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Summary: Dextris returns home to find her beau in a disheveled state of being.

Dark Future Date: August 8th, 2009


Dextris & Brad's Safehouse

The mansion sits quietly in the Manhattan area as Dextris walks up to the gates and caresses them before entering the code and the gates open silently. Today she is wearing a dark blue tank top and dark jeans with black combat boots. She hasn't been home for months and she misses Brad very much. She palms her newly cut hair and looks around the grounds as she comes to the front door. She notices that all the security they put in place is holding up. She is happy to see that at least.
"Brad?" She calls as she unlocks the front door and enters the huge house.

The smell of dust and fear fills the air of the mansion as the air from the outside is released into the foyer. Brad, who in public refers to himself as Lex, sits alone in the shadows. Wearing a pair of tattered pajama bottoms and a sweat stained undershirt, he obsessively flips through old newspapers. He seems startled hearing his birth name being called out, 'Surely they haven't found me,' he thinks to himself. Although in his mind he knows the voice, this future has turned him into a paranoid mess that spends his whole day re-reading the same newspapers. He jumps to his feet and grabs a baseball bat in case it really isn't the woman that he has come to love and trust. He taps his blunt object in the palm of his hand as he slowly walks into the light created by the opened door, "Who's there?" he shouts, shifting his eyes from side to side as if he was expecting an ambush.

"Brad, it's me Andrea. I know that I look different with the new do and all, but it's me," she winks up at Brad. He is the only one that can still call her Andrea. Her eyes fall to the baseball bat and she drops her bag on the floor and places a hand on her hip. "Babe, a baseball bat? Come on. This house has tons of guns and other weapons and you choose a… baseball bat?" She chuckles lightly.

He drops the bat at his feet and quickly walks up to Dex, wrapping his arms around her, "I didn't think you would ever come back." He holds her in an embrace for a few moments before running his fingers through her hair with a half smile, "I like it." Taking her by the hand, Brad leads her back to his little corner with loose sheets of newspaper and pieces of electronic equipment covering the floor. "I didn't want them to find me," he says with a serious tone in his voice, "So I had to kill the phone." His gaze shifts over to the wall where he has tacked a picture of the president with a large knife through the face in the photograph, "They can hear us through the electronics," he says in a hushed whisper.

"Of course I would come back," she buries her head in his shoulder and then sniffs. "When was the last time you took a shower?" she raises an eyebrow and sighs and shakes her head as she looks at the destroyed phone. " Brad, our line was secure and what have you been doing this whole time? Reading the newspaper?" she scratches her head, "The government is never going to get here and if they did, it would take them a very long time to get through our defenses. Which, I see you don't have turned on," She kisses Brad on the cheek.

Brad sniffs under his arm, it has been awhile since he has found his way to the shower, "Can't shower, they'll come through the pipes." The thought of it makes him shudder slightly and he says, "There aren't any defenses strong enough," he says holding up a more recent copy of the newspaper. The headline reads something like, 'Swarm of insects try to overthrow the government,' he stares at Dex, "How do you fight something like that?" It seems that most of his paranoia stems from sheer media shock; all of the negative things reported in the news have preyed on his mind until it snapped. He kisses Dex back on the cheek, his breath reeks like Doublemint gum, which he has been using in lieu of turning on the faucets, "I am so glad you are back," he says resting his head on her shoulder, "I thought they had gotten you."

"Um honey? They are not going to come through the pipes and don't worry so much! Nobody from the government knows that we live here ok?" she runs a hand through his hair and shakes her head. "You are going to take a shower or I will not come to bed, ever," she says and the tone of her voice means that she means it. She goes to close the door and turn back to Brad, "You know Pedro wasn't going to let me be caught," she kicks her bag to the side. She will put those up later. Right now she must attend to her crazy boyfriend.

Brad understands that he isn't the perfect picture of mental health anymore, but he also doesn't want to be carted away to a detainment center. "I've done terrible things to people in the past and now it's going to catch up with me," he mutters as he eyes the stairwell. He hasn't left the first floor since Dex left a few months ago, as a matter of fact he has tried to limit is activity to only a few rooms downstairs and the backyard. "Y-you're sure they won't come through the water?" he asks while he hesitates at the bottom of the stairs, staring up into the pitch-black space of the second floor. He looks back at Dex with dark circles underneath his bloodshot eyes and forces a smile while he slowly places his foot on the first step.

"I've done worse, recently," she states and grabs Brad's hand. "If they come through the water, I'll sleep outside on the ground," Dex rubs his hand in reassurance and walks up the stairs, taking Brad with her and turning on the lights as she goes. "Nobody is going to get in here, if we don't want them too," she winks at Brad and knows that he isn't really the sanest in the world anymore, but neither is she. He has his moments when he is normal, as long as he doesn't think that somebody is trying to take him away. "Let's go get you cleaned up."

Brad reluctantly climbs the staircase with Dex's hand in his; he even manages to keep his eyes on her instead of what could be lurking in the shadows. He takes a deep breath when he grabs hold of the doorknob and turns it, opening the door into a neglected bathroom. He pulls back the shower current and jumps back as if he was expecting to see someone lurking in the tub, but nobody is there. "Ok, I can do this," he says looking at Dex, but talking to himself as he turns the knobs and the water starts to flow. The steam from the hot water brushes against his face as he strips down and jumps into the cascade of running water. He seems uneasy at first, but after the first five minutes of his shower he starts to clam down, enjoying the warm water and suds that run down his body.

Dextris smiles, "See nothing is wrong. Come meet me in our room, when you get done," she winks at Brad and leaves the bathroom, but keeps the door open. She walks into their bedroom and walks over to open the big curtains. Light floods into the room and she can see everything much clearer. The bed is still made, like when she left and her laptop is still on the desk. There is a T.V. in the corner and a few lounging chairs around. She flops onto the bed and smiles as the soft blankets enfold her. It is damn good to be home! She ruffles her hair and flicks a short strand of hair out of her face. She telekinetically makes the laptop come over to her and she checks documents and the such while she waits for Brad to get finished.

After a good thirty minutes in a warm shower, Brad finally emerges from the bathroom into the bedroom with a white towel wrapped around is waist. He opens up the dresser drawers and pulls out a pair of black boxer-briefs and drops the towel before pulling them on. His head spans around and he stares at Dex on the computer, "It's just not safe anymore," he says almost as if they were in the middle of a conversation. He opens up another drawer and retrieves a white cotton undershirt that he pulls on. The left over moisture from his shower makes the garment cling to his chest and abs, yes he still manages to find time to work out in-between killing household appliances. "It's just getting worse out there and in a generation or two there probably won't be any normal people left," he says staring at the blank TV.

Dextris eyes at Brad as he gets dressed and she puts the computer up and sits up on the bed, "It isn't safe, but have hope. Maybe this end soon and we can salvage what is left of society and make things right," she grins at Brad, "I've missed you," she says simply and that's all she needs to say.

Brad nods his head and his smile grows broader, "I've missed you too," he remarks as he climbs up onto the bed, "But it doesn't change what I have done. I have taken people from their homes, maybe I do belong in one of those camps." A sincere and apologetic look appears on his face, "It's hard to have hope when you know what's really out there. I have met all kinds of people with powers that could find us if they really wanted to." He leans his head on Dex's shoulder and kisses her neck, "But I'm not worried about being taken away, I'm more frightened of what they will do to you when they find out you have been harboring me."

"Hush that nonsense. Past is past. You are never going to one of those camps. As long as my name is Andrea Neal," she grins as he kisses her on the neck. "I'm a 'terrorist', just as bad as a human in this nation" She kisses Brad for a moment and then licks her lips. Looking at Brad, "You know what I want?"

Brad smiles into the kiss; it has been a long while since he has had the taste of a woman on his lips. He nods his head when she asks him a question, although he is almost sure he knows what it is that she wants, "What do you want?" he asks as he wraps his arms around her.

"The answer should be obvious" she snickers and kisses Brad again before closing the curtains again with her ability and smiling, "You," she says and she grins as the door to their bedroom shuts. Well, someone is a happy telekinetic now.

Brad laughs and smirks, "Good thing I just showered then," his eyes almost sparkle in the dark as he allows his hands to roam over the familiar body. Although the rest cannot be logged. BOW-CHICKA-BOWWOW

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