Corin "Corey" Young
Portrayed By Alex Pettyfer
Gender Male
Date of Birth February 20th
Age 23
Zodiac Sign Aquarius/Pisces Cusp
Aliases Corey, Core
Place of Birth Northampton, MA, USA
Current Location New York City, NY, USA
Occupation Junior Copyeditor
Known Relatives Scott Young (father), Kelly Young (mother)
Significant Other N/A
Known Abilities Hydrokinesis
First Appearance Hostel of Horror

Corin - or Corey, as he prefers to be called - is Massachusetts native who came to New York for a degree in English and wound up sticking around after school for a series of entry level jobs that have not quite panned out for him yet. He's a soft-spoken guy with a bored expression and a tendency to sound cheeky.


Corey was born the only child of Scott and Kelly Young at Holyoke Hospital and grew up in the surrounding area, on a farmhouse in the vicinity between South Hadley and Northampton. He attended area schools, including Northampton High, which he graduated from with a B average. His parents were quiet, middleclass types. His mother worked at the Atkins Farm shop, and his father worked at South Hadley High as an algebra teacher. His parents were always kind and understanding, even in those rough, hormonal teenage years. They supported him, though they did nag him about keeping up his grades (he was always miserable in math to his father’s chagrin, being a teacher of it himself, though he tried to keep whatever disappointment he felt about his son’s mathematic inclinations to himself).

His childhood was quiet and very average: filled with summers at the beach playing with cousins, bicycles and board games, Saturday morning cartoons, afternoons reading super hero comics, swing sets and playgrounds, pretend games with neighbourhood kids, and the like. His family lived in a farmhouse in the rural area near Northampton. They didn’t own any actual farm animals besides chickens, a few cats, and a fat old black lab named ‘Jim.’ However, his mother did tend to a sizable vegetable garden, and his father spent a great deal of time on the ‘English garden’ in the front. His father, being a sort of geek himself, never pressured Corey to try out for any teams, though he and Corey's mother did try to coax him into going out with other kids more often. His only high school activity was being part of the school newspaper staff, and so he inadvertently did attend football games and the like, having to write up sports articles.

His parents weren’t strict, but they weren’t without expectations either. They had both hoped he’d pull up his grades enough to graduate towards the top of his class, but that never happened. Still, he managed to scrape by and get a small scholarship to CUNY. He enjoyed college a great deal, finding it actually a nice change from high school where everyone had to take the same classes, the spotlight was put on sports, and the kids weren’t like him. After all, though he enjoyed television and spending time with his friends, he was an avid reader and preferred spending time thinking quietly to racing out in the back roads and pastures. He just wasn’t very cool in high school (though he didn’t dislike it), but at his college, he was able to make some good friends.

Upon graduating, Corey decided not to return to Massachusetts, but instead set up shop with a few friends in a dump apartment in Alphabet City. At first, he worked part time in a coffee shop to try to pay the bills, going through a string of entry level publishing jobs that never worked out. However, after two years of struggling through rent and trying to find his place in the publishing industry, he moved on to take a copyediting job for an advertisement payment, which allowed for him to quit working at the coffee shop and worry a little less about the rent…


  • Corey meets Kasey at Times Square and gives him/her directions as well as an offer to help with apartment hunting if needed (Hostel of Horror).
  • While sitting at the Alice in Wonderland statue, Eve catches Corey's eye. They start up a conversation about art and insanity, though he realizes (to his dismay) she's still only in high school (Art and Madness).


  • "…"


  • He has two full sticky pads full of (not necessarily so very kind) caricatures of his coworkers locked in his pen drawer in his desk at the office.
  • He loves singing in the shower. (He wishes he was Matt Bellamy.)
  • He has a special fondness for putting mayo on French fries, but hates asparagus with a deadly, deadly passion.
  • He really dislikes sci-fi and fantasy.
  • He pretty much always wears the same tatty hemp/shell choker.
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