don't work for my firm anymore."

"Tell them you're consulting now," Bob suggests, as he passes over paperwork and a pen. "All the things you need to initial or approve are highlighted," he continues. "Consulting is all the rage these days. And you can cite confidentiality issues for consulting, you see."

"I understand.. I dislike consultants, so this is kind of funny." In a not so funny way. Benjamin takes the paperwork and starts going over it. Unlike a lot of people, he actually reads things before signing. "We had a few in our office, software systems. Never could get a straight answer out of anyone as to … Primatech?" He blinks and peers at the paperwork. That's the first time he's actually seen a Company name attached to this.. well.. company.

"Primatech Paper," Bob says proudly. And…there's not much sinister.. Pay rate, benefits, non-disclosure agreement…its all very bland. The Company has other ways, besides paper, to keep its hooks in a man. Particularly Benji, and as those hooks have already been established…

"I see.." But Benjamin doesn't really see. His world remains rather small as to what's laying beneath the front. Oh he knows things aren't as simple as they appear. Work for us, your daughter remains safe. It's not that easy. He continues reading through the documents, blinking in surprise at a few things. The benefits for one. Wow. Not even Price Waterhouse Cooper offers something /that/ generous. As far as the perks are concerned, they mean little to the man. He's not doing this for money or personal gain. "So.. I just tell people I'm consulting for a paper company.. That.. that's easy enough I can do that."

Bob nods enthusiastically, his head making the same motion as his name. He looks like a toy. "Great, so we'll see you at 9 a.m. tomorrow morning and I'll put you on your first assignment." As soon as he figures out what to do with a timid accountant with sleep powers.

Once an accountant, always an accountant. Benjamin fights the urge to ask where the heck does all this money come from?? Surely this company operation has to be funded somehow, and not from a paper group. "Yes sir.." Papers gone over, he really can't think of how to delay this further.. so the papers are set onto his coffeetable, a pen procured, he signs his name where needed. You're doing this for Rose's safety, he keeps telling himself this.

Bob lets Benji finish up, a smile on his face the whole while. Then he stands up, putting all his papers back into his briefcase. "And that's that," he says cheerfully. And that's that. That's the course of a whole life changed, just like that.

Benjamin doesn't realize just how much his life is going to change from this point on. When Bob rises, he stands as well. "Oh.. just one more question… where do I go to in the morning? I've only been to the hospital, and I don't even remember where that was." Or how it burned to the ground.

"Kirby Plaza," Bob says smoothly. "You'll be shown the way." Not remembering is NORMAL AND GOOD, BENJI. He steps out of the man's house, and turns to look at him. Now and only now do the lights reflect off his glasses, turning him momentarily eyeless.

Benjamin follows Bob out, even if the room is small and the way out is very short. It's politeness. "Kirby Plaza.. Oh I know that place. It has the weird sculpture out front.." He just.. well it's a bunch of buildings in New York City, why think differently about the buildings? "9am. I'll see you in the morning Mr. Bishop."

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