2007-03-24: Cookies And Pleasantries


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Summary: Day to day life at Primatech.

Date It Happened: March 24, 2007

Cookies and Pleasantries

Kirby Plaza

Evening at Kirby Plaza, roughly seven o'clock, the shifts change, night crew taking over from the day security and the actual day employees getting ready to go home.

Sat at the main security desk at the front door, Allan Murphy, night-watchman and sometime drummer, is playing a nintendo DS idly and nodding to the employees that head past, "Have a good evening, Miss Peters, I'll keep an eye out for your jacket when I do my walkaround!" as an example. He is dressed in a smart blue uniform, toting all the tools a rentacop has.. and to be honest, hes getting a little frustrated with whatever game hes playing.

So she was done with whatever she had to do earlier, but a young Filipina girl heads on in through the doors. Since it's not business hours, she's dressed rather casually with her pair of applebottom jeans, sneakers and her grey college hoodie as she brings a tray of cookies, brownies and other baked goods. "Hiya Mr. Murphy!" Claudine chirps brightly before offering him smoething sweet as she brings the tray on over.

"Good to see you, Miss Salonga, another sweet run for the late-stays?" Allan asks the girl, beaming and stealing a cookie, "You know, I still need to see your clearance and get you to sign in, just so we know where you are. Oh, and theres a fire drill tonight at 1am, so son't hang around too long." Mr. Murphy is pretty clueless, it would seem.

"Oh, go and take more. I was bored, so I started baking, then yeah, I ended up making way too much anyway.." she says, motioning towards the brownies as well. "But yeah, have a few things I still need to do, and then I was probably just going to study here..the roommate has a guy over." snickering a little at that, as it seems she was asked to skedaddle and not be home.

It's then that she shuffles through her purse and pulls out her employee ID along with a decent level of clearance. That's pretty good for someone who's just an 'intern'.

Don't ask questions, Allan, they don't pay you enough to think, "I will, thank you," he says as he grabs a brownie, "If you're staying late, I'll hop in to chat when I do my walkabout, tell you where the higher ups keep their booze." The man has an impish grin as he checks Claudine's card (in a cursory fashion) and fills out the sign in form, holding a pen and the form out to the girl when he is done, "Theres a quiet room on the fifth floor that no-one uses."

Claudine giggles impishly as she starts filling out the form, before oohing at the mention of the fifth floor. "Oooh, that's good, though there arent that many people in the little makeshift office they gave me. But if I want complete quiet I'll head on over there.." she saying beaming while taking a few more cookies and offering it to him. "Take these..if I eat 'em, I'll just get all hyper and go all crazy, then crash and probably fall asleep in the office.."

"Oh, no-no, please, I'm trying to get in shape for the marathon," Allan says, waving the other sweets away, "You eat them, I'll come tuck you in at three if you're still about." Caring, sharing, Primatech, "I think its five-zero-three, but I'd have to check. Oh, and if you see Rosario, can you ask her to radio in?" Rosario being a cleaning lady, perhaps.

"Of course, I should find her, she was going to show me pictures of her new grandchild.." Claudine says with a bright smile before running her fingers through her hair once more. "And hopefully I wont be around by three, but if that's the case, then so be it.." she says with a shrug of her shoulders.

"Oh, little Rosanna? Shes very cute- I mean, shes a nice kid," Allan says, catching himself and chuckling, "Have a good night, Miss Salonga."

"Byeee!" Claudine says with a cheery wave before bouncing off to go do her thing. Whatever that may be..

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