2010-05-11: Crazy-Crazy



and special guest stars

Date: May 11th, 2010


Sydney and Amy take a small break from work at a coffee shop Kitty and Robin also happen to stop at … when breaking news breaks everything.

Previously: Should Have Told Her Earlier


Coffee Shop — New York City

"I assumed you'd want your regular order— " Sydney quips to Amy as she passes the hot beverage to her boss before sitting down at the table. She sets her own Chai Tea Latte down on the table before sitting across from Amy and opening the strange piece of mail she received to Hope Hearth.

With a snort she glances over the letter and stuffs it back into the envelope and then into her oversized chocolate-coloured purse. "Oh man, can you believe the case load we have today? Between that, my troubles with the p— " the p is a distinctive p sound, even though Sydney changes her mind as to what she's going to say, "psychotic break with reality, and catching up on everything…" She shakes her head. "It's insane. So insanely busy. But then I guess that's what we specialize in — the crazy-crazy." In a way, the blonde therapist is looking and acting more like herself with every passing day. In fact, she looks very put together today. Her hair has been curled, she's dressed in a black blouse and a black pencil skirt with a strand of red beads around her neck.

A smile serves as cheerful thanks to Sydney for the drink, which Amy, from her spot on the other side of the cafe table, takes with aplomb though she only blows on it carefully instead of taking a drink. "Yeah— " A glance goes to her watch, disguised in elegant array of gold chain bracelets. "I'm still catching up from being away, I probably didn't pick the best time to finally go to the conference this year…" What with Sydney's own crazy-crazy. She doesn't add that part. Like her younger co-worker, Dr. Masterson is dressed well, though more colorfully: a high-waisted white pencil skirt, red heels and a silk red/blue/yellow splash-patterned blouse with a loose bow in the front. Folding her hands above her cup, she nods at Sydney's purse. "Hey, what was that?"

"Now, what colleges are you looking at? Want to go far or stay close?" The voice of Kitty Hanner can be heard as the coffee shops doors open and the young woman walks in talking to her younger brother. Dressed in a long flowing cotton blue skirt and an off white top along with her brown cowboy boots. She carries a messenger bag on her shoulder and she looks around the place. Not yet noticing Sydney and her friend.

"Just remember, college is the best experience of your life.." she trails off as she looks towards the line.

Robin follows Kitty into the cafe, just a few steps behind. "I've been looking at a few. NYU, of course, since it's right here. I don't know… I'm not even sure what I want to take. I mean, there's no colleges teaching chess, and that'll be my real career. And I probably already know more about computers than they teach at most colleges. Something like MIT might be cool, but they don't sound like they like absences too much."

"Just a letter from a now former client. The one I told you about. In text called me 'perfectly acceptable' as a therapist. What does that even mean? Seriously, I need to stick to my day job and avoid… standoffs in my office." Sydney drums her fingers on the table before handing the letter over to Amy. "One of these days I'll learn not to mess with smart alecs." She takes a sip of her tea cautiously so as not to burn her tongue."

"I guess we should probably get back at it though? The casework won't do itself — "

Amy's eyebrows peak at Sydney and she lifts her drink to sip from it without thinking. Too hot. She promptly sets it back down without missing a second of her inquisitive peering across the table. "Perfectly acceptable sounds … perfectly acceptable!" Red-painted lips grin just a smidge. "Really, he's a former client, you can probably let go of all that now," she says, hauling her large red leather purse off the back of her chair and standing on Sydney's very astute cue. "Leave it at perfectly acceptable," she finishes and turns, drink in hand to head out past Kitty and Robin.

As the two therapist begin to leave, all manner of things happen at once. First, the TV is turned up louder as a Breaking News bulletin is said on the news.

The whole coffee shop quiets down as the anchorwoman delivers the news with a stoic expression. "This just in, a month ago a man escaped from the Manhattan Psychiatric Center. He is known as Roberto Harlin." A picture is shown of a crazy looking blonde man with cold blue eyes. "Rumored crime lord and murderer. The police did not say what he was put into the center for just that he had escaped. As to why they did not let anyone know until now is anyone's guess. But they are asking for help in finding him. If you have any information-." Then she's rattling off the number before it switches to a segment on elephants and tigers.

"Oh wow.. a crazy is loose." Kitty the Crazy says softly and then she's sees Sydney and Amy. "Sydney!" she says with a grin and she waves her hand at the blonde woman, they haven't went out to lunch yet.

Robin glances up to the TV as it's turned up, frowning a bit at the news, "A murderer's loose that long and they don't report it until now? Bet someone's getting fired." His attention turns towards those Kitty's waving at, but not recognizing either he just stays quiet for the moment.

"Hey! Kitty! We still need to have that l— " She turns to look at the television. That's… weird. She arches an eyebrow and glances at Amy, "I did a stint there… the Manhattan Psychiatric Centre as part of my practical experience and — I…" recommended Roberto be committed. Permanently. Her mouth gapes a little as she issues Kitty a semi apologetic grin. "I —I should check on that — I'll call you and we'll have lunch once I figure out what's going on with… work," she frowns before waving again, and stepping to the door.

The increasing noise of the TV wouldn't have caught Amy's attention if it weren't for the Breaking News! — she turns to look over her shoulder midway through heading for the door, concern knitting her brow for a moment. "Speaking of crazy-crazy…" Hey; she doesn't have to be politically correct when she's not with a client. Right? "That's never a good sign," she finishes murmuring before the call of her friend's name brings her attention back around. Kitty, as well as the teenager, are stranger to the redheaded therapist. The begin to get a friendly, polite smile all the same, until Sydney's more-than-passing-concern about the escaped mental patient has it fading away. She hurries briskly after her, reaching out for her arm. "Syd— ?"

As Sydney goes to open the door, loud crashes can be heard outside but before the woman or anyone else can see what's happening three men wearing clown masks rush to the door and point at Sydney. "That's her! The woman boss wants!" he yells over the crashing and soon they are yanking the door open and pointing guns in the place. "Nobody move." The leader says before The other two grabs.. Sydney and Amy.

"Anyone follows.. and these two bitches die." He says as the two men drag the women out by their arms and hair.

Kitty looks down to Robin and she says softly, "Can you call the cops.. using your ability? Maybe send an urgent email?" Kitty's eyes are wide as she watches around her what is happening. What the hell?

Robin's eyes widen as the two clown-faced guys come rushing in. Even before Kitty asks, an untraceable call is arriving at 911, "Two guys in clown masks just came into <name of the cafe>, help I think they're trying to kidnap a couple of women!" The voice is slightly garbled, but understandable, though completely inaudible to those around Robin. So, when Kitty asks, he just says softly, "Already done. But can't we help them directly?" Not that he apparently has any clue how.

"It's fine, Amy, he just shouldn't be out. Sociopaths don't recover, lack of empathy does strange things to them, I worked with him because I could — " the blonde therapist begins as she steps outside.

Sydney shrieks and then gasps as she's grabbed by one of the thugs. "Let.. go of me!" she struggles against the man, but she doesn't have super-strength. Yet supposed to be safe now, although this doesn't exactly appear to be a nabbing by the authorities, particularly considering the threats. Her own ability does what it does and emits her current feelings of panic, which for once, might not be an entirely bad thing.

"Wh— hey! Let go of me!!" The appearance of the clown men couldn't be a bigger shock to Amy. Her hand immediately tries to clamp down on Sydney's arm, to try to keep them together or rip them both away from the attackers as everything goes to hell. She gives a high-pitched shriek, not only in surprise and fear, but in denial, scrambling in her high heels to fight back. That is, at first. Paling panic definitely takes over, but the obvious intent of the masked men — to take them — and the fact that they're armed quickly culminates in a different type of heightened panic reaction: freezing.

"We are." She says softly as the men get out of the coffee shop with Sydney and Amy. "Can you do anything about the cameras in this place?" regardless of the answer, a gun is pulled from the messenger bag and she cocks it. Those cocky bastards think that they can just walk away with their backs turned?

Apparently yes, because a black van swerves into view and the side door is opened to reveal another man with a clown mask, wearing a very nice looking suit. But his cold blue eyes can be seen centered on Sydney and his now screaming and panicking minions. "Damnit! Control yourselves!" he screams as the men scream but push Sydney and Amy into the van.

Kitty's eyes widen but she still rushes outside and crouches down as she opens fire on the van, trying to hit the person in the driver's seat. "Robin, duck!" as she says this, another figure enters the scene. Harley.


Dressed as nice and fancy as always, the lapels of his grey suit swing around him as he runs sideways coming towards Kitty but firing a gun the whole time. "Kitty." He says through his teeth as he crouches down with her. But the doors are closed, as the men jump in and begin to drive off. "Fuck!" Kitty says loudly and stops firing.


"Sorry sweeties, the boss gits what the boss wants~" chimes Aedan in his thick Irish accent with a smug smile. "Just relax~ soon 'nuff you'll be safe 'n sound in the boss' care." He presses harder on the gas, sending the van flying to some mysterious location.

Robin nods quickly to Kitty, glancing to a security camera and the feed from them suddenly gets scrambled… not that anybody's paying that much attention. He has to stay in view of the camera, though, so he doesn't follow Kitty outside, staying just inside as he watches it all through the door.

"Come on.. we need to get out of here." Harley says softly and he goes into the coffee shop and grabs Robin by the arm. "To our car!" he yells and then Kitty quickly catches up and opens the car door. "Are we following him?" she asks as she slides in and turns the Mustang on. "No.." he says, "That comes later." Before Kitty or Robin can ask a question, he raises his hand. "No questions, just drive. I'll explain in a bit." As Kitty drives off.

"Well.. I told you Syd." The man in the suit says from the passenger side and then he's ripping the mask off. It is indeed Roberto. "I'd be coming for you, didn't I?" he grins and winks at the two women before putting his hand out. "Skittle?"



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