2010-01-18: FB: Cookies And Ice



Date Set: January 4, 2009


Monica, Cam, and Micah spend time together over Christmas holidays (the tail end).

One Year Ago…

"Cookies and Ice"

The Sanders/Hawkins House — Niagara Falls

Quietly, Micah works away in his room in the new house. His room is typical for any boy his age. It has a desk and a bed, and a worktable (alright so not that common). Strewn about the work table are various electrical items. Murmuring quietly to himself, Micah puts the parts in the order he'd read online. Finally, the scanner is finished after messing with the parts for several weeks. With a grin he turns it on to test it out.

"«Backup. Backup needed at 5th and Broadway»" the radio buzzes noisily. He turns the volume down and glances around the room conspicuously. No one appears to have heard it. He heaves a sigh which produces a broad grin, "Good work." He pats the police scanner happily.

Just moments after the sound of the radio, Cam comes into the room. He grins as he asks, indicating the radio, "How's it coming?" He moves to find a spot to sit, as he says this. Cam's still dressed for his hockey practice, so must have just returned.

Dressed in a red sweater for the holidays, Monica is not used to it being so cold, nor so snowy. Admittedly that's all outside, but it's still a psychological sort of thing. She comes to the door of the room, and gives a knock on the doorfame. "How's it goin', you two? Enjoying your presents?"

"It's done!" Micah declares proudly to Cam as he points to his new baby. He'd spent so much time preparing it, planning it, drawing up the plans, and then building it. He grins broadly, however, as Monica enters the room, and he covers it with several papers — schematics for more machines he intends to build to aid him and Cam in their quest. But like all good superheroes, no one can know their real identities thus their efforts must remain a secret.

"Hey Monica! Mostly just playing with some of my tools. Trying to figure out a way to make a C3PO robot. One of these days, when I have enough money, I'm going to build one.

Cam looks up to wave to Monica as she comes in too, smiling, "Hey. Yeah, they've been great! This has been the best Christmas in years." Then he asks, "What's up?" He looks back to Micah, and grins, "I bet we can get the money this summer."

Monica smiles back. "You probably will. You're a genius with that stuff, Micah. Give you another ten years, you're gonna be the next Bill Gates or somethin'."

"Yeah! Mow a lot of lawns, do a lot of yard work in the area, and I bet we'd be able to collect enough cash," Micah agrees with a grin. "Plus you'd be shocked at the stuff I can use in a junkyard. It's amazing! Really it is!!" He beams at both of his relatives. "Thanks Monica! Although I'd rather save the world than make money." And that's exactly what he plans to do: save the world: one crime at a time. With a broad grin he glances at the pile of papers on his work table. "Just drawing specs for some new machines. I won't build them, I just… am thinking and designing as best I can."

Cam laughs a little and says to Micah, "Do both! Saving the world'd be a lot easier if you had a lot of money." He stands and steps to glance curiously at some of the designs Micah has set out, not touching any (so not to risk revealing the radio), but obviously curious.

Monica nods. "Bill Gates gives away millions of dollars to poor countries and stuff. There's lots of ways to save the world." But she still smiles at her cousin's aspirations. "Make a robot that cooks dinner and I bet your mom will raise your allowance." She looks over at some of the papers, curiously. "That looks really detailed, Micah. You really are a genius." She marvels some, just boggling at it. "Sometimes I think you're growin' up too fast." She got him a video game for Christmas, and it seems kind of childish in the face of electronics diagrams.

"You think so?" Micah smirks at Monica. "I bet I'd win a science fair project award or something for it too. I mean… a robot that cooks. That would really turn heads!" He chuckles lightly as he shrugs, "Well, maybe one day Cam and I will go into business together. I don't have any street smarts for business. I bet some guy would embezzle from me and take me to the cleaners." He shrugs at this and grins at Monica again, "Yeah — that ones for a taser. Not that I'd ever need to build one, it's just good to know how. And then there's one for the start of C3PO. And another for a lazer gun. Which is pretty silly, I don't think it would do much damage. Like a small burn. But it looks like Han Solo's on Star Wars."

Cam looks between the designs, and asks, "What about putting the tazer inside the Han Solo blaster? Then it'd look cool, *and* be useful. Well, useful if you needed a tazer," he adds with another grin, moving back to where he was sitting. "But with the laser, you could probably put it in a costume for a convention or something."

Monica, of course, while young is still a grownup. "Somehow I don't think your folks would be thrilled with you building things that shock people or burn people. Especially when you're probably the "people" in question." She grins though, since it does sound kind of cool. "You guys are wastin' a perfectly good winter in here though. Shouldn't you be out designing a better snowball or something?" To her, snow is more a novelty.

"That's brilliant Cam!!" Micah says excitedly. "And they'd be waaaay easier to transport around. People would think it was a useless toy." He shrugs as he thinks intently on what he can do to polish it. "That's brilliant." He grins at Monica before he looks away to his papers. He can't lie while staring her in the face. "It's just good to know how to do it. Doesn't mean I will do it. It's important to practice and challenge my mind." He chuckles at the notion of the snowball while shaking his head slightly, "Cam's more into the snow than I am…"

Cam laughs a little and says, "Yeah, and I can already make the *perfect* snowball." He grins and adds, "And I just came back inside, just got back from hockey." He friwns a bit again and says, "Not that I've been doing very good. Not as good as I should."

Monica smiles a bit. "I'm not sure anything's going to challenge your mind. I think we'd need college for that. Well, if you guys aren't interested in a snowball fight, how about helping me make some Christmas cookies?" she offers, looking from one to the other. "I'd help with hockey, but I'd be on my butt in skates."

Micah shakes his head, "Lots of things challenge my mind!! Like languages and calculus… and physics…" His lips quirk into a toothy grin at the notion of Christmas cookies and he nods, but in response to the hockey joke, he shakes his head, "Nah. You'd take to skating like a fish to water.."

Cam smiles at the mention of of the cookies, "Sure! As long as we get to eat a few when we're done," he adds with a grin. Then he looks to Micah and back to Monica, "Well, I can help you with the skating part. Niki took me skating last year and helped me with that. It's the whole getting the puck in the net I have trouble with now. Bet you'd be good at that."

Monica nods. "Right…okay. I gotta get you textbooks next year for Christmas. Or something like that. And of course you get to eat the cookies. Tell you guys what…why don't we get the batter made, get the cookies in, and you can watch me fall on my butt while they cook?"

"That sounds like a plan to me!" Micah beams as he leads the way to the Sander/Hawkins kitchen. "So… what kind of cookies are we making? I'm not good in the kitchen, I'm afraid. I know it's just following directions, but it's… difficult."

Cam nods quickly, "Yep, sounds great!" He stands to follow after Micah, and then says, "Yeah, I'm not good at that either. Except making popcicles, that's easy," he adds, half joking.

Monica starts on her way to the kitchen. "I learned from Nana. She's the best. And if you can understand tasers, Micah, you can understand cookies. Normally we'd do sugar cookies, but I think we can do chocolate chip if your mom has some chocolate chips."

"Mom probably has chocolate chips," Micah says with a shrug. He doesn't know where she'd keep them so he walks to the refrigerator and rifles through the drawers until he finds a bag of chocolate chips. "Baking seems more difficult than tasers. Electrical things talk to me. Cookies don't." And there's the truth: when it comes to electronics and building things, he cheats.

Cam grins, "Chocolate chip's better anyway." He looks to Micah then and asks, "Well, maybe the oven can talk to you? But, I guess the oven wouldn't know how to do anything but heating things up, anyway, huh?"

Monica starts to take things out in the kitchen. Flour, sugar, eggs, and all that. "I don't know that an oven knows much of anything. This isn't one of the new-fangled ones, with all the computers and stuff. This is an old gas stove."

Micah grins broadly at Cam, "You think? I guess it might talk to me, but it doesn't know anything, right?" He shrugs a little. "Maybe it still has something to say. An impulse goes through it, right?" He walks over the oven and lays a hand on it for a few seconds. He offers the pair a toothy grin. "Yeah… I could find a way to burn the house down with it, but that's about it. It's just good for heating things up…"

Cam asks Monica, "Need me to get anything?" Then he looks to Micah and grins, "Yeah, *definitely* don't want that. This house is just fine the way it is." He looks back to Monica and asks, "When do you have to be back at school?"

Monica grins a little. "Well, tell it not to burn my cookies, then. I hate burnt cookies." She looks to Cam. "Not until the twelfth. We get a nice long break, just like you guys do. The nice part of school."

"Yeah, fire wouldn't be so good," Micah chuckles with a shake of his head. "I don't think Mom or Dad would appreciate that either. Nothing like charcoal to go with the decorating." He nods at Monica, "Aye, aye, Captain! Your wish is my command." Wrinkling his nose he tilts his head at his cousin, "Are you excited to go back, or dreading it? I always know I like it when I get back to school." He likes having his friends around. Although he misses his friends in New York. Including Molly. Molly. His cheeks flush slightly until he shakes his head slightly as if trying to knock it from his thoughts.

Cam nods a little and grins, "Cool." He then nods quickly in agreement with Micah and says, "Me too. Except the homework. Wish we could have the school without that." He gives Micah a slightly confused look at the last expression, no clue what brought that reaction on in Micah.

The cookie-making is smooth enough. Maybe a little messy, but Monica is the fun type of cook who lets people sample the batter a lot. So eventually the cookies are in the oven and she looks back to the two kids. "Hmm. I don't have skates…you think your mom has a pair I can borrow, Micah?"

Micah shrugs slightly at Cam's confused look, only drawing more blush to his cheeks. Instead of explaining, he turns to face the counter and busies himself while looking for mixing bowls and the like. "Yeah, homework is brutal. Friends are good though. And classes are kind of fun." He nods at little at Monica's question, "I'm sure that she has some somewhere. I'd have to look around… I bet they're in storage…"

Cam is, actually, pretty good at the whole cooking thing, when things get going. He's nowhere near as smart as Micah, but he's pretty good when it comes to following directions and making measurements. May be why he gets good grades in science despite terrible grades in math. When they're done, he says, "I know she has skates, but no idea where they'd be."

Monica considers. "She probably won't mind me grabbin' them." She heads up to Niki's room, and checks her shoes. Ignoring any stripperwear which might be there she grabs them out before coming back downstairs. "I like my classes. But when you grow up and they make you pay for school, you appreciate it more. All right. Skates found. Let's do this."

"Yes! Skating," Micah is pretty thrilled to play outside with his people. He traipses off to his room and grabs his own pair of skates. Beaming, he returns with them over his shoulder and bundled up in layers of winter wear. "I'm ready!"

Cam grins and nods quickly to Monica, as he goes to get a jacket. Unlike Micah, his is just a thin jacket, the bare minimum he can get by with without causing people who didn't know any better to get worried, of course. "Yeah, let's go!" He pulls the jacket on, and steps ahead to get the door.

Out they go. It's not hard to find snow and ice out there, and Monica is walking awkwardly, since she has no clue how to do this. "All right. So how do we do this?" She's trying hard not to lean on the kids. Even though she's worried that she is, in fact, about to faceplant. She's put on her jacket, and a scarf.

Grinning at Monica, Micah isn't a terrible skater, but to say he's good would be a stretch. He's more of an inside, play video games kind of teen. "Just one foot in front of the other," he says with a grin. "It's easy. Just keep your centre of balance low and you can do it."

Camgrins to Monica and says, "It's easy. Watch." He skates ahead, showing slowly how to push with one foot and skate along with the other. "It's actually easier the faster you go. Well, mostly. Go too fast, and then it gets harder again."

The girl watches. Or maybe, she Watches. With a big capital W, because she's sort of tuned out the world, watching Cam as he moves. Reflections flicker in her eyes as she stands there all spaced out.

"You okay Monica?" Micah asks as he watches her intently. He skates after Cam with a smirk, not as adept, but not terribly.

Cam starts to speed up, skating in a circle before coming back to Monica. "Yeah, I'm not *that* great yet, but I'm pretty good. Especially at going fast. But come on, it isn't hard!"

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