2007-08-04: Count On Me


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Summary: After the events of Operation: Angel Dust, Elena finally wakes up after her collapse in the Black Pearl to find Jaden "Prime" Waters having not left her side since being there. The two, close friends have a conversation.

Dark Future Date: August 4, 2009

Count On Me

Basement Levels, Phoenix Rising Penthouses

It was still dark when she finally opens her eyes, finding herself in the medbay built into one of the basement levels of Phoenix Rising Penthouses. Elena can't help but groan softly, feeling her aches and pains. Clad still in her torn, bloodied combat gear, she sits up slowly from the bed, shaking her head to clear the fogginess of her eyes. She also realizes that her right hand feels a little heavy. Glancing down, she spies another hand curled against hers, its owner sleeping on the chair next to her bed.


She couldn't help but smile. Weakened still from the blood loss, she looks a little pale, her matted hair tousled around her face and only heightening the shadows of exhaustion under her eyes. She dips her head, pressing a gentle kiss on the sleeping multiplicator's brow as he dozes. "You could've at least eaten before waiting for me to wake up, you know," she murmurs against his hair. "I'm not going anywhere for a while."

Indeed, it is Prime. The Real One. Accept No Substitute Teachers.

His hand is practically locked onto Elena's as he sleeps. He was unable to hold onto his awakeness for longer. Things just don't work out that way, y'know? It's always got something to do with the fact that, well, there's nothing to really do besides watching the girl that's become his BFF not die. Too worried to stay awake, he drifted off. But it's like Elena's voice is an alarm clock because the moment those lips pull back from his head, he's blinking his eyes open.

Murmuring the chorus of Lips Of An Angel (Shout Out to Hinder!) as he comes to, he moves his head back and forth for a moment to get things into some sort of focus. "It's really good to hear your voice…" His voice replication must work on its own because he sounds like that dude from the band too. Oy.

She can't help but crack a grin, though it melts to a more serious expression. "You should've gotten some actual rest too," Elena tells him. "You rocked out some pretty stylin' moves on the road earlier. You eat yet? Wanna sneak out and grab some decent pizza?" She was a big fan of dive bars. And dive pizza places. Hole in the wall areas that didn't look much, but focused on great (and cheap) food instead. She had always been that way, but ever since her bond with Prime grew, she's been out doing that more and more. She didn't have time to cook anymore, though she still did on occasion. Especially when he begged her. She couldn't replicate Candy's Scooby Snax though. Those were purely Mom territory.

She winces as she peels back the covers of the bed, sliding her legs around the edge of it and groaning at the stiffness in her joints. A hot soak in the tub would do her so much good right now, but that can wait. She has things to do, things to eat, and hopefully Prime would indulge her. Glancing over at him, her smile turns somewhat sheepish. "Sorry it took me so long to get back. I needed the three extra days. Wanted to make sure I made as clean a getaway as I could." The ACTUAL getaway was messy, Prime knew, he was there. But -where- she had been, she had to be careful to destroy any traces that might lead back to them. She took the security of her crew seriously.

"So what's the story? How are you?"

"Me? Stylin' moves?" Prime plays innocent as possible. Like he doesn't know what in the world she's talking about. And he doesn't. Who knows if that was Prime or the infamous Jaden Woo that manages to creep up from time to time when the Dittos come out. But then again, let's just leave things at that. He's always been the humble one in the Saints, so he's going to just continue to play that role up. "That was ninety nine percent KITT. I swear." Lying is always a good way to remain humble. "Uh, do you think you should be like… pulling a Shaggy Doo on the food, right now? You've still got dried blood on you and everything." Prime's nervous about her moving around and it's written all over his face.

"By the way. You're not allowed on any missions alone ever again. I don't care what Sparrow says. Funk the Rum. That shit's just gone."

"Ah huh. S'far as I remember, KITT can't drive himself," Elena says, poking the center of his forehead with a gentle finger. "…..can he?" Yes, it's a he. And she has absolutely no idea whether KITT could move on his own either. She wasn't as big a gearhead as the other members of the team, she didn't know half the crap that went into the Saints army of vehicular explodeyness. But when he expresses his hesitation, she grins. "No, but it was worth a shot. I'm pretty damned hungry though…" She pauses, a far away look in her eyes. "And I should get to the cemetery at some point. I haven't been able to go in over a week." She went every day, but she couldn't this time thanks to the deep cover assignment she volunteered for. Not like she couldn't trust the other Saints to do it, Prime's Dittos were excellent plants, but she wanted to go herself for some strange reason.

When he tells her the last sternly, she smiles. "Had to be done. I know Intel's your game, but this was a little personal. You know how these things get….it's gotta be solo." She sighs.

"I'm sorry I worried you," she says. "You know I try not to. Besides, it's not like I didn't worry about everyone else while I was gone."

"Yes, well, everyone else doesn't matter…. as much to me as you do. So stoppit." That's pretty much the end of Prime's argument. He knows she had to do what she had to do when she had to do what she had to do. But it's just not fair that he didn't get to go. "Besides, I don't think they're too happy with the way I've been acting while you were gone. Which is pretty much like a jerk. But you're back and I'm funny again so… maybe things will return to normal." He'll just leave that whole part about KITT driving himself to the quietness of the room. Can't let all of his secrets out, now can he?

"You stay here until you're well enough to move and I'll have J-Stop make a special Ultra Naco Surprise Super Delivery later on. Maybe the cheese and grease will help clog your arteries and make sure you never bleed again." Ew.

She laughs. "I'll try," Elena says simply. "No promises, but you know me when I put my mind in something. I don't let go. Got it from Papa, I guess." She rubs her face and groans. "Can't believe he was there. Not like I didn't appreciate it, but it was like getting caught breaking curfew, you know? He….isn't really happy I'm here." She gestures to their surroundings. "I mean, running with the crew. He'd have preferred it if I went to school and be a doctor like I said I was gonna before. I still intend to, but…..I'm needed where I am. Besides, apparently you need me around to keep you happy. I'm sure everyone missed your wisecracks." She laughs at the cholesterol comment. "Yeah. I -hope- not, but J-Stop's nacos are awesome. If he could sneak them in without Trina yelling at him to get his grease monstrosity away from me, I'll pay him."

She looks over at him. "So how are you?" she asks. "You doing okay? You didn't get hurt, yeah? And…..how's Mommy Cain?"

"You underestimate the power of Stoppable." Pause. "Forget I said his last name." Coughing to clear the air and move the topic away from his inability to actually talk right around her, Prime ends up thinking about all the stuff that Elena's saying and he shrugs. "Your Pops is cool peeps. He hates the Asshole Me, but that's cool. So do I." Must be referring to ol' Jaden Walters, the Public Pansy. "You know, I could get you overseas and to a top notch school somewhere. All we have to do is let Jadinne make you over and you'll look like you belong in a Dane Cook movie. Nobody'll be the wiser."

She can't help but smile, Elena ruffling Prime's hair affectionately. "I know you can, but I'd rather be here with you," she says simply. "All of you. Besides….you need taking care of too, you know." There's a subtle emphasis in that, and she couldn't help the sadness in her eyes as she says it. But she's trying to bring him back. Really bring him back, even after all hope has been lost. She can't help it. It's just the way she is. "As for Papa, he's always been….the way he is." She rubs her face. "I tried finding information about Dezi. When….when shit hit the fan, we found Nita and Luis, but not her. He thinks she's still alive, and so do I. Part of my mission objectives was to find out if there's any information on her but I came out with bunk."

"You know I'm the best search party in the world, right? I can have Dittos in six countries by the end of the week." Prime is already getting worked up to start popping out Dittos and get them on the road. But then, he's always been the type to try and help out Elena with whatever it is that she wants to do. Sometimes, he doesn't even ask questions. He just goes along with the damn plan. "And for the record, I can take care of myself."

A Ditto pops out of nowhere and smiles, "Literally."

"More hands on that can't hurt. Thanks, Prime, I owe you," Elena tells him with a quirked grin. "But…if there's any sign of trouble, you know what to do right?" She frowns. "To be honest I've had a bad feeling about this for a while. Nothing concrete….just something in my gut." If Desiree was dead in the same incident that took her siblings, why would there be no body? She couldn't have just vanished without a trace - and that was exactly what happened. Sending more Dittos out risks exposure, she knows that, being second-in-command. But she also trusts Prime's ability to be discreet. When it came to intel, Prime knew what he was doing.

"If there's trouble you call DW." Prime ends up quoting one of his favorite cartoon themesongs, as he's not even sure he knows what to do if there's trouble. But he'll get those Dittos out there on the Pronto Tip and they'll end up making him even more insane than he already is. His brain is going to be mush by the time he's thirty. But it's all for a good cause, right? Elena being happy. Or as happy as she can be, considering that the world's on its way to ending. So long as Punktrelli has his way. "Jadinne'll whip up some country-specific disguises. With Mom's make-up coordinator still alive, nobody'll know what hit 'em. Unless it has a big ass ACME stamp on it."

"Okay but not too many," Elena says. "One or two. But no more. There's always a risk of exposure. I trust you to know what you're doing but at the same time…..I can't help it. I have to look after you. Everybody. It's as essential to me as breathing." She was second in command. She wasn't Jack's woman, but she was his right-hand man. Woman. Whatever. She had people to look after, people to protect at all costs. Even if it's from against themselves. Plenty of her former gentleness had been incinerated in the fires of war and conflict, but occasionally, like in this instance, the old her resurfaced to reflect what was really important to her. She reaches up a hand to touch Prime's cheek, and holding it there. "Thanks for the save, by the way," she says softly.

Prime just smiles a bit. He always likes it when he's counted on. Not to mention the fact that, well, it doesn't happen too often. Of course, with him being insane and the primary Intel, he could also be the Mole… if there is one. Which is probably why nobody trusts him with anything really important. "Hey. You're my Angel. It comes with the territory." Prime never really uses the whole 'dark' part since things don't get dark for him until she's not around, but if she's the only thing keeping him sane, he's going to cling to her like there's no tomorrow. "You. You get some rest. I'm gonna' go see about Operation: Naco."

"Okay…." Elena says. She'll do what he says, because she doesn't want to be denied a naco. She's starving. She lays down on the bed, and closes her eyes. "You sure you're okay though, yeah?" she says, opening her eyes and giving him another look. She has to ask. Repeatedly. She wouldn't be her if she didn't.
Prime's happy with her not being dead, so he can actually get up and leave the room now. Pushing up from his chair, he offers a shrug and starts to make his way towards the door. "I am everything you say I am. If I wasn't, then why would I say I am." With that Eminem quote left to hang in the air, Prime blows Elena a kiss and disappears out the door.

Easiest way to not lie to your BFF about being 'ok' is to just not answer. Win.

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