2009-10-22: Crazy Head



Date: October 22nd, 2009


Eric tries to approach and comfort a woman in the park.. and possibly regrets it.

"Crazy Head"

NYC - Central Park

Some people have a lot of nerve, or flat out a God complex. Either could be the reason that Chava is boldly about in Central Park. Especially so soon after her group's little attack in Newark. Nosy FBI, they just /assume/ she was there. (Rightly so, but she kept her face hidden.) It's the one of the few areas of New York City that she's felt connected to since she was orphaned and brought to this country. She's wandered off the path and is meandering towards a rather large tree that's caught her attention.

Eric always liked the park. He has some fond memories of the Park, and since he's back in town he decided to take a jog in the park. The Company never knew who he was, the Government has no reason to suspect so he feels fairly comfortable taking a nice little jog. It clears the mind, it gets the heart going, it makes it where he was able to think better and to plan faster and he needs that sort of thing if he is going to help his friends.

…of course Jogging also makes him visible.

He just hopes that any of the paparazzi that remember him keep far far away from things.

He usually sticks to the paths himself, but paths are a very good way to get seen and then the photos and the questions start so…off the path it is, and into the trees and the shadows there. He feels much more comfortable in the shadows anyway.

So it is that he is meandering himself by the self-same tree that seems to have garnered Chava's attention.

Graffiti that's been scratched into the tree's surface, cutting even beneath the bark. That's what's grabbed Chava's attention. Once at the tree, she lays her hands against the scratched words and focuses. Not fully knowing her power for what it is beyond a gift from God, she has rather good control of it. So when nothing happens, a look of frustration mars her features. Something unintelligible parts from her lips as she says something scathing in Hebrew. She may not use her native tongue much for everyday conversation, but she refused to let herself forget her language.

Eric's father had a Jewish accountant. Now he might now /understand/ the language but he became at familiar enough with the tone of a curse to recognize it. That causes his steps to slow and his head to turn to look towards the frowny and frustrated looking blonde girl.

…and in ERIC VISION…a pair of guys pop up on his shoulders. Chibi Devil-Eric and Chibi Angel-Eric like normal.

'Dude, go talk to her!' Says the Devil.
'Are you crazy? She's a total stranger!' Says the Angel.
'…dude, she's not just a stranger. She's a hot stranger!'
'Still! Stranger!'
'What could it hurt?'
'…point taken. On your own E-Dude!'

Now we return you to normal time, where the staring and internal debate has lasted a handful of seconds before he takes a step closer and raises his voice.

"…er…is something wrong?"

Hands still on the tree, Chava's head whips around, her blonde locks fanning out. The expression she gives Eric is one of a person prepping to fight. As she glares at him, something begins to happen to the tree. The graffiti disappears, the tree healing over as if it was never gouged with someone's knife. Not only that, sickly limbs overhead are restored to full health.

"What do you want?" Chava asks tightly in a faintly accented voice. She's clearly on guard and eying Eric with suspicion.

"Woah there!" Eric replies as he smiles towards her, raising his hand palms out in a non-threatening manner. "I was just asking what was bothering you…you seemed a bit…frustrated..at…" Pause. "…I've…never seen a tree do /that/ before…" He adds as he looks up towards the branches as they untwist and the carvings in the bark as they heal right over.

Eyes narrowed, Chava's hand gives the tree a fond pat as she withdraws her hands. She could feel her power working finally, and the tree healing. Turning to face Eric, she leans her back against the tree, keeping contact with it. Most people would deny doing something like this in public in front of strangers, but not her. "Yahweh commands me. He granted me this gift to do great things for His Earth." Uhoh. Crazy-head here. For someone who was never fanatic about her religion, it's a little weird that she has latched firmly to this belief. Yet, what else was she to attribute this gift to?

…yup. Crazy head here. Should have listened to the Chibi Good Eric. Should have just walked on by. But noooo. Had to butt into things, its what he does. Slowly he seems to relax as he lets his hands fall to his side to look towards the woman. "…I…er…" Pause. "Right. So /you/ are the one that's making the tree heal itself." He adds as he glances up and the big plant. "Well good. He looked a bit sad." He says after a moment before he turns his eyes back to the woman. "Plants then eh?"

"Do you have a problem with that?" Chava asks with narrowed eyes. "Of /course/ the tree was sad. Would you like it if I were to carve my initials into your skin?" A pocket knife is in her hand quickly, and jabbed in Eric's direction. As if to fully make her point. Hostile, this one appears to be. "I've been given the power to grant life to plants.." and take it away, but she'd never dream of doing that, so it doesn't cross her mind that her ability could extend to that. Keeping the knife in one hand, the other is placed against the tree again. Overhead the tree turns as green as if it were blooming in Spring.

"No I wouldn't like that very much at all," Eric replies as he warily eyes that knife. Though his hands goes into his pockets as he tilts his head to one side to regard the woman. "You have a chip on your shoulder roughly the size of a redwood." He observes of the hostile one. That…might not be the best of things to point out, but hey he does it anyway. Now the odd thing is that he isn't surprised really by the power, now he's surprised by the fact that she's /here/ and using it…but…"You know its pretty obvious if you keep on doing things like that." He adds as he looks up towards the blooming tree. "Not that I have a problem with it, just saying…"

As quickly as it appeared, the knife is put away. Chava eyes Eric with dislike, "That's not your business. You're the one who approached me. I didn't ask you to." What a people person she is! As to her being obvious, she shrugs that off and removes her hand from the tree. "Why should I not show off my gift from God? If I'm not supposed to use this gift, then why was it given to me?"

"You don't like people very much do you?" Eric asks with a raised eyebrow. "Well I guess cause people don't like what they don't understand." He adds with a glance up at the tree again. "Then men in suits come and take you away and you don't get to see the light of day again for a long long time." He shrugs slightly at that. "And I have /no/ idea why it was given to you at all." A pause before he shrugs slightly. "Or the rest of the people that have something like that. Anyway, just a friendly warning…"

"People are destroying the world," Chava says flatly with fervent belief. "Polluting, desecrating forests, raping the planet!" Yikes. There's the reason her fellow eco-terrorists like her. "Are you threatening me?," she asks in a low voice as she takes a step, advancing on Eric slowly. "Wanting to lock me away? Are you with the government? The FBI?" Or someone sent by her uncle to reign in the loco niece?

"Do I look like a government agent?" Eric replies after a moment of staring at the woman in surprise. No actually, he looks like a rich boy in a jogging suit. A smile curves up his mouth before he shakes his head. "No I'm not threatening you! It just just a bit of advice…I'm about as far from a government agent as I can get." Though right now he is almost /wishing/ a few of em might show up as he steps a half step away from the woman. "…and well some are, but some are trying to help. People aren't all bad you know."

"Maybe you're supposed to blend.. or look like a rich boy who wastes water and paper, killing trees in the process." Chava says as she takes another step towards Eric. She seems pleased in an almost feral way as it appears she has Eric cowed. A derisive and unladylike snort escapes, "Helping? By what? Carbon credits and off-sets? Those are a joke invented by capitalist scum to make money. They do nothing to help the environment, or to save a tree."

Cowed? Well Eric just doesn't want a power-struggle in the middle of the Park. It tends to bring attention. "Well I actually use recycled paper." He can't say anything about wasting water. He /likes/ long showers. He pauses a moment though in his retreat before he shakes his head slightly. "Well I meant by developing better ways to recycle everything that can be, more efficient uses for paper. Faster growing methods, and exploring the use of faster growing woods instead of just normal trees actually…" He replies after a pause to think a moment. Even as he's backing up though, hands still in his pockets he's making /sure/ he's backing up into a nice thick patch of shadows from that same tree that she just made grow.

Chava rolls her eyes, clearly unimpressed by this young man's recycling efforts. "Faster.. growing?" Now she's a little amused in a scoffing sort of way. Holding out her hands, a sapling sprouts forth from the ground. "Faster growing than this?" She's more amused now than anything by Eric's words and actions. "Calm down junior, I won't hurt you. Yet." She's a bit like a cat who plays with its food.

"…well yeah, bamboo grows faster than normal tree…" Eric pauses a moment as he looks down at the suddenly sapling. "…s…right that's just cheating." He adds towards the woman before he looks back towards her as he crosses his arms over his chest, safely back in the shadows now. He relaxes just slightly, as he watches the woman. "Well good, I don't plan on being hurt though." He adds lightly towards her as he reaches up to scratch at the side of his nose a moment with one hand, his left is covered in a black glove but his right isn't. "Calm down though say the one that was waving the knife around a moment ago."

"How is it cheating if I'm using the gift God gave me?" Chava asks, and this time her tone is honest and a bit inquisitive. As far as she's aware, she's the only one blessed with such a thing. Abilities? Powers? What's that nonsense? Smirking faintly, she circles Eric a little, "I had to make sure you weren't sent after me."

Eric just…closes his eyes. "Well then if you look at it that way then its not cheating," Eric replies slowly towards her. Still doesn't open his eyes though, just tilts his head to one side to follow the woman as she circles around her. "What would you think if you knew that other people could do stuff like that anyway?" He asks curiously of the woman, his voice even and noncommittal. "…and no, I wasn't sent after you or anything. I just was going for a jog is all."

"Others can do this?" Chava asks, curious and just a tad skeptical. "Perhaps it is not that odd. If there are others, I would not question God's decision in granting others such a generous gift." She's taking this rather well. "So, I take it that you know of others who have had such wondrous powers bestowed upon them?" Her advance is no longer fueled by malice, but out of an eagerness to hear more.

"Mmmm…not sure who granted it, but…" Eric shrugs slightly towards the woman. "…some people don't really see it as a gift you know. Some people are scared to death of it." He adds as he snapes his eyes open and looks towards the woman again. "Guess it just depends on your point of veiw on that sort of thing." A sigh then before he shakes his head. "Look, if you are going to go around using your powers like that you have to be careful about it is all."

"Why would they be scared?" Chava asks, her head tilting slightly to the side. "It's a wondrous thing to be granted. I am honored that I was chosen for such a path." Too bad she's fallen in with people who use violent means to get their point across. And she sees little problem with things like.. oh… blowing up planes or refineries.

"Such a path? Well…" There is a pause for a moment as Eric seems to think things over. "…well not everyone knows what path they should take. The powers, the strangeness scares them." He shrugs slightly. "You could do alot of good with those powers of yours you know…." Pause. "…just what do you…" A pause then before he smirks. "I'm getting a bit personal here. Sorry…like I said just be careful. Lots of people are looking for people like you, and not all of them are nice ones. Maybe I'll see you around though…I need to get out of here myself."

Chava frowns at the warning, not sure how to take it. But, she falls quiet and backs away from Eric, letting him be on his way. People looking for others like her? What's that about. It's clear she wants to ask more, and despite knowing she could tie the man down until she gets the answers she wants, she lets him go.

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