Cora Lynn Walker
Portrayed By Sara Rue
Gender Female
Date of Birth April 2, 1989
Age 20
Zodiac Sign Aries
Aliases Celia Farrell
Place of Birth Garwin, IA, USA
Current Location Washington, D.C., USA
Occupation NYU-Poly Student Fugitive
Known Relatives William Allen "Bill" Walker (Father), Katherine "Kate" Walker (Mother), Elisabeth "Liz" Walker (Sister), William Robert "Bobby" Walker (Brother)
Significant Other Colby Durden
Known Abilities Blending
First Appearance Bump in the Night


Born the middle child in a quiet town in rural Iowa, Cora has long been used to being the invisible one. She never managed to match her sister's grace and popularity, or her younger brother's athleticism, and thus ended up rather fading away into the background.

In high school, Cora definitely was 'the nerdy one', spending time messing with computers and playing RPGs. Of course, at first, she got attention from the nerdlings, but once they started to see her as 'one of the guys', she began to fade away again. Thus, in order to stand out, she applied to attend a university, and maybe make a name for herself, so that the people in her hometown would remember her.

She managed to get accepted to NYU-Poly, and is currently in her second year, studying computer science. Again, she found herself fading into the background, easily going unnoticed by others, but even moreso in NYC.

The moment of truth came when she was fleeing an assailant on campus, and ducked into a crowded club to hide. Standing in the crowd, she saw her pursuer's eyes pass right over her, but it was clear that he had no idea she was there. Cora doesn't understand the nature of the vanishing trick she has - all she knows is that she's always been invisible, and might be able to use that to her advantage.


Cora's power of blending is not quite invisibility, but more a telepathic trick that makes her difficult to see. It functions enough like invisibility to be close, but has a few critical weaknesses:

  • She can't disappear from someone who can already see her. In order to blend, she has to break line of sight. A crowd works for this, as does anything large enough for her to hide behind.
  • It only works on people with a physical line of sight to her. A CCTV monitor, for example, will still display her. She doesn't know if there's an effective range, since she's never been on the wrong end of a sniper scope.
  • Blending doesn't mask sound or any other senses. A squeaky board will betray her position (see Bump in the Night) as will physical contact with someone.

Cora knows about the power she has, but doesn't know how to use it. She has only ever used it three times (once on grid), and in every case, she was fleeing in terror when she managed it.




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