2007-05-23: Crashed


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Summary: Jaden Cain pulls another publicity stunt, much to the chagrin of the EvoSoft Board of Directors. It ends with two, interesting, revelations.

Date It Happened: May 23rd, 2007


Times Square

"Yes, Alison. You heard right. The rumors are true. EvoSoft Billionaire Jaden Cain is cleaning house!" Some hottie reporter is doing some reporting from the side and away from the giant crowd that has gathered to see what in the world is going on.

The crowd seems to be centered around what was once the EvoSoft building. No longer will it be used, though, as Jaden Cain has drawn up plans for a whole new skyscraper that he's going to have built. A huge banner hangs from one side of the EvoSoft building to the other: PUBLISHER'S CLEANING HOUSE. SIDEWALK NOT-SALE! It's in Jaden's paintbrushed handwriting, of course.

"Friends! Roman Numerals! Countrymen! Lend me your ears!" Jaden Cain is standing on the roof of the building, using one of those sweet megaphones to talk to the crowd down below. "WELCOME TO THE SIDEWALK NOT-SALE!" People cheer! "Here's the rules!"

Dramatic Pause.

"THERE ARE NO RULES!" Jaden cackles loudly! "I drop it, you cop it. BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY!" Jaden holds his fist up in the air: CHIPMUNK SALUTE. "ARE YOU READY?!?!"

Somewhere in this throng outside the EvoSoft building, a five foot eight inch tall brunette with a guitar case over one shoulder and backpack across the other is standing, her eyes trained upward toward the roof and the man with the megaphone. Chipmunk Salute? She chuckles. Not quite her thing. She starts trying to move forward, her aim to get closer and eventually inside the building. Her mind potentially questions the wisdom of this move, and now wonders how the Lancaster folks he merged the company with will take it, but… Jaden Cain will be Jaden Cain. Doctor Forrest slides the guitar case from her shoulder and holds it in front of her body, using it to help make a path toward her destination. "Coming through. 'Scuse me, pardon me, folks." Not exactly being rough, but not letting herself be shunted away either.

Sometimes, Desiree likes to venture out into the city and just explore. It usually results in her getting lost, but that's where public transit comes in handy. It's during one of these journeys that the woman comes upon … whatever is going on in Times Square. First, the crowd gets her attention; then the giant sign; then the reporter; /then/ the announcements via megaphone. Wandering to the edge of the crowd, holding tightly onto the strap of her purse, the dark-haired, hazel-eyed Southerner tries to make sense of the event. With a jangle of gold bracelets on one wrist, she lifts a hand to her head and squints upward. EvoSoft? Isn't that where Elena works?

Pulling a page from Jane's book is always easy- especially if it's about New York. Karoliina is standing on the rofotop, standing on a small makeshift stage, in nothing more than jeans and a t-shirt, hair held back from blowing in her face as she just listens to Jaden for a few minutes, then she steps forward to the microphone. "Alright New York! Get ready to start rockin, after the CEO is done talkin!" There's a pause, then the music starts going and Liina leans into the microphone to sing.

"Start spreading the news, I'm leaving today -
I want to be a part of it - New York, New York!"

She passes close to the slightly taller woman as she begins to make her way through and pauses, spotting her there. "Desiree?" Jane asks, momentarily distracted from her destinational goal. "Is that you?" Her eyes lift again to the rooftop, and widen a bit when the Broadway performer begins to sing. And it's a song she herself adopted to a metal version for opening her appearances at a running gig in Brooklyn not so long ago. The head tilts aside, it dawns on her who the woman is, the face and voice are recognized. What the…?

Rock and Roll. Jaden's other favorite past time. Luckily, he's not that high up. The original EvoSoft building was less high and more technologically sound. He's making himself off towards the edge of the rooftop and he's holding two laptops! EvoSoft Laptops to be exact. "It's go time baby!" Jaden yells and literally hurls both of the laptops off the roof! They do their sailing and twirling down towards the crowd, for people to fight over. He just keeps leaning over the side to watch and see who manages to score each of the laptops.

Thinking she spots a familiar face, but entirely unsure, Desiree is in the process of squeezing her way into the crowd to follow Jane when she's recognized herself. "Jane?" The woman breaks into a bewildered smile. "Heeya," she greets, friendly as usual, but she's distracted by the plummeting computers. "Wha—" She watches the crowd attack the laptops like frenzied dogs. "Does… this kinda thing happen often around here?"

Karoliina spots Jane from her perch and she grins and waves furiously at the other soprano, even as Jaden does his thing. "Don't hit anyone!" She manages to insert into the lyrics, still dancing across the stage as the whole EvoSoft party. … thing … gets going and keeps going. Liina's getting raelly into the music, and Jane should probably watch out before the two end up dueting again.

Maybe the bossman isn't exactly doing the right thing. Because he's wanting things to become rowdy. It gets more fun that way. "Do whatever it takes! Test your might!" Jaden snatches up his megaphone and shouts into it: "MORTAL KOMBAAAAAAT!" Tossing the megaphone over the side, it becomes something else being given away. He runs back over to the pile of stuff on the roof and grabs a handful of… staplers. All of them have the EvoSoft logo on them. When he returns to the edge of the roof, he's picking out sections of the crowd and hurling them with a bit of force! One after another!

Her pace halts as Desiree speaks and the crowd jostles for tossed computer, Jane not wishing to get tackled and trampled here. Times Square and her are on perhaps unfriendly terms, after all. One time she smashed a street lamp by screaming, another time she nearly got blown away by a sudden tornado and the earth shook under her feet. "Around here? I think the weird is normal. Sudden twisters, earthquakes, streetlamps shattering, flying office products…" She manages to duck just in time to avoid getting a stapler to the noggin, one which can be caught by the taller one. "Are you still at the bed and breakfast?"

The young woman up above looks vaguely familiar, and Desiree finds herself staring up at Karoliina in a sort of memory-induced daze as she tries to figure out why. She's broken from her staring when an EvoSoft stapler goes flying past her head. "No, I'm— Jesuschrist!" The next one that comes hurtling over Jane, she actually reaches out to catch before she's face-stapled or something equally tragic. She holds out the stapler and blinks at it. "… stayin' with friends," she finishes.

Karoliina blinks as a stapler goes flinging at Jane's head, and she motions furiously to Jaden to watch where he's throwing, before she throws /him/ off the roof to be taken home by some lucky audience member. She's still singing though, but the song is winding down and she pauses afterwards to take a breath and call into the Mic: "Hi /Jaaaaaaaane/!" Wheee, spotlight.

"Oh yeah! Duck!" is called out as Jaden leans back from the edge of the roof and slides back over towards wherever the pile of stuff is. There's a couple of stacks of papers that are being held down by something heavy. Wind is not a good thing. He grabs them up and moves back to the side of the roof. "I make it rain!" And he throws the papers! They scatter and flutter like there's no tomorrow, sailing down towards the crowd. If anybody catches any of these sheets of paper, they'll find that it's nothing more than EvoSoft Stationary.

Looking up again when Desiree eyes the singer atop the roof and following her attention there, Jane chuckles. "I met her once. We sang together. I still need to make arrangements to play for the Phantom of the Opera cast." And there it is, her name being called out. "I see she hasn't forgotten me. Anyway, you're staying with friends? Glad to hear you're settling into New York life." And there's a blizzard of paper all around, Jaden's own version of tickertape writ large?

Desiree is still looking at her new stapler. In a constant state of confusion today, she looks to the woman beside her. "Looks like you got friends in high places." Ha. Haha. "Oh, /that's/ why she looks so familiar!" Because she was watching Karoliina on stage for hours! Duh. Tucking the stapler into her purse for lack of anything else to do with it, she swipes a swirling paper from the air and glances at it. Her eyes narrow for just a moment on the relatively uninteresting stationary. "I wouldn't say settlin' into /New York/ life, but I'm settlin'. How've you been, Jane?"

Jaden doesn't know what he's doing at this moment. It's really just to piss off the Board of Directors. But when you're as rich as Jaden Cain is, you can do stuff like that. Moving right along, though, Jaden's actually pushing a couple roller chairs (comfy ones!) over to the edge. "Have a seat, guys!" And one after another, he's lifting the chairs and hurling them over the side! It might be good form to let these land before trying to claim them. They're pretty big!

"I'm good," Jane answers with a quiet laugh. "Leading the far from boring New York life, in fact. And meeting tons of interesting people." She takes a step back when chairs go over the side, even though she isn't in range, and eyes the man atop the roof again. "Like that one, who I got romantic with." Her head tilts as she studies Jaden up there, and a realization perhaps sets in. She played Lana for him, but there was no Guido to empty his house, because they didn't really ride a train, so… is this him doing the next step, emptying out a building on his own? "Ohmygod," she whispers, shaking her head, as this possibility registers.

Now chairs are falling! Desiree just stares with a silly smile stuck in place. "Really? Well!" She looks at the young CEO in a new light now, cocking her head to the side. "Good for you, Jane. Ain't he a billionaire? That's what I heard the reporter say a few minutes ago, right? I think… my frien'… Elena works for his company," she says unsurely, clutching the random sheet of stationary to her chest. "'Cept I ain't real sure what she does."

Jaden moves from the edge of the roof and to the microphone that Liina has been using. "And now… for the greatest product up for grabs…" He's using his TV Announcer voice. But it's silent as he's saying nothing else. Instead, he's just running and jumping off the side, opening his arms and sailing towards the crowd. This is probably the stupidest thing he's ever done, but he trusts in the Fans of the Cain! Of course, this is just his crazy stunt to signal to security to open the doors of the building and let the crowd in to unshop until they drop!

"Elena?" She knows an Elena who works for Jaden. Sure, Elena and Gomez might be common names in Spanish, but… probably not that common. Jane studies Desiree for a long moment, considering the odds, before she asks simply "Elena Gomez, of Queens?" And looking up again. "Yeah, he's a billionaire. And an eccentric," she adds softly. It makes her laugh, eases away stress, something she perhaps needs more than occasionally these days, perhaps now as well, only a day after she was told Jack got shot and she saw Daphne reject her advice about escaping holes with such disastrous linguistic consequences.

Karoliina watches Jaden go, and then as he attempts to start running, Karoliina raeches out and promptly snags Jaden by the back of his shirt, and she gives him a /completely/ innocent look. "What? I can't keep a product for myself?" Completely deadpanned.

Desiree is opening her mouth to say something, surprise written all over her features that Jane might know the same Elena Gomez - but that's when Jaden tries to crowd-surf. As the throng rushes forth - either to catch the CEO if Karoliina lets him go, or to stampede into the building - they leave a cluster of papers in their midst, being trampled on. Crumpled EvoSoft stationary, ignored, since it couldn't all be swiped from the sky; but Dezi isn't ignoring it. The woman's brow knitting in deep furrows, she murmurs, "Just a second," and crouches down, teetering on her gold-hued high heels. She picks up a few of the sheets and adds hers to it. She stands still for several moments before dropping them all in a flutter, a determined, if frantic, expression wrecking her prior smile. She tries to force her way into the crowd toward the building.

"Sorry, Sweetheart. But this bird's got to fly the coop." Jaden remarks with all the Humphrey in his Bogart that he can pull off right about now. Weaseling himself out of her grasp, he returns to his running start and his LEAP OF FAITH to take himself into the arms of his loving fans. The ones that haven't decided to rush the building and start claiming stuff. Which, well, is the whole reason that everyone's there.

Oh, crap! She's seen Desiree do that before, it was when she voiced that street lamp in this very square into oblivion and Desi predicted it. So when the taller woman moves, so does Jane. She in fact tries to get in front of her and work to clear the way, using that guitar case as a tool to clear a path. Her best commanding lawyer voice is brought to bear as well. "Look out! Coming through! Out of the way, people! Make a hole!"

Karoliina's foot flies out to boot Jaden in his rear. "C'mon, I'm a fan! I can't keep you? I'm already up here!" She catcalls, following him after snagging the microphone. "Everyone move for m'fried!" She yells, noting Jane and Desiree's movement, before she trails after Jaden again. "Everyone look! It's the famous Jaden Cain! Who will be lucky enough to keep him for a night?" … Jane, anyone?

"Excuse me, Mister Cain? Mister Cain!" Desiree pushes her way through, even if it means elbowing a few folks on the way (although she does murmur sincere apologies) - but thankfully, that amount is few, given Jane's forewarning and Karoliina's help from abvoe. She's one of those who swarm Jaden when he hits the crowd (what's left of it), grabbing for his arm, but there's a desperation about the woman that lends her a more serious air. She looks a little old to be a fangirl. "Mister Cain, I needa speak with you!" She looks over her shoulder at Jane, worried, before she turns again to the CEO. "It's real important. I jus'— I jus' need a few minutes of your time."

Mister Cain is in the midst of his fanbase and finds himself getting tugged by the Desiree. Whomever the heck that is. "Whoa, whoa. Hold on. I do autographs…" He then stops to blink, realizing that he's not talking to some young hottie or anything. He tilts his head as he looks at Desi. "Whoa. You have to be the oldest Chipmunk fan I have." Pause. "I don't mean that in a bad way!" Poor Jaden. Try NOT to say the wrong thing!

Right behind Desiree is Jane. "Jaden," she begins, her voice calm but serious as she steps up, "give her the time she's asking for, the three of us in private, and listen to what she has to say." Her pack is slung around so she can get into it, after she places the crowd parting guitar case back over the other, and a bag of cookies is taken out. Yes, those cookies. If she has to, she'll start walking and leaving them behind her to secure his attention.

Traffic comes and goes. Occasionally in between gaps, across the street, is a middle-aged woman, somewhat round on the face with glasses on. Her hands are in her pockets, and her gaze is focused straight ahead. Whatever she's looking at can't be discerned just by observing her, but there's something….a little absentminded about this one. People pass her without notice, and she shifts only to adjust her glasses on her nose.

Karoliina peers down at Jane. Then she asks, quietly: "I can't come?" She gives Jane a look, and raises an eyebrow, even s she starts yellign into the microphone again. "Come on over, all and one! Just come on over! Mr. Caine doesn't bite!" A pause. "Hard." ANother pause. "Not that I'd know."

Instead of being insulted, Dezi just looks blankly at Jaden. "Chipmunk?" Her lack of comprehension is bypassed quickly in favour of that alarmed look in her eye - the determination to tell him something he needs to know. She exchanges glances with Jane briefly before her focus turns again, her lips pressed together hopefully, eyes wide. "I don't know you but I know someone who works for you, Miss Elena Gomez?" Glancing up at Karoliina, she garners a slightly pained expression. No! Don't come over, everyone! Desiree lowers her richly accented voice and tells Jaden: "I know this is gonna sound way outta left field, but—- think you might be in a bit of trouble."

Walking down the crowded streets, Ryan is taking in the sights of TImes Square. NOticing the crowd to one side and the announcements, he lets his curiosity lead him to gathering. He stands on his tiptoes to see over the crowd to what so interesting.

"Me? In trouble?" Jaden would turn and look at the camera if he was on television or something. But he's not on television, so he tends to find himself doing the complete opposite of being serious. He finds himself twirling on his feet to spin around to behind Jane and there is already leaning in to plant a kiss on Jane's cheek upon sight of her and those Snacks. "Hey Mrs. Cain." Wow. Thinking ahead to the future much?

While Jaden is kissing the cheek she gladly offers, she looks up at Karoliina and flashes a smile. "Hey, Liina," she greets. "You sound really good up there! This thing down here? It's just a little business matter, really. One that can't really be made public." An apologetic expression is shown the Broadway actress above, before she emits a playful chuckle. "I'll never tell if Jaden bites or not, or how hard if he does." She sounds as if she knows, and not so troubled to have people know she knows. Then she's speaking quietly for only Jaden and Desiree to hear. "She knows me too, Jaden. I trust her, you should also. Let's go find a quiet spot." The bag is shaken a time or two and she's on the move, headed into that building and looking for the first office she can find and close the door of.

Karoliina :nods and winks a bit at Jane/Jaden/Dezi, and draw the the crowd off, catcalling them away to the side where she slowly gets their attention away from the disappear Mr. Caine. "I'm sure he'll be back! He know sbetter than to keep us waiting. Now, song requests? Anyone?"

Desiree is starting to get a /little/ frantic as Jaden doesn't take her seriously, but she just stays quiet, wringing her hands, since Jane seems to be making progress. "Yeah. Trouble," she repeats. Okay, /mostly/ quiet. "Can we jus'— can we go inside somewhere?"

Ryan notices who has drawn the crowd. He's not really into the whole 'Jaden' scene, but his siter is, so he tries to move closer and get a picture with his iPhone.

Inside Somewhere…

In the midst of the craziness that's going on in the All or Nothing Giveaway (it has so many names), Jaden leads Desiree and Jane into a corner office that's already been emptied out. Shutting the door behind them, he leans back against it to make sure that nothing, really, is going to interrupt them. They'll all just have to deal with the crazy noise of fans and such getting their hands on whatever they want to get from EvoSoft: FOR FREE. "If this is what I think it is, do you mind if I get it on video? Shaggy'll never believe me…" Oh lord.

Desiree, worrying at her lower lip with her teeth, follows along behind Jane and Jaden all the way. She goes in a flurry, her steps quick and a little shuffling. Go go go! Aaaand inside. Finally (not that it took that long; it only seems that way when you have the burning need to tell someone something like this), when she's in the office, she takes a big, deep breath that forces her narrow shoulders to rise and fall. It's so… quiet all of a sudden. All eyes on her! "V-video… tape?" The woman glances nervously from Jaden to Jane. That's not a yes, but it's not a no, either. Oops. "Well, what I wanna tell you, Mr. Cain, is, um, I have this thing where…" The Southern rambling pauses while Dezi stops to scratch her eyebrow somewhat anxiously. "…well, sometimes I see the future… and I saw you. I-in the future."

Jane rolls her eyes when he mentions video, and seems to understand the track his mind is taking. Now, she did play Lana and ask his Joel if he liked trains, but… her track doesn't go anywhere near that station. "No," she answers simply, her voice taking on a bit of a 'can it, Cain,' sort of tone. "There will be no cameras. What you're thinking? Stop thinking that." She doesn't seem at all surprised by Desiree talking of seeing futures, but is visibly concerned that she speaks of seeing him there.

Roge— Jaden frowns and snaps his fingers, moving across the room to rest on a desk that hasn't been stolen yet. He hops up and spins around, getting comfy. "Whoa! Seriously?! You're like… Ms. Cleo?! Jawsome!" Jaden raises his hands in the air to show his excitement. "So wait, you can toly see me? Marty McFly style? So am I like still super rich? Or wait, are me and Jane married? Did she get implants like I —" He realizes that he's probably saying too much and looks over at Jane, clamping a hand over his mouth. Suddenly, LOUD COUGH. "Umm…" He puts on a little more serious tone. "… what did you see?"

"I ain't no Ms. Cleo," Desiree points out with a hint of indignation, though she hardly looks genuinely offended. "Jane here wasn't in the pictures I saw." She can't help but crack a smile but then she, too, coughs and sobers up. Serious business of the psychic variety. "Well. See." The woman looks around the office. She needs… props (not /those kind of props, Jaden/), but it's been so emptied out that her searching is fruitless. "Oh!" A hand dives into her purse and, after fishing around for a few seconds, she brandishes the EvoSoft stapler that could have been her doom. She plops it on the desk beside Jaden and taps it with one hot pink painted fingernail. "Pretend this is a car and you're a staple. Only. N-not really, you're just drivin' the car 'cause it's a car and that's what you do when you're in a car." Back to the point, Desiree. See above: no Ms. Cleo. She navigates the stapler around on the desk. "And you're goin' along, vrooooom, you're listenin' to music 'cause your head is doin' this thing—" She demonstrates. Head bobbin'. Lots of it. "And… then…"

Her head dips, Jane glances for a moment at her own chest, then looks back up with a clear indignation to her features. She is. not. small! There's a touch of noticeable frost forming about her mood on hearing such a thing suggested. The kind of frost that suggests togetherness of the together variety may be curtailed for a while. And her attention focuses on Desiree's telling of this future tale. Stapler car, Jaden driving, listening to music…

Jaden's sorry! He thinks too much and there's that whole fact that he's a Loudmouth which tends to be one serious Ouchy when it comes to dealing with women. Especially women that have lowered their standards to actually give him a shot. He's going to end up alone, again, that's for damn positive suredom. His apologetic look at Jane turns into one of interest as it crosses to Dezi and her hands, showing off whatever the incident is that's about to happen. He's hanging on her word and leaps in with his own ending, "And then I press a button on the dashboard and the car goes into battle mode and I start blastin' people with my lasers and missiles and I'm TOTALLY KICKING ASS!" By the time he gets to the TKA part, he's hopping off the desk and swinging fists at the air!

Desiree's eyes fly open to wideness of nearly saucer-like proportions - or would, if this were a cartoon - as she watches Jaden take off with his own ending. "I hate to break it to ya, sugar, but ain't exactly how it's gonna go down. I hate to be the bearer of bad news," Boy, does she ever, "And tell ya there ain't any… uhm, lasers, but hopefully, it ain't gonna go down at all if I can help it. So as I was sayin'." Back to /her/ version. She drives the stapler with her hand ever nearer to the edge of the desk. "You're drivin' along, I dunno where it is, maybe an overpass 'cause there's this ledge. W-well, then— uh, jus' hol' on a second!" Desiree stops the stapler-car (she even makes a *eeeehk* of squealing brakes) to dig in her purse. She pulls out a camera, albeit not a video camera, and transforms this into a vehicle with the power of imagination, too - a much bigger one. "And then this big ol' truck comes outta nowhere and BAM!" The camera crashes into the stapler and jackknifes it off the desk. It careens through the air onto the floor.

A quiet smile shows on her face as Jaden is… being himself. This seems to bother Jane far less than criticism of her body shape and parts. One could say she's used to and finds it endearing somehow, this eccentricity. Maybe it's a rock and roll thing? But she's very serious on hearing the vision described. Truck. Car. Overpass. Collision. The eyes widen a bit, concern shows in them, and a question is given voice. "Do you know when this happens?"

Silence. Jaden Cain is silent. In fact, his arms are still in the air when the collision happens. But soon enough his face falls. His arms fall. And he's just standing there, staring at the staple that's on the floor. He doesn't know what to say. Or even try to say. In fact, he looks like he's about to just lose his mind. Or his lunch. "I'm… gonna' die?" Not a happy camper anymore.

Desiree shakes her head regrettably at Jane. "It don't work that way… unless… there happens to be a giant clock in my pictures," she says, managing a little grin at the other woman. She sobers up fast, her emotive eyes settling in concern on the young CEO. Immediately, she's at his side, wrapping a motherly arm around the stranger. "No, you ain't. How I see it, the future can be changed. So you jus' don't drive your car. Can't crash it if you don't drive it."

She nods toward Desiree, and shows a quick smile, remembering that night. But it fades as soon as it appears, there's a Jaden to console. Jane's feet bring her to him, her own arm moving to wrap around the man from the other side. "No," she insists. "No dying for you." Eye contact is attempted, she trying to put his focus on her. "Just like that. You're insanely rich, have people drive for you." Without looking away, she frames another question for the visionary. "Are there any helpful details, like, about the truck or the overpass, the time of day? Maybe it was day, or night. And…" Truck out of nowhere. "Traffic signs or signals? License number for the truck?"

Jaden's worried. Sweating. Bullets. He's not sure what to think about all of this. Mainly because, well, he's the one that's in the driver's seat. Jane's asking all the right kind of wrong questions. Which means that he's going to have to ask his kind of right question. Not that, well, he's really a detective or anything. He's there, but he's not exactly, well, sure of his future. He could be dying. Very soon. "… Which car was it?" He's Jaden Cain. He doesn't have any normal cars. He just needs to know which Television Car it is so he can DESTROY IT.

"I. Well…" Desiree, overwhelmed with questions for details, looks down at the floor and leans back against the desk. "It was-a big truck. You know? A transport. Jus' white. It had somethin' on the side, I dunno, red lettering. It was daytime-maybe gettin' on evenin'? I could only see the inside of the car, I dunno."

Nodding slowly, Jane speaks in a quiet voice. She, it seems, has been quickly thinking on multiple levels of preventive possibility. "I was thinking first we could hopefully find the truck and who drives it, make an anonymous report to the police, maybe the driver is drunk or on medication, uses drugs or somesuch. Maybe even just overworked and falling asleep. It… isn't just Jaden, to me, but anyone who might be in that spot if he isn't. Sorry about the rapid fire questions, Desiree. I've just learned to… be really proactive these last few months."

Jaden isn't liking where this is going. In fact, he can't even stand up any more. He knows that Jane's right there for him to lean on and it's just not happening. His legs get weak and he starts to slump down to the floor. Eventually, he'll just end up in a pile of emoJaden right there next to the two women. "I can't believe I'm gonna' die." For a second there's a glimmer of the Original Jaden, "Like /that/. I mean… I can't even get a cool death? I have to get ran off the road?" His frown reminds him that he's talking about his death and he returns to emode. "I'm never gonna' get to see Paris. I'm never gonna' get to tell Jane that I love her. I'm never gonna' get to try out for the role of Snarf if they ever make Thundercats into a movie…" Depressed, now.

"I get it," Desiree bobs her head to Jane. "You're a fast thinker! Jus' - whoa, I wouldn' even know where to start. S'gotta be somethin' though, somethin' I'm missin'." Hold up. She watches Jaden crumple to the floor and promptly plants a hand on her hip. "Are you even /listenin'/ to word we're sayin', Mister Cain? You! Are not gonna die!" She flops down into a crouch beside him, craning her neck down to try to peer at him. "'Cause we're gonna /stoppit/. And FYI?" The woman smiles encouragingly. She's good at that. "Jane's standin' right there and I think she's got ears, so guess what you just told 'er?"

"So this is how it goes, Jaden," the younger woman says quietly. "We're going to Paris within the next two weeks, to get that out of the way. We'll look the city over, I'll play near the Eiffel Tower, always wanted to do that… Maybe Berlin too, so I can play where the Wall used to be." Yes, Guitar Woman thinks about doing things like that in European cities. Probably cities all over the world, for that matter. That thing you want to tell me? Message received. Love you too, and you are. not. going. to. die. before age seventy." One hand strokes his cheek for a moment, then she stands and lets her eyes wander about the room. That first night, how did she do it? Yes. Coins in the guitar case. Maybe… That stapler is seized from the floor and opened, she dumps the contents out and spreads them around to hopefully trigger another vision.

Wait, what? Jaden's confused. Literally. Because he was hearing voices and didn't know there was people there until Jane kind of let him know that he let the cat out of the bag. Which was definitely not as romantic as he was planning it to be. But since he's going to die… "Seventy five." he offers, forcing a small and determined smile onto his face. He's mostly just trying to fight the feeling that he's going to be out of here for good before he's good and ready. And with Jane by his side, with or without implants, he's starting to feel like he can do this. Probably why his hand is reaching for hers. "So how do we stop me from being Dead Like Me?"

Desiree looks at Jane. She looks at the staples. She looks back at Jane. Frowning, she gets the drift; she stares down the gutted stapler, squinting. Concentrating. …Nothing happens. She rolls her eyes good-naturedly, despite the situation, stepping away from the desk and swinging her arms. "Wee-eeell, step one's keepin' you outta cars like we said. I can look in the ones you got 'case I recognize the insides. I'll get 'Lena to help me with another vision - only it don't always work that way." Way to instil confidence, Desiree. She smiles widely after the fact, though, nodding at Jaden. "Don't you worry, Mister Cain."

"Seventy-five," she agrees. Her hand squeezes his when it's reached for, and Jane nods in the precog's direction. "Just like Desiree said. No driving." Attention shifts to Desiree, as things are considered. "It was worth a try, the staples. Worst that would happen is not knowing what we already don't know. And… Elena. You met her? Wow. The path crossings just keep lining up, don't they? She's one of my closest friends, knows about me and what I do. As does this one." Her head nods toward the visionary subject.

Jaden is not capable of coming up with a good plan. "No driving. Right." He's likely not going to listen, because he has to drive back home tonight, even! But still. "I'm not worried. I'm never worried. I've got the greatest girl in the world and my own personal psychic to keep me alive. Nothing can go wrong. Nothing." Jaden pauses for a brief moment, looking around and expecting something bad to happen. "See? Told you." Somewhere above them a large man can be heard falling down!

"I, uh - I live with her and her family right now," Desiree adds. "I'm jus' a houseguest that kinda doesn't ever leave." She shakes her head, jarring disbelief from its place. "Hunh." She smiles at the pair of Js and after swiping her camera from the desk now that it's not moonlighting as a truck, she starts to sneak toward the door. "I should… be goin'…" She backpedals far enough to take the stapler, sans staples, from the floor. "It was nice to meet you, Mister Cain! Maybe next time, it'll be under, uhm, better circumstances. You take care of him, Jane. Thanks for … the stapler!"

"See you, Desiree," Jane offers to the departing camera holder. "I've got this covered, we'll talk soon, yes?" She watches the older and taller woman make her exit, then turns attention back to Jaden. "So. Plan A. I go home with you tonight, and stay. We'll get a cab, take the subway, or I'll drive your car." She doesn't intend to take arguments from him.

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