2007-08-05: DF: Containment Redirection


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Summary: William and Lee meet with Dex and discuss the situation, giving some info on why it's so important that Petrelli's group deal with the fallout of the train accident.

Dark Future Date: August 5, 2009

Containment Redirection

The Kennedy Center, New York City

Lee is on stage at the Kennedy Center. Okay, not the main stage. One of the closed, boarded-up and chained-up side stages, surrounded by dusty, cobwebbed chairs and occupied only by rats and old Playbills. He is meeting one of the Alliance operatives, and a former colleague, as well as Dextris again, to deliver his findings from the internment files they stole. The two meetings are related, though nobody but Lee knows that yet.

William makes his way in slowly and cautiously. He's checking around corners, making sure that the location is secure before he moves to the stage to meet up with the man he used to teach with. William is dressed in all black with combat boots. There are not visible weapons, but underneath his clothes are enough to set off a metal detector from fifty feet away. "Wonderful night." He says softly as he steps up onto the stage.

Lee says, "Miles to go before we sleep." gracefully, still looking out.

Entering the place and looking a little ruffled. Dextris walks in and cocks her head to the side as she walks to the stage. She is wearing a white tank top with dark jeans and her steel toed boots. The only weapon seen is Lips, her favorite knife on her hip. "Hey there gravoboy" she winks at Lee and grins at William as she climbs onto the stage and runs a finger up and down Lips' sheath.

Lee is glad to see Dextris, he even smiles at her, but his tone is urgent and /not/ happy. "Hey. What the hell happened with that train thing? I've got snitches shutting up from here to Sasketchewan, defectors ratting cells to HomeSec, half the political guys want us to denounce Petrelli's group, and right after we started working well together."

William keeps quiet for a the moment. Dextris is looked over, though it's an appraising look, trying to find weapons, see what kind of threat she may be. It's not overly friendly, and certainly not flirty. He looks over to Lee at that then back to Dextris, finally speaking up. "You were in on that?"

Lee explains: "She's with Petrelli's group. We did a joint op together and it went well."

"The job was fucked. Obviously you know that much." She scratches her head and looks at Lee and William. "Someone either gave Pedro the wrong info on the train schedule or I don't even want to think about the alternative" Dex doesn't want to believe that anyone in the group could betray Peter. "All I know is there wasn't suppose to be /any/ fucking trains running during the mission" The telekinetic puts one hand in her pocket and shifts her weight to one hip as she studies the two men. She doesn't exactly feel great about the killing of innocents but there is nothing that she can do about it now.

Lee says, "Well, you've got to find out, and go public with it and fast or else we're all going to be in serious trouble for a very long time. And now is not the time. We've finished analyzing the documents we took. Nothing on the names you gave me. Sorry. But we've got enough info to do one of the biggest 'containment redirection' weeks in history, if we can get the logistics to work. Multiple prisoner breaks, multiple transfers…we're already working on reception points in Mexico and Canada. The issue is going to be coordination and point A to point B. It's way too big for any one group to handle alone. We really, really don't want to have to cut you all loose now."

William looks over to Dextris. "Don't count out the alternative just because it's not the thought you like." He advises in a quiet, serious tone before he looks over to Lee. "I hope you're counting me in on some of that action." The ex-SEAL looks almost eager for that.

"Don't worry, we will handle it" Dex says and she stiffens a little at the mention that her parents are still nowhere to be found. Her eyes close for a moment and then she opens them again. If William looks eager for action, well Dex looks, completely crazy and ready for action. Her impish grin returns to her face and her eyebrows arch. "Sounds fun"

Lee says, "It will be, but right now you've got to let Petrelli know that priority one has to be to cope with the political fallout of this. The Alliance is after political goals, the Evolved slash non-evolved thing is a sideshow. If people think we're partners with mass murderers who target civilians, nobody's ever going to help us. We won't get good intel, we'll constantly be on the run from snitches and moles…the whole thing is teetering right on the brink." He then smiles. "It's going to be huge. And I don't even think they're going to get what we're doing until three or four days in. After that you'll see some panic you've never seen before."

William smiles catlike at that last part. "Good. I want to see panic on their faces." He tucks his hands down in his pockets, standing on a mock casual pose. "We want to be seen as on the side of the people. To be doing good. Not to be killing people." He adds quietly.

"Sounds like real mayhem" Dex purrs and stretches out and looks around the room they are standing in. "And I'll just kill quieter" she winks at William and turns back to look at Lee. She doesn't kill that much does she? She only ripped a person's face off three times! Dex would call that diplomacy. "I'm down for the people. Just doing the things that most people cannot do to survive to help. That's all"

Lee says, "Don't enjoy it too much. We're still going to have to live with them after we beat them." And that's why Lee's a top guy. He grasps the politics of being a guerilla. He probably read a book about it. "If there's anything I can do to help square things up….let me know. I'll hold off the ones wanting to denounce you as long as I can. But you know resistance fighters. If they were conformists they wouldn't be here."

William doesn't kill unless he needs to. And then he does it quickly and efficiently. "A few moments of enjoyment isn't too much to ask though, is it?" William cracks a bit of a smile before he looks over to Dex. "Quiet killing is the best kind. It doesn't draw extra attention and risk to you." And that is an entirely serious statement.

"I'll let you know" she says to Lee and looks to William. "Risk and attention, makes everything more fun hun. Well at least until you are captured, which I plan to /never/ happen to my man or me" Dex winks.

Lee replies, "I'm pretty sure I'll have to get captured before the whole thing is over. But it'll only be temporary. Good luck, Dex."

William shakes his head over to Dextris. "That's the attitude that gets you and people around you hurt." He says calmly. "The best kind of op is one where they don't even know you were there until you're gone. Silent and deadly when need be." And not even a fart. He looks over to Lee. "Going to need a breakout?" Because he'll offer to help with that.

Dex looks at Lee and smiles at him, "Oh I'll just have to break ya out then" her Canadian and English accent has been coming out in full force lately. She doesn't try to correct it either. It gives her /edge/. "Well I guess your right on that one" she agrees with William for now.

Lee says, "Patience. You know the top brass always has a plan." Ah yes, the mysterious upper eschelons of the Alliance. The ones that always know exactly where and how to strike and seem to be ahead of the feds at every step of the way..

William looks over to Dex. "I'm right about a lot of things." That might be humor. He looks over to Lee. "Just tell me what you need done, and I'll make sure it happens."

"Yes, the /plan/" Dex ruffles her hair and snickers at William, "Isn't everyone these days?" she scuffs her feet on the stage floor and looks around again. "I need to go and get home. I'll be in touch and you know how to reach me if any assignments come up" with and a wide grin to both the men, Dex walks out of the building and starts home. She didn't kill anyone today! That is just so unlike her. But at least she knows she has to still look for her mothers. Boy is the Empire in for some trouble.

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