2010-02-17: Couch Potatoes



Date: February 17, 2010


A couple of the inmates sit around being bored. Or that's what they want the guards to think.

"Couch Potatoes"

Common Area — Building 27, Governor's Island

Nathan has been spending most of his time in the room he shares with a number of other male prisoners. But he's not just laying on a cot. No, Nathan has been doing sit-ups, push-ups, anything really to make the time pass faster. Anything to keep things moving forward and to avoid losing muscle mass, especially now that his hands aren't cuffed together. The other inmates spend their time in the common room watching television and the like, but since Nate saw the news flash about his apparent 'health problems', he hasn't cared much for news of the outside world. Instead, he focuses on remembering the little tour he'd had of the building before. Before he'd been caught, that is.

After finishing another set of push-ups the Senator emerges from the room and pads towards the common room. He has no intention of watching television, however, instead, his eyes glance at the top of the ceiling, glancing at the cameras that are in place. Despite his general unsettled thoughts and state of mind, he manages to look pleasant enough, in fact, he's one of the few that isn't itching to get out of here at the first opportunity. But then, he has his reasons.

As does the erstwhile NYPD detective who wanders in, not looking up from the newspaper in front of him - relying on peripheral vision and a hand against the wall to guide him as he wanders over and settles into a chair. He's only been conscious again for a few days now, and has only been up and about for part of those, so he's easing back into the routine more slowly.

Thanks to a quiet helping hand from Noah, he's managed to dodge the Protocol's intended drug regimen, and is trying to decide who to contact. While he pretends to care about 69 across ("The ___ __ mightier than the sword"), he glances over toward someone he recognizes, if only from the occasional televised press conference. And now he's one of the inmates here? Apparently Matt and his son aren't the only relatives to both have abilities…

First things first. « Don't say anything out loud yet. »

Nathan pads over to the far wall before leaning against the far wall. Sure enough he says nothing out loud, he scans the room, including the cameras. «Watching. Always watching.» His lips curl into an idle smirk as he listens to several prisoners complain about their circumstances before he crosses his arms over his chest. «Too many cameras. Don't appear to be any dead spots.» He touches his palms against the wall he's leaning against, «Water. Water on every side, there's no easy way to get everyone out.»

« Alcatraz, huh? » It makes sense; even if someone did somehow get out, they'd have a serious obstacle between themselves and civilization. Not that it narrows it down too much, though, there's an awful lot of water within a short distance of New York.

The man with the crossword puzzle sets it aside, walking over and offering a nod that looks more dejected than it really is. "Nathan Petrelli, right? My name's Matt, I know your brother. Sort of." With the government already in possession of the Company's old records, this should be nothing new for them.

« Basically. It's Governor's Island. No easy way out. On purpose. » Not that Nathan would leave anyways. He knows where they are; one of the few really. "Everyone knows Pete, he tends to get around, " Nathan smirks. "Yeah, I'm Nathan." « How are you doing this? I thought they were drugging us all? » He clears his throat and yawns, "Good crossword?"

« So do the guards. I… got some help. » Matt leans back, rubbing his eyes as he stares up at the ceiling. "For a little while, before it starts making my eyes hurt." That much is genuine; he's written in a few words to keep up appearances, but even that was enough to start wearing away at his mental focus.

His outward attention wanders over toward the TV as he continues. « Sounds like you've pulled together more information about this place than I have. Don't suppose you know who's running the show, do you? »

"Yeah. Reading and crosswords wear on the eyes after awhile," Nathan agrees idly. « Help? Bennett or Baker? Both are on our side. » He presses his lips together as his eyes glance about the room again. He fights the smirk that creeps over his lips as he stares at the television while pretending to watch. « I walked in. I was trying to infiltrate this place and see who's in charge. I thought it was deSouza. It wasn't, I don't think. She was just another face taking orders. They took me down before I could get any closer to the truth. And I'm not going anywhere, even if I can devise a way out. They're watching my kids. » He swallows. « There are more protocols. I don't know their end game, but there are more. »

Matt scratches at his chin. One of the first things he did after coming here was to shave, but only a rough job; he should go give it another shot before long. « Bennet. Which one's Baker? »

Walked in? Scratch that earlier assessment, he might just be aware of abilities, and a political prisoner after showing his hand. « I wondered about that. Peter said this operation was called 'Alpha Protocol', so you kind of expect there to be a Bravo and Charlie, you know? »

« Baker is a blonde woman. Tough. Has an ability. » Nathan crosses his arms over his chest as he continues to stare at the television casually. « There are more. Baker told me. Kind of. In code. We talk in code a lot, she and I knew each other in another lifetime. » Literally. He clears his throat again before he sits down on one of the chairs in the room. « The clues aren't making sense and the trail is running cold. They're holding us here and depowering us. And they're getting a lot of people. The list of apprehended people is huge. »

« You'll have to introduce us. I ran across one of the employees who wants to get in touch with Bennet, too. » It's the same person, but Matt forgot to get her name while he was at it. « What sort of clues? Maybe they don't fit together because some people have a private agenda. »

« Clues. We were trying to take them down economically. I got involved for that purpose — wanted to find a way to cut funding or get an inquiry into prisoner treatment. Not an easy task. We thought Marilyn deSouza was behind it. Because I'm here, I really don't think she was considering she died. » Nathan purses his lips together as he continues to stare at the television. « And with more protocols, the agenda can't be what we thought. I can't figure out why they haven't tried offing us yet. They used Peter for their own ends, and I talked specifically to the President. Something isn't adding up. Ivory Wynn committed suicide. Marilyn deSouza was likely mur — » Nathan tries to push the honest thought out of his head. « There is a bigger agenda. There has to be. Unless Wynn really couldn't take the pressure. »

« That's why I'm staying here for now… Bennet says they will start offing us if people keep straight-up fighting back. I can believe it, too, the guy knows a thing or two about fear. » Outwardly? Still nothing. Matt Parkman, couch potato. Let the security cameras chew on that. « Well, at least I have some idea what questions to ask. I'll talk to the others, try to fill in more of the picture. Last thing we want to do is take down one Protocol and then find out we've handed things to another one on a silver platter. »

« That's the problem. This is bigger than we'd thought, than any of us had that. » Nathan yawns, stands from the couch and stretches. « I'm concerned about the endgame. There's more going on here — we just need to peel back the layers. One of these agents needs to know something. Not everyone's a pawn. It's just not possible. And I don't think the President fully understands what's going on either, but to win we need an entire changeover in power. I'll keep fishing for what I can. » That said he pads towards the entrance and runs a hand through his hair. This thought isn't directed towards Matt, it's just a thought, « Sometimes, I wonder if it would be better to leave politics altogether. » With that thought mulling over in his mind, he disappears down the hall.

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