2007-12-04: Conversations In Line


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Summary: Preparations are put on pause, for Coffee.

Date It Happened: December 4th, 2007

Conversations in Line


It's around mid-afternoon and having school dwindling down to the nothing before Winter Break, Tyson is getting on with other business. Not now, however; now, he plans to warm himself up with some coffee and maybe something to go along with it. As such, Common Grounds seems like a great place to be and as Tyson waits in line for his order to be taken, he contemplates the options on the menu. "Hm… what the heck is a scone?" He ponders, having heard the term a lot, but never getting a good definition of one…

KeLyssa Gallagher has had a day full of…nothing. Well, except for trying to find some sort of work. Which is harder than it looks. She hasn't had any luck so far, and with the way she's going, she doesn't know if she's going to get one. But she is determined. Deciding to take a rest from the job hunt, she heads stops in at the very first coffee place she can find. Today it so happens to be Common Grounds. She steps into line, right behind Tyson.

Dropping the query about scones, one he doesn't even find all that interesting, Tyson looks away from the crowded menu to look around noting the customers. They were what you'd expect, college students, some apparent business types, and… At this point he had turned around 180 degrees to see someone in line behind him. She looked nice enough, "Um… if you know what you're going to order, feel free to jump ahead of me in line. I'm stuck on deciding what I want besides some coffee or something." He shrugs, showing his uncertainty.

KeLyssa seems to be lost in thought as she looks up at the menu board. "What to get…" She mutters to herself. She shakes her head in indecision. "Hmm?" She says when she realizes that someone is talking to her. That someone being the person in front of her. "Oh, that's okay. I don' even know what I want either, to be completely honest with ya. I just came in here because I had an inklin' that I wanted to get somethin'." She has a very obvious southern accent.

Tyson nods slowly at the girl's reponse and turns back to the board as well, "Yeah, there's a lot of stuff. It's like they want you to get so flustered to make a decision that you pick something, find out you don't like it, so you keep coming back to find something you do like…" He shakes his head and sighs, "Still, though, this is my first time in here and I'm just glad they have the basics. You can't go wrong with just some coffee, cream, and sugar, can you?" A rhetorical question, one that could be answered without any problem.

KeLyssa smiles a little bit, looking back at the board as well. "We never had nothin' this fancy back home. At least…not at the places that I would ever go to. We had coffee, cappuccino, that sorta thing. Never…" she waves her hand in the direction of the board, not that Tyson can see, "this sorta stuff. It makes ya confused just lookin' at it!"

"Yeah, you've got it dead on…" Tyson nods with an amused smile, though curiousity holds him in conversation, despite the fact he hasn't even met the girl he was talking to. "So, you're not from around here? That's cool, I mean, I shouldn't be surprised, New York is a like a big honking melting pot and apparent epicenter of everything cool." He shrugs, "I've only been here… a little over a month from Detroit, but…" Tyson found himself unable to comprehend that it had indeed only been a month since he had gotten here, "Yeah… Welcome to the City, I guess."

"Louisiana? Hmm…." Tyson says, thinking about all the stuff that had transpired down there, "Well, that's definitely something." He doesn't want to say too much, because often enough such topics of natural disasters brought trauma, but he doesn't make his conversation jump awkward, he hopes. "I'd probably take down there, it's quite a shift culturally Detroit or even New York, but we're all people, right?" He shrugs and after catching the girl's comment about not knowing what she'd come back to, not to mention her use of vocabulary… Tyson can't help but push a little on the issue, "Galavanting, huh? That's a nice word, I might have to borrow it some time, but yeah, you aren't going to school or anything?"

KeLyssa nods a tiny bit. "Mmhmm. The land of 'gators, they say." She grins. "Big green monsters." She sighs and nods. "Nice state, it is. But definitely needed a change. And that's why I came all the way up here to New York City. That…and I heard something about there being big apples here." She smiles. "Cultural shifts seem the least of my problems, to be honest. But you're right. We're all just people after all." She nods firmly. "Galavantin' it is…good word. Got it's uses." She smiles, shaking her head. "Nah, no school. Just…came here to live."

"Living is cool," Tyson affirms with a nod, "in fact, it's one of my favorite things to do…" He chuckles and turns back towards the mess of menu items, still not decided. "Man, I don't even-" He pauses, recalling something else the girl had said, "Wait, you were kidding about big apples, right? Because I'm pretty certain that when they call Louisiana the land of gators and whatever, it's because they have them… as for New York… I haven't seen any giant apples… unless they're disguised as buildings… but…" He shakes his head, "No… can't say that I've seen any; not that I wouldn't try to eat the hell out of one if I saw it…"

KeLyssa grins. "Livin' is cool. Ya got that right. Wouldn't be here if it weren't for the fact that I were livin' at all." She smiles, looking back up at the board for a moment in concentration. She laughs a little bit when Tyson thinks she might have been serious about the big apples. "Nah, I'm just jokin' around. I don't think there're ACTUALLY big apples floatin' around here. Though…they'd make excellent apple pie, I am sure."

"World hunger would be out for the count, right?" Tyson adds, but it is at this point his imagination kicks in. "The only problem with that is all the people flocking to get some… also… I don't think there's enough ice cream OR a microwave large enough to heat it up." He sighs, "Man, two steps forward and three steps back." Shaking his head, he finally makes his decision. "All right, I know what I'm going to get." With that he steps forward towards the counter with one of the baristas waiting on him, no doubt upset that it was taking so long for him to order, "I'd like to have a coffee, with some cream, I'll do my own sugar." Tyson smirks a little and turns to the girl with a thumbs up.

"Regular, Large, Grande, or Venti?" The female barista asks simply.

And yet, it is with that, Tyson finds himself crushed again by the wait of decision making and lets out a weighted groan of a sigh…

KeLyssa laughs. "I suppose you're right on that one. No more world hunger…sounds good to just about everyone, I think." She chuckles and shakes her head. "You're lucky if you know. I don't got the faintest clue what I want yet." When he goes up to order, and she hears it, she smiles. At the thumbs up, she giggles a little. It's when he has to make a decision that she tilts her head. "Why not make it a large? You get a good amount, but not too much."

Hearing the girl's advice, Tyson picks his head up and looks back towards her a moment before facing his awaiting coffee technician. "Yeah, I'll have a large."

That said, the barista pauses, hating herself for needing to ask, but doing it anyway, "… Will that be all?"

"No." Tyson states simply, not wanting to take up any more time on something he had no clue about. "That's all and I'm fine with it." Safe. Ordering done, he reached into his pocket and pulled out a fiver and slid it over the counter to the girl as payment, leaving the rest as a tip. "Thanks for that, umm… I'm sorry, what's your name? I'm Tyson."

KeLyssa smiles and waits for the ordering and paying to be done before attempting to speak again. She shrugs a little. "Oh, it was no problem, really." At asking of her name, she states, "M'name is KeLyssa. It's a pleasure to meet ya, Tyson." She extends a graceful arm and hand to shake his.

"Common, huh? Well, that just goes to show you how everything is relative." Tyson offers, hoping he hadn't offended her, even the slightest bit. "Still, though, a nice name nonetheless." He nods, grabbing the coffee that had been set out for him, and examining it for any traces of spit… "Though, I feel more than a little compelled to ask what your brother's name is, if yours is pretty common, you say."

KeLyssa smiles. "Yeah, fairly. My brothers name is Gary." She says with a shrug. She checks her watch. "Oh no, I've stayed just a little too long…" She smiles sadly. "I'd love to stay an' talk an' all, but I gotta go give my mom a call. See ya 'round, Tyson."

"Gary, huh? That's-.. Oh, okay. It was nice talking to you too, Lyssa, take care." Tyson says, waving her off with his free hand before turning back towards the Menu board, trying to decided if he did want anything else before departing. The answer to that, though… who knows…
"It's nice to meet you, Ke- KeLyssa…" Tyson says, receiving the offered hand and shaking it a politely a couple times before releasing it. "And that is quite a name, did your parents get a medal when they came up with it or is it a family name?" No, he wasn't poking fun at her name, just joking a little.

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