2009-12-30: Cool Reconnaissance



Date: December 30, 2009


Nathan enlists Kelyssa for a special job.

"Cool Reconnaissance"

Nathan's Office

As the new year quickly approaches, as many of the loose ends as possible from the current year need to be tied up. This is a particularly busy time for politicians. Not only are loose ends being tied up, but they are making promises for the new year. Senator Nathan Patrelli is particularly busy at this time, do to having just recently been elected to office. As such, KeLyssa is in the office, tap tap tapping away at the computer, fixing up reports and looking over agendas or whatever else the goodly Senator is wanting her to do.

Quickly Nathan pads out of his office into the front room. Turning to face his assistant he offers her a small smirk. "Hello KeLyssa." He forces a smile through his unusually angry expression. He's still thinking about de Souza and how he's going to take down the Alpha Protocol without dealing with her.

"I can see you're really busy today and I don't want to keep you from getting your work done, but I was wondering if you'd heard from the President's office yet. I know we've been trying to schedule a meeting…"

KeLyssa looks up at Nathan, giving him a little smile in return. At least he's putting the effort in. "No sir, can't say as I've heard from 'em yet. If ya'd like I could go 'round an' give 'em a call, see if I can't reach 'em myself?" She says softly. "Don'tcha worry about keeping me from workin'. I do work for you, after all. I do whatever you need done."

"No!" Beat. "I mean. That's not necessary. He's the President. We'll wait until the New Year and if we don't hear anything, then… well, then we'll try to call him directly. AND if he does call… delay. I can't have my meeting with him before…" before he talks to Peter "…before the New Year." He flashes her a quick grin before he tries to change the subject, "So do you have enough to do these days? Or are you in need of more?"

KeLyssa smiles a little, nodding. "Yessir. O'course. Luckily we're close to the New Year, but I'll delay if they do call until ya tell me to organize a date to meet." Sayeth the good little assistant. "Well, I guess it depends on what ya want me to do, doesn't it? If you're wanting me to go on more coffee runs, well…I can certainly do that. If you're wanting me to do a total reorganizing of your filing system by colour, importance, an' date the file originated, that's a whole other story."

"I'm not too worried about the coffee or the filing at this moment," Nathan smirks. "What do you want to be doing? The filing could be worked on, chipped away at over the weeks to come, or we can get working on something else." He hmmms quietly, "How are you with research? I need some information on someone. Are you familiar with Marilyn de Souza? She's the Secretary of Homeland Security…"

KeLyssa smiles happily. "Well, I'm an open book, Senator Petrelli, sir. I'm here ta serve you." She says with a firm nod. "I suppose I ain't half bad at doing research." She thinks for a moment, nodding. "Yeah…I've heard've Marilyn de Souza. But…what do ya want me ta find out 'bout her? I mean…what could I find that you'd need?"

"Anything you can find will be helpful. You may have to do some digging and asking around to get information though. Find out her political allegiances, people that have worked with and for her, information about her family life. I want anything we can find out." Nathan crosses his arms over his chest as he lowers his voice and steps towards her, "But be discrete in your search. People can't know you're looking into her. Especially on my behalf." He frowns as if to punctuate this point.

KeLyssa furrows her brow. "Yessir. Find out all I can 'bout 'er. Personal, political. Anythin' I can." She furrows her brow, takes a deep breath in, and slowly lets it out. "Can I ask why yer lookin' for information so secretly 'bout Secretary of Homeland Security de Souza? I mean…why'd ya wanna know all this stuff 'bout her?"

"de Souza is a politically important to me," Nathan states with furrowed brows of his own. "My last speech I emphasized the importance of security — I want into the department and I need her as an ally." He lies easily, thanks to his political past, and Logan's sociopathic tendencies. "And information is power in politics." At this he smiles. "If you'd rather file though —"

KeLyssa seems a little deep in thought about this. "No…I…I'll do it. I'll find ya the information that ya need. It might take a li'l bit o' time, o' course, since I don't exactly know where ta start ta find the information, but…I won't let ya down sir." A sly grin crosses her face. "Somethin' tells me, sir, that this is gonna be much more interestin' than filin'." She chuckles.

"Good. I think the information will be helpful on a lot of fronts. Keep up the good work KeLyssa." Nathan's lips twitch into a broad grin as he pads back to his office. "Just information. And be quiet about it." He winks before he strolls back to his office. He needs to get ahold of Peter. And his mother.

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