2008-04-19: Cool Recruiting I


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Summary: Kory contacts another Listmate. KeLyssa always did wanna see Kory's power in action.

Date It Happened: April 19, 2008

Cool Recruiting I

Kelyssa's Apartment _The Dream State_

It has been a long couple of days for KeLyssa, doing both opening and closing of the Lair and running around doing last minute chores and shopping that she'd put off because of her time at the Lair. Only now has she gotten time to just sit back and relax. Having decided to have some shut-eye, she's now in a wonderful dream world. In her dreams, she's back down in Louisiana with her family. Her mother, her father, her twin brother, and their older sister. They appear to be having a picnic at a park. KeLyssa is a bit younger. Maybe fourteen or fifteen, give or take a year or so. A fire seems to have erupted on the picnic table and KeLyssa has fallen back in fright and ice is forming around her on the grass, though at the moment it goes unnoticed. Perhaps this is a memory that she is reliving in her dreams.

Well, let's not start things off on such a negative point of view. Kory's in a hurry. Places to go. People to see. Dreams to visit besides this one. "Look at your feet," she points out to her friend. And if that doesn't work, there are other things she can do in the dreamstate. Even though she's not visible yet.

KeLyssa looks down around her and at her feet, eyes furrowed. "That's strange…" She mutters to herself. "I don't usually discover the ice until a little bit later." She furrows her brow and stands up, brushing herself off. She takes this time to look around and find the source of the voice. "Hello?" Obviously she didn't realize that it was Kory's voice…not just yet anyway.

"Strange things happen," Kory says quietly. Still she hasn't made herself visible yet. "I figure you'd rather be relaxed, so I'll let you get this out of your way, and then you can show me around while we talk, huh?" The voice is friendly, and sounds like it knows KeLyssa, even if it's not obvious that it's Kory's voice … dream distortion might make it sound a bit mysterious or ghostly sounding.

KeLyssa looks around. "Who's this?" She asks of the voice. She looks to the picnic table. Well, since this is a dream…she sends a blast of ice at the table, stopping the fire that was started by none other then her brother. She starts walking, though, away from the table. "So…What're we gonna talk about, eh?"

Kory likes to make an entrance. Her other degree was in theater, after all. So she appears in the center of the table, stepping out of the embers, and then down onto the bench, then the grass. "Hi there, Lyss." Kory steps up beside her friend, hand raised in gentle greeting. "Sorry to catch you while you're sleeping, but I'm in a hurry, and dreams can convey a lot of information really fast."

KeLyssa blinks as her friend appears, glancing at her mother, father, brother, and sister as they all fight. She smiles weakly. "Sorry you had to come in on this dream of all my dream." She says, blushing softly. "This is, uh…the day both my brother and I found out our abilities. Our sister had been really mean to my brother an' I an' my brother just lost it this day. An' this is the result. It replays itself in m'mind every now an' again."

"Everybody has dreams like that, hon," Kory says, cheerful voice indicating she's not even worrying about it. "And everybody's family is a little bit dysfunctional. Trust me. I've been doing this for a good, long while. I don't think any less of you for it. Besides, you both already got control of your abilities, so it's just a mildly uncomfortable memory that can't really hurt you." Her eyes, though, are serious; something's worrying her. Or at least on her mind. "If you want, I can change the dream to something else while we talk." She holds up a remote. "I've got the clicker."

KeLyssa smiles softly, nodding. "Ya got that right, Boss Lady." She says, giving Kory a little shoulder nudge. "I think we both know that better'n anybody, eh?" She can't help but grinning slightly. "Yeah, we gots control of our abilities all good an' fine like." She says with a slight shrug and a nod. "Oh, an' don't worry 'bout my family or changin' the scene. This's my old home town. If anythin', I should be able ta show ya around here while we walk an' talk." She says happily.

"Excellent," Kory says. "Fact is, I'm glad we're someplace that's comfortable for you, because I came to talk about something sort of serious." She does, however, take her time admiring the view. She's never been to Louisiana, so this is almost like a trip for her. "I'm on a mission for Peter," she explains, turning her attention back to KeLyssa. "He asked me to get together with people he thinks can help save the world, and you're on the list."

KeLyssa has herself a good look around as this younger version of KeLyssa starts walking towards the street adjacent to the park. "Hmm…serious talk. Well, I suppose it's gotta be done sometimes, eh? Can't have silly fun talk all the time, eh?" She nods firmly. "Who's Peter 'gain?" She never really met Peter. Not that she remembers anyway. Though technically she met him once a long time ago. Like…December.

"It doesn't matter. It wasn't really him him. It was a version of him from the future. A future we're trying to prevent from happening, so he doesn't have to live through it, and neither will we," Kory explains. "I hate talking about time travel. It always messes up the grammar."

KeLyssa shakes her head. "Time travel…don't understand it personally, but that's alright. Don't suppose I really need to, do I?" She sighs. "So, what d'ya need me for then? It ain't like I'm the big superhero type. I'm just…" She motions to the buildings as they go past. "I'm a small town gal goin' nowhere fast." She smiles though as they pass an older gentleman along the sidewalk. "Hi Mister Franklin!" She waves to him. He responds to her with a wide smile, "Ah…KeLyssa Gallagher! How are ya, m'child? School treatin' ya just fine?" She nods to him happily. "Oh yes, school is going fine, though we're almost done for the summer. Got straight A's on my report card!" He nods in affirmation. "Ah, good, good, child. Have a pleasant day now, ya hear?" And he's off again, doing his dreamlike business. She turns her attention now back to Kory. "So…where were we?"

"What, you think I'm the superhero type? I just read 'em, girlfriend," Kory assures KeLyssa. "But Peter said we should get together and talk to each other. And this is the most secure way to talk, as very few people besides me can get into people's dreams like this. It's rare. You and Cam can do the same thing, but Peter can only do what I do because he does what everybody does."

"But here's the deal. You ever hear of a company called Pinehearst? They're bad news, and we have to find a way to throw a wrench in their works, bigtime."

KeLyssa smiles at Kory. "You're more've a Superhero'n I am. I just…I'm too scared to what needs ta be done sometimes. You…you don't quelch at it. Ya just…ya do what ya need ta do. That makes a ya a superhero in my books, Boss Lady." She smiles kindly at Kory. She shakes her head, though, at the mention of Pinehearst. "Nah, I can't say I've heard of 'em."

"Are we talking about the same Kory?" Kory asks KeLyssa with an incredulous look. "I'm the one who got kidnapped, drugged, mind-controlled, and almost forced to marry a person with issues. You're the one who nearly froze his face off." She laughs, though, a sign she's gotten enough distance from all that madness and terror that it's not freaking her out anymore.

"Well, Primatech supposedly is this benevolent corporation. I have a friend who works for them who's really sweet, and I think she thinks it too. That they're the good guys. But they're working on a formula. Some method to give everybody mutations like ours." If KeLyssa's gotten around to reading some of the stuff they sell in the Lair, she knows very well the jealousy, envy and hatred normals have for the powered. And how people getting powers don't always handle the responsibility well.

KeLyssa shakes her slightly. "That…wouldn't be good?" She sounds a bit unsure. "I…okay. But, what would you want me to do? How can I help stop this?" She doesn't know she will play a part. She's constantly unsure of herself, this time…well, when she's talking to her real friends that is. If she doesn't know a person, she can sound as confident as she wants to be.

"No. It'd be really bad," Kory says. "The worst outcomes I can think of go like this:" She counts off on her fingers. "They will snatch us off the streets and take us apart in labs so they can figure out how to give certain powers out at will. Or people with powers will oppress people without powers. Or people without powers will hate and fear and try to kill people with powers. I'm probably not even getting close to all the negative possibilities. But I've seen Peter. He has a scar across his face. And he has healing powers, the one I know. So how'd something take away his healing?"

She pauses a moment, then drops the bomb. "Whatever happens in this future — I think Randall might die from it, KeLyssa." The fear makes the dream-image of Kory flicker out for a minute like a candle caught in a breeze, before she resolves properly again.

KeLyssa places a hand on Dream Kory's shoulder. "We won't let that happen, no matter what, Kory. Trust me." She furrows her brow. "Just…just tell me what I need ta do ta help an' I'll do it. I promise I won't let ya down. I can't let ya down."

"I don't know, yet," Kory explains. "Peter asked me to tell people what's going on, what the future holds, and what's at stake. And make us talk to one another. But the fact of the matter is, I'm only the messenger. The Muse, maybe. But the meeting and talking is already bearing fruit. We're starting to brainstorm. It's just getting so many people together like this — it'll be hard to discuss it securely, unless we do it like this. I can tell you this much, though. Jane, Sophie, and Quinn? They're all on board. You can tell them you spoke to me about the list, and they'll understand."

KeLyssa frowns deeply. "Okay…maybe I kin dig some stuff up on 'em an' all. I ain't nothin' if I ain't persistent none." She says firmly. "I think of 'em people, I only know Sophie…I don't know if I know Jane nor Quinn none." She says with a slight shrug.

"Jane's a regular at the Lair," Kory clarifies. "She always buys Black Canary. Quinn works at the Club Imago. She's a tall, striking red-headed lady with a really powerful voice." She's still keeping step with KeLyssa, but she's floating alongside rather than walking. "They both have abilities. And you can trust them." She pauses, thoughtfully, and goes a bit pale as something occurs to her she hadn't mentioned to her other listmates. "You remember Benjamin? The guy with the rowdy-ass daughter? The bitchy kid who fell off the table at the Lair? He's Company. Say nothing in front of him. Don't even give him a reason to consider you a threat. He'll put you to sleep and drag you off to the company."

"Oh! Her!" KeLyssa says in regards to Jane. "Okay. I think I know who ya mean." She nods firmly. "I'll see ifin I can talk to either of 'em or Sophie 'bout it. Hopefully we kin get somethin' started, eh?" She shakes her head. "Nah, don'tcha worry none 'bout me. I won't tell no one, an' I mean no one, other than who ya tell me I kin trust." She looks about. They've entered a small, house infested part of the town. She blinks and slows down and the stops right in front of a quaint little home. "This is my Grandma's place…" She says quietly. "I wish I could talk to my Grandma right now."

Kory knows the feeling. She misses her father desperately, and has for the thirteen years since he's been gone. So KeLyssa gets an embrace by way of consolement. But the task at hand remains uppermost in her thoughts, so she keeps on task and on target. "They've already started brainstorming, so hopefully they'll come up with something. I've got so much to do, still. So many to talk to. I should go."

KeLyssa smiles softly and returns the hug. She nods. "Alright, well I'll get in contact with them." She grins. "I'll see you soon. Keep in contact."

"Not in the Lair if you can help it, Lyss, okay? So much has already been discussed there. I haven't had Tito sweep for bugs, but I should. And until we're sure nobody's listening, it's probably best to keep that sort of thing out of there. And in dreams or online if at all possible, behind a firewall or something." Kory begins to float upward toward the trees, making her exit. "And if you need me to dream coordinate, that's what I'm for. There's practically nothing more secure."

KeLyssa nods ever so slightly. "Of course not. I won't speak with them there. I'll talk to to them at my place maybe. Or someplace else." She smiles softly.

"Excellent. I'll keep you posted." Kory rises a little higher into the trees and then snowflakes waft down around KeLyssa. Really. Big. Snowflakes. That don't melt as they touch her skin. Kory's way of saying 'stay cool', perhaps.

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