2010-05-26: Corporate Spies Like Us



Date: May 26, 2010


Jaden interrupts some work with his usual exuberance. Flirting ensues…with his usual exuberance.

"Corporate Spies Like Us"

60th floor, Cain Towers

Ten floors down (and a little to the right): that's where the business of Evo Ent goes down. The 60th floor of Cain Tower is dedicated to the offices where the network deals, the movie promos, the director's cuts, narration, CG, casting, on and on all goes down. In charge of pretty much all of this? Well, she's in the corner office - the one with the big double doors, the spectacular view.
It's a simple affair inside though: a big glass desk with a computer terminal, the posters for Drama ("Starring Syl Suevester"), Raising Cain ("That's, like, hot"), and Galaxy Quest ("By Grabthar's hammer, by the sons of Worvan, you shall be avenged!") hanging up around the walls…even a 3 foot model of Cain Tower!

The woman sitting behind the desk is quite animated today though. "Look…I don't care what you have to do. We need The Hoff for this show, got it? I don't care if you have to go down to whatever rehab or burger stand he's at this week, just get him. This thing won't fly unless we get him for at least the beginning, to pass the torch. Otherwise, we're going to flame out harder than Val Kilmer's career before he tried to be KITT."

Jaden Cain is doing that thing that he does whenever he's bored with doing what he should be doing in regards to making sure this corporation given to him by his late father continues to stay the biggest damn corporation to ever grace the cover, inside pages and dedicated entire issues of Forbes. When an ultimate slacker gets the ultimate chance, there's bound to be some fireworks. Not that Jaden is actually playing with fireworks at the moment, but it wouldn't be too far off when one thinks about the crazy as hell and epically eccentric CEO.


Jaden kicks his way into Domino's office, before dropping down and rolling to get himself behind one of the sofas. He's decked out in his classic suit and Chucks attire. He peeks up and glances over to where Domino is sitting, making the SHHHHHH motion with his plastic gun to his lips and then he's ducking back down behind the sofa.

The sounds of other people coming down the hall can be heard also. This can only mean one thing.

Jaden is playing Corporate Spies. Again.

The door flies open…with the distinct splintering of some of the wood. Great. Second time this month! "Look…ah…I'm going to have to call you back. There's someone in my office who, uh…he needs some help. Schedule a lunch say…tomorrow? Whenever. Only do it if you get The Hoff, then we'll schedule to meet. But like, try to make it tomorrow." Then, BEEP!, the jPhone 4G chimes when it's hung up.

Domino slides the chair back from the desk and makes for the door of her office, looking back at the couch as she goes; the thing is big and obnoxiously white leather and it's just so wonderfully tacky here in her office. She shakes the bangles down around her wrists and smooths out her floral-printed dress, teetering on four inch heels to the door. "Why no, officer, I didn't see anyone in here. I've been working alllll day," she purrs out at the security guards outside. "There's no way a handsome, skilled, terrific spy could have ever gotten in here, not even with all the gadgets in the world!"

Jaden isn't really doing anything at the moment but staying low. He is, after all, a handsome, skilled, terrific spy. And the best way to do that would be to make sure that those security guards see another Jaden taking off running towards the elevators. "Come on! There he is! Get him!" Of course, luckily, the elevators are angled so that the inside of this office cannot see them and that should help keep the Jaden from being seen. There are many secrets to keep, after all. And the security guards are gone just as fast as they showed up at the doors to this office. The chase is on.

"Emphasis on Handsome, I presume?" The voice comes from the desk that no longer has Domino in it, since Jaden has taken up residence in the seat. He's leaned back and his fake gun is resting on the table, whilst his fingers are steepled playfully in front of him. It would seem that he's unwilling to break character, just yet. He's having too much fun with this spy business.

"If it'll get me a raise, I'll tell you you're as handsome as well…whatever level of handsome gets me a raise." Domino stops there, cocks her head to the side, and thinks on that a bit. It doesn't make much sense now that it's out of her mouth, so she just shrugs…which causes a gratuitous little jiggle. And she knows it does.

She's a little more willing to break character, as she pushes the door shut behind her with a casual kick. CLOP! Her heel catches the door and pushes it shut, before she meanders back towards her desk. "So, now that we've deflected the evil security forces of the mighty Cain Tower, you've snuck in and uploaded all the top secret plans about upcoming projects, and you've got the girl alone in the office…what's up?" Then she cocks her head to the other side as before. "Wait. Don't answer that."

"I could show y— awwww." Jaden was all ready to stand up from the desk, but he realizes that she's already snubbed his line of thought and thus must get himself back comfortable in the chair. "I was bored. Corporate Spies was the best option." Jaden says with a bit of a shrug. "But now that I've won, again, I don't know what to do. So I think I'm gonna' stick around here and distract you from doing actual work so you''ll have to stay late and beg me to give you a ride home." Grinning, Jaden reaches back with both of his hands to prop them behind his head, in victory.

"Except that I already used that first fat paycheck to buy a new car. Of course, I could always just stay past…10? Whenever it is that I get to charge the company for a car service. I dunno. Something." The couch that was his hiding spot becomes a place for her butt now; it creaks and groans, so huge and overstuffed and awful, but she loves it. "And next time remember…the desk is glass. You don't need to stand up to show off." Then…the Domino Smile'n'wink (tm), a little move she practiced years and years and years ago.

"… Duly noted." That would be Jaden looking down at the desk and realizing that it's very much glass. He even waves a hand underneath it to make sure that it actually fully is. "Huh." With that done, Jaden's looking back up in time to catch the Smile'n'wink, which gets Domino a bit of a smirk in return. "You know, if you keep squandering money on frivolous use of the corporation's property, I'm going to have to take you in for embezzlement questioning. I can be very intimidating when I need to be." He's kidding. He has to be. Look at the smile on his face.

"It's not embezzlement when it's a perfectly legitimate use of company money as indicated in the employment contract I signed." Domino then proceeds to blink, and shake her head a few times. Whoa. Where did that surprisingly lucid statement of fiscal clarity come from? Anyways, she just goes back to smiling. "Just saying! Besides…like marshmallow guns aren't?" Her eyes turn first, then her head, toward a bookshelf that's absolutely loaded with rubber-band guns, sparklers, Slinkies, Etch-a-sketchs (with her potraits), oh, and a few books even.

"Hey! No getting smart on me! I hired you for your body, not your brains!" Jaden is up and on his feet by this time, stepping around the desk and heading over to the bookshelf to do what looks like an inspection. "If I see To Kill A Mockingbird up here… you're so fired." Ah yes, Jaden is trying his hardest to promote the lack of intelligence and whatever else will keep people from getting too smart for him and taking his father's company away from him. He's already been through one of those scares. He doesn't need another one! "So, when you're not spending my money on toys and clothes, you're actually finding me some programming for Evolution Entertainment, right?"

"I'm trying. Do you know how hard it is to get David Hasselhoff to sign on for a Knight Rider remake? Not even NBC could do it…and we both know how that turned out. And Casey Kasems don't just fall out of the sky." Clearing her throat, aheming a little bit, Domino prepares for her best Shaggy impersonation. It's not very good. "Like…ZOINKS Jaden…we're trying to find the new Shag, but it's just not working!" She's grinning pretty good though, feeling pretty pleased with it. "But yeah, we're actually finding some programming. You name it, we buy the rights to it and make it better."

"I'll call The Hoff. He's probably too passed out to get to the phone. If he doesn't pick up when I call,then I'll pay him a surprise visit." Jaden whirls back around and leans back against the bookshelf, loving that he's got that many connections. Before he taps his chin, he smirks just slightly. "Actually, maybe I'll get Mom to pay him a visit. It's kind of hard to say no to Mom and her… friends." Jaden is already plotting some good things and a phone call to the Mom later. "But! That's awesome. The programming, not the impression. That was horrible." Wink.

"Yeah, yeah…that's why I work behind the scenes you know. I don't have much talent that way." But there are other ways in which talent is measured at Evo. And in that department, Domino's got oodles of it! She knows it; she likes it; she uses it! "When it doubt, call mom huh? The motto of boy CEOs, boy doctors, and boy geniuses everywhere, right? Do I get to call you Doogie now?" Jab jab jab.

"Hey. Neil Patrick Harris is hot. So don't go there unless you wanna'… go there." That's right, Jaden is dropping down more propositions than Central Park West after Dark. Grinning still, Jaden finds it necessary to flop himself down on the sofa, since that's where the comfortableness is. Granted, tackiness is there too, but still. "Speaking of going there, did we ever make out back then? Because if we didn't, I'm pretty sure it was your fault. So that kinda' means you owe me. A lot."

"Wait…what? I wasn't ever on Doogie Howser. Man, I just watched that stuff. But then. "Huh? You think NPH is hot? That's…weird. I didn't imagine you as being into the dewds that way. Or is that a perfect shade of green I see on your face?" To check, she sits up, licks on the pad of her thumb, and reaches out to scrub on his cheek! "Here, I'll check! And while I do, you can tell me why I own you a gross middle school make out session."

"Well, it's actually more the fact that I found you and gave you the best job that you're ever going to have and you totally owe me for that. I'm just counting your debt and extending it retroactively back to middle school. So you have no hope of ever getting free from my evil clutches and vile intentions." Jaden brings his fingers up to steeple them again, as if he's awaiting some kind of verdict on his evil overlord practicing.

"Oooh…that's good. That's real good. I can see it now…" she muses, standing up off the couch and leaving Jaden to finger steepling by himself. "I can see it now…" she mumbles, trotting to her desk, hem of her dress and loose hair bouncing around (that he can see from the back!). There's a little notebook there, and she scribbles something in it. "Jaden Cain is…Dr. NOOOOOO!" When she turns around, her nose is all scrunched up and she's giggling wildly. "See what I did there. It's a double wontonduh or whatever it's called."

Jaden actually has to roll his eyes a little bit. Even he knows the meaning of what she did there, but he's not about to let her know that. It's a good thing he has to sign off on everything she does before it goes to full on production. He really shouldn't have a ditz running the marketing but… hey. Sometime it takes one of the 'people' to sell to the 'people'. "You're too hot for brains. Remember that." Those wise words are what Jaden plans on leaving this hottie with at the moment. "So. I'll be back when it's after hours and you better be here. I plan on seducing you back to my place."

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