2007-07-26: Crazy Talk


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Summary: Laurel gets a break in her heavy photo schedule and invites her best friend over for some photo sharing and crazy talk. And she might be getting a kitten!

Date It Happened: July 26th, 2007

Crazy Talk!

Laurel's Apartment

Summer is always a busy month for a photographer. Lots of weddings and reunions, a majority of the outdoor shots— and this summer has been no less busy. In some ways it's been even more so. Due to how busy things have been— a certain someone in this apartment is lonely. Rabbits need a lot of personal attention, and a lone rabbit needs companionship. As soon as a certain animal talker entered the apartment, she'd know this. Lucky is lonely. Right now, she's happy, because Laurel's letting her wander around the rest of the apartment by this point. She's learned not to chew on most things, and is more interested in sprawling out somewhere close to her owner and guest. She even followed to the door, to look up at Daphne.

For the photographer, though, the topic of the moment is not her bunny— though it may end up being soon. "I added a lot more pictures to that album— the one we talked about with the…" She waves her hand around, making a squiggly line in the air. The symbol. That thing that made her think her camera was possessed for a while— or something.

They haven't spoken about this for quite some time. She hasn't wanted to— but she's still seperated out the proofs that showed it. "I still haven't found a pattern at all." It's so weird. "What have you been doing the last few weeks?" They haven't had time to talk much. Most of it Laurel's fault. She's been so busy.


Daphne doesn't say much upon entering. Instead, she's greeted with the almost painful glee that the rabbit is projecting that there's company here. A fear when she'll need to be put away again. Crouching down as Laurel closes the door, Daphne tilts her head, reaching out to touch a finger to Lucky's nose.


"Th'usual," she says. Even though she's learned to cover the accent, it's tiring, so she doesn't do it here - around a friend. It's not as strong as it was at the worst point, though. "Met a guy 'oo talks to bees. And. Butterflies. Wasps. His name's Rudyard, n' I think 'e's got a stick up his arse, but he's not a bad guy. Rhinoceros escaped at the zoo, we had to clean up spray paint propaganda from PETA…" Standing, she heads over to the nearest couch and flops down on it. She actually still smells faitly of animal, though at least she washed her hair before coming over; it's still damp.

With a smile, leaning back and closing her eyes, she says, "Ordered pizza on the way over. They're delivering. S'Saturday, though, so it might take n' hour. Hope you don't mind." At least that gives them time to look at the book, which— "How many's that make now?"


"Ew, talks to bugs?" Laurel asks, shivering a little. "I don't like bugs. Spiders and centipedes and… ugh." She really does shiver more as if she's thinking about them. That's one thing she'll never, ever photograph. Bugs. "I like snakes and lizards more than bugs." Which is weird, bugs are far more plentiful! They're everywhere! Every bite people take of food? They're totally eating a bug. Don't tell her that, though, she'll never eat again.

"Heard about the Rhino thing. Hope no one was really hurt." They didn't mention anyone dying, so that's good. While she might consider shooing Lucky into the room where she'll be put up again, she lets her stay out with Daphne. Daphne's the only company she would allow it, though. "Pizza sounds good. I finally have a break in scheduling— two whole days off!" In the summer, that's rare. Which is why she asked her friend to come over.

"I've got a full album now— I'll need to buy another soon, but— over four hundred now." A one hundred page album with four shots per page. She walks towards the living area and plops down on the couch. Lucky sticks close to Daphne, following happily once it seems she won't be put away. The album is pulled onto her lap and opened to the back end. "You'll like this one…" It's a group of cats. "It was this old couple's anniversary party. They wanted a picture of their cats." And the cats are all laying together and their tails form the symbol. "I swear I didn't put them like that."


"Ah, they're not that bad," Daphne replies. Sure, Mr. Kipling hasn't been that forthcoming on how he speaks with the creatures, nor has he really… opened up at all besides the formalities. He's a tough nut to crack, as interesting as he is. Maybe one day. "I don't really like the stinging ones, though, I mean… It was kind of an accident, but now at least I'm sure that I'm not allergic to bee stings." Ouch.

"I think there were only a couple people hurt, and they were minor injuries. I hit my head." Figures. The one person who could have stopped the animal. "And I had to file some paperwork - some girl got hit with a tranquilizer dart." She pauses, leans forward. "Funny thing, though. You've seen the rhino enclosure. There was no way for that thing to get out without someone noticing. I think — I don't know. It might be crazy."

As Lucky follows, Daphne scoops the rabbit up into her lap, holding her like a teddy bear as Laurel gets the book.

<Happy? Happy??? Haaaappy??????>

"Lucky needs a friend," she comments idly.

This all turns serious when she looks at the book, and clearly sees that symbol formed in the cats' tails. "It'd be easier if you could find someone to explain this."


"They stung you?" Laurel asks with a squeak. Maybe she's allergic? Or maybe she just can't stand bugs that much. Not quite a phobia, but it's still pretty bad. The mere idea makes her shiver again. She'll stick with fuzzy things. "I'm glad you talk to animals and not bugs." Because she's not sure what she would do with a friend who tried to foist a arachnid of some kind on her as a pet. Bunnies are so much better.

"You think there was something behind what happened with the Rhino? Like— maybe someone like— you know— us?" Cause maybe there's someone out there who can just… move things. That'd be scary, though. They could steal anything from anywhere, and they could move a rhino out of it's enclosure like *snap*… Maybe best not to think too much about the craziness that is the abilities people might have. "Maybe it is crazy. The last few months have been pretty nuts." From a girl throwing fire around, to crazy accent having… crazy last few months.

But on the normal side of things… "Lucky needs a friend? Like— another rabbit?" She looks towards her bunny. Is that what her friend means… She's not sure how getting two rabbits works… "What if she doesn't like the friend I get her?"

The album, though… "Do you think anyone could explain this? I don't even know if it's possible. It's… crazy." Like everything else the last month.


"Yeah," she says with a smile, rolling her eyes. She's not going to say how /many/ times, because that'd put Laurel over the edge. "Well, I can hear them sometimes," she says, looking at the floor. "I don't know if I'll ever be able to really— you know, have a conversation with them, but— That sounds silly when I say it outloud."

Because they're talking about insect conversations. bugs.

Giving the bunny a squeeze, she shifts her position on the couch, before letting Lucky go. Cute bunny. Mostly happy bunny. Just a little out of sorts. "To be honest, there's no other way that rhino coulda got outta that enclosure. Not if someone couldn't have picked it up n' put it there somehow. Whoever did it, it was a stupid thing to do." Because of the Bad People. Like, say, Sylar, whose picture still exists somewhere in Daphne's apartment.

As Lucky scoots around, Daphne pushes herself off the couch and onto the floor, lying on her stomach until Lucky comes to look her in the eye. "…What do you think about cats?"


"Really!? Tell them to stay away from me," Laurel says with a grimace. Yes, it would appear she has a problem with bugs. "Butterflies are okay, though, it's just the… icky ones." Icky ones? Those poor bugs. Maybe Daphne's new friend wouldn't like her old friend… that's named after a plant that bugs probably love to munch on. Bugs like to munch on this one too, but that isn't just why she's afraid of them.

"That's weird— I don't like the idea of people just… moving something as big as a rhino— but— could be. What if they do it again? What if there's all kinds of terrorist organizations with these people that set fire to things and… move rhinos…" And cut the tops of people's heads off! Yeah, she heard of that one too.

"Wouldn't a cat eat Lucky? Do cats and rabbits get along?" Her friend has a cat and a rabbit, she should know the answer to that, but all she can think of is that a cat would try to munch on her bunny. But she'd have more to worry about with a dog.


"Well, I can't. I can't tell them to… They're kind of like… Okay, if talking to an elephant is like talking to someone your own age, then talking to a grasshopper is kinda like trying to talk to an infant. At least for me." And there's a whole range of intelligence levels in between.

Continuing to lay on the floor, facing Lucky, blue eyes glance upward. "Well, they did it to make a point. They just almost hurt a lot of people doing it." And she still hasn't figured out how that writing got on the wall. Maybe it was just too chaotic and everyone missed it. Or— Yeah, that seems to convenient. "I can handle it if it happens again while I'm there. … I hope. But I don't know. It could have hurt a whole lot of people."

Luck. They had it.

But, anyway, talking about killer mammals and people who set fire to things is ruining her appetite. "Cats and rabbits usually get along pretty well. S'why I suggested it. I 'unno if you want to introduce another rabbit at this point. We could go to the Humane Society— There's always kittens this time of year."


"Did you ask the rhino who let him out?" Laurel asks, a serious question that definitely sounds wrong when she says it outloud. A moment later she blinks a little. "I can't believe I just asked that." And that her friend might actually be able to do it! Can't forget that part! Closing the photo album, she puts it back onto the table and lets it sit. They're all the same anyway. Four hundred pictures with a weird squiggly symbol thingy in them. It doesn't look any weirder when it's the creases in someone's clothes than any of the others. They're all weird.

"Kittens…" she glances down towards her rabbit, wondering exactly how easy a kitten and a bunny could get along. What if the kitten bites? What if it claws? She could get them capped or something, or get her declawed, but… "I like cats— had one growing up one time. It was cute— I guess. If you think a kitten would be good for Lucky…"

And the important part, she can't help but smile. "At least she'll be bigger than a kitten for a while." Lucky's a chubby and well-fed rabbit. She's not going to get pounced on by some little kitten.


"Yeah, he doesn't know," Daphne says with a shrug. "All he can tell me is that one moment, he was 'home,' and the next, he was 'not home.' Or, well, that's what the conversation was in a nutshell." Rhinos are fairly intelligent animals, but the poor thing was so confused, it wasn't sure how to answer, except to say that it wasn't where it was supposed to be. Where it was comfortable.

"We should think about it for awhile." Pushing herself up, she leans back against the couch. "Or, you should, I guess. It's two animals to take care of, and you're pretty busy." If they can find a rabbit… Well, it's something to consider anyway. "Lucky does need some company, though."

Eventually, they'll have to get to the shelter - just to look, mind. For now, they'll just continue talking and waiting for their pizza to arrive.

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